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Late Night with Seth Meyers is an American late-night talk show hosted by Seth Meyers on NBC.[1][2] A total of 296 episodes have aired.





No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
November 2, 2015 Jon Hamm, Jalen Rose Bryan Adams
A Closer Look, Venn Diagrams, Robert Friend Commercial
November 3, 2015 Allison Janney, Hunter Parrish, Men in Blazers N/A
Seth Explains Teen Slang, Seth's opinions on the flu vaccine
November 4, 2015 Ralph Fiennes, Dr. Jill Biden Against Me!
A Closer Look, Last Line of the News Story
November 5, 2015 Daniel Craig, Regina King, Donny Deutsch N/A
A Closer Look, Back in My Day
November 9, 2015 Kathy Griffin, Paul Bettany, Ta-Nehisi Coates N/A
A Closer Look, New Slogans, Seth reads angry tweets
November 10, 2015 Rainn Wilson, Elizabeth Hurley Seal
Crew Poetry, Rainn Wilson thanks best friend, Rainn Wilson and Seth drown each other out
November 11, 2015 Adam Levine, Bethenny Frankel Alessia Cara
Seth thanks service men and women, Debate Wrap-Up, Classified Information
November 12, 2015 Sam Rockwell, Cristin Milioti, Neil Cavuto N/A
Ya Burnt, Seth debates the pronunciation of the word "homage"
November 16, 2015 Seth Rogen, Leslie Odom, Jr. Travis Scott
Seth acknowledges the November 2015 Paris attacks, A Closer Look, Fred Armisen's Extremely Accurate TV Recaps
November 17, 2015 Viola Davis, Allison Tolman, The Scottos N/A
Hidden Credits, Fred Armisen's Extremely Accurate TV Recaps, Late Night with Seth Meyers Republican Presidential Debate
November 18, 2015 Liam Hemsworth, John Mulaney Mutemath
A Closer Look, Fred Armisen's Extremely Accurate TV Recaps, Late Night Casserole (Wheel of Fortune Before and After Dark)
November 19, 2015 Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Carpenter, Michael Rezendes & Sacha Pfeiffer N/A
This Week in Numbers (Twitter Question of the Week), Fred Armisen's Extremely Accurate TV Recaps, Late Breaking Story
November 23, 2015 Governor Sarah Palin, David Tennant, Holly Holm Spring Awakening
Debut of new opening titles, Christianity Test, Venn Diagrams
November 24, 2015 America Ferrera, Oliver Platt, Judah Friedlander N/A
A Closer Look, Old Video Games
November 25, 2015 Matthew Morrison, Uzo Aduba A Great Big World
Seth Explains Teen Slang, Promo for P. C. Richard & Son Alternative Thanksgiving Day Parade
November 26, 2015 Josh Meyers, Larry Meyers & Hillary Meyers N/A
Ya Burnt: Thanksgiving Edition, Extreme Dog Shaming, How Well Do You Know Your Meyers?, Seth gives thanks


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