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This is an overview of the regular, recurring, and other characters of the TV series Lucifer.

Main characters[edit]


Character Actor Seasons
1 2 3 4
Lucifer Morningstar Tom Ellis Main
Chloe Decker Lauren German Main
Daniel Espinoza Kevin Alejandro Main
Amenadiel D.B. Woodside Main
Maze Smith Lesley-Ann Brandt Main
Trixie Espinoza Scarlett Estevez Main
Linda Martin Rachael Harris Main
Malcolm Graham Kevin Rankin Main[a] Does not appear
Charlotte Richards/Goddess Tricia Helfer Does not appear Main Does not appear
Ella Lopez Aimee Garcia Does not appear Main
Marcus Pierce/Cain Tom Welling Does not appear Main[b] Does not appear
  1. ^ In season one, Kevin Rankin is credited as a series regular from 1x07 through 1x13.
  2. ^ In season three, Tom Welling is absent and is not credited in 3x03, 3x06, 3x07 & 3x11. In the rest of the episodes when he is absent he is credited.

Lucifer Morningstar[edit]

Lucifer Morningstar is a fictional character and the protagonist of the TV series Lucifer. He is portrayed by Tom Ellis[1]. Neil Gaiman's Lucifer was partly inspired by David Bowie, but the show's creators decided against trying to mimic Bowie.[2] Tom Ellis saw the character as a sort of Oscar Wilde or Noël Coward character "with added rock and roll spirit", approaching his portrayal as if he were the "lovechild of Noël Coward and Mick Jagger, with a dash of British actor Terry-Thomas".[3]

Lucifer is a fallen angel who, after leading an unsuccessful rebellion on Heaven, was banished by God to serve as Lord of Hell. Lucifer is shown to hold a deep resentment towards his father for that, as well as his mother for doing nothing.[4].

In 2011, Lucifer was bored with his life, and he abdicated his throne and moved to Los Angeles, where he runs his own high-end nightclub called "Lux"[5] and eventually becomes a civilian consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department in the pilot episode. [6]

Lucifer is very open with his identity as the Devil, always telling people who he is, but very few take this seriously, unless he lets them see his true devil face. He usually does that to frighten evildoers. As a fallen angel, Lucifer is immortal, and besides powers such as superhuman strength and invulnerability, he has a supernatural ability to make people tell him their hidden desires. Lucifer is highly sexual, and can make himself irresistible to most people. He's shown to be bisexual.[7]

When he arrived in Los Angeles, he had his wings severed by Maze[5]. He stashed his wings in a container that was stolen in the first-season episode "Favorite Son"[8]. After recovering them, Lucifer set them on fire. However, his wings were restored in the season 2 finale[9][10]. He tried severing them again, since he sees them as God's trying to impose his will on him, but they keep regrowing and he resigned himself to have them. In season 3, he also loses his "devil face" until the events of the finale.[11]

Lucifer creates a connection with Detective Chloe Decker, who's immune to his abilities. In the first-season episode "Manly Whatnots"[12], he encourages Chloe to shoot him so she would have proof he is the Devil, but her bullet hurts him and Lucifer discovers he becomes vulnerable to physical harm when she's around. His growing feelings for her confuse him at first until he finally accepts he's in love with her, though he's unable to articulate his feelings. After Chloe kisses him in season 2 episode "Stewardess Interruptus"[13], he discovers she is the result of a miracle done by Amenadiel on God's orders[14][15][16] and pushes her away for her own good. However, in season 3 penultimate episode, "Quintessential Deckerstar", they kiss again after he confesses his feelings for her, just before she finally sees his true demon face in the season finale.[17][11][18]

During season 1, his brother Amenadiel tries, unsuccessfully, to force him to return to his hell duties. In the season finale, Lucifer prays to God to save Chloe's life after she's shot, willing to do anything in exchange. God gives him a vision: Lucifer mother has escaped Hell and is his duty to bring her back.[19][20] Season 2 shows his complicated relationship with his mother. He initially intends to help her return to Heaven (so she and his father will destroy each other) but finally decides to send her to another universe, where she could create her own world free from God's influence.[9][10] In season 3, he has to deal with the new precinct lieutenant, Marcus Pierce. When he discovers Pierce is Cain[21][22][23], the first murderer, he agrees to help him find a way to die to annoy his father[24][25], but backs off after Chloe is in danger [26]. He also struggles with his feelings for her when she starts dating Pierce[27], and his inability to express them, until the penultimate episode of the season.[17]

Chloe Decker[edit]

Chloe Decker is a LAPD homicide detective and Lucifer's partner. She is portrayed by Lauren German[28]

She solves crimes with Lucifer after he takes an interest in her because she appears immune to his abilities. She on her part finds his "Lucifer-ness" both intriguing and hard to deal with. Due to an earlier incident concerning a cop shooting, she was ostracized by her fellow officers, resulting in her being partnered with Lucifer as her civilian consultant[6]. Though she is against it at first, she warms up to him and agrees that his unconventional ways are useful, even if his personality often put her nerves on edge.

In season 1, Chloe is separated from her husband, Dan, also a LAPD detective, with whom she has a daughter, Trixie. After their attempt to going back together was sabotaged by Malcolm, they finally decide to divorce, though they remain good friends. Her father, Joe Decker, was a LAPD officer killed in the line of duty[29]. Chloe's widowed mother Penelope is an actress, as was Chloe herself, briefly. However, her only movie, Hot Tub High School, is now a source of embarrassment for her. The events of season 2 reveal that Penelope was barren and Chloe's conception was the result of a miracle, performed by God with assistance from Amenadiel.[30][15]

Though she initially denied any possibility of even sleeping with Lucifer, despite his attempts at seduction, in the season 2 episode "Stewardess Interruptus", she realizes he has come to care for her as more than just a conquest and she kisses him.[13] However, after Lucifer discovers the truth about her birth, he quickly backpedals, believing he's protecting her. During season 3, she finds herself the object of affection of both Lucifer and Lt. Pierce. Though she becomes briefly engaged to the latter[31], she breaks it up[32][33] and kisses Lucifer again in the penultimate episode, "Quintessential Deckerstar", after he finally confesses his feelings for her.[17]

Chloe is highly skeptical of Lucifer's claims to be the Devil, but she's intrigued by the things she had seen him do, for what she hasn't been able to find a logical explanation. In season 2's premiere, she was decided to analyze a sample of Lucifer's blood to find out the truth, which forced Amenadiel to throw her off the trail by fabricating a plausible explanation for Lucifer's abilities.[34][4] However, in the Season 3 finale, Chloe sees Lucifer's true face and finally realizes his claims were true.[11][18]

Daniel "Dan" Espinoza[edit]

Detective Daniel "Dan" Espinoza is portrayed by Kevin Alejandro. He replaced Nicholas Gonzalez, who portrayed the character in the pilot.[35]

An LAPD homicide detective and Chloe's ex-husband. He dislikes Lucifer's friendship with Chloe and Trixie, but as time passes Dan and Lucifer occasionally find common ground. Lucifer repeatedly calls him "Detective Douche". Originally Chloe's superior on the force, Dan was suspended due to the events of the Malcolm Graham case, then reinstated with a demotion to Detective.

In season 2, he starts a complicated affair/relationship with Charlotte Richards, who's been possessed by Lucifer's mother. After Lucifer sends her to another universe and Charlotte resuscitates, he's hurt because she doesn't remember him, but they eventually began dating. They sleep together in the episode "Quintessential Deckerstar"[17], but Charlotte is killed that night protecting a weakened Amenadiel from Pierce. In the finale, he's the one who finds Charlotte's files on Pierce that help them discover he's the assassin.[36]


Amenadiel is portrayed by D. B. Woodside.[37]

Amenadiel Firstborn is an angel, Lucifer's older brother, and the eldest of all their siblings. His physical powers are similar to Lucifer's, and he can also stop time. He arrives in Los Angeles to encourage Lucifer to go back to Hell, and failing that, he attempts to force Lucifer back in different ways. He grows closer to Lucifer through the seasons, through various circumstances. Like his brother, Lucifer, Amenadiel has more than one name ("Firstborn" was revealed to be one of them, in Weaponizer (s02, ep. 05).

Unlike Lucifer, Amenadiel has always followed God's orders, but comes to question his life-choices as events on Earth make him lose power and his wings in season 2, sending him into a personal crisis where he tries to find himself. Amenadiel learns the necklace given to him by his father was the key to the Flaming Sword, which was entrusted to his cherished son. This means that he is God's favorite angel not Lucifer as he always believed. At the end of the third season, Amenadiel regains his wings after witnessing Charlotte's death and takes her soul to heaven.[17].


Mazikeen of the Lilim is portrayed by Lesley-Ann Brandt[38][39]

Confidante and devoted ally of Lucifer Morningstar, "Maze" for short. She is a demon who, having served as his head torturer, followed him from Hell to Los Angeles, and acted as a bartender and bodyguard at Lucifer's club. In season 2, Maze looks for a new direction on Earth and becomes a bounty hunter, having found something that feels right to her. She also becomes Chloe's roommate.

In Season 3, she turns against Lucifer when he refuses to send her back to Hell, but ultimately returns to his side.

Beatrice "Trixie" Espinoza[edit]

Trixie is portrayed by Scarlett Estevez.[40]

Chloe and Dan's seven-year-old (at the start of the series) daughter, who befriends Lucifer and Mazikeen.

Dr. Linda Martin[edit]

Dr. Linda Martin is portrayed by Rachael Harris.[37]

Lucifer's Stanford-educated psychotherapist, who initially accepts "payments" from him in the form of sex. Like almost everyone else, Dr. Martin does not take what Lucifer says at face value, and at first believes that Lucifer is using a religious metaphor to describe himself and his dysfunctional family relationships, until he reveals his true self in season 2, which leaves her visibly shaken.[41][42][29] Prior to this her attempts to help Lucifer solve his emotional and personal problems have limited success, since she does not appreciate what he tells her is the truth, and because Lucifer himself has a tendency to misunderstand or misapply her advice. Eventually, Dr. Martin becomes part of Lucifer's circle of friends as well as his therapist.

In season 3, her friendship with Amenadiel turns into a love-affair, which angers his previous lover Mazikeen, who has become Linda's friend.

Malcolm Graham[edit]

Detective Malcolm Graham is portrayed by Kevin Rankin[43]

A police officer who was shot prior to the beginning of the series. Chloe Decker witnessed the shooting, which occurred while Malcolm was secretly meeting with a suspected criminal. After the shooting, he was left in a coma. He briefly died but was then brought back from hell by Amenadiel to kill Lucifer, and is killed at the end of season one.

Charlotte Richards/"Mum"[edit]

Charlotte Richards is portrayed by Tricia Helfer[44]

Lucifer and Amenadiel's mother and exiled wife of God, who has escaped her prison in Hell[19][20]. She is described as "the goddess of all creation", but her name and exact nature remain unrevealed. Lucifer simply calls her "Mum". She is rumored to have caused plagues and floods before her imprisonment, and seeks revenge on her ex-husband. On Earth, her soul occupies the body of Charlotte Richards, a murdered lawyer, and struggles with a human world she doesn't like or understand. She starts a complicated relationship with Dan Espinoza. At the end of season 2, she leaves the universe, prompted by Lucifer to create her own world.[9][10]

This resurrects the human Charlotte, who has no memory of her time as "Mum", but does remember being in hell.[45] As a result, she doesn't understand why she's separated from her husband and why her children don't want to see her. Scared into trying to be a better person, Charlotte begins working for the DA's office in season 3[46]. Lucifer and Amenadiel eventually tell Charlotte about Mum taking over her body.[27] At the end of the season, she is killed by a bullet meant for Amenadiel, who takes her soul to heaven[17].

Ella Lopez[edit]

Ella Lopez is portrayed by Aimee Garcia since season 2.[47]

A forensic scientist for the LAPD who helps Chloe and Lucifer with their cases. Ella hails from Detroit, grew up with four brothers, and claims to have a somewhat criminal past. Ella wears a crucifix, leading both Lucifer and Chloe to ask questions about her Christian faith; according to Ella, she had an aunt who was a nun, but who taught her that to doubt things was all right, and so Ella believes questioning things, looking at things from different angles, makes her a better scientist.

Two of her brothers have already been seen on the show. On the season 2 episode "A Good Day to Die", Ella goes to her brother Ricardo for a rare chemical they need and berates him for ghosting her due to his illegal dealings. On the season 3 episode "My Brother's Keeper", Ella's older brother Jay, a diamond authenticator, gets mixed in a murder involving stolen diamonds.

The season 3 bonus episode "Boo Normal" reveals that Ella was in a near-fatal car accident eight years ago, leading Azrael, the Angel of Death, to appear to Ella as a ghost and befriend her for five years. It's also revealed that Azrael was behind Ella moving to Los Angeles, intentionally putting her in Lucifer's circle, knowing that he'd look out for Ella better then her Lopez relations, who, according to Azreal, don't treat Ella very well.

Marcus Pierce/Cain[edit]

Marcus Pierce is portrayed by Tom Welling[48].

A highly respected police lieutenant who becomes the new head of the precinct in season 3. overseeing the work of Chloe, Dan, and Ella at the precinct. He is revealed to be the immortal Cain, the world's first murderer, condemned to wander the Earth forever.[21][23][22] Cain briefly allies with Lucifer in an attempt to make himself mortal[24], but they fall out as they compete over Chloe's affections, and Lucifer's concerns for Chloe's safety. He asks Chloe to marry him just seconds before Lucifer was going to,[31] but she breaks the engagement soon after.[32] He's finally killed by Lucifer in season 3 finale after an attempt to ambush him.[11]

Other angels[edit]


Portrayed by Michael Imperioli[49], Uriel came down to Earth to kill his mother with Azrael's blade in the season 2 episode "Weaponizer".[50] He threatened Lucifer that he would kill Chloe if he didn't turn their mother over to him, finally forcing Lucifer to kill him. His special ability was to foresee and manipulate patterns of behaviour and probability.

Later, when Lucifer goes to Hell to find a cure for Chloe's poisoning, it's revealed that the murder of Uriel is Lucifer's own hell.[51][52]


Portrayed by Charlyne Yi[53], she is Lucifer and Amenadiel's sister and the Angel of Death. She is mentioned in season 2, but doesn't appear until season 3 episode "Boo Normal", when it's revealed she befriended eight years-old Ella after a car accident, and occasionally meet with her under the guise of being a ghost. She pushed Ella to move to Los Angeles, so she could meet Lucifer. She wanted her favorite human and favorite brother to be able to turn to each other because she couldn't be there for them.


Remiel, a Gregori, is to be portrayed by Vinessa Vidatto starting in season 4.[54] Another sister of Lucifer and Amenadiel.

Recurring characters[edit]

Penelope Decker[edit]

Portrayed by Rebecca De Mornay, she's Chloe's widowed mother and an actress.

Candy Fletcher (Morningstar)[edit]

Portrayed by Lindsey Gort. While Lucifer was away in Las Vegas, he met Candy and helped her. In exchange, she agreed to play the role of his wife, to trick his mother and oldest brother, Amenadiel, and also to push Chloe away "for her own good".[55]


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