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This is a list of experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC is the most energetic particle collider in the world, and is used to test the accuracy of the Standard Model, and to look for physics beyond the Standard Model such as supersymmetry, extra dimensions, and others.

The list is first compiled from the SPIRES database, then missing information is retrieved from the online version CERN's Grey Book. The most specific information of the two is kept, e.g. if the SPIRES database lists December 2008, while the Grey Book lists 22 December 2008, the Grey Book entry is shown. When there is a conflict between the SPIRES database and the Grey Book, the SPIRES database information is listed, unless otherwise noted.

Large Hadron Collider experiments[edit]

LHC experiments
Experiment Location Spokesperson Description Proposed Approved Began Completed Link Website
ALICE IP2 Federico Antinori[1] A large ion collider experiment: producing quark–gluon plasma by colliding lead nuclei (~2.76 TeV) ?? 6 Feb 1997 30 March 2010 N/A Inspire

Grey Book

ATLAS IP1 Karl Jakobs[2] A toroidal LHC apparatus: looking for new particles or effects beyond the Standard Model Dec 1994 31 Jan 1996 30 March 2010 N/A Inspire
Grey Book
CMS IP5 Joel Butler[3] Compact muon solenoid: same purpose as for ATLAS Oct 1992 31 Jan 1996 30 March 2010 N/A Inspire
Grey Book
LHCb IP8 Giovanni Passaleva[4] LHC beauty experiment: measuring certain B-hadron qualities such as asymmetries and CP violations, ?? 17 Sep 1998 30 March 2010 N/A Inspire
Grey Book
LHCf IP1 Yasushi Muraki[5] LHC-forward: measurement of neutral π0 meson production, in order to understand ultra high energy cosmic rays ?? 12 May 2004 30 March 2010 N/A Inspire

Grey Book

Mathusla IP1 Henry Lubatti MAssive Timing Hodoscope for Ultra-Stable neutraL pArticles: Search for long lived particles and neutrinos at the LHC 2016 [6] 2017 2018 [7] [7] [8] N/A N/A N/A
MilliQan IP5 Christopher S. Hill Search for milli-charged particles 15 July 2016 [9] 2016 Fall 2017 [8] [10] [11] N/A N/A N/A
MOEDAL IP8 James L. Pinfold[12] Monopole and exotic particle detector at the LHC July 2009[13] 2 December 2009[14] January 2011[15] N/A Inspire

Grey Book

TOTEM IP5 Simone Giani[16] Total cross section, elastic scattering and diffraction dissociation at the LHC 1999 18 May 1999 2010 N/A Inspire
Grey Book
FASER IP1 Jamie Boyd, Jonathan Feng[17] ForwArd Search ExpeRiment: Search for long lived particles and neutrinos at the LHC 2017 5 March 2019 [18] N/A N/A Inspire
Grey Book

FASER, LHCf, MOEDAL and TOTEM are much smaller than the other four experiments, they are close to one of those larger experiments and use the same collision point.


1.^ Currently only 1% of the detector has been approved and constructed.
2.^ Only a prototype has been approved and constructed so far, much smaller than the full proposed detector

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  • CERN: European Organization for Nuclear Research
    • PS: Proton Synchrotron
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    • ISOLDE: On-Line Isotope Mass Separator
    • ISR: Intersecting Storage Rings
    • LEP: Large Electron–Positron Collider
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