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An incomplete list of Labour Co-operative Members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Following a decision of Co-operative Congress in 1917, MPs were elected as Co-operative Party candidates from 1918. In 1927, the Cheltenham Agreement between the Co-operative Party and Labour Party led to the election of joint "Labour Co-operative" candidates. Whilst many Labour Members of Parliament are also members of the Co-operative Party, Labour Co-op MPs have the express endorsement of both parties.

Numbers elected by general election[edit]

Members of Parliament[edit]

MPs are listed by the date of their first election and alphabetically by surname.

1918 – 1927 (first elected as Co-operative)[edit]

1927 – 1945[edit]

1945 – 1959[edit]

1959 – 1979[edit]

1979 – 1997[edit]

1997 – present[edit]


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