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Loveline is a syndicated radio call-in program that offers medical and relationship advice to listeners, often with the assistance of guests. Its flagship station is KROQ-FM in Los Angeles.


The show is broadcast from Sunday to Thursdays. Since it broadcasts at 10 p.m. to 12 a.m Pacific Time Zone occasionally shows will be listed incorrectly with the next day's date. If a show's date corresponds to a Friday or a Saturday, it is almost certainly incorrect. Sunday episodes are identified in the table by gray shading.

2004 hosts[edit]

2004 episodes[edit]

Date Guest(s) Notes
2004-01-01 Best of Loveline, with Jimmy Kimmel, Puddle of Mudd, Bob Guiney, Kelly Osbourne, Wilmer Valderrama, Bill Bellamy
2004-01-04 No guest
2004-01-05 Angie Everhart From the TV show Celebrity Mole
2004-01-06 Jeremy McGrath Promoting the book Wide Open: A Life in Supercross
2004-01-07 No guest
2004-01-08 Sam Farrar & Alexander Greenwald From the band Phantom Planet promoting the album The Guest
2004-01-11 Ken Jordan & Scott Kirkland From the band The Crystal Method promoting the album Legion of Boom
2004-01-12 Lisa Loeb & Ian Ziering From the TV show Spider-Man
2004-01-13 No guest
2004-01-14 No guest
2004-01-15 Ron Jeremy From the TV show The Surreal Life
2004-01-18 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2004-01-19 Stephen Baldwin From the TV show Celebrity Mole. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2004-01-20 Anthony Davis, Sean Daley & DJ Mr. Dibbs From the band Atmosphere promoting the album Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2004-01-21 Best of Loveline, with Macy Gray, Tori Amos, Jet, Snoop Dogg, Coldplay, Nicole Richie
2004-01-22 Best of Loveline
2004-01-25 Dexter Holland From the band The Offspring
2004-01-26 Kevin Nealon
2004-01-27 Amy Weber & Hayden Elizabeth From the Lingerie Bowl
2004-01-28 No guest
2004-01-29 Hosted by Dr. Drew & David Alan Grier
2004-02-01 Lee Gaze, Jamie Oliver & Ian Watkins From the band Lostprophets promoting the album Start Something
2004-02-02 Rob Schneider From the movie The Animal
2004-02-03 Aisha Tyler Promoting the book Swerve: Reckless Observations of a Postmodern Girl
2004-02-04 Jeff Probst From the TV show Survivor
2004-02-05 Dan Marsala, Josh Wills, Ryan Phillips, Philip Sneed & Adam Russell From the band Story of the Year
2004-02-08 No guest
2004-02-09 Jack Osbourne From the TV show The Osbournes
2004-02-10 John Mayer Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2004-02-11 Dominic Monaghan From the movie The Lord of the Rings. Hosted by Dr. Alter & Adam Carolla
2004-02-12 Donna D'Errico From the movie Comic Book: The Movie[. Hosted by Dr. Ben & Adam Carolla
2004-02-15 No guest
2004-02-16 No guest
2004-02-17 No guest
2004-02-18 No guest
2004-02-19 Adam Carson, Jade Puget, Davey Havok & Hunter Burgan From the band AFI promoting the album Sing the Sorrow
2004-02-22 No guest
2004-02-23 No guest
2004-02-24 Adam Gontier & Neil Sanderson From the band Three Days Grace
2004-02-25 Dave Navarro From the TV show 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave
2004-02-26 Jeff Stinco & Chuck Comeau From the band Simple Plan
2004-02-29 Nicky Hayden
2004-03-01 Christopher McDonald From the TV show Cracking Up
2004-03-02 Chris Cheney, Scott Owen & Andy Strachan From the band The Living End
2004-03-03 Art Alexakis From the band Everclear
2004-03-04 Sully Erna & Shannon Larkin From the band Godsmack promoting the album The Other Side
2004-03-07 Trista Rehn & Ryan Sutter From the TV show The Bachelorette
2004-03-08 Melinda Clarke From the TV show The O.C.
2004-03-09 Ty Pennington From the TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
2004-03-10 No guest
2004-03-11 Will Sasso From the TV show Less Than Perfect
2004-03-14 Will Arnett From the TV show Arrested Development
2004-03-15 Christopher Titus
2004-03-16 No guest
2004-03-17 Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2004-03-18 John Dolmayan, Serj Tankian & Shavo Odadjian From the band System of a Down. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2004-03-21 Senen Reyes & Lawrence Muggerud From the band Cypress Hill promoting the album Till Death Do Us Part
2004-03-22 No guest
2004-03-23 Nikki Sixx & Tracii Guns From the band Brides of Destruction promoting the album Here Come the Brides
2004-03-24 No guest
2004-03-25 Bert McCracken, John Feldmann & Joel Madden From the bands The Used, Good Charlotte & Goldfinger
2004-03-28 Jena Malone From the movie The United States of Leland
2004-03-29 No guest
2004-03-30 Greg Proops From the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?
2004-03-31 Ethan Zohn From the TV show Survivor
2004-04-01 Torrie Wilson Promoting her Playboy appearance
2004-04-04 No guest
2004-04-05 No guest
2004-04-06 Hoobastank
2004-04-07 Dave Attell From the TV show Insomniac with Dave Attell
2004-04-08 Elisha Cuthbert From the movie The Girl Next Door
2004-04-11 No guest
2004-04-12 Ron Perlman From the movie Hellboy
2004-04-13 SA Martinez & Aaron Wills From the band 311
2004-04-14 No guest
2004-04-15 Antonio Sabato Jr. From the TV show The Help
2004-04-18 Tina Fey & Tim Meadows From the movie 'Mean Girls
2004-04-19 Dan Hawkins & Frankie Poullain From the band The Darkness
2004-04-20 Jim Lindberg From the band Pennywise
2004-04-21 Colby Donaldson From the TV show Survivor
2004-04-22 James Marsters From the TV show Angel
2004-04-25 No guest
2004-04-26 Sharon Osbourne From the TV show The Sharon Osbourne Show
2004-04-27 No guest
2004-04-28 Jerri Manthey From the TV show Survivor: All-Stars
2004-04-29 Bam Margera & Ryan Dunn From the TV show Viva La Bam
2004-05-02 No guest
2004-05-03 Jack Osbourne From the movie New York Minute
2004-05-04 No guest
2004-05-05 No guest
2004-05-06 Jay Mohr & Julianne Nicholson From the movie Seeing Other People
2004-05-09 Andy Richter From the movie New York Minute
2004-05-10 Lisa Dergan From Fox Sports Net
2004-05-11 No guest
2004-05-12 Jamie Oliver & Mike Lewis From the band Lostprophets
2004-05-13 Steve-O & Chris Pontius From the TV show Wildboyz
2004-05-16 No guest
2004-05-17 Lamon Brewster
2004-05-18 Chad Gilbert & Jordan Pundik From the band New Found Glory
2004-05-19 Officer Louis José Hernandez & Pedro Muñiz From Sober Graduation
2004-05-20 Nelly Furtado Promoting the album Folklore
2004-05-23 Jenna Lewis From the TV show Survivor
2004-05-24 Adam Levine & James Valentine From the band Maroon 5
2004-05-25 No guest
2004-05-26 No guest
2004-05-27 Adam's 40th birthday
2004-05-30 Best of Loveline
2004-05-31 Missi Pyle From the movie Soul Plane. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2004-06-01 Nick Hexum From the band 311 promoting the album Greatest Hits '93–'03. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2004-06-02 Andy Dick From the TV show Less Than Perfect. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2004-06-03 Everlast Promoting the album White Trash Beautiful. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2004-06-06 Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2004-06-07 Darrell Hammond From the movie New York Minute
2004-06-08 No guest
2004-06-09 Jenny McCarthy Promoting the book Belly Laughs
2004-06-10 Alanis Morissette Promoting the album So-Called Chaos
2004-06-13 Brett Gurewitz & Greg Graffin From the band Bad Religion promoting the album The Empire Strikes First
2004-06-14 Nicole Richie From the TV show The Simple Life 2
2004-06-15 Dr. Bruce Hensel & Rene From the documentary The Opposite Sex: Rene's Story
2004-06-16 David Alan Grier
2004-06-17 Andrew W.K. Promoting the album The Wolf
2004-06-20 Joe Escalante & Warren Fitzgerald From the band The Vandals promoting the album Hollywood Potato Chip
2004-06-21 Busy Philipps From the movie White Chicks
2004-06-22 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2004-06-23 Justin Long From the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2004-06-24 Jessica Cauffiel From the movie White Chicks. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2004-06-27 Hosted by Dr. Marcel & Adam Carolla
2004-06-28 A. Jay Popoff, Allen Shellenberger, Jeremy Popoff & Kevin Baldes From the band Lit. Hosted by Dr. Alter & Adam Carolla
2004-06-29 Kathy Griffin Hosted by Dr. Hensel & Adam Carolla
2004-06-30 No guest
2004-07-01 Patton Oswalt & Brian Posehn
2004-07-04 Best of Loveline
2004-07-05 Peter Mosely & Ben Harper From the band Yellowcard
2004-07-06 No guest
2004-07-07 Melissa Auf der Maur Promoting the album Auf de Maur. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Nicole Alvarez
2004-07-08 No guest
2004-07-11 No guest
2004-07-12 No guest
2004-07-13 No guest
2004-07-14 Jeremy Piven From the TV show Entourage
2004-07-15 Mimi Rogers From the movie The Door in the Floor
2004-07-18 Matt Sorum From the band Velvet Revolver
2004-07-19 Wil-dog Abers, Ulises Bella, Asdru Sierra & Jabu Lani From the band Ozomatli promoting the album Street Signs
2004-07-20 No guest
2004-07-21 No guest
2004-07-22 Best of Loveline, with Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, Colby Donaldson, Dave Attell, Elisha Cuthbert, Dave Navarro
2004-07-25 Best of Loveline, with Andy Richter, Steve-O & Chris Pontius, Nelly Furtado, Kevin Nealon, Jay Mohr, Julianne Nicholson, Rob Schneider
2004-07-26 No guest
2004-07-27 Mark O'Connell & Adam Lazzara & Matt Rubano From the band Taking Back Sunday promoting the album Where You Want To Be
2004-07-28 Alex Borstein From the movie Catwoman
2004-07-29 John Cho & Kal Penn From the movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
2004-08-01 No guest
2004-08-02 Randy Jackson From the TV show American Idol
2004-08-03 Damian "Bolo" Wills Boxer from Hollywood Fight Night IV
2004-08-04 Ron Livingston From the movie Little Black Book
2004-08-05 Ronnie Renner & Chad Kagy X-Games athletes
2004-08-08 Dax Shepard & Seth Green From the movie Without a Paddle
2004-08-09 No guest
2004-08-10 Callum Blue From the movie Princess Diaries 2
2004-08-11 No guest
2004-08-12 Wes Scantlin & Douglas Ardito From the band Puddle of Mudd
2004-08-15 No guest
2004-08-16 John Hensley From the TV show Nip/Tuck
2004-08-17 No guest
2004-08-18 No guest
2004-08-19 Matthew Lillard From the movie Without a Paddle
2004-08-22 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2004-08-23 No guest
2004-08-24 Lisa Loeb
2004-08-25 Jenna Jameson
2004-08-26,, Fergie & Taboo From the band The Black Eyed Peas
2004-08-29 No guest
2004-08-30 Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci From the band The Killers. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2004-08-31 Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2004-09-01 Jerry Horton & Jacoby Shaddix From the band Papa Roach. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2004-09-02 Aries Spears From the TV show MADtv
2004-09-05 Best of Loveline
2004-09-06 No guest
2004-09-07 April Matson From the TV show Quintuplets
2004-09-08 Jamie Kennedy From the TV show The Jamie Kennedy Experiment
2004-09-09 No guest
2004-09-12 No guest
2004-09-13 Trever Keith & Scott Shiflett From the band Face to Face
2004-09-14 Nikki Ziering From the movie National Lampoon's Gold Diggers
2004-09-15 Kevin Nealon
2004-09-16 James Toney
2004-09-19 No guest
2004-09-20 Sarah Silverman
2004-09-21 No guest
2004-09-22 Dean Cain From the TV show Clubhouse
2004-09-23 Rich Eisen From the TV show NFL Total Access
2004-09-26 Jonathan Davis From the band Korn promoting the album Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
2004-09-27 Paul Banks & Carlos Dengler From the band Interpol promoting the album Antics
2004-09-28 Seth MacFarlane From the TV show Family Guy
2004-09-29 Bryan Herta & Dan Wheldon Indy Car Racers
2004-09-30 No guest
2004-10-03 John McCrea & Vince DiFiore From the band Cake
2004-10-04 No guest
2004-10-05 Bonnie Somerville From the TV show NYPD Blue
2004-10-06 Wes Scantlin & Greg Upchurch From the band Puddle of Mudd
2004-10-07 No guest
2004-10-10 Orlando Jones From the TV show Father of the Pride
2004-10-11 Dave Navarro Promoting the book Don't Try This At Home
2004-10-12 No guest
2004-10-13 Jeff Probst From the TV show Survivor
2004-10-14 Sara Rue From the TV show Less Than Perfect
2004-10-17 Marilyn Manson
2004-10-18 No guest
2004-10-19 No guest
2004-10-20 Christy Canyon Pornstar
2004-10-21 Marsha Thomason From the TV show Las Vegas
2004-10-24 No guest
2004-10-25 No guest
2004-10-26 No guest
2004-10-27 Cary Elwes & Leigh Whannell From the movie Saw
2004-10-28 Zach Lind & Rick Burch From the band Jimmy Eat World
2004-10-31 Michael J. Kouri Psychic
2004-11-01 No guest
2004-11-02 Danny Pino From the TV show Cold Case
2004-11-03 Andy Dick From the TV show Less Than Perfect
2004-11-04 Anthony Kiedis From the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Stryker
2004-11-07 David Alan Grier
2004-11-08 No guest
2004-11-09 No guest
2004-11-10 Elizabeth Jarosz From the TV show The Apprentice
2004-11-11 Jason Bateman From the TV show Arrested Development
2004-11-14 No guest
2004-11-15 No guest
2004-11-16 No guest
2004-11-17 No guest
2004-11-18 No guest
2004-11-21 Will Arnett From the TV show Arrested Development
2004-11-22 Leeann Tweeden From the TV show The Best Damn Sports Show Period
2004-11-23 Tim Pagnotta & Marko 72 From the band Sugarcult
2004-11-24 No guest
2004-11-25 Best of Loveline
2004-11-28 No guest
2004-11-29 Mark McGrath & Dayna Devon From the TV show Extra
2004-11-30 No guest
2004-12-01 Tom Chaplin & Tim Rice-Oxley From the band Keane
2004-12-02 No guest
2004-12-05 Alanna Ubach From the movie Meet the Fockers
2004-12-06 Kathy Griffin
2004-12-07 No guest
2004-12-08 No guest
2004-12-09 No guest
2004-12-12 There was no show on this date
2004-12-13 Cone McCaslin, Steve Jocz & Deryck Whibley From the band Sum 41. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2004-12-14 Torry Castellano, Allison Robertson, Brett Anderson & Maya Ford From the band The Donnas
2004-12-15 No guest
2004-12-16 Jacoby Shaddix & Tobin Esperance From the band Papa Roach
2004-12-19 Best of Loveline, with Jay Mohr & Julianne Nicholson, Andy Richter, Nicole Richie, Orlando Jones
2004-12-20 Best of Loveline, with Jeff Probst, Rob Schneider, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Marilyn Manson
2004-12-21 Best of Loveline, with AFI, Tina Fey & Tim Meadows, Melinda Clarke, Bam Margera & Ryan Dunn, Seth MacFarlane
2004-12-22 Best of Loveline, with The Darkness, Dave Navarro, Elisha Cuthbert, Steve-O & Chris Pontius, Jonathan Davis
2004-12-23 Best of Loveline, with Jenna Jameson, Dax Shepard & Seth Green, Hoobastank, The Offspring, The Black Eyed Peas, Macy Gray
2004-12-26 Best of Loveline, with Matthew McConaughey, Laura Prepon & Mila Kunis, Jane's Addiction, Foo Fighters, Joshua Jackson
2004-12-27 Best of Loveline, with Coldplay, Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Kimmel, James Belushi, Eminem
2004-12-28 Best of Loveline, with Destiny's Child, Adam Brody & Peter Gallagher, Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne, George Lopez, Tommy Lee
2004-12-29 Best of Loveline, with Linkin Park, Tenacious D, Stone Temple Pilots, Wilmer Valderrama, Carmen Electra
2004-12-30 Best of Loveline, with Patrick Fugit & Tony Hawk, David Arquette, Alec Baldwin, Tom Arnold

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