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This is a list of characters appearing in the Lorien Legacies series of young adult science fiction books, written under the pseudonym Pittacus Lore.


The Lorien Elders[edit]

The Elders were 10 Loric Garde that acted as the protectors and/or politicians of Lorien who had discovered the Phoenix stones, they rewarded Lorien with legacies and chimæra. Originally there were ten Lorien Elders, but due to the Secret Wars; the conflict between the Loric and the Mogadorians, the tenth Elder had supposedly died during this time. There was a prophecy which said that an unknown evil that will destroy and take Lorien by surprise. This soon led to Pittacus Lore's evacuation protocol for the nine Loric children that were supposed to assume the Legacies and Inheritance that will exceed their predecessors; this would happen when the time comes. When the time was near the Elders left Lorien; Pittacus Lore at this time went to seek out Malcolm Goode, he told Malcolm everything he is needed to do. Soon Malcolm describes in The Fall of Five that Pittacus Lore died later that night from fatal battle wounds. It is revealed in The Revenge of Seven that Setrákus Ra, the leader of the Mogadorians and sworn enemy to the nine Garde is the tenth Elder of Lorien that 'died' during the Secret War. It is suggested that each of the nine Loric children will assume the Inheritance and Legacies of one of the Elders, therefore one of the nine Loric children will assume the title of Pittacus Lore. the original Pittacus Lore; the immortal of about 10,000 years old, has apparently been living on Earth for the past 12 years and is the predicted to be the author of the books, many other Pittacus Lores after him have taken on the title as becoming an Elder with eight other Loric. Many believe that they do not live up to his name and some believe that they exceed the original by far. The Pittacus Lore that Malcolm had talked was most likely to have been the Pittacus Lore that had assumed the title at that time, it is also hinted that Number Eight's friend Devdan might have been the original Pittacus. Setrákus Ra was banished from the Elders and Lorien for his psychotic nature and plans for the future of Lorien, he soon changed his genetic code to look more like a Mogadorian, so that they would accept his plans for the future. Pittacus Lore gave Setrákus Ra the purplish scar around his neck once the Elders found out about Setrákus Ra's plans; Pittacus and Setrákus Ra were able to communicate with each other.

Elders known (so far):

  • Pittacus Lore - The leader of the Lorien Elders; it is said he had 'all Legacies', meaning he had every Legacy known to Loric. In the Fate of Ten, Legacy shows Ella that the current Pittacus Lore had 74 legacies copied with his Ximic and an unknown amount of his own naturally developed legacies. Number Four, Nine and/or Eight were originally thought to be Pittacus Lore due to them being able to communicate through dreams to Setrákus Ra, as Pittacus did. Four has now emerged as the Elder who will assume Pittacus Lore's role - Four has developed the Ximic legacy, which allows him to imitate and perfect any and all legacies he observes.
  • Known Legacies:
  • Ximic: One of the rarest legacies, it allows the user to copy and master any legacy met.
  • Glacen: In the Fate of Ten he has fire in one hand and ice in the other, may be elemental control.
  • Lumen: It is shown he can create fire and light from his hands, controlling it may be elemental control or pyrokenises
  • Miras: Like Nine, he can transfer his abilities as he does so to Loridas
  • Dreynen: He copied Dreynen from Setrakus Ra.
  • Avex: Like Five he learnt how to fly.
  • Chlorokenises: The manipulation of plants, he makes a flower grow out of a bare canyon.
  • Aeturnus: He never aged in the Fate of Ten, probably gotten through Ximic from Loridas
  • Telekineses: Like all Garde, he has telekineses.
  • Enhancements: Unlike normal Garde, he has enhanced speed, strength and stamina, more so than Lorien garde standards.
  • Others:
  • Loridas - Loridas was an Aeternus like Ella and Ra, the Loric to assume the title of Loridas supposedly gave his life to get Ella off Lorien was proven to be a lie told by Crayton, it is unknown who will take the role of Loridas out of the nine Garde. It is revealed in The Revenge of Seven that Setrákus Ra was cast from Lorien and also has Aeternus.
  • Setrákus Ra - Setrákus Ra was the tenth Elder of Lorien before he was banished. He is an Aeternus like Ella and Loridas, and is the great-grandfather of Ella and grandfather of Raylan. Even though Ella is not a part of the Elders' plan to save Lorien and Earth, she will most likely assume the role, Legacies and Inheritance of Setrákus Ra.

The Garde[edit]

As they're described in I Am Number Four, the Garde are the protectors of Lorien and the ones who, in their teenage years, develop Legacies – superhuman powers to aid them in defense. When Lorien is conquered by the Mogadorians, nine Garde children are sent away from their planet to Earth, as well as a tenth being sent separately, and before the original nine are separated, a charm is cast upon them that protects them from harm by the Mogadorians, and ensures that they must be killed in order, one through nine, as long as they are kept apart. It is revealed in The Power of Six that they were chosen by Lorien itself to follow in the footsteps of the ten original elders. In The Fallen Legacies, Adamus counts how many of the Garde were boys and girls, but Number One as a ghost finds him and he never reveals how many.

If nature is left alone to run its course uninterrupted, the ten garde will eventually grow into legacies that will far exceed that of the original ten elders.

Number One or 'Eva' [edit]

'Number Oneor,Eva' a 14-year-old girl, was killed in Malaysia, according to the back cover of the novel, I Am Number Four. In the film, One was mentioned but not seen as she died when Number Four was at the age of nine. Her history is revealed in I am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fallen Legacies. One was discovered by the Mogadorians as her picture was taken by the police, as well as her ankle mark, after she attempted shoplifting to impress a guy. She was known to be rebellious as said by Hilde. She was followed by the Mogadorians to Malaysia, where she met her end. She developed her first legacy, but it was too late as her telekinesis was off and earthquake powers did not last long, because she often skipped training lessons to spend time with Wade, a boy she liked. She was killed when a Mogadorian came up from behind and stabbed her with a sword. Her deceased body was taken by the Mogadorian to infiltrate her memories to find any information on the other Garde members. Adamus, the son of a Mogadorian General was selected for the infiltration due to his similar age with One. During Adamus's infiltration, One appears as a ghost and controls what memories Adamus sees. After Adamus' three-year coma, One still appears as a ghost in Adamus' mind. She convinces Adamus to switch sides and try to help Number Two and Number Three although both Adamus's attempts fail. She continues to appear to Adamus, who survived the events of "The Fallen Legacies", in the "Lost Files: The Search for Sam" but her ghostly image is slowly fading away. She tries to convince Adam to find the Garde but fails to convince him. When her condition worsens Adam attempts to save her by returning to his kind in Ashwood. After a failed attempt to be infiltrated into One's memories, Adam finally succeeds after One convinced him to "go out swinging". One reveals that there was no way to save her and that she needed him to see the real side of his family so that he can go join the Garde. She also gives Adamus her legacy and shares a kiss with him after he professed his love for her, strongly hinting that she has feelings for him also, and fades away forever. In The Forgotten Ones, her memory lives on through Adamus, who misses her and acknowledges that while she may be gone, he will fight on for her. She was known to have tan skin and long blond hair, which Adamus notices as he "checks her out". Her Legacies include:

  • Terric - With this Legacy, a Garde can emit seismic vibrations, allowing him or her to create highly controlled earthquakes.
  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, One can move objects with her mind.
  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability.

Number Two[edit]

Number Two, or Maggie Hoyle, a twelve-year-old Loric girl who is known to have glasses, freckles and reddish brown hair, created an Internet message in an attempt to find the others, likely in desperation after her Cêpan was killed by Mogadorians. Because of this, the Mogadorians found and murdered her in London, England. She was too young to have had legacies. In The Power of Six, numbers Four, Six, and their friend Sam talk about Number Two's post. The post read "Nine, now eight, are the rest of you out there?". Six says that she and her Cêpan Katarina responded saying, "We are here". Seconds later, Two dies and Six and her Cêpan flee for fear of being caught. Four also reveals that his Cêpan Henri saw the post and tried to hack into the computer to delete the message to save Two, but he was too late. Seven almost responded, but decided against it, wisely as it turns out. When the posting was deleted just after Two was killed, they had assumed the Mogadorians deleted it. But in the Fallen Legacies, it is revealed that it was Adamus Sutekh, a young Mogadorian boy who tried to help the Loric, who deleted the blog post to save the other Loric who responded, but sadly it did not work as Six and her Cêpan were caught. Adamus had tried to help Two by posing as a Loric. However, even when Two learns that he is a Mogadorian, she doesn't attack him because she believes he is there to help her. Adamus' brother, Ivanick finds Two and Adamus (he believes that Adamus was trying to trick Two) and stabs Two in the throat with a dagger, killing her.

Even though she was only twelve years old, Two displayed an addiction to reading all kinds of books, in "The Fallen Legacies", when Adamus is trying to rescue her she questions him on a lot of books, Adamus then finds in her packed bag more books. This might have been the start up to Legacies such as Heightened Intuition or Super-Intelligence.

Number Three[edit]

Number Three, or Hannu, a fourteen-year-old Loric boy and the youngest of the original nine Loric who were sent to Earth, appears at the beginning of the first book being hunted down by the Mogadorians in Kenya and is killed soon after the death of his Cêpan. In The Fallen Legacies, it is revealed that Three was found when someone noticed his scars on his ankle. Hannu greets Adamus and Ivannik in the African village he lives near and says he has been in Kenya his whole life, meaning that he and his Cêpan stayed in Kenya even after Numbers One and Two died, although this may just be a cover story. Adamus tries to tip off Hannu when he recognizes Hannu as a Loric due to his high socks which cover his scars, but Ivannik interrupts Adamus's attempt when he is invited to play basketball by Hannu. In I Am Number Four John says that Three was completely off the grid when the Mogadorian found him. Three and his Cêpan are killed when the Mogadorians ambush their shack in the middle of the night. His Cêpan was killed when he investigated outside when he heard a noise. Three manages to get out of the shack just as the Mogs got in. He ran at incredible speed while a Piken chased him. He made an amazing leap over a cliff onto the other side, but the General was waiting there. He choked, then stabbed Three in the chest. Three was defiant until the end, telling the General he would never win. In The Fallen Legacies, it is revealed that Ivanick, Adamus's adoptive brother, was the one who saw Three's scars, which led the General to him.

Three's legacies included:

  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability. Three used it to run away from the Mogs and jump over the ravine in the first book.
  • Telekinesis-It is possible that he inherited Telekinesis like all the other Garde (or he might have been too young)

It is unknown what other legacies he had although he might have had enhanced agility.

Number Three is portrayed by Greg Townley in the film adaptation.

Number Four[edit]

Number Four, or John Smith, is 16 years old (as of The Power of Six). He is the protagonist and narrator of the first novel, I Am Number Four, half of The Power of Six and The Rise of Nine, and one third of The Fall of Five and The Revenge of Seven, John is Number Four in the sequence protecting the nine Lorien children living and hiding on Earth. He is described as being a fit, very attractive young man with dark blonde hair. He has four circular scars on his right ankle, symbolizing the three dead Lorien children, and a scar similar to the pendant all the Lorien children wear, signifying the charm that protects them. John also has a chimæra named Bernie Kosar. John falls in love with high school junior Sarah Hart in the first book. Four also has a friend named Sam Goode who travels with him and Six in a search for his father who he believes to be a prisoner of the Mogadorians. His Cêpan was named Henri, who dies at the end of the first book.

In The Power of Six he develops feelings for number Six as well, although these subside in the third book, and his feelings for Sarah take over. At the end of the second book, Four and Nine go North in an attempt to find Six (and Seven and Ten and Crayton, although they don't know that Ten, Seven and Crayton are with Six at the time, as she went to save them from a few hundred Mogs). It is revealed in the third book that he may be the Garde who inherits all of Pittacus Lore's powers, with Nine and Eight as the other two possibilities since they all have visions about Setrakus Ra, the Mog leader.

In The Fall of Five, he locates Five and brings him to the penthouse. After Five takes all the other Garde to Florida, John dreams a vision of the future where the Mogs rule Earth with Ella (as Setrakus Ra's successor) and Five (revealing him as a traitor). As he wakes, the Mogs attack and take Ella. After the fight, John meets Adam. Even though John is suspicious of him, He takes Sam's and Malcolm's word about Adam and recruits him.

In the Revenge of Seven, He leads Adam, Sam, Malcolm, and the Chimera to attack Ashwood Estates. He fought the General and was almost killed by him (Adam saved him by killing his own father). John gains more respect for Adam and convinces him to keep his dad's sword. When the remained Garde arrived, Agent Walker appears to join the Group and takes John, Sam, and Nine to NYC to intercept a rogue senator, but only to find him betrayed by the Mog enhancements. John uses his Healing power to full extent to save the senator to try to get him to expose Setrakus Ra. However, the fleet arrives. John and Nine arrive at Setrakus Ra's presentation and exposes him for what he is. After Five tells John about the charm placed on Ella, John prevents some federal agents hurting Setrakus Ra. Also, John was unable to rescue Ella, but was spared by Setrakus Ra for two reasons: 1) for helping him from the Feds and 2) to watch the Earth "BURN". Later, John and Sam try to make their way out of NYC with some survivors. When a Piken almost killed John, Sam saved him by using his own newly developed telekinesis.

His Legacies include:

  • Lúmen (Pyrokinesis)- John's second legacy (the first being animal telepathy, which he didn't realise he had): The ability to produce fire, heat, and light from the users hands, and a resistance to heat, fire, and burns throughout the entire body. John's grandfather had this power. In recent books, he's been using it to create fireballs to throw at enemies.
  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects with one's mind. All Garde have this legacy, it takes John a much longer time than average for his to develop.
  • Anima - John's first legacy: The ability to communicate with animals. Although technically his first legacy, he discovered this Legacy later, near the end of the book one.
  • Healing - John's third legacy, developed at the end of the third book when Sarah is gravely injured and dying. Marina (Seven) has a healing ability as well, but while John describes his as a spreading warmth, Marina feels an icy shiver.
  • Ximic - allows him to copy every legacy. Just like Pittacus Lore. He finds out in the end of The Fate of Ten.
  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and durability.

In the film adaptation, Number Four is portrayed by Alex Pettyfer.

Number Five[edit]

Number Five is a boy and the oldest of the nine.

In Rise of Nine Number Five is seen by Six in a fantasy that she creates while in an abandoned grocery store in New Mexico, desperate for food. She sees Four, Five, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten all sitting with her at a large table as she prepares a meal for them all. Five is seen socializing with Nine, talking about the places they had been and seen. Later Five gets up and retrieves a chocolate cake for all of them to eat. Five was likely on a plane traveling over Brazil, landed in Jamaica, and might be crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

In "The Fall of Five", Five is found after burning his symbol into a corn field. After reuniting with the Garde, He tells them he buried his chest on an island off the coast of Florida in the Everglades, so He, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine go to retrieve it. Once there, Five reveals himself to be a traitor, having been working with the Mogadorians ever since his Cepan died of a disease. He attempts to kill Nine but instead kills Eight (who teleported in front of Nine to save him) by stabbing him through the heart, fulfilling the prophecy which was thought to be avoided. He was then attacked by Seven, who develops a new Legacy, and takes out his eye.

In Five's Legacy, he is thirteen years old with a skinny build and long hair. He lives on an island with Albert whose real name is Rey, and eventually develops the power of Telekinesis. When Rey dies, Five stays on the island for a while until he sets sail. His destination is for Martinique, but he ends up flying to South Beach, Florida. He meets a cute girl named Emma and they work together as pickpockets. Eventually, they meet a Mogadorian ally named Ethan. Ethan makes Five (who is under the alias of Cody) and Emma work for him. One day, a job in a warehouse goes bad and Five uses his telekinesis to attack Emma's brother and a few other men. Emma knocks Five out with a pipe, then Five is taken under the care of Ethan. Five and Ethan spend the next year living in a luxurious mansion. One day Five discovers that Ethan is working with the Mogadorians. Ethan reveals that they have Nine in "custody". Five later goes to an FBI building with Ethan the next day. He meets a Mogadorian who gives him a folder with the picture of the person he must kill to join the Mogadorians. The book ends there.

In Five's Betrayal, the person he must kill is Number Nine in order to prove himself. He is promised greatness: a commander among them, to be the ruler of North America (US and Canada), and to be the "Right Hand of the Beloved Leader". He was even tested when he was made to kill Emma, but still passed (letting her live) when he decided to make use out of her brother. During Nine's escape with Four, Ethan was severely injured from green lava. Also, Ethan is believed to have helped in Nine's escape, so Setrakus Ra has him kill Ethan to prove himself. After killing Ethan, Five makes preparations to infiltrate the remaining Garde. Also, he finds a letter from Ethan stating that he'll probably be already dead because he is no longer useful, but that Five should continue to live on; putting himself first before anybody else, including Setrakus Ra. At the end of the book, it is revealed he plans to get the other Garde to join, except for Nine, whom he holds a personal vendetta against since his escape caused Ethan's death. Five is regarded the Mog's "most valuable asset", their secret weapon (double agent, etc.) and the Right Hand of Setrakus Ra.

In "The Revenge Of Seven", Five is first seen depressed over Eight's death while Six, Marina, and Nine were invisible. He somehow knew they were there, saying he's sorry. He allowed them to take Eight's body, killing Commander Deltoch in the process. He later arrived on the Anibus with Setrakus Ra and Ella, who is now engaged to him. Five was used as a guinea pig to test out Ella's Dreyen power. Right before arriving in NYC, Five was feeling sick and tired of conflict, so tried to escape the ship with Ella. However, Setrakus Ra intercepted him, dubbing him his greatest and last mistake. During the fight, he was using his Externa without his two balls, revealing that his previously empty eye socket is now being used as a storage space. When Ella's Telekinesis almost throws Setrakus Ra off the ship, Five stabs Setrakus in the shoulder, but it turns out Setrakus Ra's charm on Ella transfers all of his injuries to her. Unhurt, Setrakus Ra grabs, beats, and hurls Five off the ship. Five recovers in arrives where John and Nine expose Setrakus Ra, knowing what will happen to Ella if they try to kill him. He is last seen fighting Nine at the end of Revenge of Seven.

In United as One Five teaches John how to use his Ximic to copy Five's flying, he slowly tortures Phili-Dun-Ra, rather than killing her and charges Setrakus Ra to be turned into black goop. John and Marina then figure out Five escaped because of a YouTube video as Marina shows John where Five is. He is last seen on an abandoned island.

  • Avex - Ability to fly
  • Externa (matter absorption) - Ability to take on the qualities of whatever he's touching, i.e.: metal, rubber, diamond, etc.
  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Five can move objects with his mind. Compared to the rest of the Garde, his Telekinesis appears to be the strongest as he was able to subdue Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine.
  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and durability.

Number Six[edit]

Six or Number Six, also known as Maren Elizabeth (formerly "Sheila," "Kelly," and "Veronica"), is 16-years old. In I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Six's Legacy, her Cêpan Katarina names Six as a Warrior. She is perhaps the most developed in both battle technique and military strategy of the Garde we have met thus far, due to the need to fend for herself for the last three years, but is a close tie with Nine. She is the only other Lorien child in I Am Number Four apart from Number Four/John Smith.

Six is described as beautiful, with long black hair, olive-toned skin, hazel-blue-green eyes, high cheekbones, a wide mouth, and being two inches shorter than Number Four. In The Rise of Nine preview she bleaches her hair blonde. Her Cêpan, Katarina, died three years before the novel begins. It is later revealed that she was once called Maren Elizabeth, though Four and Sam still call her Six. Both boys like her, though she chooses Sam when she talks with Sarah in The Rise Of Nine. At the end of the second book Six, Seven, Ten (Ella) and Ten's unofficial Cêpan Crayton's goals are to locate Five, Eight and their Chimaeras, then meet Four and Nine in America.

In the third book, Six and the others discover Eight and try to have him teleport to New Mexico, but are separated. Stuck in New Mexico Six is captured and to an underground base controlled by Mogs and the FBI, where she is forced to fight Setrakus Ra, the leader of the Mogadorians, and is defeated. She also meets Sarah, who was also held captive, and understands that Sarah was truly the one for Four and did not turn him in. The girls are reconciled and mend their friendship. During her confrontation with Ra, he transforms into her and has Six pinned up on the wall covered in a black rock. After the Garde, except for Five, manage to hurt Ra, Six escapes her prison and reunites with her friends, swearing to kill Ra the next time they see him. Six meets Nine for the first time.

In The Revenge of Seven, Six has to keep Seven and Nine on a tight leash, as they are filled with rage following what happened to Eight. Later on, it is revealed that she and Sam are becoming more romantically attached to each other. She, Seven, and Adam take Eight's body to the Mayan temple, Calakmul. After Eight's body is possessed by Lorien itself, she argues with them to do something about the Mogadorian Invasion in recompense for all their hardships and sacrifices.

--- She faces off with Ra at the end of The fate of ten and thrusts a sharp metal pole straight into his body using telekinesis. However, he survives only to be cut down by her later in united as one.

Her Legacies include:

  • Novis - Her first Legacy, developing in a Mogadorian dungeon, which she used to escape. In I Am Number Four, she uses it to find Four in the school by sneaking around the Mogadorians. It can also be used to turn other people and objects invisible via touch. Four's grandfather had this power.
  • Sturma - The ability to manipulate the four basic elements (fire, water, earth, and air). She tells this to Number Four in I am number four when they cremate Henri, and she manipulates the previously lit fire. She can also channel this Legacy to control the weather, which includes air pressure, strength and velocity (demonstrated in The Fall of Five during the training session). Due to writer Jobie Hughes leaving the series, and partially James Frey changing some details throughout the series, many people have been confused with Six's Legacies being Weather Manipulation. It is revealed in The Lost Files: Six's Legacy, that she develops this legacy when she is Mexico when Two was killed. Storm clouds starting to generate unnaturally above her, as the scar for Two was burning her flesh.
  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Six can move objects with her mind.
  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability.

Six is portrayed by Teresa Palmer in the film adaptation

Number Seven[edit]

Number Seven, or Marina, is a few months short of the age of 18 years and she is described as being tall with a lean build, with long dark hair and solemn, thoughtful eyes. She and Adelina, her Cêpan, have stopped moving around, unlike the other Cêpan-Garde pairs. They have lived at the Santa Teresa convent in Spain for the past 10 years. She becomes best friends with seven-year-old Ella in The Power of Six when Ella was brought to the monastery. The Mogadorians apparently located her long ago, as John finds a note saying that she was being "trailed in Spain", but due to the number-order, she could not be attacked until the charm was broken or One through Six were killed. Seven believed that Four was a Garde when she read about the Paradise High School explosion. Her beliefs are confirmed by Six. When she and her Cêpan are attacked by Mogadorians, Ten and Crayton reveal themselves as Lorics and Six arrives to help fight off the Mogadorians. Seven's Cêpan however is killed along with Hector, a human Seven befriended who attempted to help her escape. Seven, Six, Ella and Crayton intend to find the other Garde members and their Chimaeras, before they go to America to find Four and Nine.

In The Rise of Nine the gang is revealed to be traveling to the Himalayas, where they discover Number Eight. Marina finds him attractive and ends up having feelings for him, hinting a love interest for her. They discover a cave of drawings that reveal past and future events, one of which showing Number Eight being stabbed in the chest, which upsets Marina. After Crayton is killed by an ambush by Mogadoriens, Eight uses his teleporting ability and escape, but end up separating from Six in the process, appearing in two different areas. They met up with Four and Nine in New Mexico where they find the entrance to a secret base and try to rescue Six from Setrakus Ra, but are tricked by him as he takes the form of Six and stabs Eight in the chest, causing one of the drawings to come true. Once getting back their powers from Ra, Marina is able to save Eight from death and she shares a kiss with him. The book ends with entire Garde, except for Five, banding together to escape the underground base.

In "The Fall of Five", she and Eight start developing romantic feeling for each other. She and Eight join Five, Six, and Nine to recover Five's Chest in Florida. However, Five reveals this true colors, wanting to kill Six and Nine, but offering Seven and Eight to join. After Eight sacrifices himself for Nine, Seven becomes enraged at Five and discovers her new Cryokinesis Legacy, taking Five's Eye in the Process.

In "The Revenge of Seven", Seven desires vengeance for Eight's death. When wanting to kill Five when he was alone, Five allowed them to take Eight's body, when it was ordered to deliver Eight's body and pendant to Setrakus Ra, She let her hate go, stating that he is lost and alone. She kept Eight's body close, even taking it to the Mayan temple, Calakmul. She helps begin the process of restarting Lorien, which in turn, appears to be resurrecting Eight. However, it was actually Lorien itself, stating that Eight was lost and his body can't hold him for long (as it begins to crack). After Lorien is finished with its speech, Eight did seem to come back to life and he and Seven shared a kiss, only afterwards, Seven falls into despair when Eight's body dissolved into light. However, Seven sensed that Lorien was already spreading it gifts and that the Garde aren't alone anymore.

Her known Legacies include:

  • Cúrio - She can affect humans, plants and Loric, including herself though it tires her a lot. She heals Héctor's mother of a degenerative incurable disease. When she uses this power, an icy cold sensation runs through her fingers and body.
  • Noxen - She has the power to see in the dark. She tells Six that she has it in The Fate of Ten.
  • Submari - Marina discovered she could breathe underwater when she almost drowned in a lake.
  • Glacen - The ability to manipulate, create and control any type of ice, Seven shows in The Fall of Five that she was radiating cold, which made Five shiver, and his tears freeze. She used this Legacy against Five after he killed Eight by making large icicles shoot out of the ground, one of them impaling his foot and another ripping out his eye. Also in The Fate of Ten she turns the rain created by Six into hail and slams them into the Mogadorians.
  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Seven can move objects with her mind.
  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability. Like Nine, her speed is greater than most Garde. She can run as fast as a speeding car.

Number Eight[edit]

Number Eight, or Joseph (also known as "Naveen" and "Vishnu"), is a boy living in the Himalayas of northern India. He's already developing powers, such as Telekinesis, as he was seen moving rocks with his mind. Eight is one of the most powerful Loric so far, after Nine, and has deep emerald green eyes with long, black, curly hair. He had to learn how to control legacies on his own due to his Cêpan dying. Locals think he's the Hindu god Vishnu reincarnated, apparently because he can change his appearance into that of beasts and other beings. Crayton also mentions that he could be the chosen one who inherited Pittacus Lore's powers thus all of the legacies and can kill Setrakus Ra. It is said that Pittacus Lore had "All Legacies" and was able to take on Setrakus Ra (which resulted in Ra's scar on his throat). Eight was originally named Joseph and also possesses a heightened intuition which acts as a sixth sense. (This is shown in The Rise of Nine when Eight can feel that Six is in New Mexico, though it is unconfirmed whether or not this is one of his Legacies yet).

In the Fall of Five, Eight goes with Five, Six, Seven, and Nine to retrieve Five's chest. After Five is revealed to be a traitor, a fight ensues and Eight, teleporting between Five and Nine, protects Nine from Five's attack, but is stabbed in the heart, killing him. This fulfills the prophecy that was believed to be avoided, he is after encased in a solid block of ice by Marina, when she'd tried to heal him. He is the only member of the garde to die out of order.

In "The Revenge of Seven", his body was preserved by the Mogs in order to be delivered to Setrakus Ra, but Five allows Six, Seven, and Nine to take it instead. Seven was very protective of his body, wanting to give him a proper burial. His body was taken to the Mayan Temple, Calakmul, by Seven, Six, and Adam. When the team begin to restart Lorien, Eight appears to be resurrected. However, it was actually Lorien itself, using his body, which won't last long. When Lorien was done talking, Eight seemingly was brought to life and he and Seven shared a kiss. However, Eight's body dissolved into light.

His Legacies are:

  • Teleportation - had the ability to move to a different location instantly.
  • Pondus - the ability to walk/run on water.
  • Morfen - the ability to shape-shift.
  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, the ability to move objects with one's mind
  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability

Number Nine[edit]

Number Nine is roughly the same age as Number Four. Nine is the strongest of the ten. He is rescued by Four after being held in captivity for around a year in a Mogadorian base in West Virginia near the end of The Power of Six, which incidentally is the same base where Six was imprisoned. Nine is described as taller than Four, and muscular, with long, dark hair. He's also very familiar and knowledgeable about the inheritance his chest contains. Displaying hints of an aggressive nature, coupled with a thirst for revenge against the Mogadorians, Number Nine operates with a ferocity that Four did not know the Loric possessed. Nine and Four intend to head North to Nine's "hideout" in Chicago. Nine's Cêpan's name is Sandor. Nine uses a pipe-staff.

In The Lost Files: Nine's Legacy it is revealed that when Nine and his Cêpan first arrived on Earth they tried moving around a lot sticking to small motels but were always found by the Mogadorians. Sandor then decides to use their immense wealth from the jewels that they brought from Lorien to live in luxury and hide in plain sight. Nine and Sandor were living in Chicago in a penthouse suite at the top of the John Hancock Center. In their suite Nine trains almost non-stop as he does not go to school. Nine had fallen in love with a girl named Maddy. Maddy however was working for the Mogadorians who had found Nine after one of their scouts disappeared in his area. Maddy was attempting to rescue her parents after they had been abducted by the Mogadores after her father "saw something he shouldn't have". She and her family however are not allowed to leave and are killed by a piken. Using Maddy, the Mogadorians capture Nine and later find his Cêpan snooping around a newsletter office in Ohio they had been monitoring. Sandor is tortured to get Nine to break. Nine eventually breaks through the force field barrier and steals a Mogadorian dagger and with Sandor's urging, kills his Cêpan.

In The Power of Six Nine is able to escape when Four and Sam break into the base and set him free. In The Rise of Nine Nine and Four team up to survive and possibly find the others. Nine and Four struggle to get along due to the differences they have. They take shelter at Nine's old safehouse in Chicago and later journey to a secret base in New Mexico. Nine is shown at the end of the book fighting Setrakus Ra, the leader of the Mogadoriens, and finally meeting the entire Garde, except for Five, where they all swear to kill Ra the next time they see him.

In the Fall of Five, he and Five never got along. He saw Five as a fat-bot or hobbit-thing. After Five reveals his betrayal and witnesses how Eight saved his life, Nine becomes enraged and wants revenge as much as Seven.

Later, in the Revenge of Seven, he follows John, Sam, and Agent Walker into NYC to expose Setrakus Ra. He is last seen fighting Five during the Mog Siege on NYC.

His known Legacies include:

  • Antigravity - Nine can walk on all surfaces, including walls and ceilings as if he were upright.
  • Anima - The ability to communicate with animals. He discovered this at the end of The Power of Six, when Bernie Kosar/Hadley told him where to find Four's SUV. He also shares this Legacy with Four/John Smith.
  • Miras - Nine can temporarily share his powers, or an ability of one of his chest items.
  • Nimis - Nine can run at speeds faster than the average Loric and Human capabilities.
  • Fortem - Nine is stronger than the average Loric and Human capabilities.
  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Nine can move objects with his mind.
  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability. Like Seven, His speed is greater than the other Garde; he can move as a blur, faster than Seven.


Ella is 12 years old. Despite her young age, she has already displayed signs of enhancement in being unusually agile, quick and athletic for her young age. Ella was introduced as a new orphan and sent to the monastery Seven was living in order to find Seven's chest. Ella has an unofficial Cêpan, Crayton, as she was too young to be assigned one on the day of the Mogadorian invasion of Lorien. In The Power of Six Ella appears as a 7-year-old at an orphanage and befriends Number Seven. She also helps Seven find her Chest. Later on, Ella and her Cepan, Crayton, reveal themselves as Loric and that Ella is Number Ten.They defeat the Mogadorians with the help of Number Six. The book ends with Ella, Six, Seven and Crayton intending to find the other Garde members and also their Chimaeras.

Despite helping the Garde and being Lorien, she was not originally part of the Elders' plan- she was sent to Earth in a human-built spaceship which her grandad, one of Lorien's oldest and proudest inhabitant (excepting Pittacus Lore, Lorien's ruling elder), when the Great Expansiom occurred. This was mentioned in Crayton's Letter.

In The Rise of Nine Ella, Crayton, Seven, and Six find Eight in the Himalayas. Crayton dies after an ambush from the Mogadorians and the group is separated after Eight teleports them away. Ella goes through the grief of her dead Cepan but manages to push them aside. Later, Ten, Seven, and Eight rejoin Six along with Four, Nine, and Sarah Hart and fight Setrakus Ra. The book ends with Ra escaping and The entire Garde, except for Five, promising to finish him off in the future.

In "The Fall of Five" Ella begins to have nightmares about Setrákus Ra telling her to hold his hand and showing her the death of the Garde and humans at her hands. When she reads the letter that was written to her by Crayton before he died, she learns that her father, Raylan, was a very rich man who began to resent the Elders because he felt it was his birthright to be one. He became a recluse because of this, and had many Chimaera for company. He donated a fuel-ship to the museum because of her mother, but when the invasion came, he hurried Number Ten to the ship, along with the Chimaera and Crayton, his gardener. Later, in a dream, Ella learns that she is Setrákus Ra's "heir". She is kidnapped by the Mogadorians and is currently with them, but they won't kill her because they want her to rule alongside Setrakus Ra for reasons unknown.

In "Revenge of Seven", it is revealed she is Setrakus Ra's granddaughter and is currently located on the Anubis, the Mogadorian Flagship, orbiting Earth along with the entire Mog Fleet. During her time there, she was put to reading Setrakus Ra's book, having a mysterious charm on her, and learning her "betrothed" is Five, revealing him as a traitor and killing Eight. Enraged, Ra allowed her to use her Dreynen on him. Later, when Five tried to bail her out, she later learn her legacies can't affected by Setrakus Ra's Dreynen. She also learned that the charm on her will transfer all injures on Setrakus Ra to her. During Setrakus Ra's Announcement to Earth, John and Nine intervene, where she tries to help. Setrakus Ra stops her, stating he'll kill her for her treason. Her known legacies include:

  • Aeternus - the ability to change between ages, but only ages she's already lived through. Only one of the Ten Elders is supposed to have this ability.
  • Mentis - The ability to communicate with other Garde with telepathy using her mind, even across continents, as well as sensing others thoughts, even Mogadorians. she demonstrates this ability in "The Fate of Ten" by combining her power with the source also known as legacy/entity and her telepathy expands, therefore able to create a telepathic room to meet all the Garde and human Garde worldwide.
  • Dreynen - The ability to cancel or take away another Garde's Legacies for a period of time; this can be put through charging an object and throwing it or touching. During the fight with Setrakus Ra, she picked up a broken sword, which then glowed with red energy. She then threw it at Setrakus Ra, which nullified him and restored the Garde's powers. She's not sure how she did it but, the action revealed to Setrakus Ra who she was. She again uses this against Five, aboard the Mogadorian ship, the Anubis; Setrakus Ra starts to teach Ella how to use her powers, when it is revealed to Ella that Five is a traitor and killed Eight she uses this power when Five is about 40 feet in the air; she throws a Dreynen charged wrench at him.
  • Futurum - the ability to see different possible outcomes in terms of how the future will develop; she can also see how probable each scenario is.
  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Ella can move objects with her mind. She shows this when she and Marina are talking, and Sarah and Sam open the door, Ten uses her telekinesis to slam the door shut.
  • Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability.

The Cêpan[edit]

The Cêpan are former inhabitants of Lorien with no Legacies, resembling normal humans. Each Garde has a Cêpan who is charged with hiding, protecting and training their respective child as well as pass on the knowledge of Lorien and the Legacies.

Hilde/ Hessu[edit]

Hilde/Hessu is the Cepan of Number One. Her original Lorien name is Hessu. She was an older woman, in her fifties, and always was strict. They had to relocate from place to place some many times because of One's rebellious attitude. Hilde decided to leave America after One was arrested for shop lifting and headed to Malaysia. She was the one who woke One to tell her that the Mogs arrived. She was a good martial artist but was quickly overwhelmed and shot in the chest by a Mogadorian. Her death allowed One awaken her Earthquake abilities. Hilde's last words were to run and survive. One described Hilde like a mother to her. Hilde's body was left to rot in Malaysia by the Mogadorians.

Hilde makes a small appearance in The Last Days Of Lorien right at the end. She is shown grieving over Lorien's destruction and questions whether they will survive on Earth. When she states that they are all going to die and that it is useless to hide, she is comforted by Sandor, Nine's cepan.

Conrad Hoyle[edit]

Conrad is Number Two's Cepan. He and his Garde were living in Ireland but soon had to leave due to some unknown reasons. Then the General and his Mogs found them after Conrad killed a Mog scouting troop sent after him by the General and burned down their house in the Scottish Highlands. He headed for London, England and met Two at a safehouse. The Mogs found his bus and started to attack, and despite Conrad having two SMG's with him, he is eventually killed.


Henri is Cêpan of John Smith, or Number Four. His original Lorien name was Brandon and was a Cêpan at the Lorien Defense Academy. He was in love with Julianne, who was also his wife. With Julianne, they had a child on his home planet of Lorien, but he left them to protect John when Lorien was destroyed. He was John's Cêpan and also trained and taught him as his legacies formed. Henri is like a father to John, since John was forced to leave his family behind on Lorien as well. Henri dies at the end of the first book, protecting John from the Mogadorians. In the second book, it is revealed from a letter that Henri wrote, that Henri knew Sam's father, Malcolm Goode, and that Malcolm was the whole reason for him and Four coming to Paradise.

In The Last Days Of Lorien, Henri recruits Sandor, Nine's future Cepan, to attend the Lorien Defense Academy. He shows back up at the end of the book, helping the Cêpans and the Garde escape Lorien as it is being invaded by the Mogadorians. He is the one who chose Sandor to be Nine's Cêpan. He is even the one helps train Nine and Four together while Sandor goes through some training himself to be a Cêpan.

In the film adaptation, Henri is portrayed by Timothy Olyphant.


It has been confirmed through The Fall of Five that Albert is a male and is the oldest of the Cêpans. He later dies on Earth around the time Number Five states that he was found by the Mogs within the first six months he arrived on Earth from Lorien. His death was caused by a "vile human disease", as said by Five, not by the Mogadorians like the rest of the Cêpans. However, his real name is revealed to be "Rey" instead of "Albert" in "Five's Legacy". He might be the "Kentra" mentioned in "The Lost Days of Lorien"

He actually died on an island when Five was thirteen, days after Number Two's death. Five cries when he dies, and regrets each time he ever thought that he wanted a new Cêpan.

Katarina/ Katar[edit]

Katarina is Number Six's Cêpan. She was more cool-headed than Six and tried to temper her volatile Garde. According to Six, Katarina was very thorough with her forgeries as well as with Six's training and that she had multiple lovers back on Lorien. When Six was thirteen, Mogadorians caught them both. The Mogadorians killed Katarina during her and Six's imprisonment in the Mogadorian base. She was tortured, and then killed in an attempt to force information out of Six.


Adelina is the brown-haired Cêpan of Marina, Number Seven. Her original Lorien name is Adel. After wandering aimlessly through Europe she entered the Santa Teresa convent in Spain with Marina. Adelina had lost faith in their ability to restore Lorien and had grown accustomed to the religious life at the convent believing that one can save others through religion. As a result, she often told Marina to "stop believing in fairy tales" and doesn't train Marina. After a Mogadorian attack she feels remorse for denying Marina's heritage and sacrifices herself to help Marina escape, being killed by a Mogadorian stabbing her in the heart in Book Two.

Adelina makes a very small brief appearance in The Last Days Of Lorien. She is seen on the space shuttle by Sandor, Nine's cepan, as they head for Earth. Her nickname is revealed to be Adel.


At the mention of his Cepan, Eight becomes withdrawn and avoids the topic, indicating that his Cepan is dead. It is revealed that Eight's Cepan is named Reynolds, and he and Eight were betrayed to the Mogadorians by Reynolds's girlfriend on Earth, Lola.


Sandor is first revealed in The Power of Six at the end of the book when Nine tells Four (John) that his Cêpan was killed. He is further revealed in The Lost Files: Nine's Legacy where he revealed to have had a gift with working with technology as he creates endless amounts of drones and other machines that Nine fights in their practice gym, the Lecture Hall. He also says that he was young for a Cêpan and worked with older Loric engineers. He also had made a Mogadorian tracker covered with an iPod Touch case called an "iMog" by Nine. The screen shows a simple white dot in the center which is Nine's location, and any red dots that show up on the iMog screen are Mogadorians. After he and Nine are caught and imprisoned, Nine mercy-kills Sandor to save him from further torture by the Mogs. His favorite comic book hero is Batman and he often called Nine "young ward".

In The Last Days Of Lorien, Sandor is the main focus of the book as it explores both his youth life and the planet Lorien before the invasion by the Mogadorians. In the story, Sandor is forced to go to the Lorien Defense Academy for some wrongdoings with his engineering skills. During the course of the story, he meets several key players in the future books like: Brandon/Henri, Hessu, Adelina, John/Four, and of course, Stanley/Nine. Sandor also meets a Garde named Devektra, who is famous for her music and dancing. It is implied that he has feelings for her, especially when he kisses and hugs her. The story ends with Sandor saving Nine during the invasion of Lorien and becomes his new cepan.


Ella's surrogate Cepan, Crayton was assigned to Ella because she was too young to have an official Cepan, however the two seem to be close, Ella calling Crayton her 'Papa'. Crayton helped to fight the Mogadorians when Seven left Santa Teresa along with Hector, Ella and Six; equipped with only a briefcase of weapons. When Seven first met Crayton she mistook him for a Mogadorian because he was always watching her and misread his clue concerning his book with 'Pittacus' in the title and the fact that he spoke to Hector. He first tried to approach Adelina but she threw him out once she knew who he was. He decided in The Rise of Nine that they are going to find the boy in India, believed to be the Hindi god Vishnu reincarnated, and their Chimæras, before meeting up with Number Four. Crayton later dies in The Rise of Nine by a blast while trying to recover Eight's and Seven's chests. He was the last Cêpan to die. In the Fall of Five, it is revealed that he was the butler to Ella's rich family.


He is the original Cêpan of Nine but due to Sandor tricking him and stealing his identification to be able to get out of the LDA, he was not able to go out and get Nine. He died during the invasion as a result, and Sandor took his place as Nine's Cêpan.

Other Cêpan[edit]

  • Number Three - The Cêpan of Number Three was killed in Kenya by a sword through their door, shortly before Number Three himself. In the film he is played by Reuben Langdon and was killed by a piken. He was said to be in his fifties.
  • "Kentra" - This name is mentioned in "The Last Days of Lorien" as being a Cepan. Kentra may be Three's Cepan.

The Mogadorians[edit]

The Mogadorians are the main antagonists of the series. Mogadorians are aliens from the planet of Mogadore. They set out to conquer Lorien for their resources after their own planet started dying from a lack of it. The Mogs follow the teachings of Setrakus Ra through his "Great Book", which intels violence and respect for the strong. They often say "By Ra" in respect to their leader Setrákus Ra. Mogadore is twice the size of Lorien and around a fifth of Earth's size. They hunt the Garde out of fear. They are planning on conquering the Earth after destroying the Garde.

According to descriptions by Katarina and Henri, Mogadorians soldiers/scouts have white albino-like skin, black eyes, and serrated teeth, which are actually vat-born/clones, made by Setrakus Ra and his scientists to increase the Mogadorian population problem and made stronger, faster, but not as smart as a Trueborn Mog. Trueborn Mogadorians are effectively identical in appearance to humans. All are gregarious and share a predilection for cities and crowded places. The Mogadorians are having a harder time conceiving children. And even if a child is born, mothers often die in childbirth.

Setrákus Ra[edit]

'Setrákus Ra' was the leader of The Mogadorians. He is seen by Four in visions, and arrives on Earth at the end of The Power of Six. Setrákus is twenty feet tall(normally seven foot, but when using his growth Legacy he is twenty foot), tanned with short hair, and a chiseled jaw. A "purplish scar" circles around his throat, given to him by Pittacus Lore when he is condemned by the elders, he was meant to be executed but Pittacus pitied him as Setrákus Ra was the best friend of Pittacus, he only banished Setrákus Ra .[1] He was the author of the Great Book, which the Mogs follow faithfully and is about how war is a way of life and to conquer, consume, etc. everything in their path. According to Rex, the Mogs have been gaining more and more power in the American government in the past few years.

During Six's fight with him, she noticed Ra had unique scars around his ankles, possibly hinting that Ra may be one of the Original Ten Elders, like Pittacus Lore and Loridas.

When Setrákus fights Six in "The Rise of Nine",[2] he uses his shapeshifting skill to "mirror" her features, which fools the Garde when they come to rescue. Eight believes this so much that he teleports over to him and hugs him. However, Setrákus gives his disguise away by stabbing Eight. Eight nearly dies, but Seven saves him just in time.

It is revealed in The Fall of Five that Ella is his "heir" and that she comes from a prominent family connected to the Elders. This most likely means that Setrakus Ra was actually the tenth Elder that "died" (He was banished because Pittacus pitied him) in the Secret Wars considering the scars on his ankle (which is based off that previous Elders had the same ankle scars related to the more recent Garde.)

In the beginning of Revenge of Seven, he reveals to Ella that she is his granddaughter. He is currently with her aboard the Anubis, the Mog Flagship, along with the entire Mog Fleet, orbiting Earth. It is revealed later in The Revenge of Seven that Setrakus Ra was the tenth Elder that 'died' in the Secret Wars; he says that the other Elders did not agree with his plans for the future of Lorien, and he was soon banished. He later changed his Loric genetic code to make it look like he was Mogadorian, Ella describes his face as an old Loric architecture ruins being rebuilt over by a gross Mog. He went to the Mogadorians and they eventually trusted him for 'progress' that Setrakus Ra wanted. He places a mysterious charm on Ella and had the intentions of have Five to be married with Ella. However, things changed when Five tried to sneak Ella off the ship.

It is revealed that Setrakus Ra's Dreynen power doesn't work on Ella. Also, the charm Setrakus Ra place on Ella will cause any injury inflicted on him will be transferred to her, except if she is the one to hurt him. After throwing Five off the ship and healing Ella, he was about to make his presentation on Earth's Surrender. However, John and Nine exposed him for what he really is, a monster. When Ella helps the Garde out, Setrakus Ra grabs her and intends to kill her for her treason. When John prevents anyone harming Setrakus Ra after learning of his Charm on Ella, he spares John for two reasons: 1) for helping him escape and 2) to watch the Earth "BURN". He escapes with Ella still in his custody.

In "The Fate of Ten", he makes as broadcast stating that the Garde are alien terrorists, Earth has 48 hours to surrender or it will be done by force, and all humans developing legacies (mutations as he puts it) are to be researched. After learning the Sanctuary is no longer protected, he takes the Anubis straight towards it. Originally planning to make a stop at the West Virginia base for reinforcements, he instead goes to the Sanctuary and fires a powerful cannon that destroys the temple. During this time, he has a black ooze pumped into Ella's body in order to control her (but not mentally). At the end of the book Six impaled him with a pipe he was using to harvest the Loric energy underneath Sanctuary, severely wounding him and forcing him to flee, leaving Ella behind with the Garde.

In "United As One" he is seen in a vision, healing himself in a huge pool of the black ooze he used to control Ella. As he healed, the Mog commanders around the world began fighting each other over the lack of orders and desire to become the next leader. During this time the Garde took advantage of the discord in the Mog Fleet and was able to capture one of the Warships. Taking the cloaking devices from the Skimmer craft inside to use against the other warships as the cloaking device's have the ability to pass through Mog ship shields. Once he was healed, he quickly took command of the Mog fleet once more and ordered it to bombard all of the major cities on Earth. It is revealed soon after that during his healing process he was able to corrupt the Loric energy "The black ooze" he had taken in the previous book from Sanctuary and gained the ability to bestow Legacies on other Trueborn Mog's. During the attack on his main base in West Virginia, he faced Four, Five, Seven and Nine, yet he was able to easily defeat them due to his bonding with the corrupted Loric energy . John attempted to stab him with a dagger made of Voron, however the black ooze continually healed any wounds inflicted. When Nine struck him in a chest with the Voron dagger, the black ooze absorbed it. Along with Nine's arm. Marina attempted to heal Nine's injury but was unable to do so. While she was doing this she was interrupted by Setrákus Ra. Who grabbed her hand while her Recupero Legacy was active, causing him to retreat in pain. Realizing that the only way to injure him was to use Recupero, John takes him on in a one on one showdown. Using Recupero to heal the corrupted Loric energy and Mog Augmentations from him, while taking serious injuries to himself. Six, after being healed by Marina makes her way down to the pool of black ooze and finds John and Ra both barely alive. Setrakus Ra having been restored to his original elderly Loric body, attempts to get back into the pool. She quickly and grabs the Voron dagger, telling him "This is what progress looks like" as she decapitates him. Ending his rule over the Mogadorians.


  • Mentis - It is assumed that Ra can communicate with people through his mind; communicating with Numbers Four, Nine and Eight. Also due to Ella being the Garde supposedly to inherit Ra's role and Legacies, Ra would then have Telepathy like Ella.
  • Aeternus - Like Ella Ra is an Aeternus, this is revealed in The Revenge of Seven.
  • Futurum - he is able to communicate to Four, Eight, Nine and possibly others through their dreams. It is also pointed out that Pittacus Lore and Setrakus Ra always communicated with each other this way.
  • Telekinesis - All Loric have this legacy
  • Magnum - The ability to manipulate metals in all states.
  • Fortem - Ra is proven to be a very strong warrior.
  • Accelix - Ra is able to move as fast as a blur.
  • Plenum - Ra can heal all wounds, even fatal ones, leaving behind scars on where the injury occurred. It could be actually caused by a charm he created that causes any injury inflicted is transferred to another (i.e.: In The Revenge of Seven, he uses a charm on Ella and it was fully revealed when Five stabbed him in the shoulder, only for Ella to suffer the injury).
  • Dreynen - Like Ella Ra, in the form of unleashing blue lightning from his fist, can take away the Garde's legacies. However, this ends when Ella threw a sword fragment (Which is later confirmed to be her Legacy of Dreynen). His power doesn't necessarily work with the lightning, Ella defined when he uses his Dreynen it is like he's charging up the molecules around him.

Personal Weapons:

  • Golden Staff (Eye of Thaloc)- Ra carries a golden staff that has a hammer head and a black eye. When the eye glows red, it can rip a person to shreds. When it glows purple, it helps Ra with his shapeshifting powers. Also, when it just touches another person, it can bring a numbing sensation throughout one's body, as if they were drained of their blood. In "The Revenge of Seven" the staff is broken by Nine - this is what helped Ra shapeshift
  • Fire Whip - With every swing, it unleashes a wave of fire. Also, when the whip hits someone, the injury turns black, becoming heavy and slowly spreading throughout the person's body, encasing them in black rock. At the end of "The Revenge of Seven", it appears the whip can separate into three whip ends.

Andrakkus Sutekh[edit]

Andrakkus Sutekh, also known as "The General" or Andrew Sutton, is the commander of the Mogadorian Forces. He is a strict and fierce individual, both to his troops and his family (his wife, his son Adamus, his daughter Kelly, and his adopted son Ivan). His main base of operations is Ashwood Estates in Washington. He raises both Adamus and Ivan as brothers, but considers Ivan to be his favorite. After the death of One, he gives permission for his own son to be used in an experiment to infiltrate her mind, which would set of a series of events in the future ahead. It is revealed in The Fallen Legacies that he is the one who kills Number Three (the beginning of I Am Number Four). He resents his son, Adamus, who switched sides with the Garde, and shows great anger towards him in "The Search for Sam", going as far as to grant permission for him to be killed in an experiment. His fate is left unknown by the end of the story, when Adamus destroys almost all of Ashwood. However, it is later revealed that the General is alive in The Forgotten Ones, having survived the destruction of Ashwood.

In the film adaptation of I Am Number Four, he is simply called the Mogadorian Commander. He is portrayed by Kevin Durand in the film. He kills Number Three (just like in the novel) and leads the investigation to find Number Four/John. After finding him to be in Paradise, Ohio, he leads his soldiers against John and Six, when John overheats his ammo and destroys it.

It seems that he survives because in the Revenge of Seven, he battles with Four and Adam at Ashwood Estates. He possesses a sword that drains the energy of the environment around him, absorbs fireballs from four, and fires a dangerous blasts. He also wears very strong armor under his uniform. Despite having his hand shot off by Malcolm, the General overpoweres Four and almost strangles him to death. However, Adam uses his sword and stabs him in the back. When the general dies, some parts of his body disintegrated as they were enhancements provided by Setrakus Ra.

Adamus Sutekh[edit]

Adamus, also called Adam, is The General's son and narrator of the Fallen Legacies, he is age 20 as of The Revenge of Seven. Originally possessed of bloodlust like the rest of his kind including his half-brother and best friend Ivanick, after he witnesses One's death and enters One's memories he has a change in heart. In One's memories, he not only sees her past but is visited by One's ghost. He comes to see how evil his father, the General, and his kind is and sees the aftermath of Lorien. After a three-year coma from the memory infiltration, he learns of the second Garde who was found in London and decides to try to help Two escape. However, he fails as she is killed by Ivanick. Over the next few years the third Garde is discovered in Kenya, Adamus and Ivanick are sent along with the General to find number Three. Adamus tries to help Three and tip him off of the Mogadorian presence. Ivanick, believing Adam is trying to take a chance at the glory, stops him. Adamus tries to convince Ivanick to change sides but is branded as a traitor. He manages to defeat Ivanick using moves he learned while in One's memories. After Adamus watches from a distance as Three is killed by the General, Ivan sneaks up from behind and pushes Adamus into the ravine. He reawakens on a beach in California with One desperately trying to wake him up and push him back into the real world to prevent him from dying. Throughout the book it is hinted that he has a crush, surprisingly, on Number One. While inside One's memories, he notices a feral looking boy with long black hair and a blonde girl being carried by her Cepan. The boy is Nine, but none of the Garde have blonde hair, so it is unknown who the girl is.

During The Search For Sam, it was revealed that he survived his fall in the ravine. He was rescued by a local and mistaken to be a volunteer. He spent a few months there doing volunteer works. He decided to return to Ashwood when One told him she is fading away as he was desperate not to lose his only best friend, the girl he loves. Only his mother greeted him with love, while the General and Kelly, his sister, know about his betrayal and treat him like a hostile. He makes a deal with his father to make himself useful in a week, or else he will be killed. He was then assigned to Surveyor work. He meets Dr. Zarkos, Dr. Anu's successor who improved the mind transfer technology. Seeing this a perfect opportunity, he created a ruse that would make his father give permission to Zarkos to turn him into his lab rat. It was revealed that Malcolm Goode is alive and has no memory of who or where he is. During the first attempt, when Hilde was killed, he felt something he never felt before. And as it happened, he felt the floor shaking. He woke up back in the lab. Denying he remembered anything from the experiment, Zarkos revealed that he can extract the information even if he didn't remember it. He would just have to kill him, but he has to ask the General's permission. He then created another ruse again when One grew weaker. Before Zarkos could kill him, he wounds the doctor and awakens Malcolm Goode and performs the experiment. During his dream-like state, he lets out a massive shockwave causing an implosion inside the underground complex. One transfers her powers to Adam and reveals that there was no way to save her and that it was all about convincing him how evil the Mogadorians are and that he needs to find the Garde. During the emotional moment, Adam professes his love for One and they share a kiss before she disappears forever. He awakens with Malcolm Goode by his side and they band together to survive. Over time Malcolm becomes his mentor. They go back to Paradise, Ohio to search for Sam only to reveal that he has joined the Loric cause and went with the Garde. Adam suggests that they go to a secret government base in New Mexico, which he found out about back in Ashwood. Sneaking into the government base, they find Sam and set him free. Adamus sacrifices himself, so Malcolm and Sam could escape, and battles several Mogadorians including Ivanick. Using his newfound gift Adam kills Ivanick and a few of the Mogadorians by causing an earthquake. The book ends with Adam concluding he will survive the battle and join the rest of the Garde.

In The Forgotten Ones, Adam survives the collapse of the underground base that he caused and uses his earthshaking powers to escape the rubble. He discovers a young Mogadorian commander named Rexicus Saturnus, aka Rex. Needing information and a prisoner, he helps Rex to the surface and finds shelter at one of the buildings that didn't get destroyed. Adam also meets a Chimaera whom he names Dust and the two form a quick bond with of each other. After spending a few days in the nearly destroyed building, waiting out any Mogs who might be looking for survivors, he forms a connection with Rex, who knows who he is and wants to kill him. During their time together, Adam learns that the Mogs were doing experiments on Sam and trying to obtain the Chimaera shapeshifting gene to add to their Vatborn soldiers. After revealing that the Chimaeras are at the main research facility in Palm Island, New York, Adam forces Rex to agree to take him there and they leave the next day. While trying across New Mexico, they stop in a small town, where they steal money from a thief and manage to get themselves to a train station. Realizing that they are being followed, Adam buys tickets for another destination and smuggles himself, Dust, and Rex on a train for another city they need to go to. As they journey across the country, Rex and Adam grow closer together, while they do show conflict as well, and Adam asks Rex if he ever questions what they do is wrong, only to earn more conflict from him. Once arriving in the city they want, Adam is attacked by Mogs and believes that Rex has betrayed him. With the help of his powers and Dust, he manages to defeat them but is knocked out by one last surviving Mog and is saved by Dust. Waking up in a stolen car, Rex is revealed to have saved him and never betrayed him, although he did hide from the fight. When Adam asks why he is helping him, Rex replies that he doesn't know but that he is only fulfilling what he promised and that while he does like Adam, he also still believes in the Mog's cause. When arriving at Palm Island, disguised as a prisoner, Rexicus fulfills his promise and breaks Adamus out and leads him to the Chimaeras. Adam then escapes with the Chimaeras and Dust, while Rex stays behind to rejoin his fellow Mogadorians. At the end of the story, Adam, along with Dust and the other chimeras, drives for Chicago after learning the Garde have been found. He calls Sam and warns him that the Mogs are coming. Adam remembers One and begins to miss her. Realizing that One is truly gone, he finally allows himself to let her go, while honoring her by keeping on fighting.

In "The Fall of Five", Adam manages to warn Sam about the Mogadorian attack and rushes over to Chicago to help the Garde. When he gets there, the fight is over and the Mogs are all gone, thanks to Four giving them Ella. Four mistakes him for a soldier and is about to kill him when Adam introduces himself. Four is suspicious, but tells Adam that he is going to help win the war.

In "The Revenge of Seven", He leads the John, Sam, and Malcolm to Ashwood Estates to take out the Trueborn Mogs. However, the Trueborn were gone, except for a Salvage team and the General. After a big fight, Adam saves John from the General by stabbing his father in the back with his father's sword (which he keeps later). After meeting with the other Garde, he slowly grows on them. He later joins Six and Seven in going to the Mayan Temple, Calakmul. After taking out the Mog forces, he was able to pass through the Lorien force field and follow the Garde into the Temple to restart Lorien. While inside, he was surprise that the map of the whole universe was inside (being greater than the current maps of the Mogs). He became even more surprised when Eight is seemingly resurrected.


  • Terric - The ability to cause tremors and earthquakes, Adam inherited this Legacy from One

Ivanick Shu-Ra[edit]

Ivanick, or Ivan, is the adopted son of The General and best friend turned rival of Adamus. He was the son of a fierce Mogadorian warrior named Bolog Shu-Ra who died in the battle on Lorien and was taken in by the General. At the beginning of I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fallen Legacies, he and Adamus studied and trained together over the years. As time flew by, Ivan became competitive to Adamus and wanted to prove he was a better and stronger than Adamus was to the General, which Adam comes to ignore. He cheers when One was killed exclaiming "That was awesome!" After Adam awakens from his three-year coma-state, Ivanick and him travel to London to find Number Two. Ivan kills Two, thinking Adamus didn't have the stomach for it. Later, the two travel to Kenya to find Number Three. Ivan stops Adam from warning Three, at first thinking he was trying to beat him for the kill, but then discovers Adam's betrayal and brands him a traitor. He and Adamus fight resulting in Adamus winning and knocking Ivan out, but he later pushes Adamus into the ravine once regaining consciousness after Three's death.

In the I Am Number Four: Lost Files: The Search for Sam, it is revealed that the General and Ivanick covered up Adamus's betrayal and made it look like he died by the hands of Three. Ivanick was promoted and was stationed at the government base in New Mexico. Ivan meets up with Adam, who has completely sided with the Garde and now has powers, and a battle emerges. Ivanick is killed by Adamus, who caused an earthquake to happen, which results in rubble collapsing on Ivan's head, beheading him.m,

Kelly Sutekh[edit]

Kelly is the daughter of the General.

Dr. Lockam Anu[edit]

Dr. Anu was a Mogadorian doctor who created a machine that would let the user see a dead Garde's memories. Adamus is the first one to use this machine to see Number One's memories. Dr. Anu had bet his life that the machine would work, but due to the supposed failure of the machine since Adamus did not wake up from his coma, he was killed by the General. Adamus' mother later reveals that the General never liked Anu and was surprised that he wasn't killed earlier.

Rexicus Saturnus[edit]

Rexicus Saturnus is a young Mogadorian commander, who appears in The Forgotten Ones. After the events of The Search for Sam, Rex survives the collapse of the New Mexico underground base and meets up with Adam, who helps him to the surface and find shelter. During their time of recovering from the incident, Rex realizes who Adam is and desires to kill Adam for his betrayal, despite that he saved him. After providing information that the Mogs are attempting to harness the Chimæra shapeshifting gene and adding it to their Vatborn soldiers from the captured chimæras who are being held at the main facility on plum Island, Adam forces him to take them all the way to the main research facility in Palm Island, New York. While Rex does want to kill Adam, he also forms a small friendship with him and begins to like him. After an attack from the Mogs and hiding during the battle, Rex rescues Adam in the aftermath and takes him to Palm Island. When Adam asks why he hasn't killed or betrayed him, Rex replies that he doesn't know and that he wants to fulfill his promise. Coming up with a plan, Rex pretends to take Adam as a prisoner and infiltrates the facility. Later on, he breaks him out and they find the Chimæra, setting them free. After saving the Chimæra and making sure that Adam is free to escape, he stays behind, still believing in the Mog Cause and hoping to rejoin his fellow Mogadorians. His fate is left unknown. In United as One he betrays the Mogodorians by killing the commander who was about to Kill Four. Four nearly kills him but Adam saves him. He joins the loric cause.

Commander Deltoch[edit]

The Commanding Officer of the Mog Base in Virginia where Nine was held captive. He put Five in the task of killing Nine. He also arranged to have Five kill Emma due to their past relationship. After Five nearly crushed Emma with his telekinesis and spared her to make use out of her brother, the commander said he passed "with flying colors". He and Ethan never saw eye to eye on preparing Five. He also didn't agree with a human like Ethan having a high position among the Mogs. After Five killed Ethan, Deltoch appeared and saluted him, signifying Five proved himself and is now a commander. In the Revenge of Seven, Five kills Deltoch, in attempt to make an excuse to allow Six, Seven, and Nine to take Eight's body.

Phiri Dun-Ra[edit]

One of the few female commanders. Originally stationed at the West Virginia base, but was disgraced when the Loric escaped from her watch. She was given a choice, death or relocation. She chose relocation in hopes to make up for her mistake. Her one goal in life is to prove that she is Setrakus Ra's most devoted, most loyal follower.

Her relocation was the Sanctuary in Mexico, hoping to break through the force field. There, Adam and Six's group attacked. Later, the Anubis arrives with Setrakus Ra. After joining the battle, Setrakus Ra was injured with a pipe in his chest and gave orders to crush the Garde. During Ra's unconsciousness, Phiri acted as Ra's voice and ears. Due to Ra's injuries, she took him back to the West Virginia base to recover, even though annoyed she had to give up chase with the Loric. After Ra's recovery, Ra rewarded Phiri by making her the first of the Mogs to have the new enhancements (the source comes from the Human Garde), which Phiri accepted. Phiri's augmentations seem to stem from the tentacle like appendage Ra gave to her. Her "arm" can penetrate other Garde to injure or kill them and absorb their legacies in the process. This absorption does not seem to rob Garde of their legacies permanently, only temporarily disable them. John was unable to use his legacies until Phiri withdrew her tentacles. All of her stolen legacies are seen to be corrupted in some way

Shadow Mog[edit]

Shadow Mog's actual name is never revealed. He is among one of the few Trueborns given augmentations. His augmentation is similar to Eight's in that it allows him to teleport but Shadow Mog can only slip between shadows. It is not an instant teleportation as his legs can be seen dangling somewhere else while his torso is restrained by John. Sam kills Shadow Mog by using his technopathy to turn on all the lights, removing any shadows and immediately severing Shadow Mog in half

Skinny Mog[edit]

Similar to Shadow Mog, Skinny Mog's real name is never revealed. Skinny Mog possesses the ability to release spores from his mouth that, when inhaled, allow Skinny Mog to control all aspects of the victim. Sam manages to shoots Skinny Mog in the head with a blaster, cutting his head in half. Upon dying spores are released from Skinny Mog's head that turn to ash soon after death.

Dr. Zakos[edit]

Dr. Anu's successor and one of Ra's favorites. Head Scientist of the West Virginia base. As he has Ra recover, he begins Ra's latest project for enhancing his Mog soldiers (which legacies from Human garde).

General Rahn[edit]

One of the leading commanders of the invasion.


Sarah Hart[edit]

Sarah Hart is the only one person at John's new school in Ohio, other than Sam, that offered to be close with him. John and Sarah officially became a couple after the Haunted Hayride in book one. Sarah is portrayed as an intelligent and extremely beautiful teenage girl with straight blond hair past her shoulders, ivory skin, high cheekbones, and soft blue eyes. Originally a cheerleader, she dated Mark, John's rival at school. After her parents realized what a bad influence Mark was, they sent her away for the summer. Upon her return, inspired by the sights she had seen during her time away, she quit the cheerleading squad and broke up with Mark. She is passionate about photography and animals. She became friends with John when they met and soon started a relationship. After John saves her from a house fire, she realizes he is not human and John is then compelled to tell her the truth. Despite knowing that he is not human, Sarah finds herself deeply in love with John and confesses it to him, which he does the same. After the Mogadorians try to kill John, he leaves her, unwillingly, at the end of I Am Number Four, promising to come back.

In Book Two, The Power of Six, Sarah appears only once (but is still mentioned throughout the book). While passing through Paradise, Four, along with Sam, contacts her and they meet in a park. Although they start their meeting with joy, Sarah starts to tell Four to turn himself in and checks her mobile phone several times, though she claims it is just a text from a friend. It soon becomes clear that Sarah is jealous about Four's relationship with Six. They have an argument, leaving Sarah in tears. The FBI suddenly appear, Sarah is whisked away, and Sam and Four are arrested. It was implied that Sarah is the one who betrays Four and reveals his presence to the FBI, by communicating with the police via her phone.

In Book Three, The Rise of Nine, it is explained that Sarah did not betray John and was captured by the Mogadorians after the FBI took him away. They drugged her and forced her to repeat whole conversations word for word. She has been held captive by the Mogadorians and even meets up with Six, who was also captured. Sarah and Six become close friends. After John, Nine, Eight, Seven, and Ten find her, John and Sarah have a brief moment with each other before they battle Setrakus Ra, who is holding Six captive. She is currently with the rest of the Garde (except Number Five) looking for a way out of the government base.

In Book Four, The Fall of Five, she is still with the group when Sam joins them and spends a lot of her time with John. Despite Four's protectiveness, she learns to shoot in order to protect herself. While Six, Five, Eight, and Nine all leave to get Five's Chest, she stays behind with Sam and his father, Malcolm, to take care of John, who was pulled into a coma-state along with Ella. When the Mogadorians attack their hideout, she helps to fight back, but despite her and Sam's best efforts, Ella is captured and Malcolm Goode is almost killed. She is last seen helping Sam and Malcolm escape, while John stays behind to find his own way out.

In the beginning of "The Revenge of Seven" she is currently in an abandoned warehouse with John, Adam, Malcolm, Bernie Kosar, Dust, Sam and the Chimaera rescued from Plum Island. Later on Sarah and Bernie Kosar go off to meet with Mark James to find more information about the Mogadorians.

In the "Fate of Ten" she goes to the sanctuary with Mark and Lexa to help Six, Adam and Marina fight the Anubis. In the third to final chapter of the book she gets mortally wounded. She dies during the last chapter after saying goodbye to John.

Sarah Hart is portrayed by Dianna Agron in the film adaptation.

Samuel Goode[edit]

Sam Goode is John's best friend in I Am Number Four. Sam is a devoted believer in aliens and alien conspiracies who believes that aliens abducted his father from his truck. He first suspects what John is, after they are attacked on the Haunted Hayride by Mark and his friends, but is convinced by John otherwise. However, when he sees John fight the three men in Athens who write the alien conspiracy magazine, They Walk Among Us he finds out he was right. He is a gangly kid with glasses, though they are not his — he explains to John that they belonged to his father, and he wears them in an attempt to connect with his father. He has a crush on Sarah's friend, Emily. During the battle against the Mogadorians, Sam saves John's life by killing one of the soldiers, and also saves Six by carrying her back to his truck after she is injured. He decides to accompany John and Number Six away from Paradise by the end of the novel.

In the second novel The Power of Six, Sam remains on the run with John and Six. It is later revealed in a letter from Henri that Sam's father, Malcolm Goode, is one of the people who knew about the Loric and welcomed the Garde and their Cêpans when they arrived on Earth for the first time. Henri originally went to Paradise to meet with him and talk about the rest of the Garde, but found him to be long gone. Sam takes in the information and accepts it, motivating him even more to find his father. During the story, Sam forms feelings for Six, who also has feelings for Sam and John at the same time. While Six travels to Spain to find Number Seven, Sam and John travel to the Mogadorian's secret cave headquarters in West Virginia, to find Six's and John's chest. They end up discovering Number Nine and set him free, but are discovered by the Mogs in the process. John loses contact with him while escaping Mogadorians and is trapped inside.

In the Lost Files: The Search for Sam, Sam is revealed to be held in a secret government base in New Mexico and kept in a cage. Sam's father, Malcolm Goode, and a rogue Mogadorien, Adamus, find him and set him free. Sam and Malcolm are able to evade the on-coming Mogadoriens with the help of Adamus, who stays behind and fights them. This happens during the battle against Setrákus Ra, in The Rise of Nine.

In the fourth novel The Fall of Five, Sam's capture is explained and also repeats his escape by Adam and his father in The Search for Sam at the very beginning. The book is narrated by Sam intermittently and shows he has escaped the base, along with his father. Sam and his father catch up on lost time, even leave a message to his mom, and plan to reunite with the Garde. They later find John, Six, and Sarah in Arkansas, along with Number Five. They join them in Nine's penthouse in Chicago. Sam finally asks Six about having a relationship, which she replies that it isn't the right time, leaving him heartbroken. While Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, and Five leave to get Five's chest in the Everglades, Sam stays behind with his father and Sarah. By the end of the novel, Sam receives a call from Adam (actually where Lost Files: The Forgotten Ones ends), who warns him of the coming Mogadorian attack, thanks to Five's betrayal. Sam, Malcolm, and Sarah hold off the Mogs and later escape, while Four stays behind.

In "The Revenge of Seven," he is in an abandoned warehouse with John, Adam, Malcolm, Bernie Kosar, Dust, Sarah and the Chimæra rescued from Plum Island. He follows John into the Ashwood Estates battle and later into NYC to expose Setrakus Ra. After Setrakus Ra's exposure, he and John try to get out of the city. When a Piken almost kills an exhausted John, Sam saves him with his newly developed Telekinesis, granted by Lorien itself. Sam was so surprised, stating "Did I just do that?".


  • Telekinesis - Sam develops this Legacy after Six, Marina, and Adam bring the necessary items to the Sanctuary. Lorien talks through Eight and he says something like those who are worthy will receive, which indicates that humans will get Legacies. Sam is one of those worthy enough.
  • Nulla: In United as One, Sam shows the ability to control the electronic devices in Patience Creek, their hideout for half the book. He then practices on an old game boy with no batteries. He manages to turn it on, but when he tries to turn it off, the hovercraft he is on at the time, turns off as well. This happened again at the end, but with more control. In the middle of the book, Sam turns off the lights in Patience Creek, then turns them back on.

In the film adaptation, he is portrayed by Callan McAuliffe.

Malcolm Goode[edit]

Malcolm Goode is Sam's father and one of the few people who knows about the Loric. He is said to be a Greeter: One of the nine people assigned to help the Loric start their lives in earth and show its cultures and way of life. In Henri's Letter to John, it is said that fate is not the reason that they went to Paradise but because Henri was looking for Malcolm. Malcolm disappeared one day and Sam believed that somehow the aliens abducted him causing his disappearance. During the Search for Sam, it is found out that he had been experimented to extract information about the Loric that caused him to forget who and where he is. He was awoken by Adamus so he can perform the experiment. When Adamus woke up he found Malcolm beside him. The two teamed up together to survive. As time progresses, Malcolm became Adamus' mentor. They went back to Paradise, Ohio to search for Sam only to reveal that he has joined the Loric cause and went with the Garde. Adam suggests that they go to a secret government base in New Mexico, which he found out about back in Ashwood. Sneaking into the government base, they find Sam and set him free. Adamus sacrifices himself, so Malcolm and Sam could escape, and battles several Mogadorians including Ivanick. Due to his time as a Mog captive, he is the initial suspect of giving over information to the Mogs, but it is revealed to in fact be Five. Four allows Ella to be captured in order to save Malcolm's life at the end of The Fall of Five.

In the beginning of "The Revenge of Seven" he is currently in an abandoned warehouse with John, Adam, Sam, Bernie Kosar, Dust, Sarah and the Chimaera rescued from Plum Island. He then relocates with the others at Ashwood Estates, and stays behind with the other Chimaera.

Mark James[edit]

Mark James is the quarterback for the school football team and a bully. He is at first bitter when he sees that Sarah has begun a friendship with Four. After trying to hurt Four and Sarah whilst they are on a Halloween ride, Four defeats Mark and his friends and warns Mark to stop messing with them. Mark is sufficiently intimidated, and a truce is made. Four helps Mark when his house burns down during a party by saving his dogs. Mark discovers a video of Four saving Sarah and his two dogs from the fire and shows it to Henri. He then is brought by Henri to the High School and fights alongside Four against the Mogadorians.

In The Power of Six, it is reveals that he adamantly denies that Four started the house fire and is willing to take the blame rather than place it on Four.

At the beginning of The Revenge of Seven, Four, Sarah, Malcolm, Adam, Sam and the Chimaera (Bernie Kosar, Dust and the ones rescued from Plum Island) are hiding in an abandoned warehouse; Sarah comes across the site They Walk Among Us, her and the others read the page. The page has written positive things about the 'Loric heroes' and very negative descriptions of the Mogadorians, it is first assumed that the editor is one of the ones captured by the Mogadorians; but then Sarah finds the editor's username is 'JollyRoger182'. Sarah smiles widely and explains that it was a name used by the Paradise High School quarter-back; this suggests that Mark James is the new editor and the next few chapters will follow one from the book I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Return To Paradise.]

In United as One, he begins to be brainwashed into exposing the Loric secrets to the Mogadorians, but begins to resist it but is then killed by Phili-Dun-Ra

He is played by Jake Abel in the film adaptation.


Emily is Sarah's friend in Paradise, who makes a few appearances in I Am Number Four. Sam later reveals to John and Sarah that he has a crush on Emily, which Emily as has a crush on him as well. During the party at Mark's house, Sam finally talks to Emily and is suggested that they are in a relationship, as it is also implied that they had kissed. However, the relationship doesn't last long as Sam goes on the run with Four and Six as fugitives to the US government. Despite not being seen in the rest of the series, Emily is mentioned a few times.

Héctor Ricardo[edit]

Héctor Ricardo was the town drunk of Santa Teresa and Marina's only human friend. Héctor helps Crayton fight off the Mogadorians and protect Marina and Ella. He was killed by a Piken during the events in The Power of Six. He was grateful to Marina for healing his mother and helped her, Ten, and Crayton escape the Mogadorians.


Maddy was a new girl in town when Nine was living in Chicago. She and Number Nine started a friendship after meeting at the Windy Wall and later became a couple. She had long black hair with bangs. She chose to go to a planetarium on their first date. On a second date, Mogadorians show up causing Nine to participate in a car chase while trying to escape them. Nine loses them but Maddy gets angry and leaves after Nine kisses her. Later, she accepts his apology and Nine meets her at her house and spends the night, but does not sleep with her. In the morning Nine wakes up surrounded by Mogadorians. He takes Maddy and tries to escape, but she tazes him. It is revealed that her parents were taken hostage for two years because her father had seen something that he shouldn't have and the Mogadorians wouldn't let her see them unless she finds Nine. They are taken to a base in West Virginia where she meets her parents. After reuniting with her parents, the Mogadorians release Pikens into the room thus killing Maddy and her family. Her last words were begging Nine for help.


Wade is a surfer around sixteen years old whom Number One develops a crush on and stops training. He is rebellious like her and shoplifts. One chooses to shoplift some records to impress him and is caught and arrested by the police. He is one of the main reasons why One stops training and is found by the Mogadorians.


Devdan is a friend of Eight who helped him to master his Legacies. He is mentioned in Rise of Nine. He is in the hands of the Mogadorians. He was used by Setrakus Ra to taunt Eight. Devdan was originally assumed by most readers to be Pittacus Lore; but due to Malcolm Goode explaining the events before the invasion of Lorien to the Garde in The Fall of Five, Pittacus Lore is dead. This might be the Pittacus Lore titled Loric, due to the fact that nine Garde on Lorien were chosen every 1,000 years or so to assume the title of the nine original Elders including Pittacus. Devdan could possibly be the 'original' Pittacus Lore (the immortal over 10,000 years old) who is the author and one of the first nine Elders. This is just a theory.


A woman who Cepan Reynolds fell in love with on Earth. Due to her jealousy of Number Eight, Reynolds's Garde, she betrayed them to the Mogadorians in exchange for a large bag of gold. However, the Mogadorians stabbed her in the back and then her "bag of gold" exploded on her.

Agent Walker[edit]

Agent Walker is a redhead female FBI agent who is tasked in capturing the Garde. However, after what happen to Purdy, she joins the Garde in exposing Setrakus Ra. She reveals that the Mogs came 10 years ago and, in exchange for advanced technology, medical enhancements, etc., the Mogs were allowed to use their resources to track down the Garde. Also, she reveals that about 15% of the USA's military, CIA, FBI, etc. are MogPro, along with some foreign officials and the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President (the US president is kept in the dark).

In the book "The Revenge of Seven" she and her men, John, Sam, and Nine go to NYC to intercept the Secretary of Defense, Senator Sanderson, only to find him betrayed by the Mogs as his enhancements turn on him. After John heals him, Walker takes the group to where Setrákus Ra makes his presentation to Earth.

Agent Purdy[edit]

Agent Purdy is one of the FBI agents who are tasked to capture the Garde. He later dies of a heart attack, which in reality, he is killed by his Mog enhancements. This makes Walker join the Garde in exposing Setrakus Ra.


Emma is a Hispanic girl who became partners in crime with Five in Five's Legacy. She is described as being deeply tanned with black hair and dark eyes. She is Five's friend and romantic interest. Their friendship is destroyed when Ethan sends Five and Emma for a rigging job, Ethan at this time knew Five was Loric, and he set up Five. A group of henchmen attacked Five and Emma, and Five is forced to use his Legacies, this results in Emma in seeing him beat up the henchmen in self-defense and the injury of one of the henchmen who turns out to be Emma's brother. She is after shocked and furious at Five, calls him a 'monster' and knocks him out with a pipe. She is later said to having moved after her brother got out of the hospital. They moved to Tallahassee. Five misses her. It is hinted that he has romantic feelings towards her.

In Five's Betrayal, She was brought forth to Five in Virginia to test Five. She was nearly crushed to death by Five's telekinesis after she mentions the word "monster". Five managed to spare her by making some use out of her brother. She is later moved to another location, safe and sound.


A former Greeter working with the Mogadorians. He took Five under his wing and managed to have him join the Mogs. He was ordered to become Five's best friend and mentor. He and the Virginia base Commander Deltoch never saw eye-to-eye. He considers Five's powers to be gifts. During Nine's escape, he was injured by green lava, destroying half his face and his right hand. Suspected to be involved with Nine's escape, Setrakus Ra orders Five to kill him instead of Nine. Five and Ethan had their final moments together back in Miami.

While Five was preparing to infiltrate the remaining Garde, Ethan left a note in Five's box. It states as Five is reading it, he's probably dead as he saw it coming when his usefulness was up and that Five should do anything to survive; putting himself before everything, including Setrakus Ra. Ethan was one of the Greeters that welcomed the nine Garde and Cepan. But he had lost faith in the Loric cause and started to work for the Mogadorians, in exchange for his services his life will be spared when the Mogadorians take over the Earth. These events take place in I Am Number Four: Th Lost Files: The Hidden Enemy.

Senator Sanderson[edit]

The US Secretary of Defense and one of the MogPro traitors. It was initially believed that he was supposed to present Setrakus Ra, but betrayed as his Mog enhancements turns against him. When he was to die for being a fool, John heals him. Afterwards, the Senator reveals that the Mog fleet has already arrived, ships hovering over almost every major city (London, NYC, Shanghai, etc.).

Daniela Morales[edit]

A resident of NYC and another bestowed human with legacies. She lives with her mother and stepfather (whom she didn't have a good relationship with). When the invasion began, her stepfather caused her to escape from the Mogs. As she was escaping down the fire escape, an electrifying sensation coursed through her body (signifying that the Entity possessed legacies unto her). A few minutes afterwards, she met a pack of Mogs and tried to surrender but accidentally used Telekinesis on them. She later meets up with Four and Sam, and maneuver their way through the ravaged NYC.

Known Legacies:

  • Telekinesis - the ability to move objects with one's mind
  • Petras - Daniela developed the ability to turn living creatures into stone at the end of "The Fate of Ten."She discoverers her new legacy by turning the hunter/mogasaur into stone at the end of "the fate of ten".


Bernie Kosar[edit]

Bernie Kosar, also known as Hadley, is a Chimæra from Lorien. Chimæras have the power to morph into other animals or beasts. He has been following and protecting John and Henri ever since they came to Earth. John remembers that in Florida, there was always a gecko staring at him while he ate breakfast. While they are in Paradise, Bernie takes the form of a beagle. His name on Lorien was Hadley. John has a few visions of him back when they were on Lorien. In the second book, John realizes that Bernie Kosar is Hadley. Bernie helps John, Sam, and Six when ever they are in trouble with the police or Mogadorians. In The Rise of Nine, Bernie continues to help John, along with the newly found Number Nine and is shown to be fighting alongside the entire Garde, except for Five, against Setrakus Ra at the secret government base in New Mexico. At the end of the book, Bernie and the others survive Setrakus and are trying to find a way out, while at the same time looking for Sam, who has been captured by the Mogadorians at the end of the second book. In the Fall of Five, BK helps fend off the rest of the Mogadorians at the end of the book and is unknown as to whether he survives or not. It is revealed in "The Revenge of Seven" that Bernie Kosar survived, but barely, after the fight he was found severely injured, Four/John healed him but a piece of his ear was bitten off. Bernie Kosar was sent to go with Sarah in finding more information about the Mogadorians with Mark James.


Olivia is a Chimæra from Lorien. She has been with Ella/Ten since she came to Earth and was introduced in book two. There is supposed to be more Chimæra like her that made it with Ella. At the end of the Power of Six she is killed by a pack of krauls while protecting Ella and Marina/Seven from harm. Her lifeless body is seen underwater, having died from the bite wounds that she had sustained.


Dust is a Chimæra from the planet Lorien. He was captured in Dulce by the Mogadorians using him as a test subject to find a way to get his shapeshifting genes into the Mogs' vatborn. Dust finds Adam and Rex in the desert of Dulce by the watchtower looking over the base. He starts to get friendly with Adam but has a hatred for Rex, keeping an eye on him to protect Adam. He travels with the two to Plum Island and fights the Mogadorians and helps Adam free the other Chimæra. Now he is traveling with Adam to Chicago to help Sam, Malcolm and the Garde in the fight with the Mogadorians. Dust went with Adam, Six, and Marina/Seven to New Mexico, to the Sanctuary and stayed outside to keep any more Mogadorians from interrupting.


Stanley is a Chimæra sent on the second ship from Lorien. All Chimæra, excluding Bernie Kosar, are the property of Ella's father, Raylan. Stanley is one of the Chimæra that Adam rescued from Plum Island in the events of The Forgotten Ones. In "The Revenge of Seven", Sam befriends one of the new Chimæra who is very attached to Sam, taking its form as a fat orange cat. Sam then names him Stanley (Nine's alter ego), as he believes the fat cat has a resemblance to Nine. Stanley is currently in an abandoned warehouse with the other Chimæra. Stanley was one of the Chimæra being experimented on at the Mogadorian facility at Plum Island. Stanley is left back at Ashwood Estates to protect Malcolm.


Biscuit is a Chimæra from Lorien, that Sarah named, he currently has taken the form of a Golden Retriever, he is a very playful Chimæra. Biscuit was one of the Chimæra being experimented on at the Mogadorian facility at Plum Island. Biscuit is left back at Ashwood Estates to protect Malcolm Goode.


Gamera is a Chimæra who was on the second ship that came to Earth. Malcolm named this Chimæra Gamera, based on a monster movie that he had seen. Gamera was one of the Chimæra being experimented on at the Mogadorian facility at Plum Island. Gamera is left back at Ashwood Estates to protect Malcolm.


Regal is a Chimæra that has taken the form of a hawk, he is one of the quieter Chimæra's. Regal was one of the Chimæra being experimented on at the Mogadorian facility at Plum Island. Regal is left back at Ashwood Estates to protect Malcolm.


Bandit is a Chimæra that has shapeshifted into a raccoon, he sits next to Regal. Bandit was one of the Chimæra being experimented on at the Mogadorian facility at Plum Island. Bandit is left back at Ashwood Estates to protect Malcolm.

Pikens and Krauls[edit]

Pikens and Krauls are Mogadorian beasts that are seen at the battle of the school in I Am Number Four and in Santa Teresa, in The Power of Six. They are used as living weapons by the Mogadorians. They are able to think for themselves though, as John was able to convince a piken to turn against the Mogs in the First Book. Pikens are large, destructive creatures, while krauls are smaller, deadlier beasts.

Other Loric[edit]

Pittacus Lore[edit]

Pittacus Lore is Lorien's ruling elder, and the author of the Lorien Legacies. He has been on Earth for the last 12 years and is trying to find and reunite the Garde. He was the one who gave Setrakus Ra a purple scar around his throat. He is the only Garde at this time to have "all of the legacies", making him the only person to stand a clear chance against Setrakus Ra. It is at first believed that number Eight is the garde who will inherit his legacies but it is later revealed that it is more likely to be John or Nine as they too have had visions of Setrakus Ra, who can communicate with Pittacus Lore.

It is hinted throughout the series and out of the series that Pittacus Lore is with Number Five and possibly heading for New Mexico. It is also rumored that Numbers Four, Eight, Nine, or possibly Five might be the one Garde to be granted all of the legacies, just like Pittacus. However, by the events of The Fall of Five, Five is revealed to be not involved with Pittacus and is instead working with the Mogadoriens.

In The Fall of Five, Malcolm Goode, Sam's father, explains to the Garde that he was "supposedly" visited by Pittacus Lore, who told him to prepare for the Garde before they got to Earth and to make sure they have the needs to go into hiding. He also says that Pittacus was wounded and that he died the same night, explaining that the huge skeleton in his cellar is actually Pittacus himself. Whether or not this is true remains unknown, as other evidence suggest otherwise, the skeleton of Pittacus Lore in Malcolm's cellar might have been the Garde who had taken on the title of the ruling elder, this might not have been the original Pittacus Lore (immortal of at least 10,000 years old).

In The Last Days of Lorien, Pittacus Lore is described as the most mysterious, yet most well-known Garde on Lorien. He is also the most powerful of the Garde and the ruler of Lorien itself. Many myths describe him as an immortal of at least 10,000 years old, while others believe that he has been succeeded by many others. The problem with there being two Pittacus (an original and one holding his 'title') is that in The Fate of Ten, the 10,000-year-old Pittacus was not present at Ella's Council of all existing Elders and Garde.

Pittacus possesses all legacies, evidently through Ximic like he used it on Setracus Ra to acquire his Dreyden ability.

  • Known Legacies:
  • Ximic: One of the rarest legacies, it allows the user to copy and master any legacy met.
  • Glacen: In the Fate of Ten he has fire in one hand and ice in the other, may be elemental control.
  • Lumen: Like Four/John, it is shown he can create fire and light from his hands, controlling it may be elemental control or pyrokenises
  • Miras: Like Nine, he can transfer his abilities as he does so to Loridas
  • Dreyden: He copied Dreyden from Setrakus Ra.
  • Avex: Like Five he learnt how to fly.
  • Chlorokenises: The manipulation of plants, he makes a flower grow out of a bare canyon.
  • Aeturnus: He never aged in the Fate of Ten, probably gotten through Ximic from Loridas
  • Telekinesis: Like all Garde, he has telekinesis.
  • Enhancements: Unlike normal Garde, he has enhanced speed, strength and stamina, more so than Lorien garde standards.
  • Others:

He had all the legacies.


Julianne was the wife of Henri when he lived on Lorien. She was also known to be a Cepan. It is assumed that she perished when the Mogadorians invaded Lorien. When John/Four asked Henri/Brandon where his family was on the day of the war he said "not with me, not on that day...." which indicates that Julianne never got on the ship but had been killed on Lorien among most other Loric.

Henri described her to be the most beautiful woman he ever saw, even watching her sleep and waking her up early in the morning when he couldn't wait to be with her. Julianne and Henri were deeply in love, one that lasted even after she died.

Four's Grandfather[edit]

Four's Grandfather was a Garde and good friends with Henri, it is likely he was killed when the Mogadorians invaded Lorien. His personality is described by Henri as cheerful, funny and outgoing, unlike Four's Grandmother who was quiet and more 'behind the scenes' type of person. Henri also describes a prank he pulled on him.

His known Legacies included:

  • Lúmen - Just like his grandson, Four's Grandfather had the power to produce heat, light and fire from his hands and could manipulate, create and control it in any way he wanted to. This also would have made his entire body resistant to heat and fire.
  • Novis - Just like Six, Four's Grandfather could turn invisible at will.
  • Telekinesis - All Garde can move objects with their mind
  • Enhancement - All Garde have enhanced strength, speed, senses, relflexes, endurance and durability

Lara and Liren[edit]

Lara and Liren were the parents of Number Four on Lorien. It is likely they were killed when the Mogadorians invaded Lorien. They were good friends with Henri (Cêpan of Number Four) and Number Six's parents, Arun and Lyn. This is one of the main reasons why Six and Four develop such a strong bond.

Liren's Legacies included:

  • Aestus - Just like Six, the ability to control the weather(possibly elemental manipulation). John sees this in his vision of the Mogadorian invasion on Lorien, he sees his father fighting.
  • Telekinesis - All Garde can move objects with their mind
  • Enhancement - All Garde have enhanced strength, speed, senses, relflexes, endurance and durability
  • Avex - Liren could also fly, this was shown to four in his vision of the last day of Lorien, Henri also told four this after four asked him about the last day of Lorien.

Lara was also a garde, although her abilities are never revealed, it is assumed that she has enhanced strength and telekinesis.

Arun and Lyn[edit]

Arun and Lyn were the parents of Number Six on Lorien. They were known to be good friends with Lara and Liren, Four's parents. It is likely they were killed when the Mogadorians invaded Lorien.

Arun and Lyn would have other Legacies including both Telekinesis and Enhancement.


Loridas was the last remaining elder on Lorien. An Aeternus, like Ella, he was able to switch between times and his age, which was how he survived the longest. Later though when the Mogadorians invaded Lorien, he sacrificed himself so that Ella could escape with his powers, and become Number Ten, (This is proven to be a lie told by Crayton). They escaped though on a second ship. He does not appear but is mentioned in The Power of Six by Crayton to Marina and Number Six about his history.

Loridas makes his first but very brief appearance in The Last Days Of Lorien. He is seen by Sandor, Nine's cepan, and is revealed to be the one who put the charm on the Garde before they left Earth. He does not speak in this story, but provides a very important part that will help the Garde for dark future ahead of them.

His known Legacies would have included:

  • Aeternus - The ability to change between ages that the user has already lived through (This is not an actual Legacy, some Garde are born with this natural power)
  • Telekinesis - All Garde can move objects with their mind
  • Enhancement - All Garde have enhanced strength, speed, senses, relflexes, endurance and durability


Janus is the pilot of the ship that carried the nine Garde and their Cêpan to Earth. He told his sister, Zophie, what his mission was, which lead to her joining the second ship carrying Ella. After arriving on earth, he tried to hide the ship, but he was captured by the Mogs. After being tortured, he revealed info about the nine Garde children being scattered. He was killed afterwards.


Devektra was a Garde on Lorien. She had the ability to sing, dance, and read minds, along with communicating telepathically too. She is mentioned in Nine's Legacy and makes a few appearances in The Last Days Of Lorien. She meets Sandor, Nine's cepan, at the night club known as the Chimaera and grows to like him. She later invites him to come to the Chimaera again for the Quartermoon. It is revealed that Devektra likes Sandor because he is different, just like her. It is implied that they both have romantic feelings for each other, because of the kiss and the hug that they share before and during the invasion of Lorien. She says goodbye to Sandor before she heads off to battle with her other Garde. Later on, she saves Sandor and Nine from a Mogadorian, but she does it from a long distance away, which provides more hints to the feelings she may have for him. It is highly believed that she has been killed during the invasion of Lorien.

Her Legacies included:

  • Vox - The ability to manipulate sound waves, she used this Legacy to manipulate her voice on stage.
  • Flexibus - The ability to manipulate light in any form, she used this Legacy while performing.
  • Mentis - The ability to communicate with others through their mind
  • Telekinesis - All Garde can move objects with their mind
  • Enhancement - All Garde have enhanced strength, speed, senses, relflexes, endurance and durability

Nine's Grandfather[edit]

Nine's Grandfather was a Garde on Lorien.

In The Last Days Of Lorien, he is seen with a young Number Nine, living in a hut just west of Lorien's Main City (City Centre), along with their pet Chimaera. By the end of the story, when Lorien is being attacked by the Mogadoriens, Sandor comes to take Nine to the ship that is evacuating the rest of the Garde children. Before leaving Nine's grandfather reveals to Sandor that he is Nine's Cepan now. Using his Legacy to see glimpses of peoples destiny, Nine's grandfather also predicts that he will become important to the Nine and will play a role in the war against the Mogadoriens in the future, but at the last second, he also predicts Sandor's death by saying "you will die". Nine's grandfather died during the invasion of Lorien.

His Legacies included:

  • Precognition - Ability to see the future. Nine's Grandfather described it as having rare glimpses at the threads of destiny, this is how he predicted Sandor's role and death in Nine's life.
  • Telekinesis - All Garde can move objects with their mind
  • Enhancement - All Garde have enhanced strength, speed, senses, relflexes, endurance and durability


Erina was the mother of Ella and wife to Raylan. Due to Raylan isolating himself with his Chimaera and Chimaera keeper, Crayton, away from the Loric city, after Raylan's complaint about the Secret Wars and his heritage being the rightful heir to the Tenth Elder after the Elders reduced their numbers to nine, Erina was sent by the Elders to keep an eye on Raylan. She played and flew with the Chimaera's creating bursts of currents of electricity (one of her Legacies), and Raylan would change the colour of the electricity with his Legacy of manipulating the spectrum of light. They fell in love, and Erina had Ella hours before the invasion of the Mogadorians, Raylan was planning to leave Lorien with Ella, but got into a ferocious argument with his wife, Erina, so he agreed to fight and told Crayton to be her Cepan and take care of her. It is likely that she died fighting when the Mogadorians invaded Lorien.

Her Legacies included:

  • Elecomun - The ability to create, manipulate and control electrical currents in any form.
  • Avex - The ability to fly
  • Telekinesis - All Garde can move objects with their mind
  • Enhancement - All Garde have enhanced strength, speed, senses, relflexes, endurance and durability


Raylan was the father of Ella/Ten and husband of Erina. Raylan was very wealthy due to him being the descendant of the Tenth Elder of Lorien before the Secret Wars. After the Tenth Elder was killed during the Secret Wars, and the Lorien government covered it up to protect Lorien's image as a utopia, Raylan was angered when they reduced the Elders' numbers to nine, so he isolated himself from the Loric city - along with his Chimaera and Crayton, who tended to his Chimaera. This proves that Raylan's father is actually Setrakus Ra (In The Revenge of Seven Setrakus Ra says that Ella is his granddaughter). Setrakus Ra might have been the Tenth Elder that was supposedly 'killed' during the Secret Wars. Raylan was planning to leave Lorien with Ella, but got into a ferocious argument with his wife, Erina, so he agreed to fight and told Crayton to be her Cepan and take care of her, most of his Chimaera died protecting Ella and Crayton as they made their way to the second ship. It is likely that he died fighting when the Mogadorians invaded Lorien.

His Legacies included:

  • Photokinesis - Ability to manipulate light (Although it is not said that he had Photokinesis, manipulating the spectrum of light is very similar, and might just be a trait of Photokinesis)
  • Telekinesis - All Garde can move objects with their mind
  • Enhancement - All Garde have enhanced strength, speed, senses, relflexes, endurance and durability


Lexa is a Loric with superb electronic skills. She initially joined the LDC and completed many projects. After hearing her little brother's death, she became devastated and worked on leaking government info to the public, blaming them for Zane's death and viewing them as corrupt. On the day of the Mog invasion, Lexa was contacted by Zophie, an old friend, to pilot a ship from a museum. After escaping, Lexa, Zophie, Crayton, Ella, and a handful of Chimera waited a year and a half to arrive to Earth. After crashing onto Earth, Lexa and Zophie take the Chimera with them to America to look for Janus. Lexa eventually made contact with a Mog who showed a clip of a tortured Janus, which she kept secret from Zophie. Later, while doing some solo investigating, Zophie made contact with a hit on finding her brother and reveal her location. Lexa watched in horror through a security camera of Zophie being killed and the Chimera being taken (which leads to them being rescued by Adam). After the massacre, Lexa became determined to fight back using her computer skills.

In the "Lost Files: The Fugitive", she made contact with Mark James under the alias of "GUARD". She first appeared to him as a bike courier and later revealed herself to him and Sarah at a hidden location where the ship the Garde used to escape the Mog invasion is hidden.


Zophie is the sister of Janus, who piloted the ship the Garde escaped on, and Lexa's friend. She help arranged the escape on the second ship with Reynolds for the Chimera and Ella.

One of Zophie's biggest concerns was reuniting with her brother. However, her obsession lead to her demise as she responded to one of the Mog's internet traps. This also lead to capture of the Chimera, which led to the events of "The Lost Files: The Forgotten Ones". Zophie was killed by one of the Mogs beasts, with Lexa only to watch from a monitor, which leads to her role as GUARD.


Lexa's little brother, who was a Garde with dreams of being the 10th Elder. He show great potential during his training at the LDC. However, after developing his flight ability, he flies too fast and crashes into a ship resulting his death.

His Legacies include:

  • Avex - Zane was able to fly at very fast speeds
  • Telekinesis - All Garde can move objects with their mind
  • Enhancement - All Garde have enhanced strength, speed, senses, relflexes, endurance and durability

The Secret Wars[edit]

The Secret Wars were a series of conflicts between the Loric and the Mogadorians, but it was covered up by the Loric government to keep the image and idea that Lorien was a utopia. This all took place before Lorien became its full potential, before the Garde received Legacies and the Chimaera came out of hiding. At this time ten Elders of Lorien were present, but some time during the Secret Wars the Tenth Elder of Lorien died; this has then been proven to most likely be Setrakus Ra, due to Raylan (Ella/Ten's father) being a descendant of the Tenth Elder that 'died' during the war. After the war, and there was peace once again, the Loric were gifted with the Phoenix Stones which led to them being gifted with Legacies and the Chimaera came out of hiding.

It was later proven in The Revenge of Seven that Setrakus Ra was in fact the Tenth Elder of Lorien. He was banished by Pittacus Lore during the Secret Wars, due to Ra's ideas and nature for 'progress'. He explains to Ella in The Revenge of Seven that the Loric people were too peaceful and lacked the motives and harsh nature to use their Legacies for conquering and demolition of other planets and races. After his banishment, Ra sort out the Mogadorians who had already used up their natural resources leaving Mogadore as a husk, in doing this Ra slightly changed his Loric genetic code to look more like a Mogadorian so that they would accept him as one of their one. He started to help the Mogadorians' problems including energy, construction and the trouble Mogadorians had with giving birth, thus creating the vat-borns. They eventually agreed to work under his rule and he soon planned the attack on Lorien.

The Phoenix Stones[edit]

The Phoenix Stones are objects (not really stones) that the Elders discovered, post-Secret War, and that gifted Lorien with the Legacies and the Chimaera. The Nine Garde that came to Earth each have a Phoenix Stone inside their chest. The Phoenix Stones are a way to jump-start Lorien's ecosystem when the Garde return to Lorien. The Phoenix Stones are currently not known what form they are in but some ideas include:

  • "Brittle Leaves Tied with Twine" - This is found in Number Four's chest; in The Fall of Five, Four touched it and a breeze from Lorien filled the room, he says that "this is a reminder of what we fight for".
  • "Liquid Loralite" - In Marina's chest she has a vial of water, but when she touches the side of the vial it glows blue and follows her finger along the glass. When she pours a drop onto her palm, it instantly solidifies into a loralite stone.
  • "Curved Antler" - Eight's chest holds the Curved Antler; this acts as a totem to them, In The Fall of Five Bernie Kosar starts to go crazy when he is around the antler, in fact it attracted the other Chimaera too; Bernie Kosar said he was "calling the others"
  • "Leather Pouch" - In Nine's chest there is a Leather Pouch containing a rich, brown soil, not much else is known about this item.

Loric Objects[edit]

Most of the Loric objects can be found in a Garde's Chest. Some are stones that are found in, around, or on Lorien.


Loralite is the rarest and strongest gem on Lorien, only found at the planet's core. It is used to make the Garde's pendants. It can also increase Eight's range of teleportation, allowing him to teleport from continent to continent. He can only teleport to places that already have Loralite crystal, and he cannot control where he will go. Eight has so far found Loralite in New Mexico, the coast of Somalia, Easter Island, and a few other places.

Healing Stone[edit]

Healing Stone is a black Lorien stone that heals injuries caused with the intent to hurt or kill, but when used it causes double the pain of the original injury. A healing stone would not heal older or accidental injuries. It is assumed it was dumped into the well at the Sanctuary at the end of "The Revenge of Seven"

Lorien Crystal[edit]

Lorien Crystal is an oblong shaped stone that is perfectly smooth. According to Henri, its tied to their legacies. John's Lorien Crystal is clear on the outside and cloudy in the middle. When John touched it, it activated his Lumen. Henri used the crystal to spread his resistance to heat and fire over the rest of his body. It is assumed it was dumped into the well at the Sanctuary at the end of "The Revenge of Seven"


Xitharis is a stone that is a piece of Lorien's first moon. It allows the Garde to transfer a Legacy to another for a short period of time. It appears to last around an hour; the exact time seems to depend on the Legacy being transferred. The only known Xitharis stone was lost by Five in "The Fall of Five". It was seen when Six transferred her invisibility legacy to Four and Sam Goode so they could retrieve his Chest in the Mogadorian Cave. In the book "The Revenge of Seven" it is revealed that Five indeed kept the stone, then transferred his flying legacy into it trying to help Ella escape, it is not mentioned if it is still in Ella's possession after she went unconscious.


Macrocosm is a small sphere shaped object contained in some chests of the Garde, when touched it gives the exact location of the Garde that activates it, and the locations of the other Garde with their Chests open. (this is how the Mogadorians found John, Six and Sam in Florida and Marina at Santa Teresa). However, some Garde's chest contain a small red rod that when spoken into, those who have Macrocosms active and open can hear him/her. Nine and Seven are known to have the rods, while Four is known to have the sphere. All the others' are unknown. It is assumed it was dumped into the well at the Sanctuary at the end of "The Revenge of Seven"

Joust Rod/Pipe-Staff[edit]

Number Nine has a rod that extends to be very long and can be used to kill Mogadorians and Mogadorian beasts. In I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Nine's Legacy, his Cepan Sandor mentions that there used to be competitions on Lorien with these red rods, called jousts. This rod is Nine's primary weapon. However, it was broken by Five during the fight in The Fall of Five.

Diamond dagger[edit]

In the Power of Six, Four finds dagger in his chest. When Four uses the dagger, the handle wraps around his wrist. Four is the only known Garde to possess this object.

Red Bracelet[edit]

In The Power of Six, Four discovers a red bracelet in his Chest that he does not recall learning about. Later, when John battles with government officials in, "The Rise of Nine" the bracelet expands into a shield. Four is the only known Garde to possess this object. The red bracelet is destroyed in "The Revenge of Seven" by General Andrakkus Sutekh when John encounters him.


Sustenance is a yellow cube that Nine found in his Chest, and claims that it satisfies one's hunger. It is a small yellow cube the size of a jawbreaker. When Four looks for one in his own Chest, he finds a blue cube rather than a yellow cube. When John puts it in his mouth, however, it is revealed to be a water substitute, rather than a food substitute. It is assumed it was dumped into the well at the Sanctuary at the end of "The Revenge of Seven"

Dark Pair of Glasses[edit]

Marina/Seven finds a pair of glasses with dark shades (not sunglasses) while exploring the objects of her Chest. Crayton, Ella's Cêpan, does not seem to know what the function of the glasses are. When Ella puts them on, however, she sees everything nearly three seconds before it actually happens. For example, when the group is in the truck, Ella shouts that there is a missile heading for the truck, but no one else sees or hears it. Now screaming at the top of her lungs, Ella forces everyone out of the truck, and it explodes a second later. Hence, the glasses help the wearer see what is coming before others. The use is not confirmed, because later Ella accidentally drops them and a tree branch crushes them. The name of it isn't confirmed, either. Marina is the only Garde known to possess this Loric object.

Tree Branch[edit]

Marina/Seven also finds a tree branch that looks like an ordinary tree branch but somewhat different; smoother and more straight. As she is walking in the forest, she learns that the branch can control the trees as if they were a marionette. It was dumped into the well at the Sanctuary at the end of "The Revenge of Seven"

Pair of Dark Gloves[edit]

Marina/Seven finds these in her chest. At first it was only noticed that the gloves glittered when touched. But in 'the Revenge of Seven', in an SUV, Nine claps his hands (with the gloves on) and they produce a thunderclap sound that makes the SUV bounce a few feet into the air and its windows shatter also.


In The Rise of Nine, Eight (with the help of Seven), finds his Chest and takes out a small yellow rod the size of a pencil. He nicknamed it, "The Duplicator." After it expands he walks in and starts doing jumping-jacks. When the real Eight walks out, a copy of himself remains inside, still doing jumping jacks.

Hidden Blade[edit]

In Five's Chest, he has a sleeve that he puts on, when he flexes a blade shoots out. The first time Five uses this he almost's stabs himself in the eye. This is the weapon that Five used to kill Eight in The Fall of Five.

Obsidian Flute[edit]

Five has a flute that can be used to control certain beasts. He uses this in The Fall of Five while in the Everglades to control a Mogadorian beast.

X-ray Pebble[edit]

Nine has a pebble, that when squeezed it makes wherever he has pointed transparent. He demonstrates this in the power of six, when we gives it to Sam to find his father in the Mogadorian base, West Virginia. It is assumed it was dumped into the well at the Sanctuary at the end of "The Revenge of Seven"

Purple Pebble[edit]

This pebble belongs to Nine, and when he puts it on his palm, it phases through his right hand and comes out his left. This is shown in the events of "The Fall of Five". It is assumed it was dumped into the well at the Sanctuary at the end of "The Revenge of Seven"

Green Crystal[edit]

Eight has a green crystal that emits a strong gust of wind. In "The Rise of Nine", Eight, Marina and Ella have teleported to the Gulf of Aden near Somalia. Marina discovers that the Loralite stone is at the bottom of the sea, Eight throws the green crystal, and it instantly produces a strong gust of wind, creating a large air bubble that the three Garde go in.

Liquid Loralite[edit]

Marina has a vial of clear liquid in her Chest. When she touches the side of it, it instantly glows, similar to a Loralite stone, it follows her finger as she moves it along the glass. She later pours a few drops of it onto her palm and it turns into a solid Loralite. It was dumped into the well at the Sanctuary at the end of "The Revenge of Seven"

Leather Pouch[edit]

The Leather Pouch contains a rich chocolate brown soil, this is hinted to be Nine's Phoenix Stone. It was dumped into the well at the Sanctuary at the end of "The Revenge of Seven"

White Tablet[edit]

This Tablet acts as a GPS for the Garde. In "The Fall of Five" the remaining Garde and Sarah use it to locate Number Five and helps them find Six, Nine, and Seven after being attacked by the Mogadorians.

Loric Salt[edit]

Loric Salt is a small pebble which slows and numbs the effects of Mogadorian weapons. It also grants a burst of energy, but it does not last long and will fade if the person happens to be a Garde and uses his/her powers.

Loric Chests[edit]

All Cêpans received the Loric Chests from their elders for each of the nine Garde to keep until the children grew into their legacies. It also is a locator to find others if one of the Garde has opened theirs. If a Garde member is killed, the chest and the objects inside become useless and disintegrate.

  • Number One - It is revealed in the Fallen Legacies that the Mogs took One's chest after she was killed.
  • Number Two and Number Three - It is unknown what happened to Two or Three's chests when they were killed.
  • John/Number Four - Four's chest was taken by the Mogadorians, until Four and Sam recovered it. (All taking place within The Power of Six).
  • Number Five - In an exclusive scene from The Fall of Five, Five retrieves his chest from a swamp. His chest contains a whistle that makes Mogadorian beasts sleep.
  • Number Six - In the first two books it is explained that when the Mogadorians captured Six and Katarina, they took her chest and have had it since. It was also assumed by Six, Four, and Sam that the Mogadorians were able to open Six's chest. In "The Lost Files: Six's Legacy" it is contradictorily revealed that the chest was buried and not in Mogadorian possession during the time of Six's capture.
  • Marina/Number Seven - Adelina hid Marina's chest from her for 10 years, with Marina never knowing the location or what was inside. Marina found the chest, with the help of Ella, and was able to open it by drugging Adelina. (The chest can only be opened by both the Cêpan and the Garde, unless the Cêpan is dead.) This action gave off a signal that showed the Mogadorians she was in Spain.
  • Number Eight - Number Eight's chest was believed to have been stolen by the Mogadorians as revealed in Eight's Origin Story, but the Mogadorian that was supposed to have escaped using a ship, succumbed to the wounds inflicted by Eight before his escape and crashed. The chest was later found in the submerged ship by Marina at the bottom of the lake close to Eight's Home.
  • Number Nine - Nine's chest was hidden in the Mogadorian cave until Four and Sam recovered it along with Four's chest.
  • Ella/Number Ten - It is revealed that Ella does not have a Chest in the Fall of Five, as she is not one of the elders.

Loric Pendants[edit]

Each Garde member receives a pendant to wear to symbolize as a member of the Garde.

  • Numbers One, Two and Three - Setrakus Ra currently has the pendants of the First Three.
  • Numbers Four through Nine - Four through Nine currently still have their pendants with them. In Rise of Nine, Setrakus Ra took Six's pendant or the large one she found in the Power of Six.
  • Number Ten - Ella does not have a pendant since she is not really an Elder.
  • The symbols on the pendants of Four, Six, Nine and Five are revealed in the books. In the film adaptation, all of the pendants are shown, and are inspired by actual crop circle designs.
  • In Four's vision at the close of The Fall of Five, Setrakus Ra is shown to have seven of the pendants, Five and Six still having theirs.

Possible Legacies[edit]

Legacies are the unique abilities possessed by members of the Loric Garde and their Loric descendants. They are akin to fictional superpowers in that they endow the Garde with what can only be described as superhuman abilities of enhanced physical faculties as well as influence over energies. Legacies typically manifest during a Garde's puberty and may be related to high emotions like aggression or emotional traumas. These are just a list of the Legacies that could potentially be inherited by the Garde; confirmed Legacies on the Lorien Horoscope or Legacies that relate to Loric Objects founded in the Garde's Chests.

  • Arsenic (Force Field Projection) - The ability to create force fields of any size or thickness. In Four's Chest he has a bracelet, and when snapped on it creates a force field around the user when under attack. This is shown in The Rise of Nine and The Fall of Five.
  • Sedation - The ability to control or seduce another being through the users voice, (similar to the Greek mythological Siren). In Five's Chest he had a flute that he used to control the Mogadorian beast when he revealed that he was a traitor at the Everglades.
  • Plena (Chlorokinesis) - The ability to create, control or manipulate plants and vegetation of any type. Marina/Seven has a Tree Branch that controls the movement of the trees, and it is shown that she uses it (chlorokinesis) to heal a plant (This is demonstrated in The Power of Six),Pittacus lore generates a flower from a rock.
  • Duplication - The ability to create physical replicas of one's self, (The extent of this Legacy is unknown). Eight has a gold-looking rod (The Duplicator as Eight calls it) that mimics this power, this is shown in The Power of Six.
  • Intactus (Intangibility) - The ability to phase through objects of any density or size. Nine has a purple pebble that imitates this ability, by passing through Nine's right hand and coming out his left hand - it is shown in The Fall of Five.
  • Sonic Blasts The ability to produce particularly powerful blasts of sound, Marina has a pair of gloves that, when clapped produce a thunderclap sound and is powerful enough to lift a truck and shatter it's windows.
  • X-Ray Vision - The ability to see through any material or object no matter its density, size, length, etc. Nine has a red pebble that he gives to Sam in The Power of Six to find his father in the Mogadorian base.
  • Aerokinesis - The ability to manipulate, generate and control air (pressure, flow, velocity, strength, etc.). Eight has a rock that produce a strong gust of wind, Eight, Marina and Ella use this in The Rise of Nine.
  • Aqua (Hydrokinesis)- The ability to generate and manipulate water in any form; this includes the water flow, current, speed, strength and size.A part of Elemental manipulation but could be a legacy in its own right.
  • Super Strength - A basic Legacy possessed by virtually all the Garde. Super strength allows the Garde to exert their muscles and bodies to limits of physical exertion beyond what a human is capable of, even under optimal physical conditions. Super strength compensates to a limited degree to both bone density and muscle durability; allowing the Garde to lift weights far exceeding their bodily integrity without experiencing injury. Super strength allows the Garde to perform such defiant feats of physics and athletics as overpowering grown men easily, bending steel in their bare hands, lifting cars with ease, and breaking free of chain restraints.
  • Super Agility - Possibly gained by Number Three, allows the user to have their level of agility above any other standard Garde.
  • Rapid Cellular Regeneration - The ability to regenerate limbs and heal any type of injury (major or minor), at a very fast rate.
  • Classical Elemental Manipulation - The ability to control the four classical elements; earth, fire, water, air.
  • Chronokinesis/Time Manipulation - The ability to stop, fast forward, reverse, time-jump and/or travel through time.
  • Magnetism/Magnokinesis - The ability to create, manipulate or control various types of metals, with varying properties and alloys.
  • Terra/Geokinesis - The ability to manipulate or control the earth, this may have been linked to One's/Adam's Earthquakes.
  • Hypnokinesis - The ability to control the dreaming state, this may extend to Mind Control, or be an extension of Telepathy
  • Icy Cobalt Blasts - The ability to shoot Cobalt Blasts from the user's hands, In One's memories, Adam sees a Loric fighting a Piken while protecting the nine Garde and Cepan as they make their way to the ship.
  • Sensor/Empathy - The ability to feel and control other people's emotions
  • Super Intelligence - The ability to have intelligence far beyond any other standard Garde.
  • Mind Control - The ability to control other beings' minds, this might be an extension of Telepathy
  • Impervious Skin - Skin that is indestructible, the user will still be vulnerable to internal injuries/attacks.
  • Convinco/Persuasion - The ability to talk whoever into doing whatever.
  • Thermokinesis - The ability to manipulate, create and control the temperature. In The Last Days of Lorien Sandor hears about a Garde who accidentally froze herself to death in the bath tub, because of not knowing how to control her new Legacy.
  • Hybrid Physiology - The ability to change or meta-morph between Loric and a certain type of animal, beast, etc.
  • Heightened Intuition - The ability to know extensively how all objects work. This could have possibly been one of Number Two's Legacies.
  • Elecomun - The ability to control, manipulate or create currents of electricity, Ella's mother, Erina, had this power
  • Photokinesis - The ability to control, manipulate and create light of any colour, intensity or brightness, Raylan and Devektra have this power.
  • Shock Wave Emission - The ability to create shockwaves through any kind of movement, this might be apart from Earthquake Legacy. Marina has a dark pair of gloves that when clapped produce a strong shock wave; this is demonstrated in The Revenge of Seven.
  • Energy Projection - The ability to create and direct any type of energy, e.g. kinetic, gravitational, etc.
  • Weather Manipulation- The ability to control the weather.
  • Absonum (Absorção de Habilidades à Distância: É a capacidade de absorver legados de outros Gardes em certa distância, e somente um de cada.
  • Accelix (Velocidade Super Sônica): É a capacidade de correr em velocidade sônica podendo correr tão ou mais rápido que a luz.
  • Accepto (Roubo de Legados): É a capacidade de roubar os legados de outros Gardes. Obs.: este legado é geralmente uma extensão do Opptus.
  • Accersito (Invocação de Objetos ou Pessoas):É a capacidade de invocar objetos ou até pessoas apenas pensando o que quer. Obs.: este legado só funciona se o objeto ou a pessoa estiver sobre algo (símbolos, objetos, distância).
  • Accio (Manipulação de Ácido): É a capacidade de poder manipular o elemento ácido em todas as formas.
  • Acidum (Oxicinesia): É a capacidade de poder manipular, controlar e gerar o ácido em todas as formas.
  • Adapto (Adaptabilidade): É a capacidade de adaptar-se em qualquer meio que queira, tanto na temperatura quanto em outros meios.
  • Aemerum (Sangue Regenerativo): É a capacidade de por repor seu sangue. Obs.: seu sangue também pode regenerar outras pessoas.
  • Aestus (Manipulação Climática): É a capacidade de poder manipular o clima em todos os estados.
  • Aeteristum (Retrocognição Artística por Sonhos ou Visões): É a capacidade para poder rever o passado. Obs.: pode ser pela arte, por sonhos e visões.
  • Aeterix (Reanimação de Legados): É a capacidade de reanimar os legados que são perdidos pelos Gardes.
  • Aether (Ethercinesia ou Manipulação do Céu): É a capacidade de poder manipular e controlar o estado do céu.
  • Agilitas (Agilidade Aprimorada): É a capacidade de ter an agilidade maior que a de um ser humano comum.
  • Agilitatem (Super-Agilidade): É a capacidade de ter an agilidade sobrenatural, uma agilidade sobre-humana. Obs.: este legado usado ao máximo permite o usuário controle completo sobre o corpo físico.
  • Aliarum (Clarisciência ou Psicometria): É a capacidade de através do toque poder saber todo o histórico (vida) de uma pessoa ou objeto.
  • Aliquam (Immunidade Mental): É a capacidade de ter sua mente immune a todos os tipos de legados mentais.
  • Alterius (Transferência de Energia): É a capacidade de transferir sua ou de alguém sua energia.
  • Alternis (Realidade Alternativa): É a capacidade de alterar a realidade em que a vitima está. Obs.: com bastante treinamento este legados pode alterar a percepção da pessoa podendo alterar as coisas que ala faz.
  • Altilium (Bateria de Energia Humana): É a capacidade de ter seu corpo tão energizado quanto uma bateria.
  • Altum (Saltos Elevados): É a capacidade de poder saltar em uma altitude muito alta.
  • Animalia (Mimetismo Animal): É a capacidade de poder transformar o corpo em qualquer animal que queira.
  • Animos (Controle da Mente): É a capacidade para controlar a mente de qualquer pessoa. Obs.: com treinamento é capaz de poder controlar os sentidos, e decisões da pessoa.
  • Apex (Elasticidade): É a capacidade de poder esticar seu corpo podendo se esticas em diversos modos e tamanhos.
  • Aqua (Hydrocinesia): É a capacidade de manipular e controlar o elemento água.
  • Arsenic (Projeção de Campo de Força): É a capacidade de produzir campos de proteção a base de energia de vários tamanhos e densidades.
  • Aspectus (Mudança de Aparência): É a capacidade para poder mudar os aspectos de sua aparência podendo então mudar-se de aparência.
  • Astato (Super-Audição): É a capacidade de ter an audição muito poderosa. Obs.: com treinamento o Garde pode chegar an ouvir a quilômetros de distância.
  • Astérix (Manipulação Dimensional): É a capacidade de poder manipular ou alterar a dimensão em que está. Obs.: com treinamento o Garde pode não só manipular e alterar a dimensão, ele pode manipular outras dimensões e também se mover entre elas.
  • Atrium (Habilidade de Corte): É a capacidade para poder através da mente corta coisas com um simples gesto de mão.
  • Atrox (Geocinesia): É a capacidade para manipular e controlar o elemento terra.
  • Auditis (Audição Aprimorada): É a capacidade de ter sua audição maior que a de qualquer ser humano.
  • Auquitarium (Manipulação do Peso): É a capacidade de poder manipular seu próprio peso, podendo diminuí-lo ou alimentá-lo.
  • Avex (Vôo): É a capacidade de poder voar.
  • Ballarum (Projeção de Bolhas Explosivas): É a capacidade de poder projetar bolhar explosivas.
  • Bérix (Rastreamento): É a capacidade para encontrar, rastrear qualquer pessoa que queira. Obs.: somente poderá encontrar pessoas que não tenham legados que empesam isso como o Blumim. Pode rastrear pessoas com fotos, rastros ou qualquer coisa dela.
  • Bionic (Biocinesia): É a capacidade de poder manipular, controlar e gerar an energia biônica em todas as formas.
  • Blumim (Legado Bloqueador):É a capacidade de ter uma área de bloqueio total em sua volta. Obs.: este legado só poderá ser anulado pelo Dreynen.
  • Aditus (Adaptação Dimencional): É a capacidade de poder se adaptar no espaço e outras dimensões.
  • Aliena (Controle da Probabilidade): É a capacidade de poder alterar as probabilidades a sua volta podendo causar accidentes, eventos naturais, e outros em acontecimentos sem explicação. Obs.: com treinamento o Garde pode alterar o que chama “sorte e azar” de outra pessoa, podendo então fazer a pessoa ter azar ou sorte.
  • Almentum (Aderência Física): É a capacidade de ter habilidades físicas em um estado incomum, ou seja, podendo ter domínio completo sobre suas habilidades físicas.
  • Altissímus (Jugação de Penitência): É a capacidade de ter o poder de jugar os erros da pessoa apenas ao olhar nos olhos dele podendo então mata-la ou colocar medo eterno na pessoa.
  • Artistic (Realidade Artística): É a capacidade de poder da vida temporariamente a desenhos.
  • Asprex (Invisibilidade Visual): É a capacidade para visualizar algo e pensar nele que ficará invisível. Obs.: este Legado é semelhante a Telecinesia, sendo que invés de levitar objetos o faz ficar invisível.
  • Blanditis (Transferência Permanente de Legados): É a capacidade de transferir permanentemente seus Legados.
  • Bundus (Explosão Sísmica): É a capacidade explodir coisas em sua volta com raios de energia sísmica.
  • Calcium (Mimetismo Vegetal): É a capacidade de poder alterar o seu corpo em plantas, árvores, vegetais, etc.
  • Calidium (Thermocinesia): É a capacidade de manipular, controlar e gerar todos os tipos de temperaturas.
  • Cáligo (Manipulação de Plasma): É a capacidade de poder manipular a plasma em todas as formas.
  • Cálix (Legado de Reanimação Explosiva): É a capacidade de criar bombas “granadas” que tem uma enorme força de explosão. Obs.: este Legado só funciona se o usuário tiver tocado em algum tipo de objeto.
  • Carbonis (Criação de Carbono e Silício): É a capacidade de poder criar certos tipos de minérios através do Carbono e Silício.
  • Cibus (Combustão): É a capacidade de criar raios explosivos ou inflamáveis através dos olhos que ficaram vermelho rubi, ou apenas pensando no que quer.
  • Citius (Mimetismo de Movimentos): É a capacidade de poder imitar e aprender quaisquer movimentos que tal tenha visto.
  • Clímax (Atmocinesia): É a capacidade de poder manipular e controlar o clima em todas as formas e estados.
  • Clypeus (Telecinesia Tátil): É a capacidade de poder criar um pequeno campo de força em sua volta podendo então se proteger de qualquer ataque. Obs.: se o Garde com tal Legado armazenar energia de campo de força ele pode criar certo tipo de repulsão telecinetica.
  • Cognitio (Conhecimento de todos os Legados): É a capacidade para poder saber e compreender todos os Legados que tenha visto, podendo saber nome, uso, finalidade, função, etc.
  • Coitus (Emissão de Micro-ondas Eletromagnéticas): É Capacidade de emitir calor igual an um micro-ondas.
  • Contactum (Atração Sinestésica): É a capacidade de poder através da sinestesia atrair pessoas. Obs.: funciona como uma ampliação da música podendo fazer a melodia tão pura de às pessoas poderão ouvi-las a quilômetros de distância. Este é uma extensão do Sonitus.
  • Corporis (Projeção Astral ou Projeção Mental): É a capacidade para deixar seu corpo com vida assumindo uma forma astral ou mental podendo ver e ouvir tudo que há em sua volta.
  • Crepítus (Mimetismo Vulcânico): É a capacidade de poder transformar seu corpo em pura lava.
  • Crómio (Radar Humana): É a capacidade de poder ser um radar.
  • Cyro (Manipulação do Gelo): É a capacidade para poder apenas manipular o elemento gelo.
  • Densitatis(Controle da Densidade): É a capacidade para poder controlar qualquer tipo de densidade podendo diminuir ou aumentar certos tipos de coisas fazendo com que fiquem mais leves ou mais pesadas, podendo atravessa-las, etc.
  • Detectio (Detector de Mentiras): É a capacidade para poder detectar mentiras e verdades em tudo que as pessoas dizem.
  • Diamantium (Mimetismo Diamantino): É a capacidade para poder transformar seu corpo em puro diamante.
  • Diminuos (Mudança de Tamanho “Baixo”): É a capacidade de poder diminuir seu tamanho podendo ficar microscópico.
  • Dominatus (Maestria Corporal): É a capacidade para poder ter domínio sobre os movimentos dos outros, podendo os controlar.
  • Dromenum (Manipulação Subatômica): É a capacidade de manipular an energia subatômica.
  • Duplum (Duplicador): É a capacidade para poder fazer duplicações de si e de outras coisas.
  • Ecdise (Substituição de Corpo): É a capacidade para poder substituir seu corpo quando está machucado, beira à morte, gravemente ferido, etc.
  • Ecyus (Manipulação Óssea): É a capacidade para poder manipular todos os ossos do seu corpo. Obs.: com treinamento o Garde poderá fazer seus ossos saírem, poderá fazê-los crescer, entre outros.
  • Effluxus (Bomba Explosiva de Radiação): É a capacidade para poder criar bombas feitas de pura radiação. Obs.: Ao ser atirada causará dano em tudo que há a sua volta.
  • Elecomun (Electrocinesia): É a capacidade para poder manipular, controlar e gerar o elemento elétrico.
  • Electric (Manipulação Elétrica): É a capacidade para poder manipular o elemento elétrico.
  • Elementa (Manipulação Elementar “Clássica” ou “Terrestre”): É a capacidade para poder manipular elementos clássicos (ar, água, terra, fogo) ou terrestres (todos os elementos naturais que há na terra). Obs.: Com muito treinamento o Garde poderá controlar o clássico, terrestre ou os dois.
  • Energiam (Manocinesia): É a capacidade para poder manipular e controlar o mana dos outros.
  • Enerretio (Liberalização Virtual ou Mimetismo Digital “Virtual”): É a capacidade para poder “entrar” dentro de qualquer tipo de sistema virtual.
  • Equilibrium (Omnicinesia): É a capacidade para poder manipular ou controlar elementos cinéticos. Obs.: Com muito treinamento o Garde poderá ter controle sobre certos tipos de elementos de sua dimensão.
  • Érix (Manipulação de Cobras): É a capacidade para poder manipular todos os tipos de cobras que existem.
  • Esdras (Aptidão Terrestre): É a capacidade para poder sentir e controlar o núcleo terrestre.
  • Esfex (Ressonância Magnética): É a capacidade para poder sentir e encontrar diversos tipos de metais.
  • Espálax (Visão 360°): É a capacidade para ter sua visão 100% ampliada podendo enxergar tudo plenamente que há à sua volta


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