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Lupin the Third Part I (ルパン三世, Rupan Sansei) is the first TV anime adaptation of Monkey Punch's manga series of the same name. Produced by Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and Tokyo Movie, with character designs by Yasuo Ōtsuka, it was directed originally by Masaaki Ōsumi and later by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata under the name "A Productions". It aired on Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation in two seasons from October 24, 1971 to March 26, 1972, the first 11 episodes being of the first season and the latter 12 of the second. The series centers on the adventures of Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of Arsène Lupin, the gentleman thief of Maurice Leblanc's series of novels. He is joined by Daisuke Jigen, Lupin's closest ally; Fujiko Mine, the femme fatale and Lupin's love interest who works against Lupin more often than with him; and Goemon Ishikawa XIII, a master swordsman and a descendant of Ishikawa Goemon, the legendary Japanese bandit. Lupin is often chased by Inspector Zenigata of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police,[1] a descendant of Zenigata Heiji. A rather cynical detective, Zenigata has made it his life's mission to chase Lupin across the globe in hopes of arresting him.

When Miyazaki and Takahata took over directing duties from Ōsumi, they changed the tone of the series, adding more humor and making Lupin more family friendly, setting the blueprint for all subsequent Lupin animations (with the exception of The Mystery of Mamo), until the 2012 TV series. A pilot film, also directed by Ōsumi, was made in 1969 prior to this anime,[2][3] footage from the pilot is used in the opening sequences. Several of the early episodes take their plotlines from chapters of the original manga, namely episodes 2 and 4-6. The show has three opening theme songs and one ending song. Charlie Kosei sings the first two openings, "Lupin III Theme Song" (ルパン三世主題歌, Rupan Sansei Sono) (originally known as "Lupin the Third's Song" (ルパン・ザ・サードの歌, Rupan za Sādo no Uta)) (eps. 1-3, 9) and "Afro Lupin '68" (eps. 4-8, 10-15), and the ending, "Lupin III Theme Song II" (ルパン三世主題歌II, Rupan Sansei Sono 2), while the last opening is "Lupin III Theme Song 3" (ルパン三世 主題歌3, Rupan Sansei Sono 3) (eps. 16-23) by Yoshiro Hiroishi.

The first Lupin III TV series was released in Japan in a DVD box set by VAP on October 14, 2001, and on five separate individual discs on April 3, 2002. It was included in the Lupin the Box - TV & the movie - box set that was released on March 14, 2007, which also contained the second and third TV series and the first three theatrical films,[4] and was released in a Blu-ray box set on December 12, 2008.[5] On July 12, 2011, Discotek announced they licensed the entire TV series for a North American DVD release on June 26, 2012.[6][7] The episodes are subtitled, several have optional English commentary by Lupin fans, and the release also includes extensive liner notes on each episode and both versions of the 1969 pilot film.

Pilot Film[edit]

# Title Director Writer Storyboard Production date
01 "Lupin the Third: Pilot Film"
"Rupan sansei Pairotto firumu" (ルパン三世 パイロットフィルム) 
Masaaki Ōsumi Gisaburō Sugii, Yasuo Otsuka, Tsutomu Shibayama, Osamu Kobayashi
Narration: Jiro Saito, Toshiaki Imaizumi
Gisaburō Sugii, Yasuo Otsuka, Tsutomu Shibayama, Osamu Kobayashi 1969[8]
After being introduced through narration, Lupin, Jigen and Fujiko mount an attempt to escape Lupin's mansion, which has been blockaded by the stubborn Inspector Zenigata, the eccentric Kogoro Akechi and the mercenary samurai Goemon Ishikawa XIII

Episode list[edit]

# Title Director Writer Storyboard Original air date[9]
01 "Is Lupin Burning...?!"
"Rupan wa Moeteiru ka...?!" (ルパンは燃えているか...?!) 
Masaaki Ōsumi Tadaaki Yamazaki Sōji Yoshikawa 1971-10-24
The Hida Speedway has been completed, and Lupin is looking to take top prize at the first race. The race is actually a trap designed by the Scorpion Gang who are intent on killing Lupin and eliminating all criminal competition. 
02 "The Man They Called a Magician"
"Majutsushi to Yobareta Otoko" (魔術師と呼ばれた男) 
Masaaki Ōsumi Atsushi Yamatoya Seiji Okuda 1971-10-31
Fujiko has stolen something from a man named Pycal, and he wants it back. Pycal is a magician who is able to shoot flames from his hands, walk on air, and deflect bullets with ease. Lupin goes up against Pycal in hopes of saving Fujiko. 
03 "Farewell, My Beloved Witch"
"Saraba Itoshiki Majo" (さらば愛しき魔女) 
Masaaki Ōsumi Kiyoshi Miyata Kuyou Sai 1971-11-07
A boat collision ruins Lupin and Fujiko's quiet boating expedition. They discover a woman named Linda in the other boat just as gunmen on a larger boat attack them. After avoiding the gunboat, they learn that Linda is the assistant to a world-renowned expert on nuclear fission. She lived on an island with the doctor, which also housed the "Kirein Killers" ("Killers of the Sea"). Lupin and Jigen try to storm the island to save the Doctor and discover Linda's mysterious secret. 
04 "One Chance for a Prison Break"
"Datsugoku no Chansu wa Ichido" (脱獄のチャンスは一度) 
Masaaki Ōsumi Tōru Sawaki Masahiro Sasaki 1971-11-14
Lupin, Jigen and Fujiko successfully pull off a heist; that is, until Zenigata manages to shoot Lupin with a tranquilizer dart. Zenigata hauls Lupin off to jail. Despite Fujiko's best efforts, she cannot break Lupin out of prison, and Jigen provides no help, claiming that Lupin can leave whenever he wants. One year passes, and Lupin's still in jail with his execution date getting closer. After Fujiko mounts numerous attempts to rescue him, Jigen goes undercover as a priest to learn why Lupin is refusing to escape. 
05 "The Coming of Goemon the 13th"
"Jūsan-dai Goemon Tōjō" (十三代五ェ門登場) 
Masaaki Ōsumi Tadaaki Yamazaki Tameo Kohanawa 1971-11-21
Goemon Ishikawa XIII is the thirteenth direct descendant of the famous samurai highwayman Ishikawa Goemon. Goemon's mentor has given him a mission; find Lupin and use the invincible Zantetsuken eliminate him. Neither Goemon nor Lupin know that Goemon's mentor and Fujiko are actually working together. 
06 "Rainy Afternoons are Dangerous!"
"Ame no Gogo wa Yabai ze" (雨の午後はヤバイゼ) 
Masaaki Ōsumi Seiji Matsuoka Kenzo Koizumi 1971-11-28
One rainy afternoon, a man seeks Lupin's help on behalf of a young woman. The woman is actually Fujiko, who is after a diamond known as "The Star of Kilimanjaro". The diamond was implanted into the chest of a mob boss. This boss had his memory wiped but died days before it was to be restored. Now, Lupin and the gang are after the ambulance carrying the corpse and the diamond in it. Zenigata is in charge of the ambulance and its escort, and he attempts to prevent Lupin from stealing the diamond. 
07 "One Wolf Calls Another"
"Ōkami wa Ōkami o Yobu" (狼は狼を呼ぶ) 
Masaaki Ōsumi
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Atsushi Yamatoya Kuyou Sai 1971-12-05
Three scrolls contain the secret of creating a blade like the Zantetsuken, Goemon's signature weapon. Lupin wants to steal them as a matter of family pride because his grandfather, Arsene Lupin, stole them back in the 19th century. Lupin's father stole a dagger from a swordsman that was forged using the same process. The swordsman challenged Lupin II to a duel and lost. But, he managed to steal the scrolls for himself. Now, Lupin plans to steal the scrolls back, but to do so, he must face Goemon and Fujiko, who have their own plans for acquiring the scrolls. 
08 "The Gang's-All-Here Playing Card Strategy"
"Zenin Shūgō Toranpu Sakusen" (全員集合トランプ作戦) 
Masaaki Ōsumi
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Kiyoshi Miyata Seiji Okuda 1971-12-12
Napoleon once owned a deck of fortune-telling cards that are now in the hands of a millionaire known as Mr. Gold. Lupin plans to steal them during Mr. Gold's birthday party, and Zenigata plans to stop him. Lupin succeeds in stealing the mysterious cards. 
09 "A Hitman Sings the Blues"
"Koroshiya wa Burūsu o Utau" (殺し屋はブルースを歌う) 
Masaaki Ōsumi Tōru Sawaki Seiji Okuda 1971-12-19
Lupin and the gang aim to steal the blue prints for a new computer. In their way is a man skilled with the machinegun and his hit-man partner named Poon, who used to be Fujiko's partner in the past. Lupin succeeds at his mission, but not before Poon and Fujiko come face to face. Poon's boss shoots Fujiko before they can have a proper reunion. Lupin manages to get Fujiko back to their hideout, but she is near death. Poon and his boss follow Lupin and manage to oust him from the hideout, which leaves the dying Fujiko inside. Lupin tries to get back to the hideout to save Fujiko's life. 
10 "Target the Cash Counterfeiter!"
"Nisesatsutsukuri wo Nerae!" (ニセ札つくりを狙え!) 
Masaaki Ōsumi
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Tōru Sawaki Norio Yazawa 1971-12-26
Lupin and Baron Ukraine are both after the world's most skilled counterfeiter. Lupin would have no problem beating the Baron, but the Baron has hired a man called Flinch along with Fujiko and gave them instructions to kill Lupin. 
11 "When the Seventh Bridge Falls"
"Nanabanme no Hashi ga Ochiru Toki" (7番目の橋が落ちるとき) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Seiji Matsuoka Tameo Kohanawa 1972-01-02
Someone is posing as Lupin and blowing up bridges, causing a lot of damage and injuries. Lupin and Jigen discover that the bomber is trying to force an armored car to travel along a route of his choosing. They track down the bomber, but he forces Lupin and Jigen to attempt to rob the armored car. He threatens to kill a girl he kidnapped named Lisa unless Lupin and Jigen perform the job. 
12 "Who Had the Last Laugh?"
"Dare ga Saigo ni Waratta ka?" (誰が最後に笑ったか?) 
Masaaki Ōsumi
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Kazuichi Tsurumi Tameo Kohanawa 1972-01-09
Fujiko is racing against a criminal organization to acquire a pair of gold statues that are owned by a snowbound village in the mountains. Lupin makes plans to acquire the statues, as well. The village elder considers selling the statues in an effort to help his village. 
13 "Beware the Time Machine!"
"Taimumashin ni Ki wo Tsukete!" (タイムマシンに気をつけろ!) 
Masaaki Ōsumi
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Kiyoshi Miyata Kuyou Sai 1972-01-16
Kyosuke Mamoh claims that Lupin will disappear from the world in four days. He claims that he is a time traveller from 2874 seeking revenge. Apparently, Lupin XIII destroyed the Mamo clan on March, 2874. Mamoh has travelled back in time to destroy Lupin III and prevent his clan's future destruction. Mamoh backs his claims up by travelling into the past and killing the builder of a castle causing it to disappear in front of Lupin's eyes. 
14 "The Emerald's Secret"
"Emerarudo no Himitsu" (エメラルドの秘密) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Kiyoshi Miyata Minoru Okazaki 1972-01-23
Lupin and Fujiko are both after the legendary Eye of the Nile emerald. It is going to be a wedding gift presented at a wedding being held on a yacht. Lupin and Fujiko learn that Catherine Burgess, Queen of Hollywood, has lured them there to liven up her otherwise dull wedding party. 
15 "Let's Catch Lupin and Go to Europe"
"Rupan wo Tsukamaete Yōroppa e Ikō" (ルパンを捕まえてヨーロッパへ行こう) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Seiji Matsuoka Tameo Kohanawa 1972-01-30
Zenigata has been invited to an international police convention in Europe; his chief wants him to go, but Zenigata does not want to since Lupin has declared that he will steal a gold bust within the next three days. Zenigata vows to catch Lupin before going to the convention. Lupin learns of this and begins to hatch a scheme that involves him being captured by Zenigata intentionally. 
16 "Operation: Jewellery Snatch"
"Hōseki Yokodori Sakusen" (宝石横取り作戦) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Mon Shichijō Satoshi Dezaki 1972-02-06
Fujiko goads Lupin into stealing a large shipment of diamonds. Lupin takes the task despite Jigen's protest that Fujiko is playing them for fools. Of course, Jigen is right. 
17 "Lupin, Caught in a Trap"
"Wana ni Kakatta Rupan" (罠にかかったルパン) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Masaaki Ōsumi
Mon Shichijō Kuyou Sai 1972-02-13
Fujiko invites Lupin and the gang to a famous night club owned by the sexy Hoshikage Rinko. Only Goemon refuses. This was a wise move as Rinko places timebombs on Fujiko, Jigen, and Lupin. They must cough up 3,000,000,000 JPY within twenty-four hours if they want the bombs removed. 
18 "Keep an Eye on the Beauty Contest!"
"Bijin Kontesuto o Māku se yo" (美人コンテストをマークせよ) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Seiji Matsuoka Tameo Kohanawa 1972-02-20
Smith is an art thief that is selling stolen paintings under the guise of a beauty contest. While Smith hold the beauty contest, Lupin and his colleague take an action to steal the stolen paintings from Smith. 
19 "Which Third-Generation Will Win?!"
"Dotchi ga Katsu ka Sandaime!" (どっちが勝つか三代目!) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Shunichirō Koyama Kazunori Tanahashi 1972-02-27
Inspector Ganimard III is the grandson of Lupin I's archnemesis. He has come to Japan has the head of security for the 1972 France Fair but also intends to restore his family's honor by arresting Lupin III. Ganimard publicly baits Lupin into trying to steal the Fair's exhibits by insulting Lupin's family pride. Ganimard is convinced that reason and science will capture Lupin. 
20 "Catch the Phony Lupin!"
"Nise Rupan o Tsukamaero!" (ニセルパンを捕まえろ!) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Mon Shichijō Tameo Kohanawa 1972-03-05
Someone is committing thefts under Lupin's name. Lupin follows the imposters back to their island hideout. He has apparently stumbled into a whole island of thieves. 
21 "Rescue the Shrewish Girl!"
"Jajaumamusume o Tasukedase!" (ジャジャ馬娘を助けだせ!) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Seiji Matsuoka Haruo Takahashi 1972-03-12
Rie is being held captive though she does not realize it. She believes the man holding her is a friend of her father, Ken Makita. Lupin shows up to rescue her. Rie does not want to be rescued by Lupin and does not understand why he is trying to. Lupin's father was a friend of Rie's father. The "friend" is Jooji Takigawa; he is holding Rie hostage in an attempt to get her father out of retirement to do his bidding. 
22 "The First-Move-Wins Computer Operation!"
"Sente Hisshō Konpyūtā Sakusen!" (先手必勝コンピューター作戦!) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Kiyoshi Miyata Tameo Kohanawa 1972-03-19
Gordon, an FBI computer specialist, is in Japan to operate a computer capable of predicting crimes and determining how to stop them. The Metropolitan Police Department hopes that this will finally help them capture Lupin. Zenigata is unimpressed and warns that the machine will not be able to stop Lupin. For once, Zenigata and Lupin see eye to eye. Lupin sets out to prove that the computer is no match for his intellect. 
23 "The Big Golden Showdown!"
"Ōgon no Daishōbu!" (黄金の大勝負!) 
A Production
(Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata)
Tatsuo Tamura Sōji Yoshikawa 1972-03-26
A disputed horde of recently discovered ancient gold coins draws the attention of Lupin and company. As the ownership of the coins is disputed, Lupin decides to settle the matter on his own by stealing them from the Dai Nippon Bank. This time, Zenigata decides not to wait for Lupin to carry out the hit but to counterattack by locating and raiding his hideout. After a dispute with his chief, he also offers him a letter of resignation in case of a further failure, and vows to stop Lupin on his own in one final showdown. 

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