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Loveline is a syndicated radio call-in program that offers medical and relationship advice to listeners - often with the assistance of guests. Its flagship station is KROQ-FM in Los Angeles.


The show broadcasts Sundays through Thursdays, with no show on Friday or Saturday. Since it broadcasts at 10 p.m. to 12 a.m PT occasionally shows will be listed incorrectly with the next day's date. If a show's date corresponds to a Friday or a Saturday, it is almost certainly incorrect. Sunday episodes are identified in the table by gray shading.

Lists of the guests from recent episodes can be found on Loveline's official web site.[1] Note, however, that this is occasionally incorrect, such as when a guest is scheduled to appear but cancels or doesn't show up.

2008 Hosts[edit]

2008 Episodes[edit]

Date Guest(s) Notes
2008-01-01 Best of Loveline
2008-01-02 Allen Covert
2008-01-03 Adrian Young
2008-01-06 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-01-07 Rob and Big Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-01-08 Seth Binzer From the TV show Celebrity Rehab 2
2008-01-09 Chyna From the TV show Celebrity Rehab 2
2008-01-10 Bret Michaels
2008-01-13 Nick 13 From the band Tiger Army
2008-01-14 Marilyn Manson
2008-01-15 Angels and Airwaves
2008-01-16 Seth MacFarlane From the TV show Family Guy
2008-01-17 Best of Loveline
2008-01-20 Best of Loveline
2008-01-21 No Guest
2008-01-22 Stormy Daniels
2008-01-23 No Guest
2008-01-24 Puddle of Mudd
2008-01-27 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-01-28 Alex Borstein From the TV show Family Guy
2008-01-29 Carlos Alazraqui From the TV show Reno 911!
2008-01-30 No Guest
2008-01-31 No Guest
2008-02-03 No Guest
2008-02-04 No Guest
2008-02-05 Shavo From the band System Of A Down
2008-02-06 Atreyu
2008-02-07 Kat Von D
2008-02-10 Anton Yelchin
2008-02-11 The Used Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-02-12 Mary Carey
2008-02-13 311
2008-02-14 The girls from Bunny Ranch
2008-02-17 Best of Loveline
2008-02-18 No Guest
2008-02-19 No Guest
2008-02-20 Jeff Probst From the TV show Survivor
2008-02-21 Carl Edwards
2008-02-24 No Guest
2008-02-25 Coolio Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-02-26 Joel McHale From the TV show The Soup
2008-02-27 Mike O'Hearn From the TV show American Gladiators
2008-02-28 Louis XIV (band)
2008-03-02 Best of Loveline
2008-03-03 Best of Loveline, with Chyna, Seth Binzer & Mary Carey
2008-03-04 No Guest
2008-03-05 No Guest
2008-03-06 Bad Religion
2008-03-09 Carson Daly
2008-03-10 No Guest
2008-03-11 Harland Williams
2008-03-12 Jeff Conaway From the TV show Celebrity Rehab 2
2008-03-13 Adam Carolla
2008-03-16 Bob Forrest & Shelley Sprague From the TV show Celebrity Rehab 2
2008-03-17 The Bravery
2008-03-18 Margaret Cho
2008-03-19 No Guest
2008-03-20 Pennywise
2008-03-23 Best of Loveline
2008-03-24 Tory Lane Hosted by Dr. Marcel & Stryker
2008-03-25 Seth MacFarlane From the TV show Family Guy. Hosted by Stryker only
2008-03-26 Best of Loveline
2008-03-27 Best of Loveline
2008-03-30 No Guest
2008-03-31 Cordelia & Darlene From the TV show Bad Girls Club
2008-04-01 The Kardashian sisters From the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians
2008-04-02 No Guest
2008-04-03 The Bravery & Linkin Park Promoting the album The Sun and the Moon Complete
2008-04-06 No Guest
2008-04-07 Goldfinger Promoting the album Hello Destiny
2008-04-08 Ashes Divide Promoting the album Keep Telling Myself It's Alright
2008-04-09 No Guest
2008-04-10 Phil Laak
2008-04-13 Pauly Shore From the movie Adopted
2008-04-14 ANT From the TV show Celebrity Fit Club
2008-04-15 Frankie Muniz
2008-04-16 Chelsea Handler From the TV show Chelsea Lately
2008-04-17 Flogging Molly
2008-04-20 No Guest
2008-04-21 No Guest
2008-04-22 Carmine Giovinazzo From the TV show CSI: NY
2008-04-23 No Guest
2008-04-24 No Guest
2008-04-27 No Guest
2008-04-28 Adrianne Curry From the TV show My Fair Brady
2008-04-29 Filter
2008-04-30 No Guest
2008-05-01 Seth MacFarlane From the TV show Family Guy
2008-05-04 No Guest
2008-05-05 No Guest
2008-05-06 John Hensley From the TV show Nip/Tuck
2008-05-07 No Guest
2008-05-08 Unwritten Law Promoting their album The Hit List
2008-05-11 No Guest
2008-05-12 No Guest
2008-05-13 No Guest
2008-05-14 No Guest
2008-05-15 Seether
2008-05-18 No Guest
2008-05-19 Flobots Promoting their album Fight With Tools
2008-05-20 DeAnna Pappas From the TV show The Bachelorette
2008-05-21 No Guest
2008-05-22 James Van Praagh
2008-05-25 Best of Loveline
2008-05-26 No Guest
2008-05-27 Nick Swardson From the movie You Don't Mess with the Zohan
2008-05-28 Humpty Hump From the band Digital Underground promoting their album Cuz A D.U. Party Don't Stop!
2008-05-29 Dr. Sadie Allison From Tickle Kitty, Inc
2008-06-01 No Guest
2008-06-02 No Guest
2008-06-03 No Guest
2008-06-04 No Guest
2008-06-05 Jesse Jane
2008-06-08 No Guest
2008-06-09 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-06-10 Tiger Army Promoting the album Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise
2008-06-11 The Ting Tings
2008-06-12 Tom DeLonge From the band Angels & Airwaves
2008-06-15 No Guest
2008-06-16 Katy Perry
2008-06-17 No Guest
2008-06-18 Efren Ramirez From the movie American Summer
2008-06-19 Andrew W.K.
2008-06-22 Adam Carolla, Alex, Charlene & Davonee From the movie The Hammer and the TV show Gimme Sugar
2008-06-23 No Guest
2008-06-24 Ludo Promoting the album You're Awful, I Love You
2008-06-25 311
2008-06-26 Jackson United
2008-06-29 No Guest
2008-06-30 No Guest
2008-07-01 Serj Tankian From the band The F.C.C.
2008-07-02 The Maloof Brothers
2008-07-03 Best of Loveline
2008-07-06 Dr. Ken Jeong From the movie Knocked Up
2008-07-07 No Guest
2008-07-08 No Guest
2008-07-09 Joe Maloof
2008-07-10 Carolina Liar Promoting the album Coming to Terms
2008-07-13 No Guest
2008-07-14 No Guest
2008-07-15 Cindy Margolis
2008-07-16 Gene Simmons From the band KISS
2008-07-17 Mickey Avalon
2008-07-20 Lisa Edelstein From the TV show House
2008-07-21 Cast of The Young and the Restless Hosted by Dr. Ken & Stryker
2008-07-22 Seth Green
2008-07-23 No Guest
2008-07-24 Perry Farrell From the band Jane's Addiction
2008-07-27 Josh Groban
2008-07-28 Luther Campbell
2008-07-29 Tanner Foust
2008-07-30 Carey Hart
2008-07-31 No Guest
2008-08-03 Tiffany Pollard aka 'New York' From the TV show New York Goes to Hollywood
2008-08-04 The Used Promoting the album Shallow Believer
2008-08-05 Scars On Broadway Promoting the album Scars on Broadway
2008-08-06 No Guest
2008-08-07 Robert Englund From the movie Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
2008-08-10 No Guest
2008-08-11 Best of Loveline
2008-08-12 Best of Loveline
2008-08-13 Best of Loveline
2008-08-14 Best of Loveline
2008-08-17 Replay of 07-10-2008
2008-08-18 Incubus
2008-08-19 Rainn Wilson From the TV show The Office
2008-08-20 Margaret Cho
2008-08-21 Anna Faris From the movie The House Bunny
2008-08-24 The Airborne Toxic Event
2008-08-25 No Guest
2008-08-26 Corey Taylor From the band Slipknot
2008-08-27 Adrian Young & Carlos Mencia From the band No Doubt and the TV show Mind of Mencia
2008-08-28 Emma Stone From the movie The House Bunny. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-08-31 Best of Loveline
2008-09-01 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-09-02 No Guest
2008-09-03 Arden Myrin & Matt Braunger From the TV show MADtv
2008-09-04 Arden Myrin From the TV show MADtv. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-09-07 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-09-08 Everlast Promoting the album Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford
2008-09-09 Cisco Adler & Shwayze
2008-09-10 Diora Baird From the movie My Best Friend's Girl
2008-09-11 No Guest
2008-09-14 No Guest
2008-09-15 Aisha Tyler
2008-09-16 Cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
2008-09-17 Andrew McMahon From the band Jacks Mannequin promoting the album The Glass Passenger
2008-09-18 No Guest
2008-09-21 Does It Offend You, Yeah? Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2008-09-22 No Guest
2008-09-23 Clark Gregg From the movie Choke
2008-09-24 Atmosphere
2008-09-25 No Guest
2008-09-28 Maurice Greene From the TV show Dancing with the Stars
2008-09-29 Cast of Reno 911!
2008-09-30 Jeff Probst From the TV show Survivor
2008-10-01 No Guest
2008-10-02 No Guest
2008-10-05 No Guest
2008-10-06 Mike Vallely
2008-10-07 Tiger Army Promoting the album III: Ghost Tigers Rise
2008-10-08 No Guest
2008-10-09 No Guest
2008-10-12 Jason Ritter From the movie W.
2008-10-13 No Guest
2008-10-14 Cast of Beverly Hills, 90210
2008-10-15 B-Real & Sen Dog From the band Cypress Hill
2008-10-16 Dax Holt TMZ reporter
2008-10-19 No Guest
2008-10-20 Gary Busey From the TV show Celebrity Rehab 2
2008-10-21 Dennis Hof
2008-10-22 Amber Smith From the TV show Celebrity Rehab 2
2008-10-23 No Guest
2008-10-26 No Guest
2008-10-27 No Guest
2008-10-28 Steven Adler From the TV show Celebrity Rehab 2
2008-10-29 Hollywood Undead
2008-10-30 A.J. Barrera
2008-11-02 No Guest
2008-11-03 James Gunn
2008-11-04 No Guest
2008-11-05 Cole Hamels From the Philadelphia Phillies
2008-11-06 No Guest
2008-11-09 Jim Gaffigan
2008-11-10 Adam Goldberg & Wayne Coyne From the movie Christmas on Mars and the band The Flaming Lips
2008-11-11 Taking Back Sunday
2008-11-12 No Guest
2008-11-13 No Guest
2008-11-16 Riki Rachtman From the TV show Rock of Love: Charm School
2008-11-17 Rachelle Leah From the TV show UFC All Access
2008-11-18 Cast of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
2008-11-19 Linkin Park Promoting the album Minutes to Midnight
2008-11-20 Slightly Stoopid Promoting the album Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid
2008-11-23 No Guest
2008-11-24 Shawne Merriman From the San Diego Chargers
2008-11-25 No Guest
2008-11-26 Best of Loveline
2008-11-27 Best of Loveline
2008-11-30 Best of Loveline
2008-12-01 Ahmad Givens & Kamal Givens From the TV show Real Chance of Love
2008-12-02 No Guest
2008-12-03 Eliza Dushku From the TV show Dollhouse
2008-12-04 Rob Corddry
2008-12-07 No Guest
2008-12-08 Tom Morello
2008-12-09 Seth MacFarlane From the TV show Family Guy
2008-12-10 Jamie Kennedy
2008-12-11 No Guest
2008-12-14 Replay of 11-12-2008
2008-12-15 Replay of 11-23-2008
2008-12-16 Oscar Nunez From the TV show The Office
2008-12-17 Julie Benz
2008-12-18 All American Rejects Promoting the album When the World Comes Down
2008-12-21 Best of Loveline
2008-12-22 Best of Loveline, with Anna Faris, Josh Groban, Jeff Conaway, Steven Adler
2008-12-23 Best of Loveline, with Katy Perry, Seth Binzer, Mary Carey
2008-12-24 Best of Loveline
2008-12-25 Best of Loveline
2008-12-28 Best of Loveline, with Cole Hamels, Jason Ritter, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
2008-12-29 Best of Loveline, with Corey Taylor, Puddle of Mudd, Marilyn Manson, Twiggy!
2008-12-30 Best of Loveline, with The Ting Tings, Chelsea Handler, Humpty Hump
2008-12-31 Best of Loveline


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