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The American television police procedural and legal drama Law & Order (1990–2010) follows the cases of a group of police detectives and prosecutors who represent the public interest in the criminal justice system. Known for its revolving cast, most of the original stars had left the show within the first five seasons;[1] though Dann Florek reprised his role of Capt. Donald Cragen on the spin-off series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit from 1999 to 2014, and Chris Noth reprised his role of Det. Mike Logan on Law & Order: Criminal Intent from 2005 to 2008. The longest-serving main cast members of the original series include Steven Hill as D.A. Adam Schiff (1990–2000), Jerry Orbach as Det. Lennie Briscoe (1992–2004),[2][3] S. Epatha Merkerson as Lt. Anita Van Buren (1993–2010),[4] Sam Waterston as EADA/DA Jack McCoy (1994–2010) and Jesse L. Martin as Det. Ed Green (1999–2008). Long-running recurring cast members on the series include John Fiore as Det. Tony Profaci (1990-1998), Carolyn McCormick as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet (1991–2009), Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers (1992–2010) and J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda (1997–2010).

Main characters[edit]

Name Portrayed by Occupation Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Max Greevey George Dzundza Senior Detective (Sergeant) Main
Mike Logan Chris Noth Junior Detective Main
Donald Cragen Dann Florek Captain Main Guest Guest Guest
Ben Stone Michael Moriarty Executive Assistant
District Attorney
Paul Robinette Richard Brooks Assistant District Attorney Main Guest Guest
Adam Schiff Steven Hill District Attorney Main
Phil Cerreta Paul Sorvino Senior Detective (Sergeant) Main
Elizabeth Olivet Carolyn McCormick Psychologist Guest Also Starring Guest Guest Guest
Lennie Briscoe Jerry Orbach Senior Detective Main
Anita Van Buren S. Epatha Merkerson Lieutenant Main
Claire Kincaid Jill Hennessy Assistant District Attorney Main
Jack McCoy Sam Waterston Executive Assistant
District Attorney,
District Attorney
Rey Curtis Benjamin Bratt Junior Detective Main Guest
Jamie Ross Carey Lowell Assistant District Attorney Main Guest
Abbie Carmichael Angie Harmon Assistant District Attorney Main
Ed Green Jesse L. Martin Junior Detective,
Senior Detective
Nora Lewin Dianne Wiest Interim District Attorney Main
Serena Southerlyn Elisabeth Röhm Assistant District Attorney Main
Arthur Branch Fred Thompson District Attorney Main
Joe Fontana Dennis Farina Senior Detective Main
Nick Falco Michael Imperioli Junior Detective Main Guest
Alexandra Borgia Annie Parisse Assistant District Attorney Main
Nina Cassady Milena Govich Junior Detective Main
Connie Rubirosa Alana de la Garza Assistant District Attorney Main
Cyrus Lupo Jeremy Sisto Junior Detective,
Senior Detective
Michael Cutter Linus Roache Executive Assistant
District Attorney
Kevin Bernard Anthony Anderson Junior Detective Main

Police Officers[edit]


Name Portrayed by Year # Eps Partners Notes
Max Greevey George Dzundza 1990–1991 23 Mike Logan * Murdered in 1991
Phil Cerreta Paul Sorvino 1991–1992 31 Mike Logan * Transferred to a desk job at the 110th Precinct after being shot on the job

Senior Detectives[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year # Eps Partners Notes
Lennie Briscoe Jerry Orbach 1992–2004 273 Mike Logan (1992–1995)
Rey Curtis (1995–1999)
Ed Green (1999–2004)
* Retired (2004)
* Deceased (2005) (Due to Jerry Orbach's death).
Joe Fontana Dennis Farina 2004–2006 46 Ed Green (2004–2006)
Nick Falco (2005)
* Retired (2006)
Ed Green Jesse L. Martin 2006–2008 198 Nina Cassady (2006–2007)
Cyrus Lupo (2008)
* Promoted to Senior Detective (2006).
* Retired following his absolution during an Internal Affairs investigation (2008).
Cyrus Lupo Jeremy Sisto 2008–2010 63 Kevin Bernard (2008–2010) * Transferred from Intelligence Division (2008).
Promoted to Senior Detective (2008).

Junior Detectives[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year # Eps Senior Partners Notes
Mike Logan Chris Noth 1990–1995 111 Max Greevey (1990–1991)
Phil Cerreta (1991–1992)
Lennie Briscoe (1992–1995)
* Assigned to Staten Island from 1995–2005 after punching a homophobic politician.
* Solved a major murder & police corruption case in Exiled: A Law & Order Movie.
* Joined One Police Plaza's Major Case Squad 2005-2008.
* Retired after solving a cold case (CI:Last Rites).
Rey Curtis Benjamin Bratt 1995–1999 94 Lennie Briscoe * Took early retirement so he could care for his ill wife (1999).
* Returned in 2009 to bury his deceased wife in New York.
Ed Green Jesse L. Martin 1999–2006 198 Lennie Briscoe (1999–2004)
Joe Fontana (2004–2006)
* Promoted to senior detective (2006).
Retired following his absolution during an Internal Affairs investigation (2008).
Nick Falco Michael Imperioli 2005 5 Joe Fontana * Temporary replacement from Brooklyn for Ed Green,
while Green was recovering from a gunshot wound.
* Appears again in 2006 as a murder suspect, but was later cleared.
Nina Cassady Milena Govich 2006–2007 22 Ed Green Nicknamed 'Detective Beauty Queen' after her involvement in a shooting that led to her promotion.
Dismissed in 2007, although no reason is given on the show (However, it was most likely due to her lack of detective experience).
Cyrus Lupo Jeremy Sisto 2008 63 Ed Green (2008) * Transferred from Intelligence Division (2008).
* Promoted to Senior Detective (2008).
Kevin Bernard Anthony Anderson 2008–2010 49 Cyrus Lupo * Transferred from Internal Affairs (2008).

Supervising Officers[edit]

Name Portrayed by Rank Year # Eps Notes
Donald Cragen Dann Florek Captain 1990–1993 66 * Transferred to Anti Corruption Task Force and later to the Manhattan Special Victims Unit.
Anita Van Buren S. Epatha Merkerson Lieutenant 1993–2010 390


Executive Assistant District Attorneys[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year Partners # Eps Notes
Ben Stone Michael Moriarty 1990–1994 Paul Robinette
& Claire Kincaid
88 Resigned due his feeling of guilt over the death of a witness, whom he had personally guaranteed safety to (1994). In 1996, Adam Schiff informs Jack McCoy that Stone is travelling in Europe
Jack McCoy Sam Waterston 1994–2007 Claire Kincaid,
Jamie Ross,
Abbie Carmichael,
Serena Southerlyn,
Alexandra Borgia &
Connie Rubirosa
368 Promoted to interim D.A. (2008)
Begins his campaign to be elected as New York County District Attorney in 2009, with support from Adam Schiff
Michael Cutter Linus Roache 2008–2010 Connie Rubirosa 63 Promoted to Bureau Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit of the DA's office. (2011)

Assistant District Attorneys[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year Partners # Eps Notes
Paul Robinette Richard Brooks 1990–1993 Ben Stone 66 * Resigned to pursue private practice (1993).
* Reappeared as a defense attorney in 1996, 2005 and 2006.
Claire Kincaid Jill Hennessy 1993–1996 Ben Stone &
Jack McCoy
68 * Killed in a car crash in 1996.
Jamie Ross Carey Lowell 1996–1998 Jack McCoy 47 * Resigned to pursue private practice and to spend more time with her daughter (1998).
* Reappeared as a defence attorney in 1999 and 2001.
* Reappeared as a judge in Law & Order: Trial By Jury (2005).
Abbie Carmichael Angie Harmon 1998–2001 Jack McCoy 72 * Resigned to accept a job at the United States Attorney General's Office (2001).
Serena Southerlyn Elisabeth Röhm 2001–2005 Jack McCoy 85 * Fired by Arthur Branch for being inappropriately sympathetic towards a defendant she was prosecuting (2005).
Alexandra Borgia Annie Parisse 2005–2006 Jack McCoy 34 * Died after being kidnapped and beaten during a murder trial she was prosecuting (2006).
Connie Rubirosa Alana de la Garza 2006–2010 Jack McCoy & Michael Cutter 85 * Moved to Los Angeles and joined the DA's office there as a DDA (2011).
* Reappeared in Law & Order: SVU as a federal prosecutor leading an investigation into an underage sex trafficking operation (2014).
  • Note: Only Claire Kincaid and Connie Rubirosa worked with two different EADAs; Ben Stone and Jack McCoy, and Jack McCoy and Michael Cutter, respectively.

Manhattan District Attorneys[edit]

Name Portrayed by Terms # Eps Notes
Alfred Wentworth Roy Thinnes 1990 1 * Only appeared in "Everybody's Favorite Bagman"
Adam Schiff Steven Hill 1990–2000 228 * Left to work overseas for The Holocaust Project with Simon Wiesenthal and to investigate Swiss Banks during WWII,
went with former President Jimmy Carter as part of a delegation to Zimbabwe in 2008.
Nora Lewin Dianne Wiest 2000–2002 48 * Prior to her appointment as interim DA by the Governor of New York, she was a law professor
Chose not to run for election following her interim term.
Arthur Branch Fred Thompson 2002–2007 116 On the show, no reason for Branch's departure is provided.
However, Thompson left so he could run for the Republican Party's 2008 nomination for President.
Jack McCoy Sam Waterston 2007–2010 368 * Appointed interim DA after Branch's departure in 2007.
* Began his election campaign to become New York County District Attorney in 2009.
* Episode count includes those as Executive Assistant DA (62 as DA).

Other main characters[edit]

Name Portrayed by Years # Eps
Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Olivet Carolyn McCormick 1991–1997; 1999; 2002-2009 87
Medical Examiner Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers Leslie Hendrix 1992–2010 139
Psychiatrist Dr. Emil Skoda J.K. Simmons 1997-2004; 2010 44

Recurring characters[edit]

Other law enforcement officers[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year # Eps
Detective Tony Profaci John Fiore 1990–1998 53
Detective Morris LeMotte Larry Clarke 1998–2000 20
Detective Reina Perez Nancy Ticotin 2001 6
Detective Ana Cordova Andrea Navedo 2001–2004 24
Sergeant Martinez Joe Gonzalez 2002–2004 7
Detective Mariluz Rivera Selenis Leyva 2004–2006 18
Detective Joe Cormack Joe Forbrich 2008–2009 17

CSU Investigators/Crime Lab Technicians[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year # Eps
CSU Technician Julian Beck John Cariani 2002–2006 26
CSU Technician Jessica Reed Liz Larsen 1998–2006 12
CSU Technician Lisa Santoro Abigail Lopez 2004–2005 3
Forensic Technician Medill Donald Corren 1992–1999 17
Forensic Technician Arlene Shrier Christine Farrell 1992–1999 16
Computer Forensic Technician Myra Camp Megan Byrne 2003–2004 6

Medical Examiners[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year # Eps
Borak Josh Pais 1990–2002 15
Brody Richard Hirschfeld 2002–2006 12

Defense Attorneys[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year # of Eps
Danielle Melnick Tovah Feldshuh 1991–2007 13
Professor Norman Rothenberg Jeffrey DeMunn 1993–2008 8
Shambala Green Lorraine Toussaint 1990–1994, 2003 7
Lawrence "Larry" Weaver Bob Dishy 1994–2002 7
Nick Margolis Ben Shenkman 1999-2009 6
Bill Patton Bill Moor 1991–2000 6
Helen Brolin Maria Tucci 1993–2003 6
Peter Behrens Tom O'Rourke 1996–2001 6
Arthur Gold George Grizzard 1992–2000 6
Al Archer Dennis Boutsikaris 1996–2004 5
Charles Garnett James Rebhorn 1995–2001 5
James Granick Ned Eisenberg 1997–2008 5
Douglas Greer Richard Venture 1991–2000 5
Anne Paulsen Glynnis O'Connor 1998–2004 5
Sally Bell Edie Falco 1993–1998 4
Aaron Solomon John Benjamin Hickey 2002–2006 4
Daniel Metzler John Cunningham 1997–2008 4
Mr. Axtell Jack Gilpin 1997–2001 4
Barry Kaufer Lee Shepherd 1998–2002 4
Charlotte Swan Helen Carey 1999–2005 4
Leon Chiles Joe Morton 2000–2005 4
Paul Robinette Richard Brooks 1996, 2005, 2006 3
Gordon Schell Philip Bosco 1990–1994 3
Deirdre Powell Joanna Merlin 1994–1998 3
Max Hellman Ron Orbach 1994, 2002 3
James Linde Joe Grifasi 1996–2001 3
Stephen Olson Spencer Garrett 2000–2004 3
Erica Gardner Kate Burton 2001–2004 3
Jessica Sheets Susan Floyd 2002–2006 3
Randolph J. 'Randy' Dworkin, Esq. Peter Jacobson 2003–2006 3
Vanessa Galiano Roma Maffia 2003–2006 3
Rodney Fallon Giancarlo Esposito 2004–2005 3
Sanford Remz Dylan Baker 2004–2006 3
Gary Lowenthal Eric Bogosian 1992-1993 2
Lanie Stieglitz Elaine Stritch 1992, 1997 2
Ruth Miller Patti LuPone 1996, 1997 2
Stan Shatenstein Sig Libowitz 1997, 2005 2
Bernie Adler Ron Silver 2004–2007 2
Marcus Woll Jonathan Cake 2009 2


Arraignment Judges[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year # Eps
Arraignment Judge Morris Torledsky David Lipman 1992–2005 26
Arraignment Judge Colin Fraser Larry Sherman 1994–2004 12
Arraignment Judge Harriet Doremus Barbara Spiegel 1991–2003 12
Arraignment Judge Janice Goldberg Fran Lebowitz 2001–2007 12
Arraignment Judge Ian Feist Merwin Goldsmith 1991–2005 11
Arraignment Judge William Koehler Mark Kenneth Smaltz 1998–2007 11
Arraignment Judge Antonia Mellon Mary Lou Mellaces 1999–2006 9
Arraignment Judge Joseph Flint Doug Stender 1999–2005 9
Arraignment Judge Anna Shiro Karen Shallo 2000–2005 8
Arraignment Judge David Venturelli Vince Pacimeo 1998–2000 4
Arraignment Judge Lisa Cutler Kathleen Chalfant 2001-2009 3
Arraignment Judge Harper Brian Smiar 1990 2

Trial Judges[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year # Eps
Trial Judge Alan Berman David Rosenbaum 1992–2004 14
Trial Judge Walter Bradley Peter McRobbie 2001–2009 13
Trial Judge Lisa Pongracic Charlotte Colavin 1992–2006 13
Trial Judge Elizabeth Mizener Lynn Cohen 1993–2006 12
Trial Judge Walter Schreiber John Ramsey 1991–2001 11
Trial Judge Margaret Barry Doris Belack 1990–2001 10
Trial Judge Herman Mooney Ben Hammer 1991–2002 9
Trial Judge Harrison Taylor Michael Mulheren 1999–2006 9
Trial Judge Andrew Barsky Fred J. Scollay 1992–1999 8
Trial Judge Donald Karan Jordan Charney 2000–2006 8
Trial Judge Grace Larkin Rochelle Oliver 1990–2003 8
Trial Judge Rebecca Stein Joan Copeland 1991–2001 8
Trial Judge Rebecca Steinman Susan Blommaert 1991–2004 8
Trial Judge Deborah Burke Donna Hanover 1997–2004 7
Trial Judge Michael Callahan Bernie McInerney 1991–1999 7
Trial Judge Henry Fillmore William Severs 1991-2004 7
Trial Judge Rosalyn Lenz Tanya Berezin 1991–2001 7
Trial Judge Barbara Lusky Iris Little Thomas 1999–2009 7
Trial Judge Rochelle Desmond Patricia R. Floyd 2006–2009 6
Trial Judge Eric Caffey John Newton 1991–1998 6
Trial Judge Nathan Murphy Mark Zimmerman 1997–2008 6
Trial Judge Robert Quinn Roger Serbagi 1992–1999 6
Trial Judge Joseph Rivera Shawn Elliott 1994–2002 6
Trial Judge Carla Solomon Lauren Klein 1999–2005 6
Trial Judge William Wright Ron McLarty 1991–2008 6
Trial Judge Hugo Bright Robert J. Hogan 2003–2006 4
Trial Judge Manuel Leon Sam Gray 1990–1994 4
Trial Judge Michael Schneider David Little 2004–2006 4
Trial Judge Norman Barclay Wayne Duvall 2004–2010 3
Trial Judge Gary Feldman Cliff Gorman 1998 3
Trial Judge Derek Hafner David Wolos-Fonteno 2001–2009 3
Trial Judge Elayne Link Maggie Burke 1993–2003 3
Trial Judge Ida Zeller Polly Adams 2009 3
Trial Judge Linda Taft Jenna Stern 2009-2010 2

Appellate Judges[edit]

Name Portrayed by Year # Eps
Appellate Judge Pamela Jensen Norma Fire 1993–1997, 2000–2003 7
Appellate Judge Shawn McNamara George Bartenieff 1993, 1995 & 1999 4
Appellate Judge Bloom Ira Wheeler 1991, 1993 2
Appellate Judge Lewis Getman Leslie Barrett 1991, 1993 2
Appellate Judge Wayne Humphrey Chester A. Sims II 1993, 1995 2
Appellate Judge Barry Marton Graham Brown 1991, 1993 2

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