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This is a list in alphabetical order of cricketers who have played for Lancashire County Cricket Club in top-class matches since it was founded in 1864. Like the Lancashire county teams formed by earlier organisations, essentially the old Manchester Cricket Club, the county club is classified as an important team by substantial sources to 1894;[1][2] classified as an official first-class team from 1895 by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and the County Championship clubs;[3] classified as a List A team since the beginning of limited overs cricket in 1963;[4] and classified as a first-class Twenty20 team since the inauguration of the Twenty20 Cup in 2003.[5]

The details are the player's usual name followed by the years in which he was active as a Lancashire player and then his name is given as it usually appears on match scorecards. Note that many players represented other top-class teams besides Lancashire. Some played for Manchester before 1864 and eight represented a Manchester team styled Lancashire in 1864 before going on to play in important matches for the new club from 1865. Names of those players who have represented England in Test cricket are preceded by the Section-sign symbol. Names of overseas players (i.e., if not England-qualified) are preceded by their national team's flag icon (e.g., ). All players whose Lancashire career ended in or before 2016 are sourced to CricketArchive.[6] Players who represented the club in 2016 and/or are expected to play in 2017 are in bold and sourced to the 2017 edition of Playfair Cricket Annual.[7]

The list excludes Second XI and other players who did not play for the club's first team; and players whose first team appearances were in minor matches only. Players who represented the county before 1865 are included if they also played for the county club but excluded if not. All players known to have represented the county before the formation of the county club are included in List of Manchester Cricket Club players.
























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