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The following is a list of Macintosh software—notable computer applications for modern macOS systems.

For classic Mac OS software, see List of old Macintosh software.


More at Digital audio workstation products

Computer-aided design (CAD)[edit]

See CAD, 3D graphics

CD and DVD authoring[edit]

Chat (text, voice, video)[edit]

Adium on Mac OS X

Children's software[edit]

Developer tools and IDEs[edit]


Email clients[edit]

Other email software[edit]

FTP clients[edit]


Graphics, layout, and desktop publishing[edit]

CAD, 3D graphics[edit]

Distributed document authoring[edit]

Icon editors, viewers[edit]

File conversion and management[edit]

Layout and desktop publishing[edit]

Raster and vector graphics[edit]

Integrated software technologies[edit]

Language and reference tools[edit]

Mathematics software[edit]

Media center[edit]

Multimedia authoring[edit]

Networking and telecommunications[edit]

News aggregators[edit]

Main article: news aggregator
  • Feedly – news aggregator, and news aggregator reading application
  • NetNewsWire – news aggregator reading application
  • NewsFire – news aggregator reading application
  • RSSOwl – news aggregator reading application
  • Safari (web browser) - news aggregation via built-in RSS support
  • Apple Mail – news aggregation via (discontinued) built-in RSS support

Office and productivity[edit]

Operating systems[edit]

Peer-to-peer file sharing[edit]

Text editors[edit]

Outliners and mind-mapping[edit]


Support for non-Macintosh software[edit]


Web browsers[edit]

Web design and content management[edit]

Weblog clients[edit]

Miscellaneous applications[edit]

  • Steam – digital distribution software for Video Games and related media
  • Breve – artificial life simulator
  • Celestia – 3D astronomy program
  • Stellarium – 3D astronomy program

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