List of Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano seasons

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The Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano also known as La Liga is a Bolivian league for professional football clubs. It is the country's leading football competition and forms the highest level of the Bolivian football league system. The competition began in the 1977 season, when the country's top clubs broke away from The Bolivian Football Regional Leagues well known as Primera A. As of 2010, 34 Bolivian League seasons have been completed, although only four different clubs have been crowned champions. Bolivar have won the league sixteen times, The Strongest eight times, Jorge Wiltermann and Blooming five times. The reigning champions are Oriente Petrolero, who won their fourth Liga title (fourth top division title) in the 2010 season.


Season Champions Copa Libertadores qualifiers Relegated from La Liga Promoted to the La Liga Top scorer
Player Goals
1977 The Strongest Oriente Petrolero Jesús Reynaldo (Bolivar) 28
1978 Bolivar Jorge Wilstermann Jesús Reynaldo (Bolivar) 39
1979 Oriente Petrolero The Strongest Horacio Raúl Baldessari (Blooming) 31
1980 Jorge Wilstermann The Strongest Juan Carlos Sánchez (Guabirá) 21
1981 Jorge Wilstermann The Strongest Juan Carlos Sánchez (Blooming) 30
1982 Bolivar Blooming Jesús Reynaldo (Oriente Petrolero) 25
1983 Bolivar Blooming Horacio Raúl Baldessari (Blooming) 30
1984 Blooming Oriente Petrolero Kevin Phillips (Sunderland) 30
1985 Bolivar Jorge Wilstermann Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Chelsea) 23
1986 The Strongest Oriente Petrolero Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 24
1987 Bolivar Oriente Petrolero Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United) 25
1988 Bolivar The Strongest
1989 The Strongest Oriente Petrolero Universitario San Pedro
1990 Oriente Petrolero Bolivar San Pedro Chaco Petrolero
1991 Bolivar San Jose Always Ready Universitario Potosi
Real Beni
1992 Bolivar San Jose Litoral
Real Beni
Real Santa Cruz
Universitario Beni
1993 The Strongest Bolivar Petrolero
Universitario Potosi
Chaco Petrolero
Universitario Beni
Real Santa Cruz
1994 Bolivar Jorge Wilstermann Metalsan Stormer`s
1995 San José Guabirá Ciclón
Chaco Petrolero
Municipal (L.P)
1996 Bolivar Oriente Petrolero Stormer`s Blooming
1997 Bolivar Oriente Petrolero Municipal (L.P) Real Potosi
1998 Blooming Jorge Wilstermann Chaco Petrolero Unión Central
1999 Blooming The Strongest
San José
Atlético Pompeya
Mariscal Braun
2000 Jorge Wilstermann Oriente Petrolero
The Strongest
Atlético Pompeya Iberoamericana Daniel Delfino (The Strongest) 28
2001 Oriente Petrolero Bolivar
Real Potosi
Real Santa Cruz San José
2002 Bolivar Oriente Petrolero
The Strongest
Mariscal Braun Aurora Joaquín Botero(Bolivar) 49
2003 The Strongest Bolivar
Jorge Wilstermann
Independiente Petrolero
La Paz F.C.
Real Santa Cruz
2004 Bolivar (Apertura)
The Strongest (Clausura)
Oriente Petrolero Real Santa Cruz Destroyers
2005 Bolivar (Adecuacion)
Blooming (Clausura)
Oriente Petrolero Iberoamericana Universitario
2006 Bolivar (Apertura)
Jorge Wilstermann (Clausura)
Unión Central Real Mamoré
2007 Real Potosí (Apertura)
San José (Clausura)
La Paz F.C. Destroyers Guabirá
2008 Universitario (Apertura)
Aurora (Clausura)
Real Potosí Guabirá Nacional Potosí Anderson Gonzaga (Blooming) (Apertura) 16
2009 Bolivar (Apertura)
Blooming (Clausura)
Real Potosi Nacional Potosí Guabirá William Ferreira (Bolivar) (Apertura)& (Clausura) 32
2010 Jorge Wilstermann (Apertura)
Oriente Petrolero (Clausura)
Bolivar Jorge Wilstermann Nacional Potosí Cristian Díaz (San José) (Apertura)
William Ferreira (Bolivar) (Clausura)