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The following is an episode list for the long-running BBC One sitcom Last of the Summer Wine which was broadcast from 4 January 1973 to 29 August 2010.

The pilot episode aired as an episode of Comedy Playhouse on 4 January 1973 and the first full series of episodes premiered on 12 November the very same year. The 31st (and final) series started broadcasting on 25 July 2010.[1]

As of 29 August 2010 (the very last day of transmission), a total of around 295 episodes of Last of the Summer Wine have aired. This includes the Comedy Playhouse pilot, twenty-four Christmas Specials, two New Year Specials, and a Millennium Special a Christmas sketch and a comedy trial (but not the 25 Year and 30 Year Documentaries). Some of these have been regular episodes (often held over from the previous series, or taken from the forthcoming series), others have been dedicated festive stories. Some of these specials have also been feature-length. All episodes are 30 minutes long, unless otherwise stated.

The list is by episodes' original air dates.

Series overview[edit]

Regular series

Series Episodes Original broadcast DVD release Production line code
Series premiere Series finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 6 26 November 1973 29 December 1973 TBA 2 September 2002 9 September 2004[2] LLC104xx
2 7 25 November 1975 25 December 1975 TBA 6 April 2006[3] LLC1xxxx
3 7 27 October 1976 8 December 1976 11 March 2008[4] 26 July 2004 6 March 2008[5] LLCGxxxx
4 8 9 November 1977 4 January 1978 9 September 2008[6] LLCxxxxx
5 7 18 September 1979 30 October 1979 6 September 2009[7] 5 March 2007 2 January 2009[8] LLCA52xx
6 7 25 December 1981 15 February 1982 27 April 2010[9] LLCD01xx
7 6 25 December 1982 6 March 1983 3 March 2008 2 July 2009[10] LLCE50'xx
8 6 30 December 1984 17 March 1985 9 July 2010[11] LLCG08xx
9 12 28 December 1986 22 March 1987 18 January 2011 5 May 2008* 1 April 2010*[12] LLCI6xxx
10 6 16 October 1988 20 November 1988 12 April 2011[13] 22 September 2008 3 March 2011 LLCK10xx
11 7 15 October 1989 23 November 1989
12 10 2 September 1990 4 November 1990 12 July 2011 26 December 2008 23 June 2011[14]
13 6 18 October 1991 29 November 1991 21 February 2012
14 9 25 October 1992 20 December 1992 17 April 2012 26 October 2009 1 March 2012[15]
15 9 24 October 1993 19 December 1993 18 September 2012
16 8 8 January 1995 26 February 1995 16 October 2012 27 September 2010 5 July 2012[16]
17 10 3 September 1995 5 November 1995 15 June 2004[17]
18 10 20 April 1997 22 June 1997 15 January 2013 7 February 2011 2 January 2013[18]
19 10 4 January 1998 8 March 1998 16 April 2013
20 10 18 April 1999 27 June 1999 9 July 2013 26 March 2012 3 April 2013[19]
21 10 2 April 2000 4 June 2000 15 October 2013
22 10 1 April 2001 3 June 2001 14 January 2014 23 April 2012 5 June 2013[20]
23 10 6 January 2002 10 March 2002 11 November 2014
24 10 5 January 2003 16 March 2003 3 February 2015 29 September 2014 25 February 2015
25 10 8 February 2004 18 April 2004 2 June 2015
26 10 13 March 2005 29 May 2005 6 October 2015 5 October 2015 TBA
27 9 5 March 2006 30 April 2006 TBA TBA
28 10 15 July 2007 23 September 2007 TBA 16 May 2016 TBA
29 11 22 June 2008 31 August 2008 TBA TBA
30 10 19 April 2009 21 June 2009 TBA 15 August 2016 TBA
31 6 25 July 2010 29 August 2010 TBA TBA


Special Episodes Original broadcast DVD release
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
Pilot 1 4 January 1973 15 August 2016
Christmas 1978 1 26 December 1978 7 March 2007 2 January 2009
Christmas 1979 1 27 December 1979
Christmas 1981 1 25 December 1981
Christmas 1982 1 25 December 1982 3 March 2008 2 July 2009
Christmas 1982 Sketch N/A 27 December 1982 15 June 2004 Not Available on DVD
Christmas 1983 1 (part 1 of 3) 27 December 1983 3 March 2008 2 July 2009
Christmas 1984 1 30 December 1984
New Year 1986 1 (part 2 of 3) 1 January 1986 5 May 2008 1 April 2010
Christmas 1986 1 28 December 1986
Christmas 1987 1 (part 3 of 3) 27 December 1987
Christmas 1988 1 24 December 1988 22 September 2008 3 March 2011
Christmas 1989 1 23 December 1989
Christmas 1990 1 27 December 1990 26 December 2008 23 June 2011
Christmas 1991 1 22 December 1991
Christmas 1992 1 26 December 1992 26 October 2009 1 March 2012
Christmas 1993 1 27 December 1993
New Year 1995 1 1 January 1995 27 December 2012 5 July 2012
Christmas 1995 1 25 December 1995
Documentary 1997 N/A 30 March 1997 Not available on DVD
Christmas 1996 1 29 December 1996 7 February 2011 2 January 2013
Christmas 1997 1 29 December 1997
1999 Sketch N/A 1999 Not Available on DVD
New Year 2000 1 2 January 2000 26 March 2012 3 April 2013
Christmas 2001 1 30 December 2001 23 April 2012 5 June 2013
Christmas 2002 1 29 December 2002
Christmas 2003 1 21 December 2003 29 September 2014 25 February 2015
Documentary 2003 N/A 13 April 2003 15 June 2004 Not available on DVD
Christmas 2004 1 19 December 2004 29 September 2014 25 February 2015
Christmas 2005 1 12 December 2005 N/A 5 October 2015 N/A
Christmas 2006 1 28 December 2006 N/A N/A
New Year 2008 1 31 December 2008 N/A 15 August 2016 N/A
Sketch 2010 1 15 October 2010 N/A N/A N/A

* The DVD boxset issued on this date is labelled Series 9 & 10. However, it contains only the twelve episodes listed for Series 9 below plus the three Specials. It contains none of the episodes listed for Series 10. The six Series 10 episodes were released along with the seven of Series 11 and two Specials in a boxset labelled Series 11 & 12. The ten Series 12 episodes were released along with the six Series 13 episodes and two Specials in another boxset labelled Series 13 & 14. The nine series 14 episodes were released along with the nine series 15 episodes and two specials in another boxset labelled series 15 & 16 released on 26 October 2009. The eight series 16 episodes were released along with the ten series 17 episodes and two specials in another boxset labelled series 17 & 18 released on 27 December 2010. The ten series 18 episodes were released along with the ten series 19 episodes and two specials in another boxset labelled series 19 & 20 on 7 February 2011. The ten series 20 episodes were released along with the ten series 21 episodes and the Millennium special in another boxset labelled series 21 & 22 on 26 March 2012. The ten series 22 episodes were released along with the ten series 23 episodes and two specials in another boxset labelled series 23 & 24 on 23 April 2012. The ten series 24 episodes were released along with the ten series 25 episodes and two specials in another boxset labelled series 25 & 26 on 29 September 2014. The ten series 26 episodes were released along with the nine series 27 episodes and two specials in another boxset labelled series 27 & 28 on 5 October 2015. The ten series 28 episodes were released along with the eleven series 29 episodes in another boxset labeled series 29 & 30 on 16 May 2016. The ten series 30 episodes were released along with the six series 31, the 2008 New Year special and an extra feature of the Comedy Playhouse Pilot episode Of Funerals and Fish in a final boxset labelled series 31 & 32 on 15 August 2016. All 295 episodes were cleared by the BBFC.

The first three episodes of series 1 were edited together on the DVD in what appeared to be a straight transfer from the video release in the 1980s. "Pâté & Chips" ended with credits for all three episodes plus the original BBC Video ident, however a re-release of series 1 & 2 in 2011 put all three episodes with their start and end credits back on them, on the same re-release the scene from the series 2 episode "Some Enchanted Evening" which was missing on the original release has been put back into the episode. Over the years there has been a number of edits on DVD releases in all regions with region 1 having certain music edits on the DVD releases. Region 2 DVDs have some edits such as Milburn not appearing in "The Loxley Lozenge" as he did on original transmission and "Uncle of the Bride" and "Big Day at Dream Acres" on the DVD release being only 1 of 3 versions of each episode, "Elegy for Fallen Wellies" on the region 2 DVDs is the alternate version on DVD and not the original transmission version, another episode edited was on the re-release of series 3 & 4 in 2010 when a line was removed from "The Kink in Foggy's Niblick" when the lady golfers go walking past Compo and Clegg. Apart from "Elegy for Fallen Wellies" there doesn't appear to be much editing on the later releases in region 2 so far.

KEY: Colour & Description
Comedy Playhouse Pilot Episode
Regular Series
Small sketches
Christmas / New Year Specials
Christmas / New Year Specials (The Three Feature-length Films)

Series 1 (1973)[edit]

The pilot episode, alternately known as "The Last of the Summer Wine" and "Of Funerals and Fish," which originally premiered on the BBC's Comedy Playhouse was included as an Extra feature on Series 31 & 32 on disc 4 which was released on 15 August 2016..

No. Title Original airdate Disc
1 (Pilot) Comedy Playhouse: "Of Funerals and Fish"
(AKA Last of the Summer Wine: "Of Funerals and Fish")
4 January 1973 4 (Included as Extra feature on Series 31 & 32 boxset)
Regular Series
No. No. in
Original title (top)
Alternative title (bottom)
Original airdate Prod. code Disc
2 1 "Short Back and Palais Glide"
"The Lost Key"
26 November 1973 (1973-11-26) LLC1042E 1
3 2 "Inventor of the 40-foot Ferret"
"Compo goes to Church"
6 December 1973 (1973-12-06) LLC1044S 1
4 3 "Paté and Chips"
"They don't make sandwiches like that any more"
20 December 1973 (1973-12-20) LLC1043Y 1
5 4 "Spring Fever"
"Compo's Suit"
24 December 1973 (1973-12-24) LLC1045L 2
6 5 "The New Mobile Trio"
"The 30's car"
27 December 1973 (1973-12-27) LLC1163H 2
7 6 "Hail Smiling Morn or Thereabouts"
"The Art of Photography"
29 December 1973 (1973-12-29) LLC1046F 2

Series 2 (1975)[edit]

No. No. in Series Title Original Air date Production Code Disc
8 1 "Forked Lightning" 5 March 1975 LLC1196N 3
9 2 "Who's That Dancing With Nora Batty Then?" 12 March 1975 LLC1198B 3
10 3 "The Changing Face of Rural Blamire" 19 March 1975 LLC1201Y 3
11 4 "Some Enchanted Evening" 26 March 1975 LLC1199W 3
12 5 "A Quiet Drink" 2 April 1975 LLC1197H 4
13 6 "Ballad for Wind Instruments and Canoe" 9 April 1975 LLC1200E 4
14 7 "Northern Flying Circus" 16 April 1975  ? 4

Series 3 (1976)[edit]

Regular Series

No. No. in
Title Directed by Original airdate Prod. code Disc
15 1 "The Man from Oswestry" Sydney Lotterby 27 October 1976 (1976-10-27) LLCG491B 1
16 2 "Mending Stuart's Leg" Sydney Lotterby 3 November 1976 (1976-11-03) LLCG492W 1
17 3 "The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper" Ray Butt 10 November 1976 (1976-11-10) LLCG493P 1
18 4 "Cheering Up Gordon" Ray Butt 17 November 1976 (1976-11-17) LLCG494J 1
19 5 "The Kink in Foggy's Niblick" Sydney Lotterby 24 November 1976 (1976-11-24) LLCG497R 1
20 6 "Going to Gordon's Wedding" Sydney Lotterby 1 December 1976 (1976-12-01) LLCG495D 2
21 7 "Isometrics and After" Sydney Lotterby 8 December 1976 (1976-12-08) LLC1391W 2

Series 4 (1977–78)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
22 9 November 1977 "Ferret Come Home" 2

One of Compo's ferrets finds its way into Nora Batty's house.

23 16 November 1977 "Getting on Sidney's Wire" 2

The trio help Sid install a doorbell.

24 23 November 1977 "Jubilee" 2

Foggy ropes Compo and Clegg into participating in a parade at the local church to commemorate the Queen's silver jubilee.

25 30 November 1977 "Flower Power Cut" 3

After nearly getting hit by a funeral car, Clegg ends up developing the opinion that flowers have feelings. Things get worse after the trio attends a friend's funeral, with Clegg attempting to prove his theory. But does he truly believe that flowers are alive or is he just attempting to fool Compo, Foggy and Sid? Meanwhile, Compo has a new approach to seducing Nora Batty.

26 7 December 1977 "Who Made A Bit of a Splash in Wales Then?" 3

On the day Foggy is due to return home from Wales, Compo, Clegg and Sid decide to hire a car and collect Foggy personally. But Clegg proves to be a terrible driver and when they finally get to Wales, Clegg can't find the right driveway to the house where Foggy is at. Meanwhile, Foggy starts developing feelings for the lady friend he is staying with, despite the protests of the lady's grandmother.

27 21 December 1977 "Greenfingers" 3

Believing that Britain is failing with its vegetables, Compo, Clegg and Foggy decide to start a feud with the famous vegetable grower. They manage to steal a giant plastic carrot hanging up outside a farm produce wholesalers to give the impression that they are the world's best vegetable grower. But what will become of them and the carrot after showing it to their new enemy?

28 1 January 1978 "A Merry Heatwave" 3

The trio try to film Christmas celebrations in summer for Nora's dying and home-sick brother in Australia.

29 4 January 1978 "The Bandit From Stoke-On-Trent" 3

An old acquaintance has returned to town in suspicious circumstances.

Christmas Special (1978)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
30 26 December 1978 "Small Tune on a Penny Wassail" 3*

It's Christmas morning; the trio visit Edgar in hospital, then exchange presents at Clegg's, Sid gives Ivy a black nightie for Boxing Day, Wally and Sid get fed up with family visitors, and havoc is created with a brass band on the way to going AWOL to Cleggy's for refreshments with the trio.

* Small Tune on a Penny Wassail on disc 3 of series 5 & 6 DVD

Series 5 (1979)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
31 18 September 1979 "Full Steam Behind" 1

Foggy takes the trio on a railway walk, with disastrous results. Peter Sallis has stated that this is his personal favourite episode.

32 25 September 1979 "The Flag And Its Snag" 1

The first in a two-parter. Foggy gets the chance to raise the tone of the neighbourhood by raising a flag, but things don't go smoothly.

33 2 October 1979 "The Flag And Further Snags" 1

Continued from previous episode.

34 9 October 1979 "Deep in the Heart of Yorkshire" 1

The trio spy Sid and Wally sneaking into the woods, and try to find out what is going on.

35 16 October 1979 "Earnshaw Strikes Again" 1

Compo and Clegg warn Foggy not to criticise old Yorkshire traditions, and invent a Yorkshire deity called Earnshaw, in an attempt to keep him in line.

36 23 October 1979 "Here We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder" 1

The first in a two-parter, where Compo takes up hang-gliding.

37 30 October 1979 "Here We Go Again Into The Wild Blue Yonder" 2

Continued from previous episode.

Christmas Special (1979)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
38 27 December 1979 "And A Dewhurst Up A Fir Tree" 3

Foggy buys a map for a plantation of Christmas trees from "Big Eric" the Head Forester for ten quid in a pub, and Compo gets de-bagged by Ivy and Nora, in Sid's Cafe.

Series 6 (1981–82)[edit]

Christmas Special (1981)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
39 25 December 1981 "Whoops" 3

Realizing that Christmas is losing it's magic and accepting that they're dwindling into old age, Compo, Clegg and Foggy decide to re-enact the old days and invite two of their old school friends for Christmas drinks. Unfortunately, because of how many years has passed, they don't recognize the trio. Meanwhile, Sid and Wally feel that Christmas has too much magic and attempts to use the trio's party as an opportunity to escape celebrating with their wives.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
40 4 January 1982 "In The Service of Humanity" 2

Foggy starts a rescue service.

41 11 January 1982 "Car & Garter" 2

Compo is roped in to test drive an old friend's latest car. First- and intended to be the only- appearance of Wesley Pegden.

42 18 January 1982 "The Odd Dog Men" 2

Foggy begins a dog-walking service.

43 25 January 1982 "A Bicycle Made For Three" 2

After crashing Clegg's bicycle into a ditch, Compo, Clegg and Foggy decide to make their own individual bicycles. But it proves harder than the trio thought and Clegg ends up being the only one to make a good bike while Compo and Foggy's bicycles end in disaster. Determined not to be beaten, Foggy decides to invent a bicycle made for three. Meanwhile, Ivy is celebrating the opening of her newly decorated café despite Sid and Wally's protests.

44 1 February 1982 "One of the Last Few Places Unexplored By Man" 2

Without warning, Compo suddenly decides that he wants a photograph of himself taken inside Nora Batty's bedroom. With the reluctant assistance of Clegg and Foggy, Compo prepares for the biggest event of his life. But it proves a difficult task and they end up relying on Wally to get Compo inside Nora's house.

45 8 February 1982 "Serenade For Tight Jeans and Metal Detector" 3

Foggy starts looking for treasure with the help of a cheap metal detector.

46 15 February 1982 "From Wellies To Wet Suit" 3

Compo takes up water-skiing.

Series 7 (1982–83)[edit]

Christmas Special (1982)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
47 25 December 1982 "All Mod Conned" 3*

Compo, Clegg and Foggy prepare to go away for their Christmas holiday, but it turns out that Foggy has been conned after their cottage turns out to be a burnt-out broken down caravan miles away from anywhere. Determined to make the best of their holiday, things only go from bad to worse after Compo accidentally destroys the lavatory, breaks down the door and falls through the roof before the final disaster strikes.

* All Mod Conned on disc 3 of series 7 & 8 DVD

The Funny Side of Christmas (1982)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
Sketch 27 December 1982 "Christmas in November" 1*

Clegg and Foggy are determined to avoid Christmas joys and so pretend it is November, but Compo is reluctant and even brings three women around as a Christmas treat. They have to pay them off, and resort to having turkey and after all, celebrating Christmas. Part of "The Funny Side of Christmas" BBC Special

* The Funny Side of Christmas on disc 1 Title 6 of the 'Vintage 1995' (Region 1) DVD

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
48 30 January 1983 "The Frozen Turkey Man" 1

For a joke, Compo and Clegg convince a barmaid that Foggy is a multi-millionaire.

49 6 February 1983 "The White Man's Grave" 1

The trio have Clegg stand in for Wally in an attempt to give Wally a few hours' freedom.

50 13 February 1983 "The Waist Land" 1

Foggy attempts to earn some ready cash by smuggling junk food to some health farm inmates.

51 20 February 1983 "Cheering Up Ludovic" 1

Clegg is roped in to drive a van when an old friend is too drunk to use it.

52 27 February 1983 "The Three Astaires" 1

The trio help out at a church concert, but Compo is more interested in a suit of armour.

53 6 March 1983 "The Arts of Concealment" 1

Foggy lands himself in trouble with a group of local cyclists when he demonstrates his supposed skill at camouflage.

Christmas Special (1983)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
54 27 December 1983 "Getting Sam Home" 3 - 14.18m

Last of the Summer Wine: The Movie (1 of 3). The lads smuggle terminally-ill Sam Mordroyd out of his home to spend a last night with his girlfriend Lily Bless'Er. Sam dies during their terminal cuddle in bed, after which the trio, using Sid's old chip van, have to smuggle the smiling corpse in the dead of night back to his own bed past his cold-hearted wife. However, their problems don't finish there... (This extended episode features the "Summer Wine" song, performed by the Mike Sammes Singers, during the opening credits.)

Series 8 (1984–85)[edit]

Christmas Special (1984)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
55 30 December 1984 "The Loxley Lozenge" 3

Wesley is thrilled to have discovered a rare old racing car – a Loxley Lozenge – and the trio are roped in to help him tow it back to his workshop.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
56 10 February 1985 "The Mysterious Feet of Nora Batty" 2

The trio conduct an experiment to see how big Nora's feet are.

57 17 February 1985 "Keeping Britain Tidy" 2

Foggy organises a clean-up after finding a discarded mattress.

58 24 February 1985 "Enter The Phantom" 2

Compo takes up stunt biking.

59 3 March 1985 "Catching Digby's Donkey" 2

While the trio attempt to help a friend round up his donkey, this episode marks the first appearance of Howard Sibshaw, his wife Pearl, and the woman Howard tries to have an affair with, Marina.

60 10 March 1985 "The Woollenmills of your Mind" 2

Compo enters a marathon.

61 17 March 1985 "Who's Looking After The Café Then?" 2

Ivy is going out. She has arranged for a fellow caterer to look after the cafe in her absence, but when he is indisposed, Foggy insists on stepping in.

Series 9 (1986–87)[edit]

New Year Special (1986)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
62 1 January 1986 "Uncle of the Bride" 3

Last of the Summer Wine: The Movie (2 of 3), Seymour's first appearance.

Christmas Special (1986)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
63 28 December 1986 "Merry Christmas, Father Christmas" 3

Pearl intercepts a present to Howard from Marina, and Father Christmas Compo falls about on roofs.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
64 4 January 1987 "Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies' Elastic Stockings?" 1

Howard persuades a reluctant Clegg to deliver a message to Marina at the supermarket where she works. Meanwhile, Seymour searches for oil, but somehow ends up drilling into his own water main.

65 11 January 1987 "The Heavily Reinforced Bottom" 1

Compo takes up canoeing- again!

66 18 January 1987 "Dried Dates And Codfanglers" 1

Seymour invents a high-security doorstop, and Compo is in search of a treasured possession- a date Nora Batty threw at him!

67 25 January 1987 "The Really Masculine Purse" 1

When Compo declares purses to be effeminate, Seymour sets out to invent a masculine equivalent.

68 1 February 1987 "Who's Feeling Ejected Then?" 1

Seymour builds an ejector seat, which Compo has to test.

69 8 February 1987 "The Ice-Cream Man Cometh" 1

Seymour tries to revive the old tradition of ice-cream men on bicycles.

70 15 February 1987 "Set The People Free" 2

Howard and Wally are confined to quarters. The trio attempt to spring them for a few hours.

71 22 February 1987 "Go with the Flow" 2

Seymour decides to help out at the local church. Their annual show is in danger of being cancelled due to lack of interest, so he is given the job of selling a few tickets.

72 1 March 1987 "Jaws" 2

Seymour invents a new waste disposal unit for Edie.

73 8 March 1987 "Edie and the Automobile" 2

Edie has decided to take her driving test.

74 15 March 1987 "Wind Power" 2

Seymour invents wind-powered rollerskates.

75 22 March 1987 "When You Take A Good Bite, Yorkshire Tastes Terrible" 2

Clegg receives news of the death of a close friend from childhood, and the trio set out on a trail round their old haunts. Final appearance of Wally Batty.

Christmas Special (1987)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
76 27 December 1987 "Big Day at Dream Acres" 3

Last of the Summer Wine: The Movie (3 of 3)

Series 9 sold as Series 9 and 10 on DVD

Series 10 (1988)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
77 16 October 1988 "The Experiment" 1

Seymour organises an experiment to show Compo why the blood rushes to your head when you're upside down.

78 23 October 1988 "The Treasure of the Deep" 1

After finding a bit of valuable-looking metal near the canal, Seymour becomes convinced he is on the trail of some robbers.

79 30 October 1988 "Dancing Feet" 1

Compo seeks a remedy for hard skin under his feet.

80 6 November 1988 "That Certain Smile" 1

The trio visit an old friend, Clem Hemmingway (later to become known as Smiler) in hospital. He misses his beloved pet (which never appeared again) so they try to smuggle it into the hospital. This episode also marks the only appearance of Smiler's estranged wife, whom it is later revealed left him and emigrated to Australia.

81 13 November 1988 "Downhill Racer" 1

Seymour invents a cheaper alternative to skiing.

82 20 November 1988 "The Day of the Welsh Ferret" 1

Compo's lost ferret causes chaos.

Christmas Special (1988)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
83 24 December 1988 "Crums" 3

Howard enlists the trio to help his aunt guard her shop over Christmas. First appearance of Auntie Wainright.

Series 11 (1989)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
84 15 October 1989 "Come Back, Jack Harry Teesdale" 2

The trio help an old friend who is having trouble with his caravan.

85 22 October 1989 "The Kiss and Mavis Poskitt" 2

Compo is determined to get a kiss from Nora Batty before the day's out. The ladies try to set Clegg up with an old school friend, but predictably fail.

86 29 October 1989 "Oh Shut Up and Eat Your Choc Ice" 2

When the trio accidentally dislodge a bale of hay, Seymour insists they try to restore it to its former position.

87 5 November 1989 "Who's That Bloke With Nora Batty Then?" 2

Compo becomes insanely jealous when he sees Nora with another man.

88 12 November 1989 "Happy Anniversary Gough And Jessie" 2

The trio attend the golden wedding anniversary of an old friend, but the trio's plan to whisk him off for a few hours' freedom ends in disaster.

89 19 November 1989 "Getting Barry Higher in the World" 3

Seymour builds a kite for Compo, but Wesley gets the measurements wrong.

90 23 November 1989 "Three Men and a Mangle" 3

The trio attempt to take Nora's mangle to a friend.

Christmas Special (1989)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
91 23 December 1989 "What's Santa Brought for Nora Then?" 3

Compo becomes desperate when he fails to find a gift for Nora in time for the Christmas party.

Series 10 and 11 sold as Series 11 and 12 on DVD

Series 12 (1990)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
92 2 September 1990 "Return of the Warrior" 1

This episode marks the final brief appearance of Seymour. Resorting back to his teaching days, Seymour leaves town and therefore leaves Compo and Clegg. But things look up when Foggy Dewhurst arrives back in town and attempts to find his friends, who have no idea that Foggy is back. Foggy does his best, but Compo and Clegg keep finding themselves one step too far in front. But when they finally do meet again, things only get worse.

93 9 September 1990 "Come In, Sunray Major" 1

After a stint pulled on by Compo and Clegg, Foggy has Wesley make up some walkie-talkies so that the trio can always keep in contact whenever they're in long distances away from each other. Not very interested, Compo and Clegg fear the consequences when they accidentally break the first walkie-talkie machine and resort to crude lengths to keep the truth from Foggy.

94 16 September 1990 "The Charity Balls" 1

The trio, along with Howard, participate in a sponsored football dribble. This episode includes the second, and final, appearance of Jack Harry Teesdale.

95 23 September 1990 "Walking Stiff Can Make You Famous" 1

Having been made a fool of in public many times by Compo, Foggy fears people are only seeing him as an idiot and decides to become famous. With the unwilling assistance of Compo and Clegg, Foggy decides to conquer fame by inventing bicycle polo, only for it to later become bicycle water polo.

96 30 September 1990 "That's Not Captain Zero" 1

With a festival nearing in the village, all the people are excited about is seeing Captain Zero with his human cannonball. Unfortunately for them, the trio find Captain Zero first and after an afternoon at the pub, he is too drunk to perform his cannon act and Compo is forced to step in his place after Captain Zero is arrested and charged for drink driving.

97 7 October 1990 "Das (Welly) Boot" 1

After discovering an old abandoned boat in the lake, Foggy has Wesley restore it to a former glory. Seeing an opportunity for romance, Compo convinces Foggy to help him use the boat to take Nora for a romantic cruise. Unfortunately, it proves difficult getting Compo in the boat. Meanwhile, Barry is looking for his missing engine from his car.

98 14 October 1990 "The Empire That Foggy Nearly Built" 2

Due to a severe humiliation involving a parking space, Foggy decides that there aren't enough parking spaces for the town's citizens and sets about finding extra areas for the public with the reluctant help of Compo, Clegg and Wesley. With the plans in order, Foggy attempts to make a fortune. Meanwhile, Edie is waiting impatiently for Wesley to clean his shed.

99 21 October 1990 "The Last Surviving Maurice Chevalier Impression" 2

Compo bags a slot on television as (supposedly) a Maurice Chevalier tribute act. Features a guest appearance from Gorden Kaye as a TV announcer.

100 28 October 1990 "Roll On" 2

Foggy tries to get the trio to recapture their glory days in the sport of barrel-rolling.

101 4 November 1990 "A Landlady for Smiler" 2

Clem Hemmingway, now known as Smiler, returns to town and reveals to Compo, Clegg and Foggy that his wife left him after he refused to answer her sudden question "do you love me?". Meanwhile, Howard is devastated when Marina breaks up with him because she wants a man more permanently in her life. When Compo learns about the two situations, he decides to help both Smiler and Howard with a cunning plan that involves Smiler moving in with Marina.

Christmas Special (1990)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
102 27 December 1990 "Barry's Christmas" 2

Having fallen drunkly unconscious at the bar the previous night, Barry fears what Glenda will do to him as punishment, causing him to seek help from Compo, Clegg, Foggy and Wesley. But Glenda, Edie, Nora, Ivy and Pearl reach the conclusion that Barry is having an affair with another woman. Meanwhile, Foggy is enjoying using his new bleeper phone that he brought himself for Christmas.

Series 13 (1991)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
103 18 October 1991 "Quick, Quick, Slow" 3

Much to Compo's annoyance, Smiler is lodging with Nora Batty and Compo falls into a chronic depression. But Foggy remains determined to get Compo back to his normal self and resorts to desperate measures with the assistance of Clegg and Wesley.

104 25 October 1991 "Give Us a Lift" 3

When Compo complains that the local hill is too steep for him, Foggy has Wesley rig up a chairlift.

105 1 November 1991 "Was That Nora Batty Singing?" 3

Compo becomes convinced that Nora Batty and Smiler are lovers.

106 8 November 1991 "Cash Flow Problems" 3

Being without money once again, Compo suddenly remembers old Biff Hemmingway who owes him a shilling. But Clegg and Foggy's school time memories of Biff strongly implies that he isn't the sort of man who Compo really wants to get involved with again. While searching for Biff, Compo questions whether living in poverty is actually the best thing.

107 15 November 1991 "Passing the Earring" 3

Howard asks Clegg to return an earring Marina "accidentally" left in his jersey before Pearl finds it. But Pearl sees the first earring and things only get worse when Howard reveals he needs Clegg to return a second earring. Foggy soon takes charge, but Pearl ends up always being one step ahead of the trio. To avoid detection, Compo gets Smiler involved. Meanwhile, Smiler is getting depressed about living with Nora Batty.

108 29 November 1991 "Pole Star" 3

Compo takes up pole-vaulting.

Christmas Special (1991)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
109 22 December 1991 "Situations Vacant" 3

Foggy decides to start up a motorbike courier service. Tom Owen guest stars in this episode as a different character, before returning as Tom Simmonite 9 years later.

Series 12 and 13 sold as Series 13 and 14 on DVD

Series 14 (1992)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
110 25 October 1992 "By The Magnificent Thighs of Ernie Burniston" 1

Howard asks Clegg to deliver a birthday card to Marina, and Foggy devises a fitness regime for Compo. This episode also marks the first appearance of Auntie Wainwright as a regular.

111 1 November 1992 "Errol Flynn Used to Have a Pair Like That" 1

Compo takes up horse-riding.

112 8 November 1992 "The Phantom of the Graveyard" 1

The trio set out to attend the funeral of one of their old schoolteachers.

113 15 November 1992 "The Self-Propelled Salad Strainer" 1

Wesley attempts to convert a clapped-out lawnmower into a device for cleaning windows more efficiently.

114 22 November 1992 "Ordeal by Trousers" 1

Compo and Clegg grow tired of Foggy's exaggerated war stories, and decide to put him through a rigorous lie-detection test.

115 29 November 1992 "Happy Birthday, Howard" 2

The trio have the difficult job of delivering Marina's birthday gift to Howard without Pearl knowing- no easy feat when it's a stuffed panda bigger than they are!

116 6 December 1992 "Who's Got Rhythm?" 2

Skint yet again, Compo buys some instruments from Auntie Wainwright and becomes a one-man band.

117 13 December 1992 "Camera Shy" 2

Foggy buys a camcorder from Auntie Wainwright, and Howard thinks he may have captured his liaison with Marina.

118 20 December 1992 "Wheelies" 2

Foggy invents a giant wheel-shaped car, which Compo is persuaded to test-drive.

Christmas Special (1992)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
119 26 December 1992 "Stop That Castle" 2

Foggy organises a fairy-tale themed pageant for charity, with the help of an inflatable castle bought from Auntie Wainwright.

Series 15 (1993)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
120 24 October 1993 "How to Clear Your Pipes" 3

Foggy subjects Compo and Clegg to a gruelling assault course which backfires when they end up stuck in a pair of drainpipes.

121 31 October 1993 "Where There's Smoke, There's Barbecue" 3

The trio purchase a barbecue from Auntie Wainwright.

122 7 November 1993 "The Black Widow" 3

After a heavy night of drinking Compo and Foggy must rescue Clegg from the clutches of an amorous old woman, however, their plan backfires for Foggy.

123 14 November 1993 "Have you Got a Light Mate?" 3

The trio have to buy an ornament from Aunty Wainwright for Howard to give Marina, but Auntie Wainwright is more interested in flogging them security lights.

124 21 November 1993 "Stop That Bath" 3

The trio again have to take a present to Marina, this time a cast iron bath. Interestingly, Marina does not appear.

125 28 November 1993 "Springing Smiler" 4

Much to Compo's delight, Smiler has decided he can't stand lodging with Nora Batty any longer, and offers money to anyone who can get him thrown out.

126 5 December 1993 "Concerto for Solo Bicycle" 4

Foggy invents bicycle safety suits, and Compo is roped in to test the prototype.

127 12 December 1993 "There are Gypsies at the Bottom of our Garden" 4

Despite the title of this episode, the wandering gypsies who try (and for the most part fail) to sell the locals simple gifts, are only a subplot. Foggy mistakenly believes he has discovered the nest site of a rare bird, and, with the help of Wesley and a restored minibus, launches his own guided nature tours.

128 19 December 1993 "Aladdin Gets on Your Wick" 4

Smiler, in full oriental regalia, is sent out by Auntie Wainwright in her "Aladdin's Cave" van, to sell old lamps, with strict orders not to return until he has sold something. The trio, however, are more interested in buying something which could serve as a three-man sailboard.

Christmas Special (1993)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
129 27 December 1993 "Welcome To Earth" 4

Compo, Foggy, and Clegg encounter a stranger who claims aliens will land in Yorkshire.

Series 14 and 15 sold as Series 15 and 16 on DVD

Series 16 (1995)[edit]

New Year Special (1995)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
130 1 January 1995 "The Man who Nearly Knew Pavarotti" 4*

This episode features one of several guest appearances by Norman Wisdom, as bumbler Billy Ingleton. Billy finds a piano, and as it has always been his dream to play professionally, the trio organise a piano recital. But when he's in the spotlight, Billy faints from stage fright. Luckily, Compo has an idea up his sleeve.

* The Man who Nearly Knew Pavarotti on disc 4 of series 17 & 18 DVD

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
131 8 January 1995 "The Glory Hole" 1

Foggy sets out to relive his days in World War II, after seeing a hole in the road, which made him think of trenches!

132 15 January 1995 "Adopted by a Stray" 1

The trio meet a man who is throwing out his van, as he intends to live as a hermit. He happily gives them his van, but they didn't expect his wife to come with it!

133 22 January 1995 "The Defeat of the Stoneworm" 1

Howard arranges a secret method of communication with Clegg, tapping through the walls. When Pearl almost catches him in the act, he invents a household pest called stoneworm, and, out of sympathy, the trio attempt to convince people that they exist.

134 29 January 1995 "Once in a Moonlit Junkyard" 1

Compo has a visit from a mysterious motorcyclist, who he thinks may be a former acquaintance.

135 5 February 1995 "The Space Ace" 1

The trio meet an amateur astronaut. They take him to the local pub, where he gets blind drunk. Whilst he sleeps it off, Foggy decides to organise a new training programme for him.

136 12 February 1995 "The Most Powerful Eyeballs in West Yorkshire" 1

Foggy is convinced he has a knack for hypnotherapy, but he goes under himself.

137 19 February 1995 "The Dewhirsts of Ogleby Hall" 2

Foggy becomes convinced he is a member of an old aristocratic family.

138 26 February 1995 "The Sweet Smell of Excess" 2

Compo uses his bed as a trampoline, but winds up caught in the bed spring. The trio manage to cut him free straight over a sewer, and then have to get rid of the resulting whiff, which prevents them from going anywhere public.

Series 17 (1995)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
139 3 September 1995 "Leaving Home Forever Or Till Teatime" 2

Pearl finally kicks Howard out, but instead of enjoying his freedom, Howard begs the trio to help him get home, it's Pearl's day for making his favourite dinner!

140 10 September 1995 "Bicycle Bonanza" 2

The trio hire some bicycles from Auntie Wainwright, and set off on a gruelling trek.

141 17 September 1995 "The Glamour of the Uniform" 2

Marina leaves Howard for a policeman. Since the lady obviously loves a man in uniform, Foggy takes Howard under his wing and sets about training him to be an imposing man.

142 24 September 1995 "The First Human Being To Ride A Hill" 2

Pearl confiscates Howard's bicycle, and Wesley is roped in to build him a substitute.

143 1 October 1995 "Captain Clutterbuck's Treasure" 3

The trio meet a conman who claims to have a map which leads to a pirate captain's treasure. Guest starring Ron Moody.

144 8 October 1995 "Desperate for a Duffield" 3

After being rebuffed by Nora Batty one time too many, Compo attempts to make her jealous by trying to track down an old flame.

145 15 October 1995 "The Suit That Turned Left" 3

The trio meet a man attempting to find the centre of magnetism. In an attempt to prevent Howard from straying, Pearl dresses in a micro-mini skirt that barely covers her knickers and makes Howard go walking through town with her. Eli mistakes Pearl for Marina.

146 22 October 1995 "Beware of the Elbow" 3

The trio meet a man who is on a mission to promote being fat, and save the world from thin people, with the help of a fat lady balloon.

147 29 October 1995 "The Thing in Wesley's Shed" 3

Wesley is working on a secret gadget, and the trio insist on helping out.

148 5 November 1995 "Brushes at Dawn" 3

Compo catches a man in the cupboard with Nora Batty, and, helped by Foggy, challenges him to a duel.

Christmas Special (1995)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
149 25 December 1995 "A Leg Up For Christmas" 4

While trying to get himself fit for Christmas, Howard ends up with a broken leg.

Series 16 and 17 sold as Series 17 and 18 on DVD

Series 18 (1996–97)[edit]

Christmas Special (1996)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
150 29 December 1996 "Extra! Extra!" 1*

A film company arrive in the area to shoot a spoof horror film. When the trio persistently interrupt rehearsals, the director recruits them as extras, and they soon find a lot of people they know have had the same luck.

25 Years of Last of the Summer Wine (1997)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
Special 1 30 March 1997 "25 Years of Last of the Summer Wine" Not available on DVD


Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
151 20 April 1997 "The Love Mobile" 1

The arrival of a mobile dating agency in the area causes chaos.

152 27 April 1997 "A Clean Sweep" 1

The trio meet an unlucky sweep, and help him drum up some business.

153 4 May 1997 "The Mysterious C. W. Northrop" 1

Smiler has a crush on Ivy, which causes chaos.

154 11 May 1997 "A Double For Howard" 1

Howard has promised to take Marina out, but a threat from Pearl scares him out of it. The trio help him find someone to act as a stand-in.

155 18 May 1997 "How To Create A Monster" 1

Foggy tries to help Smiler be more macho.

156 25 May 1997 "Deviations With Davenport" 1

The trio meet an amateur hiker who aspires to write a guidebook to the area. Foggy attempts to help, but gets them hopelessly lost.

157 1 June 1997 "According to the Prophet Bickerdyke" 2

Clegg wonders if there could be any truth in a local madman's assertion that the world is due to end.

158 8 June 1997 "Next Kiss Please" 2

Compo is on a mission to get a kiss from Nora Batty before the day's out.

159 15 June 1997 "Destiny And Six Bananas" 2

Rumours circulate that there is a mysterious beast prowling the woods. The trio try to capture it, assisted by Wesley.

160 22 June 1997 "A Sidecar Named Desire" 2

Compo buys a motorbike and sidecar from Auntie Wainwright and attempts to use it to romance Nora. But when, of course, does everything Auntie Wainwright makes go right? This episode marks the final speaking appearance of Foggy.

Series 19 (1997–98)[edit]

Christmas Special (1997)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
161 29 December 1997 "There Goes the Groom" 2

After drinking too much at a friend's stag do, Foggy passes out and is whisked off to Blackpool by the amorous village post-mistress. The last we hear is that she mistakenly believes he has proposed to her, and we never find out if he managed to wriggle out of it. We see Foggy slumped unconscious in this episode, but he has no dialogue. This episode also introduces the new third man, Herbert Trulove a.k.a. Truly.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
162 4 January 1998 "Beware of the Oglethorpe" 3

The trio meet a world-weary old school chum, and resolve not to go the same way.

163 11 January 1998 "Tarzan of the Towpath" 3

The trio attempt to relive an old childhood tradition of rolling down a hill instead of walking, but it wasn't as easy as they thought!

164 18 January 1998 "Truly and the Hole Truth" 3

Truly is determined to get his name in the paper as a local philanthropist, even if he has to con his way in!

165 25 January 1998 "Oh Howard, We Should Get One of Those" 3

Could Wesley's new invention help Compo get close to Nora Batty than ever before?

166 1 February 1998 "The Suit That Attracts Blondes" 3

Glenda gives one of Barry's suits away to a jumble sale, because she thinks it may cause him to be unfaithful- it soon falls into Compo's hands.

167 8 February 1998 "The Only Diesel Saxophone in Captivity" 4

Barry buys a saxophone from Auntie Wainwright, but Glenda won't let him play it indoors, so he has to find somewhere to practise.

168 15 February 1998 "Perfection – Thy Name is Ridley" 4

An elderly widower named Walter Ridley is moving back to the village after several years' absence. Compo and Howard are both tired of hearing the women praise his name, and when Compo learns that Nora is going to help clean his house, he is not pleased.

169 22 February 1998 "Nowhere Particular" 4

Howard buys a van, with plans to turn it into a love nest for himself and Marina, even buying some furniture for it. But nothing stays secret long when the trio get involved.

170 1 March 1998 "From Audrey Nash to the Widow Dilhooley" 4

Truly learns that his childhood sweetheart is returning to the village, and decides to recreate their youthful meetings.

171 8 March 1998 "Support Your Local Skydiver" 4

Compo is suspicious when Nora receives a postcard from Tenerife, as he is convinced she has an admirer. He takes up skydiving in yet another misguided attempt to impress her.

Series 18 and 19 sold as Series 19 and 20 on DVD.

Series 20 (1999)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
172 18 April 1999 "The Pony Set" 1

The trio come across a man intending to 'end it all' because of problems with his wife. Meanwhile, Auntie Wainwright has a special horse-riding promotion, which leads to several characters getting into a pickle. This was the first episode to be broadcast in 16:9 'widescreen' format.

173 25 April 1999 "How Errol Flynn Discovered the Secret Scar of Nora Batty" 1

The trio meet a man who claims to be a direct descendant of Robin Hood. This episode marks the first appearance of Keith Clifford as Billy Hardcastle.

174 2 May 1999 "Who's Thrown Away her Tom Cruise Photographs?" 1

Howard is late for a date with Marina causing her to end her 'friendship' with him, give up on men and throw away her Tom Cruise pictures, the trio suggest making Marina jealous, they 'borrow' Edie's car from Wesley and driven by Howard, Barry and Smiler end up in the back dressed as ladies...this seems to have the desired effect and Howard and Marina are reunited after he returns her Tom Cruise pictures which Compo had rescued from the bin.

175 16 May 1999 "What's Happened to Barry's Nose?" 1

Everyone seems to have taken up rollerskating, it starts with a sales drive by Auntie Wainwright with the slogan 'It's never too late to skate' which consists of Smiler giving out flyers on roller skates!..meanwhile Barry wants to be more assertive to attain promotion at work, Compo, Clegg and Truly take him under their wings which leads to Barry acquiring a blooded nose!...the only way to explain his nose predicament to Glenda is for all the lads to don rollerskates which of course leads to disaster, but gives Barry a reason for having a bloody nose.

176 23 May 1999 "Optimism in the Housing Market" 1

On another sales drive, Auntie Wainwright sends Smiler out selling door to door with two rather heavy suitcases. The handle comes off one of the cases and it drops on his foot causing him to end up with his foot in plaster, along come Compo, Clegg, Truly and Wesley, who offers to make his wheelchair 'bump proof'...meanwhile Barry is still seeking promotion at work and Glenda has a word with his boss. Edie manages to get a local traffic warden to drive her round in her car while she does some errands.

177 30 May 1999 "Will Barry go Septic Despite Listening to Classical Music?" 2

Compo, Clegg, Truly and Wesley meet a man with an earthquake detector and Barry spends the episode with his arm in a sling.

178 6 June 1999 "Beware the Vanilla Slice" 2

Compo tries to resurrect the ancient art of Thumpy Dub. Auntie Wainwright sells Truly a broken lawn mower. Marina buys two vanilla slices from Ivy in the cafe, who is the other one for?..Glenda is relieved when Barry prefers an éclair, but Pearl isn't so happy when Howard has vanilla slice crumbs around his mouth.

179 13 June 1999 "Howard Throws a Wobbler" 2

Howard is suspicious when Pearl suddenly starts looking glamourous and very happy, he is so concerned he sends Compo to meet Marina to tell her he can't make it for their rendezvous and then recruits Clegg, Truly and Wesley to follow Pearl with him to see what she is up to. Meanwhile, Barry goes missing after leaving for a jog, Glenda recruits Edie, Ivy, and Nora to help look for him unaware that Auntie Wainwright has recruited him to help her and Smiler collect some furniture.

180 20 June 1999 "The Phantom Number 14 Bus" 2

Compo, Clegg and Truly meet a man who wants to solve the mystery of the phantom number 14 bus, meanwhile Smiler has to deliver some furniture to the notorious Cooper Street. Pearl makes Howard sell off his collection of glue and Compo also ponders that great question... Has Nora Batty got a tattoo?

181 27 June 1999 "Ironing Day" 2

Clegg tackles his ironing and ends up ironing for Howard too after he falls into a river. Smiler gets tiddly on two very small glasses of Auntie Wainwright's homemade wine, and Barry takes up dog walking and ends up with a kiss from Marina and a telling-off from Glenda.

BBC Comedy Trial

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
- 1999 "The Batsman" 3

A short piece featuring many different comedy characters reprise their roles including Peter Sallis as Clegg.

Series 21 (2000)[edit]

New Year Special (2000)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
182 2 January 2000 "Last Post and Pigeon" 3

After Compo is snubbed for a reunion of Dunkerque veterans, the village collects money so Clegg, Compo, and Truly can revisit Compo's wartime memories.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
183 2 April 2000 "Lipstick and Other Problems" 3

When Barry's mouth is lipstick-smeared after giving Marina a lift, Truly, with the help of Compo and Clegg, comes up with the idea of a sponsored kiss to explain it. Meanwhile, Auntie Wainwright road tests a motorcycle at high speed, to the concern of the local police and Eli tries his hand at being a shop window dummy without even realising it.

184 9 April 2000 "Under the Rug" 3

Howard has a wig delivered to Clegg's, but when Pearl is suspicious Clegg has to not only pretend ownership of it, but be seen wearing it, much to Truly's amusement. Howard is only persuaded to reclaim the wig after the trio arrange for Smiler to wear it and Marina to kiss him. Meanwhile, Barry tries and fails to be master of his own home, and Compo offers himself to Nora Batty as a "limited sale".

185 16 April 2000 "Magic and the Morris Minor" 3

An eccentric couple claim to be in touch with an ancient civilisation via a Morris Minor hubcap; the wife identifies Barry as The Chosen One, to Glenda's horror. Meanwhile, Howard gets a 2-way radio to keep in touch with Marina, and Auntie Wainwright summons the courage to buy Ivy's most expensive cream cake. (Compo is missing from the last third of the episode, apart from an already-filmed final scene).

186 23 April 2000 "Elegy for Fallen Wellies" 3

First in a 3-part farewell to Bill Owen. Compo suffers a fatal heart attack when Nora turns up on his doorstep wearing chorus girl clothes for a charity pageant. Devastated by his loss, Clegg fears that he never even got a chance to say goodbye while Howard fears that even through tragedy he isn't able to get close enough to Marina.

187 30 April 2000 "Surprise at Throstlenest" 4

Despite being dead, Compo still affects Clegg and Truly's life by sending them on an errand to take his ferrets to an old friend of his named Reggie. But through the journey, everybody realizes what Compo's death will mean for them and the ladies therefore set about organizing Compo's funeral. However, a lot more is destined to be learned about Compo, who startles Clegg, Truly, Wesley and Barry when they learn who Reggie really is.

188 7 May 2000 "Just a Small Funeral" 4

The village comes together to say goodbye to Compo, who with his wellies on the coffin is prepared for the ultimate funeral. But before the funeral, several other matters need to be sorted out and many people are forced to confront their feelings in the aftermath of Compo's death. With Reggie haunting everybody due to her and Compo's secret relationship, Holmfirth seems like it will never be the same again.

189 14 May 2000 "From Here to Paternity" 4

Yet another secret arises from Compo's grave after Clegg and Nora learn that Compo's long lost son Tom Simmonite (played by Bill Owen's real life son) is arriving in town, hoping to be reunited with his father. With Clegg set to reveal the saddening truth, Tom soon proves to be just as cunning and charming as his father, implying that Compo's legacy will carry on after all.

190 21 May 2000 "Some Vans Can Make you Deaf" 4

Like father like son- Tom has the rest of the locals attempt to repair his dilapidated van, whilst making sure he doesn't have to do anything!

191 28 May 2000 "Waggoner's Roll" 4

The first in a two-parter sees Tom and Barry attempt to turn a reluctant Babs into a showbiz star.

192 4 June 2000 "I Didn't Know Barry Could Play" 4

Glenda buys Barry a white suit to go on a picnic but he ends up with Clegg, Truly and Wesley at the station collecting an organ for Tom. Howard buys some platform shoes from Auntie Wainwright to make him taller.

Series 20 and 21 sold as Series 21 and 22 on DVD.

Series 22 (2001)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
193 1 April 2001 "Getting Barry's Goat" 1

Tom has a hard time fitting into his new life with Clegg, Truly and Billy, who show Tom another side to Compo. While learning about his dead father, however, Tom is wanted by the insurance man and Barry. Clegg faces difficulties too when Howard gets him involved in the OAF club.

194 8 April 2001 "The Art of the Shorts Story" 1

Howard faces severe humiliation when he can't find his shorts, not knowing that Pearl hid them, and teams up with Billy to get some others. Barry finds himself suffering physically when he teams up with Tom and Mrs Avery to get fit and healthy.

195 15 April 2001 "The Missing Bus of Mrs. Avery" 1

The ladies panic when they learn that Mrs Avery is driving them around town in a van for the day, but Howard attempts to use the ladies trip to his advantage to meet with Marina.

196 22 April 2001 "Hey, Big Vendor" 1

Wesley invents an electricity free vending machine for use at the local jumble sale, unfortunately it sounds like Billy's grandmother. Barry feels depressed and tries to impress The Captain, Mrs. Avery takes up palm reading.

197 29 April 2001 "Enter the Hawk" 1

Nora and Ivy advise Pearl to feed Howard stodge to stop him 'wandering', so she does and it slows him down, but not enough. Glenda thinks Barry has left her, but he has only gone to buy a new suit which he believes will advance his career. Auntie Wainwright takes time off from the shop leaving Smiler in charge.

198 6 May 2001 "Gnome and Away" 2

Clegg, Truly and Billy end up in the situation of all times when Howard smuggles a huge singing garden gnome into Clegg's house, wanting him to take it to Marina. The trio try to, but the gnome alerts the ladies and they question whether they'll ever get it to Marina.

199 13 May 2001 "A Hair of the Blonde That Bit You" 2

Howard is in deep trouble when Pearl finds a blonde hair on his jacket, Tom comes up with a way of explaining it. Barry puts on his boots and goes off into the wilds with Marina !!!

200 20 May 2001 "A White Sweater and a Solicitor's Letter" 2

Nora spreads word around town that Compo's got a solicitor's letter and later gives it to Tom, who eventually learns that a friend of Compo's lost a bet against him and as a result left him a television. Howard tries to get Clegg involved in tennis, but Clegg refuses after learning he has to wear a white sweater and shorts.

201 27 May 2001 "Why is Barry at an Angle?" 2

Pearl gets Howard to put together some flat pack furniture which stops him from going to meet Marina, he enlists the help of Clegg, Truly, Billy and Tom and he ends up literally stuck to Marina. Smiler takes up children's entertainment against his will and Barry looks for Dutch courage to help him collect unpaid loans to the building society.

202 3 June 2001 "The Coming of the Beast" 2

Truly lies to Billy Ingleton about a tiger being on the roam around town, only for Billy to spread the news resulting in the whole town hiding and sending panic everywhere. Not worried about the rumour, Truly and his friends spend the day trying to have fun.

Series 23 (2001–02)[edit]

Christmas Special (2001)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
203 30 December 2001 "Potts in Pole Position" 3

A woman dispatches the gang to find her husband who is in training for an Antarctic expedition.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
204 6 January 2002 "A Brief Excursion in the Fast Lane" 3

Smiler acquires a new lodger when Tom is made homeless after being thrown out by Mrs. Avery. Barry starts a midlife crisis and desires speed and danger, Wesley makes him a motorised scooter while Glenda takes up motorbiking. Howard is jealous when he sees Marina kissing Tom

205 13 January 2002 "The Mystical Squeak of Howard's Bicycle" 3

Glenda's old school friend, Astrid, comes to visit so Tom tries to set her up with Smiler. Billy and Truly have a competition to see who has the best sixth sense. Howard thinks Pearl has put a spell on his bicycle and gets Clegg to exorcise it. Thora Hird did not appear in this episode.

206 20 January 2002 "Mervyn Would be Proud" 3

Barry has decided to take Glenda to his works dance, so it's a dinner suit for him and a long frock for her. Billy has to practise his archery skills for a display he has promised to his new fan Mervyn. Howard buys Marina a cuckoo clock and Pearl an out of tune musical box.Edie's car continues to prove it has a mind of its own when it ends up in a field.

207 27 January 2002 "The Incredible Ordeal of Norman Clegg" 3

Howard presses some picnicware on Clegg for safekeeping, but fails to mention that Marina herself comes with them. Truly and Billy have to help get her away from Clegg, whilst Howard causes trouble at the ladies' coffee morning. Smiler and Tom find themselves pushing a dummy around on a cart to advertise Auntie Wainwright's clothing department.

208 3 February 2002 "Beware of the Hot Dog" 3

Pearl and Roz go for a day out, Howard is suspicious and recruits Smiler to help him follow them. The trio meet a man who is looking for his missing girlfriend. Marina has ditched Howard- again!- and by sheer coincidence encounters the runaway girlfriend. The pair decide to start a life together, forswearing male company. Wesley invents a portable hot dog stand which, with the help of Clegg, Truly, Billy and Tom he takes out into the country to test. Auntie Wainwright tries to sell a second hand wardrobe.

209 10 February 2002 "In Search of Childlike Joy and the Farthest Reaches of the Lotus Position" 4

Tom tries to help Smiler achieve a sense of childlike joy with the help of Wesleys homemade trolley. The ladies go for a run in Edie's car and end up hiding from the police who happen to be in a lake. Barry gets stuck in the lotus position in a barn. Jean Alexander did not appear in this episode.

210 17 February 2002 "A Chaise Longue Too Far" 4

It's Barry & Glenda's wedding anniversary. Barry goes out to buy jewellery at Auntie Wainwright's and comes back with a chaise loungue which Glenda rejects due to lack of space, but it comes in handy when Truly, Clegg, Billy, Tom & Smiler try to help Howard escape from his own home so he can meet Marina.

211 24 February 2002 "Exercising Father's Bicycle" 4

Barry challenges a colleague to a duel. Howard gets stuck on the roof and while trying to avoid the Repo man Tom tries ro recreate some of his father's stunts on his old bicycle

212 3 March 2002 "Sadly, Madly, Bradley" 4

Billy Hardcastle's gloomy brother-in-law, Bradley, is in town, and the trio, along with Tom and Smiler, attempt to get him smiling with a day on the river in a rubber dinghy.

213 10 March 2002 "It All Began With an Old Volvo Headlamp" 4

Clegg, Truly and Billy meet the wise man of the woods, who is neither wise nor living in the woods. Barry goes on an errand of mercy

Series 22 and 23 sold as series 23 and 24 on DVD

Series 24 (2002–03)[edit]

Christmas Special (2002)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
214 29 December 2002 "A Musical Passing for a Miserable Muscroft" 4

Billy Ingleton acquires a mobile pipe organ. The ladies feel its appropriate for a charity pageant. Marina declines to go out with Howard because she's caught the showbiz bug, and is rehearsing a play at the local church. Howard asks the trio to help him think of something "showbizzy" they can do together.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
215 5 January 2003 "The Lair of the Cat Creature" 1

The trio meet a local daredevil, Alvin, when his hang glider crashes outside Cleggs house. they call his bluff- is he as brave as he says he is? Alvin later becomes a regular character, living in Compo's old house, courting Nora Batty, and becoming one of the main trio.

216 12 January 2003 "Ancient Eastern Wisdom – An Introduction" 1

Howard adopts the alter ego of "The Smiling Bandido", after reading about him in a novel. Truly and Clegg meet a man named Entwhistle, who, despite his name, is of Chinese descent, and claims to know about Eastern Wisdom. They enlist him to help Tom escape the repo man. Entwistle will later become part of the trio.

217 19 January 2003 "A Pick-Up of the Later Ming Dynasty" 1

Smilers cart gets a squeak and Entwistle's truck develops a fault. Barry takes up golf again only for his car to break down, Marina buys some camouflage netting from Auntie Wainwright and the two policeman witness a creature from another planet. Jane Freeman and Thora Hird did not appear in this episode.

218 26 January 2003 "The Secret Birthday of Norman Clegg" 1

It's Clegg's birthday and he wants a quiet celebratory lunch with Truly..unfortunately the rest of the regulars are attending a wedding at the same venue. Jean Alexander did not appear in this episode.

219 2 February 2003 "In Which Gavin Hinchcliffe Loses the Gulf Stream" 1

Clegg, Truly and Billy meet an old schoolfriend who wants to combat global warming, but his attempts are thwarted by his drunken girlfriend and a nervous driver. Howard and Pearl take up art and Barry is summoned to attend the ladies coffee morning.

220 9 February 2003 "The Miraculous Curing of Old Goff Helliwell" 2

The trio attempt to cheer up a depressed old school chum. This is not the same Goff who appeared in the much earlier episode "Happy Anniversary Gough and Jessie".

221 23 February 2003 "The Frenchies Are Coming" 2

Billy is recruiting for his archery club so he can protect England should the French invade, he recruits Smiler, Tom and Barry, who is trying to give up golf. Pearl has set up an alarm to stop Howard leaving the house and Ivy and Nora start working at a charity shop.

222 2 March 2003 "The Man Who Invented Yorkshire Funny Stuff" 2

Auntie Wainwright has a stuffed gorilla to sell and Howard ends up receiving it as a gift from Marina, Barry needs his ears syringing, meanwhile Clegg, Truly and Billy are trying to find an old friend, Cyril Cooper who left a trail of angry women...and Nora Batty becomes a nurse !!

223 9 March 2003 "The Second Husband and the Showgirls" 2

Truly comes face to face with his ex-wife's new husband and it requires recruiting Barry to become his financial advisor. Smiler and Tom join Auntie Wainwrights new dating agency and they go to meet two ex-showgirls Babs and Queenie. Dora Bryan did not appear in this episode.

224 16 March 2003 "All of a Florrie" 2

An acquaintance from Truly's past turns up with amorous intentions. Howard is not happy with the solution. Alvin moves into Compo's old house.

30 Years of Last of the Summer Wine (2003)[edit]

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
Special 2 13 April 2003 "30 Years of Last of the Summer Wine" 1*

A tribute to the long-running sit-com "Last of the Summer Wine". Contains interviews with the show's major stars: Compo, Cleggy and Foggy; the battleaxe women, including Kathy Staff who turned the character of Nora Batty into a national icon; and the husbands finally get a chance to have their say. Remembering the numerous guest stars that have featured over the years, from John Cleese and Mathew Kelly, to Norman Wisdom and Kate Robbins.

* 30 Years of the Last of the Summer wine on disc 1 Title 7 of 'Vintage 1995' (Region 1) DVD

Series 25 (2003–04)[edit]

Christmas Special (2003)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
225 21 December 2003 "A Short Blast of Fred Astaire" 2

Preparations for the Christmas concert are in full swing, but some of the assembled acts lack confidence.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
226 8 February 2004 "Jurassic No Parking" 3

Howard wants to buy Marina a birthday gift, but he is confined to quarters, so he enlists the help of the trio to buy her something special. Barry has won a model dinosaur in a competition. Alvin pans for gold and Miss Davenport joins the ladies for their coffee morning.

227 15 February 2004 "The General's Greatest Battle" 3

The lifelike effigy of the old General has been spruced up for the annual parade. Nora is to be on a float playing his wife!

228 22 February 2004 "Spores" 3

Clegg, Truly and Billy meet Lionel who has a habit of being unpredictable, so when he abandons his wife, Mavis, in the hills she isn't too surprised. Mavis joins the ladies for their coffee morning and it doesn't make her feel any better. Alvin tries to make Nora Batty smile so he can take a picture of her.

229 7 March 2004 "Happy Birthday Robin Hood" 3

Both Barry and Billy wear a green suit in honour of Robin Hood's birthday. Auntie Wainwright sells Howard an adventure kit. Marina is spotted in a wedding dress much to Howard's dismay. Alvin offers to paint Nora Batty, Miss Davenport tries to start an evening course in romantic novels and the two policemen get stuck up a tree !

230 14 March 2004 "Who's That With Barry and Glenda? – It's Not Barry and Glenda" 3

Glenda suspects Barry of seeing another woman and Barry suspects Glenda of seeing another man...Truly of the yard investigates. Miss Davenport has to be rescued from a bramble bush and Alvin takes up sculpting much to Nora Batty's disapproval.

231 21 March 2004 "An Apple a Day" 4

Badgered by Nora Batty, Truly, Alvin, Entwistle, Ivy, Pearl and Roz volunteer to take an elderly couple out for the day but their son escapes and he is notorious for giving away apples. Howard and Marina escape to a country pub and Barry dons his wild west gear.

232 28 March 2004 "Barry Becomes a Psychopathic Killer But Only Part Time" 4

Smiler gets a gold digging admirer. Barry gets the part of a gangster in his amateur dramatics group so he needs an appropriate costume from Auntie Wainwrights shop. Alvin listens for signs of life from outer space.

233 4 April 2004 "Things To Do When Your Wife Runs Off With a Turkish Waiter" 4

Barry and Glenda are surprised when a man they met on holiday pays a visit.

234 11 April 2004 "Beware of Laughing at Nora's Hats" 4

Alvin tries to get Nora in his sidecar and in doing so resolves a 30-year feud between Nora and ex best friend Audrey Craig with the help of a brass band. Glenda buys Barry some explosive golf shoes and Smiler becomes Barry's caddy.

235 18 April 2004 "Yours Truly – If You're Not Careful" 4

The musical 'Rose Marie' comes to town so Howard, Marina and Smiler dress for the occasion. Truly is worried when he gets a phone call from the former Mrs. Truelove and then hears a strange woman is trying to contact him, she turns out to be Entwistle in a dress!

Series 24 and 25 sold as series 25 and 26 on DVD

Series 26 (2004–05)[edit]

Christmas Special (2004)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
236 19 December 2004 "Variations on a Theme of the Widow Winstanley" 4

Norman Clegg is writing his memoirs, but is having trouble remembering people's names, including a girl from school who had blonde pigtails and liked licorice. Ivy and Nora recall that she was Audrey Needham, now the Widow Winstanley. Truly, Alvin, and Billy Hardcastle scheme to bring the widow together with Clegg.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
237 13 March 2005 "The Swan Man of Ilkley" 1

Clegg, Truly and Billy meet a man who wants to sail to Ilkley in an inflatable swan, unfortunately it has developed a puncture which Entwistle repairs. Alvin tries to teach Nora line dancing. Repo man Herman Teasdale goes for a game of golf with Barry and Auntie Wainright sells Howard two wet suits.

238 20 March 2005 "Watching the Clock" 1

Clegg climbs a tree so he can see the church clock, unfortunately he gets stuck and Truly, Alvin, Entwistle, Howard and Marina come to his rescue. Auntie Wainwright sells her cooker to Nora, Ivy, Pearl and Glenda for the church hall. The two policemen give Smiler a speeding ticket..and he only has a handcart.

239 27 March 2005 "Has Anyone Seen a Peruvian Wart?" 1

Truly, Billy and Alvin meet Mr. Crowcroft, a womanising flower arranger who is looking for love, as a warm up for him meeting Billy's sister-in-law they introduce him to Nora Batty..shortly after he leaves for a monastery in Peru.

240 10 April 2005 "Hermione (the short course)" 1

Tom and Entwistle try to cheer Smiler up after he has been dumped by Hermione. Truly, Billy and Alvin make Howard think he is being followed by a private detective. Barry helps Mr. Teesdale re-possess a car. Clegg is re-writing his old diaries. Nora, Ivy, Pearl and Roz share some wartime memories with Glenda.

241 17 April 2005 "Who's That Mouse in the Poetry Group?" 1

Smiler, with the help of Tom, decides to become an intellectual. Marina joins Miss Davenports poetry group and Howard infiltrates the group disguised as a mouse. Alvin, with the help of Nora, trains to become an astronaut

242 24 April 2005 "Available for Weddings" 1

Smiler decides to hire out his car for weddings. Clegg breaks his leg after hitting a wall on his bike. Barry and Glenda go camping.

243 1 May 2005 "The McDonaghs of Jamieson Street" 2

Truly, Alvin, Billy, Nora, Entwistle and Glenda try to find an old flame of Smiler's. Howard dons a Spanish style beard and he and Marina end up being carried off in a shed.

244 8 May 2005 "The Afterthoughts of a Co-op Manager" 2

Clegg tries to remember the name of his area manager from the Co-op in 1937. Nora and Ivy visit Auntie Wainwright. Herman Teasdale tries to get Barry to pretend to be a burglar. Marina tells Howard she can't be seen with him any more as she wants to remain true to the memory of her first love. Miss Davenport helps Entwistle fix his truck.

245 15 May 2005 "Lot Number 8" 2

Auntie wainwright buys four containers in an auction..which turn out to be coffins, Truly, Billy, Alvin and Barry try to find out new uses for them. Ivy and Nora admit to Glenda that they actually loved their husbands. Marina goes to Auntie's shop for some jewellery but comes out with a portable tea maker. Tom and Smiler take up country and western. Miss Davenport helps Entwistle fix his truck again.

246 29 May 2005 "Little Orphan Howard" 2

Clegg teases Howard telling him he was adopted but Howard takes it seriously. The two Policemen have a picnic, Glenda takes up car maintenance. Truly and Billy help Alvin to launch his kite and Smiler and Tom have to deliver a piano to the church hall.

Series 27 (2005–06)[edit]

Christmas Special (2005)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
247 12 December 2005 "Merry Entwhistle and Jackson Day" 2

Truly and Clegg are drawn into Howard's latest escape plan. Auntie Wainwright dresses Smiler as Father Christmas and Tom as an elf.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
248 5 March 2006 "Follow That Bottle" 3

Glenda decides that Barry would suit a hat, Smiler finds a suit of armour in the shop storeroom, Cleggs cousin turns up and Clegg, Truly, Billy, Alvin and Entwistle follow a bottle with a message in it. Marina and Miss Davenport compare notes on their love lives. Nelly joins the ladies for coffee at the cafe.

249 12 March 2006 "How To Remove A Cousin" 3

Cleggs overbearing cousin Aubrey comes to stay, he challenges Alvin and Billy to a bike riding competition. Auntie Wainwright employs Smiler and Tom as shop dummies. Nora Batty goes blonde.

250 19 March 2006 "Has Anyone Seen Barry's Midlife Crisis?" 3

Barry is concerned that he isn't having a mid life crisis, he goes to see the Vicar about it. The wheel comes off Auntie Wainwright's cart and Clegg, Truly, Billy, Alvin and Entwistle and his invisible dog try to help Howard escape from home.

251 26 March 2006 "The Genuine Outdoors Robin Hood Barbi" 3

Billy takes Clegg, Truly, Alvin and Entwistle into the green wood for a barby. Pearl chains Howard to the house and Miss Davenport tries to get the ladies to discuss romantic novels.

252 2 April 2006 "Barry in Danger From Reading & Aunt Jessie" 3

Miss Davenport teases Barry making him think she has the hots for him. Alvin is seen by Nora with a tall, mysterious blonde

253 9 April 2006 "Who's That Merry Man with Billy, Then?" 4

Billy gets a new merry man to join his band..unfortunately it's a merry woman!..Howard wants people to think he is having flying lessons, so Auntie Wainwright kits him out in the right gear..circa 1925!

254 16 April 2006 "Who's That Talking To Lenny" 4

Clegg, Truly and Billy meet up again with Lenny, the former Swan Man of Ilkley, he has heard voices from above so the lads help him in his quest to be a prophet. The two policemen see a mysterious leg, they follow it and it belongs to Howard. Miss Davenport continues her teasing of Barry.

255 23 April 2006 "Oh Look! Mitzi's Found Her Mummy" 4

Howard gets to look after a friend's dog for the day. Glenda and Barry get dressed up as Cleopatra and an Egyptian Mummy to go to a fancy dress party. Auntie Wainwright upgrades Tom and Smilers a tandem!

256 30 April 2006 "Plenty of Room in the Back" 4

Auntie Wainwright supplies Tom and Smiler with new transport.....but is it suitable?

Christmas Special (2006)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
257 28 December 2006 "A Tale of Two Sweaters" 4

Pearl and Marina each give Howard a sweater for Christmas, so he wears them both at the same time!

Series 26 and 27 sold as series 27 and 28 on DVD

Series 28 (2007)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
258 15 July 2007 "The Second Stag Night of Doggy Wilkinson" 1

Clegg, Truly, Howard, Alvin and Entwistle accompany old friend 'Doggy' Wilkinson on his stag night which ends up with a sprained ankle, no trousers and a kissed policeman. Barry takes up philosophy and Auntie Wainwright manges to sell Miss Davenport a large bottle of love potion

259 29 July 2007 "What Happened to the Horse?" 1

Clegg, Truly and Alvin spread the rumour of a ghostly tinker who lived in the woods in 1789 who died when he was crushed by his drunken horse. Barry gets a part in a play and The two policemen have a bump in their car

260 5 August 2007 "Variations on a Theme of Road Rage" 1

Howard decides he has outgrown his bicycle and buys a secondhand car very cheap from a "widow". The furious husband (still alive) sees Howard in his car and gives chase; then Truly, Alvin and Entwistle; Pearl and Nelly; and the two policemen, all resulting in a car chase as Howard and Marina bowl along unsuspecting.

261 12 August 2007 "In Which Howard Gets Double Booked" 1

Howard is in trouble when he promises to take Pearl for a meal and Alvin and Truly promise Marina he will also take her for a meal too on the same day at the same time at the same place !!...he manages to save the day with the help of a length of bandage and Entwistle's truck. Glenda takes Barry on a surprise day out and the surprise element is sliding down hills on a tray!

262 19 August 2007 "Will the Nearest Alien Please Come In" 1

Clegg and Truly meet Kevin who believes there are aliens amongst us. Howard tries to achieve his ultimate goal..a silent bicycle. Glenda is upset, she feels that Barry is neglecting her since he took up stargazing..but then he finds out a neighbour has been giving Glenda celery!..Alvin and Teasdale try to convince Nora Batty that Alvin has a live in lady.

263 26 August 2007 "Elegy for Small Creature and Clandestine Trackbike" 2

Tom is mourning the second anniversary of the death of his pet mouse Pablo, Truly, Alvin and Smiler take him out to cheer him up. Howard buys a motorbike and persuades Clegg to help make Pearl think it is his bike and not Howards. Barry is filled with fear when Glenda tells him the ladies are coming round for coffee.

264 2 September 2007 "The Crowcroft Challenge" 2

Alvin, Howard and Marina take up the Crowcroft Challenge which consists of walking cross country in a straight line from one point to another. The two policemen lose their car to a drunk and have to hitch a lift on Smiler and Tom's new transport, unfortunately it won't get them anywhere quickly as it's a milk float. Barry starts playing golf twice a day.

265 9 September 2007 "Must Be Good Dancer" 2

Tom, Clegg, Truly, Alvin & Entwistle dress Smiler up in top hat and tails to make the ladies think he is the next Fred Astaire. Glenda helps Barry detect a squeak in his car. The two policemen arrest a 'phantom flasher' in the shape of Howard. Ivy, Nora & Nelly discuss baking and the lack of it down south.

266 16 September 2007 "In Which Howard Remembers Where He Left His Bicycle Pump" 2

Howard bumps into an old flame. Auntie Wainwright manages to sell a lot of camouflage gear. (In this episode, Miss Davenport's first name is revealed as "Lucinda")

267 23 September 2007 "Sinclair and the Wormley Witches" 2

Truly, Alvin and Entwistle meet Sinclair who believes he has been cursed by a coven of witches, Tom and Smiler dress up as mystics to lift the curse. Pearl and Nelly follow Howard and Marina has to hide in the library. Barry and Glenda try birdwatching. PC Cooper considers joining the armed division till PC Walsh points out that they don't provide ear muffs after training. (Final appearance of Clem 'Smiler' Hemmingway, played by Stephen Lewis).

Series 29 (2008)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
268 22 June 2008 "Enter The Finger" 3

Barry is getting annoyed by a neighbour who seems to beat him at everything, Truly, Clegg, Alvin and Entwistle decide to try to help him beat him at something. Pearl and Nelly follow Howard again wondering why he has gone out with his pyjamas on.

269 29 June 2008 "Will The Genuine Racer Please Stand Up" 3

Howard buys racing leathers and a helmet from Auntie Wainwright so he can meet Marina in disguise. Glenda gets an unwanted visitor who doesn't know when to leave, Barry hides in the garage.

270 6 July 2008 "A Short Introduction To Cooper's Rules" 3

Barry is asked to take the vicar out for the day, but both are reluctant. PC Cooper instructs PC Walsh in "Cooper's Rules" – coming up with creative alternatives to avoid arresting miscreants. However, when a workman sees the guys bundle the vicar into Barry's car, he flags the police car down and reports a kidnapping, with ensuing mayhem.

271 13 July 2008 "Is Jeremy Quite Safe?" 3

Miss Davenport and Marina meet a suave international jewel thief called Jeremy. Tom discovers an old safe in Auntie Wainwrights back room, but nobody knows the combination, Jeremy comes to help which ends up putting a large dent in the policemans car bonnet. Barry is nervous as he has to give a speech at a works meeting.

272 20 July 2008 "All That Glitters Is Not Elvis" 3

Howard has the blues, he doesn't think there is enough colour in his life..he ends up dressed as Elvis. Auntie Wainwright, Alvin, Entwistle and PC's Cooper & Walsh become mixed up with an arguing couple, the husband of which still believes Elvis is still alive. Barry is looking after his boss's dog, Elvira, which he loses..Glenda helps him look for her.

273 27 July 2008 "Eva's Back in Town" 3

Howard is still depressed, there's no adventure in his life. The guys persuade Alvin's old friend Eva to play Howard's 'mystery woman' from a forgotten night of passion. Howard panics and leaves home with his suitcases packed, until Pearl gets the true story and fetches him back. Glenda and Barry dread a visit to Barry's cousin Freda

274 3 August 2008 "In Which Romance Isn't Dead – Just Incompetent" 4

Barry tries to do some matchmaking between a neighbour of his and Miss Davenport. Howard tries a new image and, advised by Alvin and Entwistle, tries to be more dominant with Pearl..which fails

275 10 August 2008 "The Mischievous Tinkle in Howard's Eyes" 4

Alvin and Entwistle take up roller skating and nearly get arrested by PC's Cooper and Walsh..until they let them have a go on the skates after which they 'run' into Marina and Miss Davenport. Truly and Clegg are mystified as to why Howard has suddenly started wearing bells..a case for Truly of the Yard.

276 17 August 2008 "Of Passion And Pizza" 4

Alvin and Entwistle do some matchmaking for Mervyn who is in love with the pizza parlour assistant, Elsie. Howard and Marina think they are being watched by the police so Howard goes to Auntie Wainwrights for another disguise.

277 24 August 2008 "It's Never Ten Years" 4

Compo Anniversary Episode. Clegg and Truly reminisce / talk to Alvin about their old friend Compo, who suffered at the hands of Nora Batty, and themselves. Contains old excerpts / footage.

278 31 August 2008 "Get Out of That, Then" 4

Barry's cousin Lenny (Bobby Ball) is a failed Houdini, with taciturn sidekick Cliff (Tommy Cannon), whose long-suffering wife Florrie throws him out. Meanwhile, Howard plans an innocent day out "with the guys". They all, including Pearl & Nelly, and Marina & Miss Davenport, turn up at the pub where Lenny is to perform.

Series 28 and 29 sold as series 29 and 30 on DVD

Series 30 (2008–09)[edit]

New Year's Eve Special (2008)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
279 31 December 2008 "I Was a Hitman for Primrose Dairies" 1

In his first episode of the series, Russ Abbott portrays Luther 'Hobbo' Hobdyke, a retired milkman turned secret agent, who calls upon his MI5 experience to recruit Alvin and Entwistle as his band of reluctant voulenteers to react to any emergency.

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
280 19 April 2009 "Some Adventures of the Inventor of the Mother Stitch" 1

Hobbo, Alvin and Entwistle meet up with former Repo man Mr. Teasdale who has changed his name to Morton Beamish after his wife left him, he feels lonely so the trio endeavour to find him a friend. PC's Cooper and Walsh are told by the Inspector to start making some arrests..they begin with Auntie Wainwright and Tom in the milk float. Barry is shocked to find out that Toby, the golf captain, has moved in next door after divorcing his wife. Nora's sister Stella comes to housesit at Nora's after she has gone to visit relatives in Australia.

281 26 April 2009 "The Mother of All Mistakes – Or is It?" 1

Hobbo, who was in an orphanage until he was "old enough to join the Marines" thinks he's tracked down his mother, but attempts to call on her end in violent rejection. Then he thinks former-Bradshaw Nelly is "mum". Meanwhile, Howard is reported to be needing the address of "Agnes"; Marina goes on an anti-men strike in a supermarket trolley, but Agnes turns out to be an agony aunt. PCs Cooper & Walsh have their BBQ interrupted by a genuine road traffic incident. Glenda wants a kiss behind the sofa from a panicking Barry.

282 3 May 2009 "Will Howard Cross the Atlantic Single-Handed?" 1

Howard decides he is going to row across the atlantic single handed after Marina and Miss Davenport tell him there aren't any heroes any more.Barry puts on a new suit for work and ends up unblocking Toby's sink. Hobbo continues to believe that Nelly is his mother, his only problem is persuading her of it. Morton buys something he has always wanted (according to Auntie Wainwright) old tractor tyre, which goes roll about.

283 10 May 2009 "Who's That Looking Sideways at Nelly?" 1

Hobbo, former milkman and undercover agent at Primrose Dairies, is ready for any dangerous situation – and going round telling everyone that Nelly is his mother is one. Another danger arises when he demonstrates his gift of disguise, and finds himself the new recipient of Marina's affections. Hobbo then discovers the danger of exercising when his neck locks solid while doing some simple head movements. Not only is this dangerous, but highly hazardous when trying to sip a pint of beer sideways.

284 17 May 2009 "Nobody Messes with Tony the Throat" 1

Howard is deeply concerned when Pearl starts going out every day with Nelly, and she will not say where. Hobbo comes to his aid, and heads a surveillance party to follow Pearl and Nelly. When the women go into a Hell's Angels club, they decide not to be hasty, and confront them later.

285 24 May 2009 "Will Stella Find True Love with Norris Fairburn?" 2

When Clegg and Truly tell Hobbo that local serial groom Norris Fairburn is free again, he decides that Norris would be an ideal husband for Stella. At the cafe, Ivy observes and listens as Hobbo, Alvin and Entwistle discuss their foolproof scheme. Later, Ivy warns Stella about the plot to provide her with one house-trained potential husband. Hobbo and his team return with Norris, but both Stella and Ivy look at him with total disdain. Hobbo decides to save the day, but Stella has other ideas.

286 31 May 2009 "Will Randolph Make a Good Impression?" 2

Hobbo turns up at the river wall with Randolph, who he hopes will bring romance into Stella's life. Randolph seems to lack any of the requirements of a potential suitor, and is limp and unattractive, especially after Hobbo drops him in the river. After a little rehearsal and some invaluable tips on how to give Stella 'the look', Randolph demonstrates that he has no chance whatsoever of impressing her. But there must be some way – for instance, who is Stella's favourite movie character?

287 7 June 2009 "In Which Romance Springs A Leak" 2

Toby is beginning to realise that the benefits of going back to his ex-wife far outweigh the advantages of living alone in a sparsely furnished house with no-one to cook or clean for him. Fortunately, Hobbo is on hand to skilfully guide him on the route back to marital bliss. But, for some reason, his wife doesn't want him back, and flowers don't work. Undaunted, Hobbo reminds Toby that, in films, romance equals music.

288 14 June 2009 "Variations on a Theme of Father's Day" 2

In order that Hobbo can find out more about Nelly, his supposed mother, he has Howard eavesdrop on her when she is visiting Pearl. Soon realising what Howard is up to, the women plant a completely false story about Hobbo's father being a hippie. Hobbo loses no time in making himself look exactly like the description of his father, complete with earrings and beads. Unfortunately, by the time the women see the fruits of their imagination, Hobbo is being arrested.

289 21 June 2009 "Goodnight Sweet Ferret" 2

Hobbo, Alvin and Entwistle promise a friend, who is laid up with a bad leg, that they will bury his dead ferret in the churchyard...Hobbo finds an old chocolate box in which to bury the ferret. This goes on to be Pearls birthday gift and a wedding present from Barry and Glenda. PC's Walsh and Cooper have to perform a ceremony to break a Haitian voodoo spell.

Series 31 (2010)[edit]

Regular Series

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
290 25 July 2010 "Behind Every Bush There is Not Necessarily a Howard" 3

Pearl and Nelly follow Howard when he rides off on his bicycle. PC's Cooper & Walsh buy an in-car deep fat fryer. Hobbo persuades Morton to have a word with Toby's wife to try to get them reconciled...he has a word with her and much to his surprise they end up an item. Miss Davenport sets her cap at Hobbo.

291 1 August 2010 "Happy Camping" 3

Howard has a rival for the affections of Marina, he gets depressed and decides to leave and live in the wilderness. PC's Cooper and Walsh are told they have to stop getting so many crumbs in their patrol car. Glenda persuades Barry to take up jogging. Miss Davenport has feelings for Hobbo.

292 8 August 2010 "The Rights of Man (Except for Howard)" 3

Howard is still homeless after being thrown out by Pearl, Hobbo, Alvin and Entwistle try to get him home. Toby and Morton console each other at being abandoned by their wives. Marina's romance with Mr Waddle continues till she mentions marriage..then it all ends rather abruptly. PC's Cooper and Walsh have a go at driving Toms milk float. Glenda puts Barry on a diet ready for Gloria's wedding.

293 15 August 2010 "Howard and the Great Outdoors" 3

Hobbo dresses Howard as a tramp to try and garner some sympathy from Pearl...unsuccessfully

294 22 August 2010 "Look Whose Wheel's Come Off" 4

Howard chains himself to his bike to try and gain some sympathy from Pearl..she admits to Nelly, Ivy and Stella that she quite misses him. Barry breaks his diet and sneaks some fish and chips with Hobbo, Entwistle and Alvin..but Glenda can tell !!

295 29 August 2010 "How Not to Cry at Weddings" or "The Very Last of the Summer Wine" 4

The very last episode sees the whole village united for a wedding. Howard and Pearl look back on their stormy relationship, Alvin makes a pass at Stella, Toby tries to win back his wife and Clegg worries he may have forgotten something important.

Series 30 & 31 sold as series 31 & 32 on DVD

  • Notes: This is the last series of Last of the Summer Wine, as the BBC announced in June 2010 that it would be cancelled after its 31st series.
  • "How Not to Cry at Weddings" was credited as The Very Last of the Summer Wine.

Special (2010)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
- 15 November 2010 "The Bill For the Summer Wine" -

It was a small sketch that appeared on the sixth episode of the first series of "Paul O'Grady Live". The sketch was a crossover with "The Bill". It featured the return of Alvin and Entwistle, as well as guest starring Graham Cole as Tony Stamp, Paul O'Grady as himself and Harry Hill as himself. The latter two wrote the sketch.

Special (2014)

Episode number Original airdate Title Disc Description
- 2014 "Cooper & Walsh" -

A small, filmed pilot for "Cooper & Walsh". It was released online, it starred Ken Kitson and Louis Emerick as PC Cooper and PC Walsh. It was written by Roy Clarke and directed by Alan J.W. Bell.

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