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List of student nations at Lund University in Sweden. The tradition of nations at the university is practically as old as the university itself.

The list is always sorted in accordance with a time-honoured order based on the age of the diocese of the area that the nation was named after. The reason for this was that almost all students earlier came from gymnasiums, and these were only found in diocesan capitals.

Active nations[edit]

Foundation year
Östgöta Nation 1668 Henrik Norinder ÖG
Västgöta Nation 1669 Hans Albin Larsson VG
Smålands Nation 1668 Pernille Gooch SM
Lunds Nation 1890 Stefan Sveningsson LD
Malmö Nation 1890 Magnus Jernek ML
Helsingborgs-Landskrona Nation 1890 Katarina Olsson HB
Sydskånska Nationen 1890 Mona Landin-Olsson SSK
Kristianstads Nation 1890 Jan Eric Larsson KR
Blekingska Nationen 1697 Jonas Åkeson BL
Göteborgs Nation 1682 Per Alm GB
Hallands Nation 1928 Johan Stenström HL
Kalmar Nation 1696 Sten Hidal KM
Wermlands Nation 1682 Pär Omling WL

12 of the 13 nations (Smålands Nation being the exception) have established a cooperation, including being members of the Academic Society (Akademiska Föreningen).[1]

Former nations[edit]

  • Skånska Nationen (circa 1674–1889) Originally, all Scanian people enrolled in Skånska nationen. However, due to growth of the University the nation was dissolved in 1890 into five parts: Lunds Nation, Malmö Nation, Helsingkrona Nation, Ystad Nation (later Sydskånska Nationen) and Kristianstad Nation.
  • Götiska Nationen (a merge of the nations of Östgöta, Västgöta and Kalmar 1766–1798, and then by the nations of Västgöta and Kalmar 1798–1817. After 1871, only Västgöta Nation used the name)
  • Norrlands Nation (circa 1803–1842)
  • Södermanlands Nation (1838–1847)

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