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Los Rey is a Mexican telenovela produced by Elisa Salinas for TV Azteca in 2012, adapted from David Jacobs' Dallas. It stars Rossana Najera, Michel Brown and Leonardo Garcia.

Family tree[edit]

This Family tree denotes the genetic and marital relationships of characters from the fictional television series Los Rey:

Main characters[edit]

The Reys[edit]

Actor Character Description Face card
Fernando Luján Everardo Juan Nepomuceno Rey Martínez "Vadote" / "Don Juan" [1] Patriarch of the family. Was Pedro's "friend" in the past. Betrays Pedro, and takes all of his property. Guillermo, Evedardo, Matías and Ismaels' father. Manuela's husband. El rey
The King
Ofelia Medina Manuela San Vicente de Rey "Many" The only child of Uvaldo San Vicente, was in love and had a son with Pedro Malvido. Mother of Laureano, Guillermo, Everardo and Matías. Wife of Everardo Sr. El corazón
The sweetheart
Ariel López Padilla Guillermo Rey San Vicente "MTemo" Eldest son of Manuela and Everardo. Brother of Vado and Matias. Father of Fina. Accused of killing his wife, sent to jail. Had an affair with Paola. Julias' husband. El ausente
The absentee
Leonardo García[2] Everardo Rey San Vicente "Vado"[3] Ambitious, hates Matias. Wants to take all the family's power. Husband of Paola. Sterile. Has an affair with Aurora and Julia. Tries to destroy The Malvidos. El alacrán
The scorpion
Elizabeth Cervantes [4][5] Paola Garces-Garza de Rey[6] Vado's wife, a beauty queen. Before her wedding with Vado, she slept with Memo, whom had been her lover, and became pregnant. She aborted it for the sake of her beauty. Years later, she and Ismael became lovers, and is once again pregnant, but this time with Ismael's child. La rosa
The rose
Michel Brown[7] Matias Rey San Vicente [8] Lorenza's husband, youngest son of Manuela and Everardo. Brother of Guillermo and Everardo. El valiente
The brave one
Carolina Miranda[9] Delfina Rey Ortuña "Fina" 20 years old, but still has not completed her secondary education. Hated her parents, Memo and Andrea, for abandoning her. Has a son named Beto. Quinos' ex-girlfriend. Had an affair with Amado. In love with Amado. La sirena
The mermaid

The Malvidos[edit]

Actor Character Description Face card
José Alonso Pedro Malvido Jimenez"Perico" Hates Everardo, in love with Many. 40 years ago he was cheated by Everardo to sell his petrol station at no cost. Alcoholic. El borracho/La calavera
The drunkard/The skull
Victor Huggo Martin Laureano Isidro de la Garza "El hijo de nadie" Son of Pedro and Manuela. Schizophrenic, eldest brother of Memo, Vado, Peluso, Matías and Lorenza. Although he seems lunatic and was often seen walking around the city, mumbling about politics, he is actually a genius. El aparecido
The ghost
Juan Alfonso Baptista[10] Pedro Luis Malvido Wanles"Peluso"[11] Enemy of Los Rey.Brother of Lorenza and son of Pedro. Has an affair with Julia and uses her to destroy The Reys. Bad later good. El diablito
The little devil
Rossana Nájera[12][13][14][15] Lorenza Malvido Wanles de Rey [16] Matías' wife. Pedros' daughter. Pedro Luis' sister. La dama
The lady

Employees, friends and enemies[edit]

Actor Character Description Face card
Ana Belena Julia Mariscal de Rey[17] Was in love with Vado, Pedro Luis' ex-lover, was in love with Everardo Sr. when she was younger. She later falls in love and marries Memo. Beto's "mother". Assistant of Grupo Rey La malquerida
The unloved one
Fernando Alonso Amado Treviño In love with Fina. Foreman of The Reys. Roberto's father. El vaquero
The cowboy
Cecilia Ponce Aurora "Yoya" Longoria Matias' ex fiancee and secretary. Lover of Vado. Was abandoned by Matias during their wedding. Tries to get back with him. La abandonada
The abandoned
Jorge Luis Vazquez Joel "El chino" Matus Quino's father. He was a boxing champion and now owns a restaurant. In love with Lorenza. El campeón
The champion
Maria de la Fuente Rosario Deshamps[18] Gynecologist. Lorenza's doctor. Gina's mother. In love with Matias. La rival
The rival
Rykardo Hernandez Leonardo Herrán Atilio's son. Hates The Reys, mainly Matias, for causing the death of his father. El junior
The junior
Laura Palma Lucia del Muro[19] Lorenza's friend, likes Joel La mariposa
The butterfly
Humberto Bua Ismael "El chulo" Bastard. Consuelo and Everardo's son. Works as an servant of Los Rey. In love with Paola. He is contracted by Vado to make Paola pregnant and succeeded. El amoroso
The loverlike
Alejandra Prado Consuelo Buelna "La chula" Works at The Reys' mansion. Ismael's mother. La otra
The other one
Cynthia Rodriguez Tamara[20] Amado's ex-wife. A singer at a night club. Likes Gervasio. La estrella
The star
Lourdes Villarreal Ricarda Maid of The Reys La nana
The nanny
Raul Sandoval Gervasio[21] Works at "Rey de reyes", The Reys' ranch. Likes Tamara El hierro
The iron man
Carlos Fonseca Joaquin Matus "Quino" Joel's son, Fina's schoolmate & boyfriend El gallo
The rooster
Martin Altomaro Moises "Pepe" Bartender at Joel's restaurant "El mesón del Chino". He was Chino's coach.
Mishelle Garfias Luz Ricarda's goddaughters. Work at The Reys' mansion Las gotas/Las gemelas
The look alike/The twins
Alejandra Haydee Cruz
Marco Aurelio Nava Ricardo Anaya Pedro Luis' "friend" and adviser. He actually works for Vado. Ambitious. He wants to become a governor himself. El politico
The politician
Jose Luis Mosca Andrade Atilio's right-hand man. He actually works for Vado. El guarro
The skunk

Special guest stars[edit]

Actor Character Description Episode
Guillermo Larrea Fina's school principal Episode 3-
Rafael Sánchez Navarro Atilio Herrán Leonardo's father. A governor Episode 4-13
Sergio Basañez Ronco Abadí[22] Drug dealer [23] Episode 14-50 (hidden), 52-
Tomás Goros Felix Vado's driver. Ex-policeman Episode 16-70
Karen Sentíes Andrea Loperena de Rey[24] Memo's wife, Fina's mother, supposedly dead after the car crash in Las Vegas Episode 19-25.
Fran Meric Jenny Laborde Memo's lawyer in Las Vegas Episode 19-
Guillermo Quintanilla Nicodemo Tamara's father. Episode 23-
Julieta Egurrola Juliana Julia's mother. Care taker of Beto. Episode 25-
Miguel Angel Ferriz Ubaldo San Vicente Manuela's father. Episode 36-40
Fernando Becerril Gilberto Longoria Aurora's father. Charged of false investment solicited by Ronco Abadi, Don Juan, Leonardo Herran and Vado. Episode 46-
Francisco de la O Elias Denigris Jr. Manuela's lawyer. Episode 58-
Aura Cristina Geithner Lucero Longoria Gilberto's sister, Aurora's paternal aunt. Episode 61-70
Lia Ferre[25] Carmen Lucero's daughter, Aurora's cousin, Gilberto's lover. Episode 62-
Arturo Beristain Elias Denigris Sr. Elias' father Episode 87-

Guest stars[edit]

Actor Character Description Episode
Karla Rico Alma Lorenza's boss, Rosario's patient Episode 1-66
Sebastian Moncayo Edmundo Rosario's ex-husband, Gina's father Episode 2-
Jessica Roteache Tanya Locked up with Fina Episode 4-
Flavio Peniche Secuaz Episode 7-
Valentina Giron Georgina Rosario and Edmundo's daughter Episode 8-
Paulina Marron News presenter Episode 6-
Giovanna Romo Beatriz Surgical doctor. Cross character from A Corazón Abierto Episode 12-19, 113
Rodrigo Cachero Photographer Uncredited Episode 12 (in flashback)
Jorge Zepeda Miguel Angel Sanchez "Guacho" Memo's Mexican jailmate Episode 22-
Hector Kostifakis Diablo Ismael's saviour Episode 24-
German Girotti Fina's ex-boyfriend. Episode 38
Adrian Rubio Paola's masseur Episode 41
Simone Victoria Tisha Witch Episode 62.
Ariana Ron Simone Paola's modelling agent Episode 50-
Jorge Celaya Lino Vado's new assistant. Replaces Felix. Episode 60-
Jesus Vargas Moncada Bank guard chief Episode 88-
Enrique Chi Ceballos Bank guard Episode 88-
Napoleon Glockner Bank officer Episode 88-89
Javier Escobar Guard Episode 114


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