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Photo of a scene during the Latvian War of Independence in Northern Latvia, with artillery battery strolled around, and a flag waved from the back.
Two submissions, Defenders of Riga (2007) and Blizzard of Souls (2019), are set during the Latvian War of Independence.

The Republic of Latvia has submitted a variety of films for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film[nb 1] at the Academy Awards. The award is given annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to a feature-length motion picture produced outside the United States that contains primarily non-English dialogue,[2] and was first presented at the 29th Academy Awards.[3]

The academy selection committee reviews all submissions for this award, and secret ballot voting is used to determine the five nominees each year.[2] For Latvia, the panel deciding on submissions works on behalf of the National Film Centre of Latvia (NFCL),[nb 2] consisting of Latvian Filmmakers Union[nb 3] chairperson Ieva Romanova, state secretary of the Ministry of Culture Dace Vilsone, critic Kristīne Simsone, film historian Viktors Freibergs, director and Latvian Academy of Culture [lv][nb 4] professor Dāvis Sīmanis, as well as producer and head of VFS Films Uldis Cekulis. Dita Rietuma, film historian and director of the NFCL, was elected as the head of the panel in 2020. In 2021, chairwoman of the Latvian Cinematographers Union[nb 5] Zane Balčus, as well as film director and chairman of the Baltic Sea Documentary Film Forum Dzintars Dreibergs, was elected. They would hold a meeting to decide on the submission, and after announcing it, would give an explanation as to why said film was chosen.[4][5]

A month after restoring independence, Latvia was recognized by the Soviet Union in September 1991, bringing the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic to an end.[6] In 1992, they sent their first-ever film for consideration, a comedy film titled The Child of Man, written and directed by Jānis Streičs, at the 65th Academy Awards. The film was considered alongside 32 other films but failed to be nominated. They made their next submission in 2008 for the 80th Awards, another in 2010 for the 83rd, and another in 2012 for the 85th, and have sent a film each year since then. In total, Latvia has made 13 submissions to the category, all of which were not nominated, the latest being the 2021 submission The Pit.

List of submissions[edit]

List of films, with the English and original titles, directors, and submission results
Film title used in nomination Original title Director Result Ref.
The Child of Man[nb 6] Cilvēka bērns Jānis Streičs Not nominated [7]
Defenders of Riga Rīgas sargi Aigars Grauba [lv] Not nominated [8]
Hong Kong Confidential[nb 7] Amaya Māris Martinsons Not nominated [9]
Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg[why? 1][com 1] Golfa straume zem ledus kalna Jevgēņijs Paškēvičs [lv] Not nominated [10]
Mother, I Love You[nb 8] Mammu, es tevi mīlu Jānis Nords [lv] Not nominated [11]
Rocks in My Pockets[com 2] Akmeņi manās kabatās Signe Baumane Not nominated [12]
Modris[nb 9] Modris Juris Kursietis Not nominated [13]
Dawn[nb 10] Ausma Laila Pakalniņa Not nominated [14]
The Chronicles of Melanie[why? 2] Melānijas hronika Viestur Kairish Not nominated [15]
To Be Continued[com 3] Turpinājums Ivars Seleckis [lv] Not nominated [16]
The Mover Tēvs Nakts Dāvis Sīmanis Jr. [lv] Not nominated [17]
Blizzard of Souls[why? 3] Dvēseļu putenis Dzintars Dreibergs [lv] Not nominated [4]
The Pit[why? 4] Bedre Daces Pūces Not nominated [5]
January Janvāris Viestur Kairish

Submission reasoning[edit]

  1. ^ The panel said that the film is "highly valued in a narrative and artistic sense", marking all aspects of it "professional [and] memorable".[10]
  2. ^ The panel stated that the film is a "stylistically unified and epic work with a strong protagonist, expressive visual solutions and great actors". It also noted the film's "meaning for Latvian history and culture."[15]
  3. ^ In the meeting, the panel said that the reason for choosing the film was due to it being a "dynamic, universal and seamless message". The panel opined that its theme, cinematography, and originality made the film stand out against the other two candidates: What Silent Gerda Knows, directed by Jevgeņijs Paškēvičs, and The Sign Painter, directed by Viesturs Kairish.[4]
  4. ^ The panel chose the film for its understandable and humane plot with accurate depictions of rural life, adding that for international audiences, "the film is a convincing director's debut". These made the film stand out against the other two candidates: Gads pirms kara [lv], directed by Dāvis Sīmanis, and Spogulī, directed by Laila Pakalniņa.[5]

External commentaries[edit]

  1. ^ In response, director Jevgēņijs Paškevičs states: "I am, of course, happy for our team, operators, artists, managers, and others who worked on this film. Of course, there is no need to cherish vain expectations, but it is also a pleasure that the jury has already made such a decision".[10]
  2. ^ In response, the creator of the film Signe Baumane said, "It was unexpected for me, as Latvia has produced a few amazing films in the last year, and I didn't think an animated feature would have a chance in the competition against great live-action films". She hoped that the submission acquaints people more towards Latvian history and people, as well as widen the scope of mental illness discussions.[12]
  3. ^ Viestur Kairish, director of The Chronicles of Melanie, opined that "To Be Continued is about the way a human enters life. By submitting the film by Ivars Seleckis, we are standing up for humanism and real film art."[16]

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