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Loveline is a syndicated radio call-in program that offers medical and relationship advice to listeners - often with the assistance of guests. Its flagship station is KROQ-FM in Los Angeles.


The show broadcasts Sundays through Thursdays, with no show on Friday or Saturday. Since it broadcasts at 10 p.m. to 12 a.m PT occasionally shows will be listed incorrectly with the next day's date. If a show's date corresponds to a Friday or a Saturday, it is almost certainly incorrect. Sunday episodes are identified in the table by gray shading.

2000 hosts[edit]

2000 episodes[edit]

Date Guest(s) Notes
2000-01-02 Trevor Goddard
2000-01-04 No guest
2000-01-05 Jason Winer From the TV show The Blame Game
2000-01-06 311
2000-01-07 Evan Handler From the TV show It's Like, You Know...
2000-01-08 Nicholas Brendon From the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2000-01-09 Bryce Johnson
2000-01-11 Korn
2000-01-12 Incubus
2000-01-13 Donny Osmond
2000-01-16 Jake Busey
2000-01-17 Stroke 9
2000-01-18 David Arquette From the movie Scream 3
2000-01-19 Unwritten Law
2000-01-20 Long Beach Dub Allstars
2000-01-23 Static-X Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2000-01-24 Shmuley Boteach
2000-01-25 Carlos Mencia Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2000-01-26 Snoop Dogg
2000-01-27 MxPx
2000-01-31 Busy Philipps
2000-02-01 Majandra Delfino From the TV show Roswell
2000-02-03 Claude Brooks & Nicole Eggert
2000-02-06 Cast of That '70s Show
2000-02-07 Warren G
2000-02-08 Juliet Cariaga
2000-02-13 Anthrax
2000-02-14 Chandler & Raylene From Vivid Video
2000-02-15 David Alan Grier
2000-02-16 Josie Davis
2000-02-17 Vin Diesel From the movie Pitch Black
2000-02-20 Wallace Langham From the TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
2000-02-21 Caprice Bourret
2000-02-22 Destiny's Child
2000-02-23 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2000-02-27 Hill Harper
2000-02-28 Henry Rollins
2000-02-29 Ricky Paull Goldin From the TV show The Young and the Restless
2000-03-01 Geno Lenardo & Steve Gillis From the band Filter
2000-03-07 Ali Landry
2000-03-08 Sheeri Rappaport From the TV show NYPD Blue
2000-03-09 Annabel Chong From the movie Sex: The Annabel Chong Story
2000-03-12 Bobby Slayton
2000-03-13 Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
2000-03-14 Molly Culver
2000-03-15 Mo Collins & Debra Wilson
2000-03-16 Barry Blaustein
2000-03-20 Vertical Horizon
2000-03-21 Dicky Barrett Guy who works at swingers club calls in, discussion of dim sum restaurants
2000-03-26 Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2000-03-27 Goldfinger
2000-03-28 The Bentley Twins Promoting Playboy
2000-04-04 Joe Rogan
2000-04-05 Chris Hardwick
2000-04-06 311
2000-04-10 No guest
2000-04-11 Cast of The Blame Game
2000-04-12 No Doubt
2000-04-16 Matthew McConaughey From the movie U-571
2000-04-17 Frank Stallone
2000-04-19 Goo Goo Dolls
2000-04-20 Save Ferris
2000-04-23 Larry Flynt & Shmuley Boteach
2000-04-25 Bad Religion
2000-04-26 Robby Gordon
2000-04-27 Everclear
2000-05-01 Andy Dick
2000-05-02 Lynsey Bartilson
2000-05-03 Veruca Salt Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2000-05-04 Zack Ward
2000-05-09 Allen Shellenberger, Kevin Baldes, A. Jay Popoff & Jeremy Popoff From the band Lit
2000-05-10 Robert DeLeo & Scott Weiland From the band Stone Temple Pilots
2000-05-11 Busy Phillips & Seth Rogen From the TV show Freaks and Geeks
2000-05-15 Christopher Titus From the TV show Titus
2000-05-16 No guest, Adam is late
2000-05-17 Max Collins, Tony Fagenson & Jon Siebels From the band Eve 6
2000-05-18 DJ Qualls
2000-05-23 Stroke 9
2000-05-24 Dicky Barrett From the band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
2000-05-25 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2000-05-28 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2000-05-30 Mo'Nique Imes-Jackson From the TV show The Parkers
2000-05-31 Darrell Hammond From the TV show Saturday Night Live
2000-06-01 No guest
2000-06-04 Rob Thomas & Adam Gaynor From the band Matchbox 20
2000-06-05 Billy Howerdel & Maynard James Keenan From the band A Perfect Circle
2000-06-06 Aimee Mann & Michael Penn Promoting the album Bachelor No. 2
2000-06-07 No guest
2000-06-08 (no guest)
2000-06-11 Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes & Warren Cuccurullo From the band Duran Duran
2000-06-12 Matthew Lillard From the movie Love's Labour's Lost
2000-06-14 No guest
2000-06-15 Rosebudd Ex pimp from the movie American Pimp
2000-06-18 Third Eye Blind
2000-06-19 Best of Loveline Everclear, Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein & Darryl Hammond
2000-06-20 Best of Loveline Snoop Dogg and the Eastsiders, David Alan Grier, Lit, The Bentley Twins
2000-06-21 Best of Loveline Nick Hexum from 311
2000-06-22 Best of Loveline David Arquette
2000-06-25 William McNamara & Charlotte Ross From the TV series Beggars and Choosers. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla.
2000-06-26 No guest
2000-06-27 Tommy Chong Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2000-06-28 Papa Roach
2000-06-29 Long Beach Dub Allstars
2000-07-04 Best of Loveline With Duran Duran, Matchbox 20, Eve 6, Goo Goo Dolls
2000-07-06 Carmen Electra
2000-07-11 Kari Wuhrer From the movie Out of Sync
2000-07-12 No guest, Adam's gas
2000-07-13 Everclear Promoting the album Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile
2000-07-16 Fenix TX
2000-07-17 Jaguares Promoting the album Bajo el Azul de Tu Misterio
2000-07-18 BT
2000-07-19 Molly Sims
2000-07-20 System of a Down
2000-07-24 Dynamite Hack Promoting the album Superfast
2000-07-26 No guest/Drew's gas
2000-07-27 Mario Van Peebles
2000-07-31 Louise Post From the band Veruca Salt
2000-08-01 Kelly Slater & Chris Malloy From the movie Hit and Run
2000-08-03 Greg Grunberg
2000-08-06 Kate Moennig & Ian Somerhalder Promoting the TV show Young Americans
2000-08-09 Armpit hair sandwich
2000-08-09 The Deftones Promoting the album White Pony
2000-08-10 Nina Gordon From the band Veruca Salt
2000-08-14 Brad Sherwood From the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?
2000-08-15 Face to Face
2000-08-16 Victoria Silvstedt Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2000-08-17 Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2000-08-22 Coolio Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2000-08-23 SR-71 Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2000-08-24 Cindy Margolis Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2000-08-27 Beth Broderick & Andrew Levitas From the movie Psycho Beach Party
2000-08-28 Rob Kingwell & Jim Rippey Snowboarders
2000-08-29 Tony Hawk
2000-08-31 Nick Oliveri & Josh Homme From the band Queens of the Stone Age
2000-09-04 No Guest Dr. Drew's birthday; Adam gives gift of gas
2000-09-06 Rosa Blasi & Josh Coxx From the TV show Strong Medicine
2000-09-07 Randy "Macho Man" Savage
2000-09-12 Seth Enslow
2000-09-13 Kennedy
2000-09-14 No guest
2000-09-17 Scott Lindquist Promoting The Date Rape Prevention Book
2000-09-19 Joey McIntyre & Jean Louisa Kelly From the movie The Fantastics
2000-09-20 Elisa Donovan From the TV show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
2000-09-21 Michael Cooper
2000-09-24 Brittany Petros From the TV show Big Brother
2000-09-25 Kelly Wigglesworth From the TV show Survivor
2000-09-26 Mike Herrera, Tom Wisniewski & Yuri Ruley From the band MxPx
2000-09-27 Gena Lee Nolin From the TV show Sheena
2000-09-28 Melissa Howard From the TV show The Real World
2000-10-01 Jenny McShane
2000-10-03 Nikki Cox & Nick von Esmarch From the TV show Nikki
2000-10-04 Brian Krause
2000-10-05 Cypress Hill
2000-10-08 Tim Meadows From the movie The Ladies Man
2000-10-09 Billy Dee Williams From the movie The Ladies Man
2000-10-10 Dain Blanton & Eric Fonoimoana Beach volleyball gold medalists
2000-10-11 Paget Brewster, Larry Joe Campbell & Jon Cryer From the TV show The Trouble With Normal
2000-10-15 Tammy Lynn Michaels From the TV show Popular
2000-10-16 Kim Coles From the TV show The Geena Davis Show
2000-10-17 Tom Arnold From the movie Animal Factory
2000-10-22 Erica Leerhsen & Stephen Barker Turner From the movie Blair Witch 2
2000-10-23 Alison Byrne Fields From Rock the Vote
2000-10-24 Carrot Top
2000-10-25 Violent J From the band Insane Clown Posse
2000-10-26 Brad Arnold, Chris Henderson & Matt Roberts From the band 3 Doors Down
2000-10-30 Everlast
2000-10-31 No guest
2000-11-01 From The Museum of Television & Radio
2000-11-02 Amber Benson From the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2000-11-05 Amir Derakh & Jay Gordon From the band Orgy
2000-11-07 Joe Escalante & Josh Freese From the band The Vandals
2000-11-08 Disturbed
2000-11-09 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
2000-11-12 James Marsters From the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2000-11-14 Keith Kane & Ed Toth From the band Vertical Horizon
2000-11-15 David Alan Grier
2000-11-16 Geoff Rowley, Kareem Campbell & Ryan Nyquist Skateboarders & BMX rider from the Invert 2000 carnival
2000-11-19 Leeza Gibbons From the TV show Extra
2000-11-21 No guest
2000-11-22 At the Drive In
2000-11-23 Best of Loveline Thanksgiving Holiday
2000-11-26 Monty Messex From the Children's Hospital Los Angeles
2000-11-28 Valarie Rae Miller & Richard Gunn From the TV show Dark Angel
2000-11-29 Everclear
2000-11-30 Carmen Electra
2000-12-03 Jimmy Kimmel
2000-12-04 Vanessa Kay & No Forcefield
2000-12-05 Justin Whalin From the movie Dungeons & Dragons
2000-12-07 Natalie Raitano From the TV show V.I.P.
2000-12-12 Mark McGrath From the band Sugar Ray
2000-12-13 Minka
2000-12-14 Vicki Balet & Anna From
2000-12-19 Justina Vail

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