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Loveline is a syndicated radio call-in program that offers medical and relationship advice to listeners - often with the assistance of guests. Its flagship station is KROQ-FM in Los Angeles.


The show broadcasts Sundays through Thursdays, with no show on Friday or Saturday. Since it broadcasts at 10 p.m. to 12 a.m PT occasionally shows will be listed incorrectly with the next day's date. If a show's date corresponds to a Friday or a Saturday, it is almost certainly incorrect. Sunday episodes are identified in the table by gray shading.

Lists of the guests from recent episodes can be found on Loveline's official web site.[1] Note, however, that this is occasionally incorrect, such as when a guest is scheduled to appear but cancels or does not show up.

2010 hosts[edit]

2010 episodes[edit]

Date Guest(s) Notes
2010-01-03 Jason 'Mayhem' Miller From the TV show Bully Beatdown
2010-01-04 Jason 'Mayhem' Miller From the TV show Bully Beatdown
2010-01-05 Jason 'Mayhem' Miller From the TV show Bully Beatdown
2010-01-06 Tera Patrick an American pornographic actress
2010-01-07 Michael Yo E! Entertainment's celebrity correspondent
2010-01-10 No Guest
2010-01-11 Ryan McPartlin From the TV show Chuck
2010-01-12 Mackenzie Phillips From the TV show Celebrity Rehab
2010-01-13 Jayde Nicole Playboy Playmate
2010-01-14 Collective Soul Promoting the album Collective Soul (Rabbit)
2010-01-17 Jeff Emig Speed Supercross commentator
2010-01-18 "Psycho Mike" Catherwood
2010-01-19 Adam Carolla for first hour and "Psycho Mike" Catherwood
2010-01-20 "Psycho Mike" Catherwood
2010-01-24 Patti Stanger From the TV show Millionaire Matchmaker
2010-01-25 Tucker Max promoting the film I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
2010-01-26 Atreyu and The Used Atreyu promotes album Congregation of the Damned The Used promotes Artwork
2010-01-27 Bethenny Frankel From the TV show The Real Housewives of New York City
2010-01-28 Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson from the band Linkin Park promoting Haiti relief efforts
2010-01-31 Big Jim Murray
2010-02-01 Nofx
2010-02-02 Lisa D'Amato From the TV show Celebrity Rehab
2010-02-03 Greg Grunberg
2010-02-04 Daniel Tosh from the TV show Tosh.0
2010-02-07 Seth MacFarlane from the TV show Family Guy
2010-02-08 Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney from the TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
2010-02-09 Pastor Mark Driscoll
2010-02-10 Steve Ward from the TV show Tough Love
2010-02-11 Harland Williams
2010-02-14 No Guest, re-taped episode
2010-02-15 No Guest, re-taped episode
2010-02-16 Mike Starr former bassist of Alice in Chains
2010-02-17 Scott speed #82 Redbull racing team
2010-02-21 Rebecca Rosen Psychic Medium
2010-02-23 Julie Benz from the TV show Dexter
2010-02-24 Steve-O and "Psycho Mike" Catherwood From Jackass
2010-02-25 Greg Grunberg
2010-02-28 Jill Vermeire speaking for the special sex addiction episode
2010-03-01 No Guest, Scheduled guest Brian Deegan canceled due to wife's pregnancy
2010-03-02 Adhir Kalyan from the TV show Rules of Engagement
2010-03-03 Danny Pudi from the TV show Community
2010-03-04 Kevin M. Klein host of the Playboy Morning Show
2010-03-07 "Psycho Mike" Catherwood
2010-03-08 T. J. Miller and Lindsay Sloane from the film She's Out Of My League
2010-03-09 Tom Green for first hour Gabourey Sidibe for second hour Tom Green promotes comedic tour, Sidibe speaks about Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire
2010-03-10 Kendra Jade Rossi one of Dr. Drew's peeps from Sober House
2010-03-11 Alyson Michalka from the films Bandslam and 78violet
2010-03-14 "Psycho Mike" Catherwood and Kristina Wandzilak from the TV series Addicted
2010-03-15 Jason 'Mayhem' Miller Re-taped episode
2010-03-16 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
2010-04-08 Alison Brie From the upcoming film Montana Amazon
2010-04-11 Jennifer Ketcham Reality television personality and former pornographic actress and film director under the name of Penny Flame. Also known from Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew & Sober House.
2010-04-12 No Guest
2010-04-13 No Guest
2010-04-14 No Guest
2010-04-15 Steve Ward Host of VH1 reality TV series, Tough Love.
2010-04-18 Cheech & Chong
2010-04-19 Sublime with Rome
2010-04-20 Courtney Love
2010-04-21 RuPAUL
2010-04-22 No Guest
2010-04-25 No Guest
2010-04-26 Andy Dick
2010-04-27 Anna David Playboy magazine, G4's Attack Of The Show
2010-04-28 No Guest
2010-04-29 No Guest
2010-05-02 Pat Monahan
2010-05-03 Loni Love
2010-05-04 Michael Bolton
2010-05-05 Brian Posehn
2010-05-06 No Guest
2010-05-09 No Guest
2010-05-10 Bob Forrest and Kari Ann Peniche "Celebrity Rehab" and "Sober House"
2010-05-11 No Guest
2010-05-12 The Dirty Heads
2010-05-13 No Guest 30 Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto calls in to speak to Dr. Drew & Mike
2010-05-16 No Guest Gene Simmons stops by the studio.
2010-05-17 Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas
2010-05-18 Meat Loaf
2010-05-19 No Guest
2010-05-20 Dax Holt from TMZ
2010-05-23 Gregory Itzin Best known for "President Logan" from the TV series, 24.
2010-05-24 No Guest Best "squirting" call ever
2010-05-25 As I Lay Dying
2010-05-26 No Guest
2010-05-27 James "Bubba" Stewart Supercross rider
2010-05-31 No Guest
2010-06-02 Dexter Holland and Noodles members of the band The Offspring
2010-06-03 Diora Baird
2010-06-06 No Guest
2010-06-07 Stephan Jenkins Lead singer for the band Third Eye Blind.
2010-06-08 No guest
2010-06-09 Steve-O From Jackass
2010-06-10 Steve-O From Jackass
2010-06-13 No Guest New Weird going to break system used.
2010-06-14 Harland Williams
2010-06-15 311
2010-06-16 Rob Schneider
2010-06-17 Adam Scott From the movie Step Brothers
2010-06-20 Roger Alan Wade & Johnny Knoxville
2010-06-21 Pennywise
2010-06-22 Andrew W.K.
2010-06-23 Face to Face
2010-06-24 Sum 41
2010-06-29 Ryan Nyquist
2010-06-30 Chris Shiflett
2010-07-01 Bella Donna Adult film star
2010-07-05 Jamey Jasta
2010-07-06 Korn
2010-07-07 In This Moment
2010-07-12 John Henson Host of ABC's TV series Wipeout
2010-07-13 Slightly Stoopid
2010-07-14 Cypress Hill & Peter North
2010-07-18 Warren The Ape
2010-07-19 Adam Carolla Former co-host of Loveline 1995 - 2005
2010-07-20 Christine Lakin Promoting the new FOX series, The Kilborn File.
2010-07-25 Sal Masakela
2010-07-26 Mat Hoffman X Games veteran and BMX innovator
2010-07-27 Mike Mason and Adam Jones Freestyle Motocross riders
2010-07-28 A Day To Remember
2010-07-29 Ryan Nyquist BMX rider
2010-08-01 Eric/Erica Mosaic hermaphrodite listener, Eric/Erica, joined us on Loveline
2010-08-02 Lisa Lampanelli
2010-08-03 Avenged Sevenfold
2010-08-04 HELLYEAH Heavy metal supergroup
2010-08-05 No guest
2010-08-08 No Guest Dr. Bruce fills in for Dr. Drew
2010-08-09 No Guest
2010-08-10 Pablo Francisco
2010-08-11 Greg Grunberg
2010-08-12 Margaret Cho Dr. Bruce fills in for Dr. Drew
2010-08-15 Street Sweeper Social Club Tom and Boots from Street Sweeper Social Club.
2010-08-17 Jake Pavelka from The Bachelor
2010-08-18 Jill Wagner From ABC's TV series Wipeout
2010-08-19 No guest
2010-08-22 No guest Dr. Bruce fills in for Dr. Drew
2010-08-23 Slash
2010-08-24 Jeffrey Ross
2010-08-25 Chris Harrison Host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette
2010-08-26 Neon Trees
2010-08-29 No guest Dr. Drew returns from New York
2010-08-30 Papa Roach Promoting album Time for Annihilation.
2010-08-31 Rob Huebel & Lake Bell
2010-09-01 No Guest Dr. Bruce fills in for Dr. Drew
2010-09-02 Best of Loveline
2010-09-05 Best of Loveline
2010-09-06 Dr. Bruce fills in for Dr. Drew
2010-09-07 No Guest
2010-09-08 Ross Matthews from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
2010-09-09 Serj Tankian
2010-09-12 Zakk Wylde Frontman for Black Label Society and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist.
2010-09-13 Patti Stanger from The Millionaire Matchmaker.
2010-09-14 The Black Pacific Promoting new self-titled album.
2010-09-15 Kristen Schaal Actress and Comedian. Promoting book "Sexy Book of Sexy Sex"
2010-09-16 David Draiman Frontman for Disturbed. Promoting new Disturbed album Asylum.
2010-09-19 Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn From the band Linkin Park. Promoting new Linkin Park album A Thousand Suns.
2010-09-20 No guest.
2010-09-21 Yvette Nicole Brown and Danny Pudi From the NBC TV show Community. Promoting the new season of the show.
2010-09-22 Bianca Kajlich From the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement.
2010-09-23 Best of Loveline (repeat) August 31, 2010 episode with guest Papa Roach.
2010-09-26 No guest
2010-09-28 Dane Cook Comedian.
2010-09-29 Trina Dolenz From the VH1 reality show Tool Academy.
2010-09-30 Nicole Johnson Miss California 2010.
2010-10-04 Diora Baird Actress. Promoting film 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.
2010-10-05 Paul Scheer
2010-10-06 Bill Burr
2010-10-07 No guest
2010-10-10 Wee Man
2010-10-11 Steve-O
2010-10-12 Jim Jefferies
2010-10-13 Jim Breuer
2010-10-14 Heather McDonald
2010-10-17 Johnny Knoxville
2010-10-18 Bad Girls Club The cast of the upcoming season of the Bad Girls Club.
2010-10-19 Tucker Max The author of "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" and "Assholes Finish First"
2010-10-20 Nick 13 guitarist, vocalist, and main songwriter of psychobilly band Tiger Army
2010-10-21 No guest Joined on the phone by Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys.
2010-10-24 no guest stinky pinky introduced
2010-10-25 Criss Angel Illusionist and actor.
2010-10-26 Joanna Angel
2010-10-27 Katie Featherston & Sprague Grayden Cast of 'Paranormal Activity 2'
2010-10-28 The Buried Life The cast of the MTV show The Buried Life.
2010-10-31 Rebecca Fearing L.A. Paranormal and medium; Halloween Edition.
2010-11-01 Nick Swardson
2010-11-02 Good Charlotte Promoting their new album "Cardiology".
2010-11-03 Jamie Kennedy
2010-11-04 Best of: Jackass 3D Edition. Best bits from the recent visits of Wee Man, Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville!
2010-11-07 No guest
2010-11-08 Eric Balfour Promoting the upcoming film, "Skyline"
2010-11-09 Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin Stars of the reality series, "Harry Loves Lisa"
2010-11-10 Jason 'Mayhem' Miller MMA fighter
2010-11-11 Adam Carolla
2010-11-14 No guest
2010-11-15 Will Sasso from S*** My Dad Says and MADtv
2010-11-16 The Damned Things
2010-11-17 Rainn Wilson From NBC's "The Office" comes by tonight to talk about his new book!
2010-11-18 Mike Shinoda
2010-11-21 Rob Schneider
2010-11-22 No guest
2010-11-23 Josh Gad Co-stars in the upcoming film "Love & Other Drugs"
2010-11-28 Trina Dolenz Dr. Drew is absent
2010-11-29 Cake The boys from the band Cake came by tonight, shared some new music, and dropped some knowledge
2010-11-30 Bob Forrest & Shelly Sprague Discussing the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab.
2010-12-01 Jonny Moseley U.S. Olympian and "Skating with the Stars" contestant
2010-12-02 No guest
2010-12-05 Plain White T's
2010-12-06 Passion Pit
2010-12-07 Rachel Uchitel From the current season of Celebrity Rehab 4
2010-12-08 No guest
2010-12-09 No guest
2010-12-12 no guest
2010-12-13 Seth Green Actor, Comedian, and voice actor
2010-12-14 John Henson Comedian and talk show host; co-host of Wipeout
2010-12-15 no guest
2010-12-16 Chris Pontius Member of Jackass
2010-12-19 Alanna Ubach Actress; After Disaster #17: The Meth Edition aired afterwards online
2010-12-20 Eric Roberts and Keaton Simons Actor and musician, respectively; After Disaster #18: Abracadabra aired afterwards online. Last show of the year.
2010-12-21 no show
2010-12-22 no show
2010-12-23 no show
2010-12-26 no show
2010-12-27 no show
2010-12-28 no show
2010-12-29 no show
2010-12-30 no show

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