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Loveline is a syndicated radio call-in program that offers medical and relationship advice to listeners - often with the assistance of guests. Its flagship station is KROQ-FM in Los Angeles.


The show broadcasts Sundays through Thursdays, with no show on Friday or Saturday. Since it broadcasts at 10 p.m. to 12 a.m PT occasionally shows will be listed incorrectly with the next day's date. If a show's date corresponds to a Friday or a Saturday, it is almost certainly incorrect. Sunday episodes are identified in the table by gray shading.

2005 Hosts[edit]

2005 Episodes[edit]

Date Guest(s) Notes
2005-01-02 No Guest
2005-01-03 No Guest
2005-01-04 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2005-01-05 Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda & Doug Robb From the bands Linkin Park & Hoobastank promoting Music for Relief. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2005-01-06 Scott Kirkland & Ken Jordan From the band The Crystal Method
2005-01-09 No Guest
2005-01-10 No Guest
2005-01-11 Nicholas Gonzalez From the TV show The O.C.
2005-01-12 Sean Faris From the TV show Life As We Know It
2005-01-13 Will Sasso From the TV show Less Than Perfect
2005-01-16 No Guest
2005-01-17 Ian Somerhalder & Maggie Grace From the TV show Lost
2005-01-18 Adam Scott From the movie The Aviator
2005-01-19 Josh Cooke From the TV show Committed
2005-01-20 John Cho & Kal Penn From the movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
2005-01-23 No Guest
2005-01-24 No Guest
2005-01-25 No Guest
2005-01-26 Best of Loveline
2005-01-27 Best of Loveline
2005-01-30 No Guest
2005-01-31 No Guest
2005-02-01 Ben Stein From the movie Son of the Mask
2005-02-02 Tim McIlrath, Brandon Barnes, Joe Principe & Chris Chasse From the band Rise Against
2005-02-03 Scott Russo & Tony Palermo From the band Unwritten Law
2005-02-06 No Guest
2005-02-07 Efren Ramirez & Jon Gries From the movie Napoleon Dynamite
2005-02-08 Sadie Allison Promoting the book Tickle His Pickle: Your Hands-On Guide to Penis Pleasing
2005-02-09 No Guest
2005-02-10 Jen Schefft From the TV show The Bachelorette
2005-02-13 No Guest
2005-02-14 No Guest
2005-02-15 No Guest
2005-02-16 Steve Bays, Luke Paquin, Paul Hawley & Dustin Hawthorne From the band Hot Hot Heat promoting the album Elevator
2005-02-17 No Guest
2005-02-20 Only Drew after first segment
2005-02-21 Debbie Gibson Promoting her Playboy appearance
2005-02-22 Jeff Probst From the TV show Survivor: Vanuatu
2005-02-23 David Roos & Melissa Roos Loveline Tsunami auction winners
2005-02-24 Seth Green From the movie Robot Chicken
2005-02-27 No Guest
2005-02-28 Simon Le Bon From the band Duran Duran
2005-03-01 No Guest
2005-03-02 No Guest
2005-03-03 Genevieve Gorder From the TV show Town Haul
2005-03-06 Tom Burbine Loveline Tsunami auction winner
2005-03-07 Mädchen Amick From the TV show ER. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2005-03-08 Audrey Evans From the TV show The Apprentice
2005-03-09 Steve-O, Chris Pontius & Manny Puig From the movie Wildboyz
2005-03-10 No Guest
2005-03-13 John Feldmann, Darrin Pfeiffer, Kelly LeMieux & Brian Arthur From the band Goldfinger
2005-03-14 Kelly Hu From the TV show CSI: NY
2005-03-15 Elisabeth Harnois From the TV show Point Pleasant
2005-03-16 No Guest
2005-03-17 No Guest
2005-03-20 Roger Cross From the TV show 24
2005-03-21 No Guest
2005-03-22 Jason Hill & Brian Karscig From the band Louis XIV. Source of the "I wanna ride a pony Daddy" drop.
2005-03-23 Bret Bolinger, Kaleo Wassman & Yesod Williams From the band Pepper
2005-03-24 Nikki Ziering From the movie National Lampoon's Gold Diggers
2005-03-27 Best of Loveline, with Jen Schefft, Papa Roach, Ty Pennington, Patton Oswalt & Brian Posehn
2005-03-28 Best of Loveline, with Maroon 5, Jenny McCarthy, Sean Faris, Dayna Devon & Mark McGrath
2005-03-29 Best of Loveline, with Leeann Tweeden, Dave Attell, Randy Jackson
2005-03-30 Best of Loveline, with Jason Bateman, Andy Dick, Will Sasso, Darrell Hammond
2005-03-31 Best of Loveline, with Ben Stein, Ian Somerhalder & Maggie Grace, Will Arnett, Kathy Griffin
2005-04-03 Moby
2005-04-04 Gerard Way, Mikey Way & Frank Iero From the band My Chemical Romance
2005-04-05 Riley Breckenridge & Dustin Kensrue From the band Thrice
2005-04-06 Dave Attell From the TV show Insomniac with Dave Attell
2005-04-07 No Guest
2005-04-10 No Guest
2005-04-11 Christopher Titus
2005-04-12 Brian Krause From the TV show Charmed
2005-04-13 Charlie O'Connell From the TV show The Bachelor
2005-04-14 Brandon Flowers & Ronnie Vannucci From the band The Killers
2005-04-17 David Alan Grier
2005-04-18 Rachel Harris From the TV show Fat Actress
2005-04-19 No Guest
2005-04-20 Angie Harper From the TV show The Apprentice
2005-04-21 No Guest
2005-04-24 Seth MacFarlane From the TV show Family Guy
2005-04-25 Alex Borstein From the TV show Family Guy
2005-04-26 Shanna Moakler & Travis Barker From the TV show Meet the Barkers
2005-04-27 No Guest
2005-04-28 Ishe Smith From the TV show The Contender
2005-05-01 No Guest
2005-05-02 Steve Klein, Ian Grushka & James Dewees From the band New Found Glory
2005-05-03 No Guest
2005-05-04 B-Real From the band Cypress Hill
2005-05-05 No Guest
2005-05-08 Fred Mascherino, Adam Lazzara & Eddie Reyes From the band Taking Back Sunday
2005-05-09 No Guest
2005-05-10 No Guest
2005-05-11 Adam Scott From the movie Monster-in-Law
2005-05-12 Sergio Mora & Jonathan Reed From the TV show The Contender
2005-05-15 No Guest
2005-05-16 No Guest
2005-05-17 Matt McManamon & Charlie Turner From the band The Dead 60s
2005-05-18 Matt Skiba, Dan Andriano & Derek Grant From the band Alkaline Trio
2005-05-19 Mike Herrera, Tom Wisniewski & Yuri Ruley From the band MxPx
2005-05-22 No Guest
2005-05-23 Jorge Garcia From the TV show Lost
2005-05-24 No Guest
2005-05-25 Melinda Clarke From the TV show The O.C.
2005-05-26 Joseph Gordon-Levitt From the movie Mysterious Skin
2005-05-29  ?
2005-05-30 No Guest
2005-05-31 No Guest
2005-06-01 Dan Finnerty From the band The Dan Band
2005-06-02 Paul Johansson From the TV show One Tree Hill
2005-06-05 Constantine Maroulis From the TV show American Idol
2005-06-06 No Guest
2005-06-07 Sam Endicott & John Conway From the band The Bravery
2005-06-08 No Guest
2005-06-09 Dexter Holland From the band The Offspring
2005-06-12 No Guest
2005-06-13 No Guest
2005-06-14 Bob Burnquist
2005-06-15 No Guest
2005-06-16 No Guest
2005-06-19 Justin Long From the movie Herbie: Fully Loaded
2005-06-20 Greg Graffin & Jay Bentley From the band Bad Religion
2005-06-21 No Guest
2005-06-22 Hosted by Dr. Ben & Adam Carolla
2005-06-23 Dave Grohl & Chris Shiflett From the band Foo Fighters. Hosted by Dr. Marcel & Adam Carolla
2005-06-26 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2005-06-27 Tom Kenny From the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2005-06-28 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2005-06-29 No Guest
2005-06-30 No Guest
2005-07-03 Best of Loveline
2005-07-04 Best of Loveline
2005-07-05 Greg Behrendt Promoting the book He's Just Not That Into You
2005-07-06 Bobby Brown From the TV show Being Bobby Brown
2005-07-07 Rob Zombie & Sheri Zombie From the movie The Devil's Rejects
2005-07-10 DJ Qualls From the movie Hustle & Flow
2005-07-11 Carlos Mencia From the TV show Mind of Mencia
2005-07-12 No Guest
2005-07-13 Pauly Shore From the TV show Minding the Store
2005-07-14 Tyson Ritter, Chris Gaylor, Nick Wheeler & Mike Kennerty From the band All American Rejects
2005-07-17 No Guest
2005-07-18 No Guest
2005-07-19 Bill Bellamy
2005-07-20 Nick Hexum & Aaron Wills From the band 311
2005-07-21 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2005-07-24 Gary Busey From the TV show Celebrity Fit Club 2
2005-07-25 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
2005-07-26 John Dolmayan & Shavo Odadjian From the band System of a Down
2005-07-27 James Van Praagh From the TV show Ghost Whisperer
2005-07-28 John Singleton & Taryn Manning From the movie Hustle & Flow
2005-07-31 No Guest
2005-08-01 No Guest
2005-08-02 Eddie Griffin From the movie Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
2005-08-03 Rob Schneider From the movie Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2005-08-04 Randy Bradbury & Fletcher Dragge From the band Pennywise
2005-08-07 Ralph Garman From the movie 2 for the Money. Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2005-08-08 Gavin Rossdale From the movie Stealth. Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2005-08-09 Nicole Sullivan From the TV show Hot Properties. Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2005-08-10 Matt "Money" Smith From the movie Kevin and Bean. Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2005-08-11 Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman From the movie The Aristocrats. Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2005-08-14 Howie Mandel From the TV show Hidden Howie
2005-08-15 No Guest
2005-08-16 No Guest
2005-08-17 Jared Leto & Matt Wachter From the band Thirty Seconds to Mars
2005-08-18 Bob Saget From the movie The Aristocrats
2005-08-21 Kathy Griffin Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2005-08-22 Ice-T From the movie New Jack City
2005-08-23 No Guest
2005-08-24 Dave Matthews & Boyd Tinsley From the band Dave Matthews Band
2005-08-25 Jenny Lewis, Blake Sennett, Pierre de Reeder & Jason Boesel From the band Rilo Kiley promoting the album More Adventurous
2005-08-28 Jaimeson Jones From the Make-A-Wish Foundation
2005-08-29 No Guest
2005-08-30 JT Woodruff & Casey Calvert From the band Hawthorne Heights
2005-08-31 Andy Milonakis From the TV show The Andy Milonakis Show
2005-09-01 Best of Loveline
2005-09-04 Best of Loveline
2005-09-05 No Guest
2005-09-06 M. Shadows, Synyster Gates & The Rev From the band Avenged Sevenfold
2005-09-07 David Alan Grier
2005-09-08 No Guest
2005-09-11 No Guest
2005-09-12 No Guest
2005-09-13 No Guest
2005-09-14 John Conway & Michael Zakarin From the band The Bravery
2005-09-15 No Guest
2005-09-18 Chris Brown & Aaron Montgomery From the band Trapt
2005-09-19 No Guest
2005-09-20 No Guest
2005-09-21 Busy Philipps From the TV show Love, Inc.. Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2005-09-22 Claudio Sanchez & Michael Todd From the band Coheed And Cambria
2005-09-25 Michael Weatherly & Pauley Perrette From the TV show NCIS
2005-09-26 Emily Procter From the TV show CSI: Miami
2005-09-27 Alanna Ubach From the movie Waiting...
2005-09-28 Jeff Probst From the TV show Survivor
2005-09-29 Eric Balfour From the TV show Sex, Love & Secrets
2005-10-02 No Guest
2005-10-03 Jenna Fischer From the TV show The Office
2005-10-04 David Draiman From the band Disturbed
2005-10-05 No Guest
2005-10-06 No Guest
2005-10-09 Lisa Edelstein From the TV show House
2005-10-10 No Guest
2005-10-11 No Guest
2005-10-12 Mark Hoppus From the band Blink 182. Hosted by Dr. Drew only
2005-10-13 Best of Loveline, with Seth Green, My Chemical Romance, Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler, Jorge Garcia, The Killers, Seth MacFarlane
2005-10-16 Brooks Wackerman & Greg Hetson From the band Bad Religion
2005-10-17 Riley Breckenridge & Dustin Kensrue From the band Thrice
2005-10-18 Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons From the band Run DMC
2005-10-19 Criss Angel From the TV show Criss Angel Mindfreak
2005-10-20 No Guest
2005-10-23 No Guest
2005-10-24 Matt Haber From the TV show The Adam Carolla Project
2005-10-25 Tom Kenny From the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants
2005-10-26 Beverley Mitchell From the movie Saw II
2005-10-27 No Guest
2005-10-30 Patrick Stump & Pete Wentz From the band Fall Out Boy
2005-10-31 Fiona Horne
2005-11-01 No Guest
2005-11-02 No Guest
2005-11-03 Adam Carolla's last show as host after 2615 shows of the Adam era
2005-11-06 Benji Madden From this show on, all shows are hosted by Dr. Drew only except where otherwise noted.
2005-11-07 D.L. Hughley
2005-11-08 Hosted by Dr. Drew & Danny Bonaduce
2005-11-09 Gretchen Bonaduce Hosted by Dr. Drew & Danny Bonaduce
2005-11-10 Xzibit
2005-11-13 Hosted by Dr. Drew & Rob Schneider
2005-11-14 Hosted by Dr. Drew & Rob Schneider
2005-11-15 Hosted by Dr. Drew & Rob Schneider
2005-11-16 Hosted by Dr. Drew & Rob Schneider
2005-11-17 Hosted by Dr. Drew & Rob Schneider
2005-11-20 The All-American Rejects
2005-11-21 Andy Dick
2005-11-22 Tom Arnold
2005-11-23 No Guest
2005-11-24 Best of Loveline
2005-11-27 Patton Oswalt
2005-11-28 Ben Stein
2005-11-29 Andy Milonakis
2005-11-30 Andy Milonakis
2005-12-01 James Van Praagh
2005-12-04 Steve-O
2005-12-05 Steve-O
2005-12-06 Jason Mewes
2005-12-07 Mike Shinoda
2005-12-08 AFI
2005-12-11 Best of Loveline
2005-12-12 Replay of 2005-11-28
2005-12-13 Korn
2005-12-14 Jack Osbourne
2005-12-15 Cypress Hill
2005-12-18 Hosted by Dr. Drew & David Alan Grier
2005-12-19 Hosted by Dr. Drew & David Alan Grier
2005-12-20 Hosted by Dr. Drew & David Alan Grier
2005-12-21 Chelsea Handler Hosted by Dr. Drew & David Alan Grier
2005-12-22 Hosted by Dr. Drew & David Alan Grier
2005-12-25 Best of Loveline
2005-12-26 Best of Loveline
2005-12-27 Best of Loveline
2005-12-28 Best of Loveline
2005-12-29 Best of Loveline

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