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Lupin III Part III is the third incarnation of TMS Entertainment's long-running anime television adaptation of the Lupin III (ルパン三世, Rupan Sansei) manga series written by Monkey Punch. The series aired on Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation between March 3, 1984 and November 6, 1985.[1] The feature film Legend of the Gold of Babylon, was released in theaters during the original broadcast run of this television series. The film was co-directed by Seijun Suzuki, who wrote the screenplay for episode 13 of this series. Among English-speaking fans, this series is commonly known as the "Pink Jacket" series in reference to Lupin's outfit, which replaces Part I's green jacket and Part II's red jacket with a bright pink one.

Music for the series including the opening and ending themes was written by Yuji Ohno. The opening theme Sexy Adventure was performed by Yosuke Nakamura and the ending theme Fairy Night was performed by Sonia Rosa.[2][3]

A DVD box set of the series was released in Japan on May 26, 2002.[4]

In 2009, the Southern California-based United Television Broadcasting network began airing subtitled episodes from all three Lupin III series on their UTBHollywood channel.[5]

Episode list[edit]

# Title Original airdate[6]
01 "The Gold Is Beckoning Lupin"
"Kinkai wa Rupan o Yobu" (金塊はルパンを呼ぶ) 
Al "Scarface" Capone dies before he can tell his men where he hid his fortune in gold, and only leaves behind tiles that will lead them to it. Only thing is, he hid the others. When rumor breaks out the hunt is on to collect all the others and claim the gold getting the attention of Lupin and Fujiko. But they aren't the only ones who are interested; a Chinese crime boss and a mercenary-for-hire are also looking to get the gold. 
02 "Expose the Great Trap"
"Ōinaru Wana o Abake" (大いなる罠を暴け) 
A gigantic meteorite made out solid gold is found, which has been planted by Zenigata in his latest plan to catch Lupin, who, of course, has his eyes set on it. With his new invention that erases peoples memory for an instant he is able to steal the gold, but Zenigata is fired as a result. But Lupin soon realizes that the loot he stole is not solid gold, it is only a rock with a gold coating. Lupin wants to find out who tricked him and the inspector wants to find out whoever stole the gold. 
03 "Good Afternoon, Hell's Angel"
"Konnichiwa Jigoku no Tenshi" (こんにちは 地獄の天使) 
Lupin and Jigen travel to a city where legend has it that an angel lives in the highest room of the round tower in the city. Lupin launches himself from a cannon and enters the room where he finds a young girl named Aurora and he takes her with him. She eventually proves to be a great annoyance, and despite Lupin's and Jigen's efforts they can't get her to leave. And when certain people notice that she is missing, Lupin may have taken more than he had bargained for. 
04 "Telepathy Is Love's Signal"
"Terepashī wa Ai no Signal" (テレパシーは愛のシグナル) 
Lupin plans to steal the Spanish gold from a sunken ship, but a women-pirate group wants to steal it as well. The pirates decide to take advantage of Lupin by kidnapping Fujiko, and use her telepathy to figure out Lupin's every move. 
05 "Goemon Daydream"
"Goemon Musō" (五右ェ門無双) 
06 "Lupin has Come with a Tank"
"Rupan ga Sensha de Yattekita" (ルパンが戦車でやってきた) 
07 "The Man Is Called the Death Garb"
"Shinigami Gābu to Yobareta Otoko" (死神ガーブと呼ばれた男) 
08 "Virgin Mary's Getaway Strategy"
"Seibo Mariya no Dasshutsu Sakusen" (聖母マリアの脱出作戦) 
09 "The Copy-Man Comes Expensive"
"Kopī Ningen wa Takaku Tsuku" (コピー人間は高くつく) 
10 "Lay a Plot with the Treasure"
"Hihō wa Inbō no Nioi" (秘宝は陰謀の匂い) 
11 "The Ruby Sheds Bloody Tears"
"Rubī wa Chi no Ase o Nagasu" (ルビーは血の汗を流す) 
12 "The Prisoner of a Valtan Palace"
"Barutankan no Toriko" (バルタン館のとりこ) 
13 "Play a Joke on the Variation"
"Warunori Hensōkyoku" (悪のり変装曲) 
A deadbeat Lupin is tricked by Fujiko into infiltrating a women's party in a castle that turns out to be a rocket ship, which lands in a country where he is captured and about to be executed. Unfortunately, a storm of crows lands in the execution grounds, allowing Lupin to escape. Unfortunately, he must now survive this entire mess alive while being followed by Pops... and a mysterious lady with a death wish. 
14 "Let's Play the Abduction Game"
"Yūkai Gēmu wa Osuki" (誘拐ゲームはお好き) 
Ms. Alma has gone missing for some time, and Lupin is suspected as the prime suspect. It's revealed that Ms. Alma wasn't actually kidnapped, and thanks to a little hypnosis, Lupin doesn't even remember what happened. She planned to frame Lupin for a supposed kidnapping, so that her son Ron, can have Fujiko all to himself. 
15 "The Killer Comes Along Quietly"
"Koroshi ga Shizuka ni Yattekuru" (殺しが静かにやってくる) 
16 "The Golden Apple has Poison"
"Ōgon no Ringo Niwa Doku ga Aru" (黄金のリンゴには毒がある) 
17 "Are You Really Getting Married?"
"Kekkon Surutte Hontō Desu ka" (結婚するって本当ですか) 
18 "Show Time Is Death Feeling"
"Shōtaimu wa Shi no Kaori" (ショータイムは死の香り) 
19 "An Act of Betrayal"
"Uragiri no Kōya o Hashire" (裏切りの荒野を走れ) 
20 "Cross His Name Off the List"
"Kako o Keshita Otoko" (過去を消した男) 
21 "Farewell, Golden Legend"
"Saraba Ōgon-densetsu" (さらば黄金伝説) 
22 "The Fire Is Not Suitable for a Diamond"
"Dia ni Honō wa Niawanai" (ダイヤに炎は似合わない) 
23 "The Strategy of Beirut Mobile Bank Robbery"
"Beirūto Idō-ginkō-gōdatsu-sakusen" (ベイルート移動銀行強奪作戦) 
24 "Pray for the Repose of Your Soul"
"Tomoyo Fukaku Nemure" (友よ深く眠れ) 
25 "We Are not Angels"
"Oretachi wa Tenshi Janai" (俺たちは天使じゃない) 
26 "The Ghost of New York"
"New York no Yūrei" (ニューヨークの幽霊) 
27 "Code Name Is Alaska Star"
"Angōmei wa Arasuka no Hoshi" (暗号名はアラスカの星) 
28 "The Alaska Star Is a Ticket to Hell"
"Arasuka no Hoshi wa Jigoku e no Hōshū" (アラスカの星は地獄への報酬) 
29 "Let's Go to the Honey-Moon"
"Tsuki e Honey-Moon ni Ikō" (月へハネムーンに行こう) 
30 "The Name of the Cocktail Is Revenge"
"Kakuteru no Na wa Fukushū" (カクテルの名は復讐) 
31 "Reversal. Reversal and Again Reversal"
"Gyakuten. Gyakuten mata Gyakuten" (逆転 逆転 また逆転) 
32 "10 million Dollar Key"
"1000man-doru no Kagi" (1000万ドルの鍵) 
33 "A Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game"
"Tensai Shōnen no Kiken na Asobi" (天才少年の危険な遊び) 
34 "Manhattan Crisis"
"Manhattan-crisis" (マンハッタン·クライシス) 
35 "Target Was Gone Beyond the Snow Field"
"Tāgetto wa Hakugin no Hate ni" (ターゲットは白銀の果てに) 
36 "The Eagle Alights on the Glory"
"Washi no Maioriru Toki" (鷲の舞い降りる時) 
37 "Pops Boils over with Rage"
"Tottsuan Ōi ni Ikaru" (父っつぁん大いに怒る) 
38 "Letiethia Loved Me"
"Ore o Aishita Retishia" (俺を愛したレティシア) 
39 "Give the Gold to the Rival"
"Raibaru ni Ōgon o" (ライバルに黄金を) 
40 "In a Panic over the Treasure"
"Ichimai no Otakara de Dai-konsen" (一枚のお宝で大混戦) 
41 "A Night under Martial Law"
"Kaigenrei no Yoru" (戒厳令の夜) 
42 "Plunder the Pyramid of Insurance"
"Piramiddo no Hokenkin o Ubae" (ピラミッドの保険金を奪え) 
43 "Farewell, Cinderella"
"Saraba Shinderera" (さらばシンデレラ) 
44 "Our Papa Is a Thief"
"Boku-tachi no Papa wa Dorobō" (ボクたちのパパは泥棒) 
45 "A Toast to the Con-Game"
"Kon-gēmu ni Kanpai" (コンゲームに乾杯) 
46 "Worn-Out Wings"
"Ore no Tsubasa wa Scrap" (俺の翼はスクラップ) 
47 "A Famous Picture"
"Ichimai no Meiga" (一枚の迷画) 
48 "Tears Stood in Hades' Eyes"
"Hadisu no Namida" (ハディスの涙) 
49 "Pops Was Adopted into the Family"
"Tottsuan ga Yōshi ni Natta hi" (とっつぁんが養子になった日) 
50 "Kill the Atomic Submarine Ivanov"
"Gensen Iwanofu no Massatsu-shirei" (原潜イワノフの抹殺指令) 
Lupin and Jigen steal the newly-finished Soviet nuclear submarine Ivanov so that they can salvage a massive hoard of gold coins in the Caribbean. Fujiko tags along with hopes of selling it to either the Chinese and CIA for a hefty price, while Pops smuggles himself aboard. Unfortunately the Soviets too, are on the hunt for their sub and have no intent of losing it! 

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