List of Loonatics Unleashed characters

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This article details fictional characters in the animated television series Loonatics Unleashed. Below are the heroes, villains and minor characters of the series.


The main characters of the series. These characters are the descendants of the classic Looney Tunes characters, according to multiple press releases and official sources. Descendants of other Looney Tunes are unverified.

Original allies[edit]

Other characters[edit]

  • Mr. Leghorn (voiced by Bill Farmer, Rob Paulsen)
  • Ophiuchus Sam (voiced by Maurice LaMarche)
  • Pierre Le Pew (voiced by Maurice LaMarche)
  • Gorlop (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
  • The Royal Tweetums (voiced by Joe Alaskey)
  • Queen Grannicus (voiced by Candi Milo, Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Sylth Vester (voiced by Joe Alaskey)
  • Harriet "Ma" Runner (voiced by Candi Milo)
  • Ralph "Pa" Runner (voiced by Daran Norris)
  • Rip Runner (voiced by Mikey Kelley)
  • Sagittarius Stomper (voiced by Billy West)
  • Stomper's Mom (voiced by Candi Milo)
  • Electro J. Fudd (voiced by Billy West)
  • Melvin the Martian (voiced by Joe Alaskey)
  • Sergeant Sirius
  • Pinkster Pig (voiced by Bob Bergen)
  • Stoney (voiced by Joe Alaskey)
  • Bugsy (voiced by James Arnold Taylor)

Original villains[edit]