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Loveline is a syndicated radio call-in program that offers medical and relationship advice to listeners, often with the assistance of guests. Its flagship station is KROQ-FM in Los Angeles.

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The show is broadcast from Sunday to Thursday. Since it broadcasts at 10 p.m. to 12 a.m Pacific Time Zone occasionally shows will be listed incorrectly with the next day's date. If a show's date corresponds to a Friday or a Saturday, it is almost certainly incorrect. Sunday episodes are identified in the table by gray shading.

2003 hosts[edit]

2003 episodes[edit]

Date Guest(s) Notes
2003-01-01 Best of Loveline, with Alanis Morissette, 311, Vanessa Carlton, Eminem
2003-01-02 Best of Loveline, with Jack Osbourne, Sum 41, David Alan Grier, Henry Rollins
2003-01-05 No guest
2003-01-06 Kathy Griffin From the TV show Celebrity Mole
2003-01-07 No guest
2003-01-08 No guest
2003-01-09 No guest
2003-01-12 No guest
2003-01-13 Stephen Baldwin From the TV show Celebrity Mole
2003-01-15 Corey Feldman From the TV show The Surreal Life
2003-01-19 No guest
2003-01-20 Lynsey Bartilson From the TV show Grounded for Life
2003-01-21 Jimmy Kimmel From the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live!
2003-01-22 Scott Russo & Pat "PK" Kim From the band Unwritten Law
2003-01-23 Jerry O'Connell From the movie Kangaroo Jack
2003-01-26 Nick Wheeler & Mike Kennerty From the band All American Rejects
2003-01-27 Emma Caulfield From the movie Darkness Falls
2003-01-28 Adam Rodriguez From the TV show CSI: Miami
2003-01-29 Cheryl Hines From the TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm
2003-01-30 James Marsters From the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2003-02-02 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2003-02-03 Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau & David Desrosiers From the band Simple Plan
2003-02-04 Kurtwood Smith From the TV show That '70s Show
2003-02-06 Mark Lanegan & Josh Homme From the band Queens of the Stone Age
2003-02-09 Jimi Mistry From the movie The Guru
2003-02-10 Sadie Allison Promoting the book Toygasms! The Insider's Guide to Sex Toys and Techniques
2003-02-12 Heidi Fleiss Promoting the book Pandering
2003-02-13 Gabe Fischbarg Promoting the book The Guide to Picking Up Girls
2003-02-16 No guest
2003-02-17 Trista Rehn From the TV show The Bachelorette
2003-02-19 Joe Escalante & Josh Freese From the band The Vandals
2003-02-23 Poppy Montgomery From the TV show Without a Trace
2003-02-25 Kathy Griffin
2003-02-27 Dicky Barrett From the band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
2003-03-02 The Ataris Promoting the album So Long Astoria. Adam was in Wilmington, North Carolina in preparation of shooting an appearance of Dawson's Creek.
2003-03-05 Busy Philipps, Michelle Williams, & Oliver Hudson From the TV show Dawson's Creek. Adam and Drew were both in Wilmington shooting their Dawson's Creek appearance.
2003-03-06 Joshua Jackson From the TV show Dawson's Creek. Adam and Drew were both in Wilmington shooting their Dawson's Creek appearance.
2003-03-09 No guest
2003-03-11 Paul Rodriguez
2003-03-13 Evan Marriott From the TV show Joe Millionaire
2003-03-16 No guest
2003-03-18 Megyn Price From the TV show Grounded for Life
2003-03-19 Victoria Silvstedt
2003-03-20 Greg Proops From the TV show Whose Line is it Anyway
2003-03-23 The Used
2003-03-24 Ron Jeremy
2003-03-25 Bill Nye
2003-03-26 Monique Powell From the band Save Ferris
2003-03-27 Missi Pyle From the movie Bringing Down the House
2003-03-30 No guest
2003-03-31 Liam Lynch From the band United States of Whatever
2003-04-02 Randy Jackson From the TV show American Idol
2003-04-03 Brooks Wackerman, Greg Hetson & Greg Graffin From the band Bad Religion
2003-04-06 No guest
2003-04-08 Hal Sparks From the TV show Queer as Folk
2003-04-09 Paul Tracy
2003-04-10 Josh Brolin & Tommy Shane Steiner
2003-04-13 No guest
2003-04-14 Sum 41
2003-04-15 Chevelle
2003-04-16 Foo Fighters
2003-04-17 Pete Yorn
2003-04-20 Rob Schneider
2003-04-21 Christopher Titus
2003-04-22 John McGinley & James Mangold From the TV show Scrubs
2003-04-23 Dominic Purcell From the TV show John Doe
2003-04-24 Jake Busey From the movie Identity
2003-04-27 Laurie Fetter Promoting her Playboy appearance
2003-04-28 The Donnas
2003-04-29 Jorell Washington & Paul Malbry From the movie The Real Cancun
2003-04-30 Joseph Gordon-Levitt From the movie Manic
2003-05-04 No guest
2003-05-05 Kelly Hu From the movie X2: X-Men United
2003-05-07 Aisha Tyler From the TV show Friends
2003-05-11 Hayley Arp From the TV show Mr. Personality. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2003-05-12 Cold
2003-05-13 Stephan Jenkins From the band Third Eye Blind
2003-05-14 Chester Bennington & Brad Delson From the band Linkin Park
2003-05-18 The Deftones
2003-05-19 Powerman 5000
2003-05-20 Rosa Blasi From the TV show Strong Medicine
2003-05-25 No guest
2003-05-27 David Alan Grier
2003-06-01 No guest
2003-06-02 Deborah Falconer
2003-06-03 Officer Louis José Hernandez From Sober Graduation
2003-06-04 Leeann Tweeden From the TV show The Best Damn Sports Show Period
2003-06-05 Tim Long, Matt Selman & Al Jean From the TV show The Simpsons
2003-06-08 Good Charlotte
2003-06-09 Nikki Ziering Promoting her Playboy appearance
2003-06-10 Transplants
2003-06-11 Bill Bellamy & Benji Madden Bellamy, from the TV show Fastlane, is in for the first hour. Benji from Good Charlotte is in the second half.
2003-06-12 Eric Olsen & Derek Richardson From the movie Dumb and Dumberer
2003-06-15 Chris Brown & Aaron Montgomery From the band Trapt
2003-06-16 Sam Fogarino & Carlos Dengler From the band Interpol, promoting the album Turn on the Bright Lights
2003-06-17 Laura Berman & Jennifer Berman From the TV show Berman and Berman
2003-06-18 Jewel
2003-06-22 No guest
2003-06-23 Erich "Mancow" Muller
2003-06-26 Alanna Ubach From the movie Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
2003-06-29 Mark Valley From the TV show Keen Eddie
2003-06-30 Perry Farrell, Stephen Perkins, Dave Navarro & Chris Chaney From the band Jane's Addiction
2003-07-01 Jack Osbourne & Sharon Osbourne
2003-07-02 Carnie Wilson
2003-07-03 Best of Loveline
2003-07-06 No guest
2003-07-07 Gary Busey & Adam de la Peña From the TV show I'm with Busey
2003-07-08 311
2003-07-09 Less than Jake
2003-07-13 No guest
2003-07-14 Kerri Kasem From the TV show Beg, Borrow & Deal
2003-07-15 Brooke Burns From the TV show Dog Eat Dog
2003-07-16 Brooke Burke
2003-07-20 Best of Loveline
2003-07-21 Eddie Kaye Thomas From the movie American Wedding
2003-07-22 Kathy Griffin
2003-07-23 Thomas Ian Nicholas From the movie American Wedding
2003-07-27 Fat Mike, Chris Shiflett & Dave Raun From the band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
2003-07-29 Ginger Lynn
2003-08-03 No guest
2003-08-04 David Alan Grier
2003-08-05 Lisa Dergan From Fox Sports Net
2003-08-06 Traci Lords
2003-08-07 Mark McGrath & Craig Bullock From the band Sugar Ray
2003-08-10 Robert Englund & Ken Kirzinger From the movie Freddy vs. Jason
2003-08-11 Kelly Slater
2003-08-12 Stephen Richards & Jarrod Montague From the band Taproot. Hosted by Dr. Michael & Adam Carolla
2003-08-13 Tony Hawk Hosted by Dr. Ben & Adam Carolla
2003-08-14 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2003-08-17 No guest
2003-08-19 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2003-08-20 Christy Canyon Promoting the book Lights, Camera, Sex
2003-08-21 Best of Loveline, with Foo Fighters, Bad Religion, Kelly Hu, Good Charlotte, Transplants, Jewel
2003-08-24 Best of Loveline, with Sum 41
2003-08-25 Best of Loveline, with Gary Busey, Alanis Morissette The Used, Joshua Jackson
2003-08-26 Best of Loveline, with Chevelle, Stephen Baldwin, Robert Downey Jr., Linkin Park, Jack & Sharon Osbourne
2003-08-27 Best of Loveline, with System of a Down, Randy Jackson, Janes Addiction Josh Brolin, Aisha Tyler
2003-08-31 No guest
2003-09-01 Seth Green From the movie Party Monster
2003-09-02 Ken Casey & James Lynch From the band Dropkick Murphys. Hosted by Dr. Ben & Adam Carolla
2003-09-03 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2003-09-04 Busy Philipps From the movie Home Room. Hosted by Dr. Marcel & Adam Carolla
2003-09-07 Jim Lindberg & Byron McMackin From the band Pennywise
2003-09-10 Dr. Gary Alter From the TV show Dr. 90210
2003-09-11 Riley Breckenridge & Dustin Kensrue From the band Thrice
2003-09-15 No guest
2003-09-15 Ralph Garman From the TV show The Joe Schmo Show
2003-09-16 Sarah Fisher & Dan Wheldon
2003-09-17 Wilmer Valderrama From the movie Party Monster
2003-09-18 Davey Havok & Jade Puget From the band AFI
2003-09-21 Andy Dick From the TV show Less Than Perfect
2003-09-22 Chad Kroeger & Ryan Peake From the band Nickelback
2003-09-23 Suzanne Stratford From the TV station WJW
2003-09-28 Sara Rue From the TV show Less Than Perfect
2003-09-29 Bob Guiney From the TV show The Bachelor
2003-09-30 Bill Bellamy
2003-10-01 Robin Zander & Tom Petersson From the band Cheap Trick
2003-10-02 Peter Facinelli & Ethan Embry From the movie Stealing Time
2003-10-05 No guest
2003-10-06 Jimmy Kimmel From the movie Windy City Heat
2003-10-07 Ben Stein Promoting the book How to Ruin Your Love Life
2003-10-08 Marilyn Manson Promoting the album The Golden Age of Grotesque
2003-10-09 Sarah Silverman From the movie The School of Rock
2003-10-12 No guest
2003-10-13 Randy Savage Promoting the album Be A Man
2003-10-14 Kelly Osbourne From the TV show The Osbournes
2003-10-16 Eric Balfour From the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2003-10-19 No guest
2003-10-20 Andrew McMahon, Brian Ireland & William Tell From the band Something Corporate, promoting the album North
2003-10-22 Lindsay Price & Jay Harrington From the TV show Coupling
2003-10-23 Matt Rubano, Fred Mascherino & Adam Lazzara From the band Taking Back Sunday promoting the album Tell All Your Friends
2003-10-26 Ryan Key, Alex Lewis & Ben Harper From the band Yellowcard promoting the album Ocean Avenue
2003-10-28 Jason Bateman & Will Arnett From the TV show Arrested Development
2003-10-30 Nick Wheeler, Chris Gaylor, Tyson Ritter & Mike Kennerty From the band All American Rejects
2003-11-02 No guest
2003-11-03 Bianca Kajlich From the TV show Rock Me Baby
2003-11-04 John Collura & Chris Knapp From the band The Ataris
2003-11-05 Adrian Young, Annabella Lwin & Leigh Gorman From the bands No Doubt & Bow Wow Wow
2003-11-06 Jack Black & Kyle Gass From the band Tenacious D
2003-11-09 No guest
2003-11-10 Triumph the Insult Comic Dog aka Robert Smigel promoting the CD Come Poop with Me
2003-11-11 Brad Delson & Joe Hahn From the band Linkin Park promoting the album Live in Texas
2003-11-12 Eric Bobo, Sen Dog & B-Real From the band Cypress Hill
2003-11-13 Dave Buckner, Mia Tyler From the band Papa Roach
2003-11-16 Adam Rodriguez From the TV show CSI: Miami
2003-11-17 Wes Scantlin From the band Puddle of Mudd promoting the album Life on Display
2003-11-18 Adam Brody & Peter Gallagher From the TV show The O.C.
2003-11-19 Pink Promoting the album Try This. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2003-11-23 Rob Schneider
2003-11-24 Benji Madden & Joel Madden From the band Good Charlotte promoting the album The Young and the Hopeless
2003-11-25 Mark Hoppus & Travis Barker From the band Blink-182 promoting the album (untitled)
2003-11-26 Ron Livingston From the movie The Cooler
2003-11-27 Best of Loveline
2003-11-30 No guest
2003-12-01 Macy Gray Promoting the album The Trouble With Being Myself
2003-12-02 Kathy Griffin From the TV show Average Joe
2003-12-03 Tori Amos Promoting the album Tales of a Librarian
2003-12-07 Dicky Barrett From the band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
2003-12-08 Nicole Richie From the TV show The Simple Life
2003-12-09 Joshua Malina From the TV show The West Wing
2003-12-11 David Alan Grier From the TV show Life with Bonnie
2003-12-14 Best of Loveline
2003-12-15 Mark Wilson & Chris Cester From the band Jet promoting the album Get Born
2003-12-16 Doug Robb & Dan Estrin From the band Hoobastank
2003-12-17 Michelle Branch Promoting the single "Breathe"
2003-12-18 Adam Goldberg
2003-12-21 Christopher Titus
2003-12-22 Riley Breckenridge & Dustin Kensrue From the band Thrice
2003-12-24 Best of Loveline
2003-12-25 Best of Loveline
2003-12-28 Best of Loveline, with David Alan Grier, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Sara Rue, Brooke Burns, Peter Gallagher, Adam Brody, AFI
2003-12-29 Best of Loveline, with Pink, The Ataris, Victoria Silvstedt, Marilyn Manson, Heidi Fleiss, Pete Yorn
2003-12-30 Best of Loveline, with Andy Dick, Trista Rehn, 311, Jack Black, Kyle Gass

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