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The following is a list of Mac software – notable computer applications for current macOS operating systems.

For software designed for the Classic Mac OS, see List of old Macintosh software.

Audio software[edit]

Digital audio workstations[edit]

Audio editing[edit]


  • djay – digital music mixing software
  • Mixxx – DJ mix software

Notation software[edit]

Misc audio tools[edit]

  • Audio Hijack – audio recorder
  • baudline – signal analyzer
  • BeaTunes - BPM analyzer and iTunes companion tool
  • Cog – open source audio player, supports multiple formats
  • fre:ac – open source audio converter and CD ripper
  • ixi software – free improvisation and sketching tools
  • Jaikoz – music file mass tagger
  • Max – Cycling 74's visual programming language for MIDI, audio, video; with MSP, Jitter
  • Music MiniPlayer - miniplayer for Apple Music
  • ReBirth – virtual synth program simulates Roland TR-808, TB-303
  • Recycle – music loop editor

Discontinued audio apps[edit]

Chat (text, voice, image, video)[edit]


Adium on Mac OS X


Children's software[edit]

Developer tools and IDEs[edit]


Email clients[edit]

Other email software[edit]

FTP clients[edit]


  • Steam – digital distribution software for video games and related media

Graphics, layout, desktop publishing[edit]

CAD, 3D graphics[edit]

Distributed document authoring[edit]

Icon editors, viewers[edit]

File conversion and management[edit]


  • Adobe Bridge – digital asset management app
  • BibDesk – free bibliographic database app that organizes linked files
  • Font Book – font management tool
  • GraphicConverter – graphics editor, open/converts a wide range of file formats
  • Photos – photo management application


  • iPhoto – discontinued photo management application

Layout and desktop publishing[edit]



Raster and vector graphics[edit]

This section lists bitmap graphics editors and vector graphics editors.



  • Aperture – Apple's pro photo management, editing, publishing application
  • MacPaint – painting software by Apple (discontinued)

Integrated software technologies[edit]

Language and reference tools[edit]

Mathematics software[edit]

Media center[edit]

Multimedia authoring[edit]

Networking and telecommunications[edit]

News aggregators[edit]

  • Feedly – news aggregator, and news aggregator reading application
  • NetNewsWire – news aggregator reading application
  • NewsFire – news aggregator reading application
  • RSSOwl – news aggregator reading application
  • Safari (web browser) - news aggregation via built-in RSS support
  • Apple Mail – news aggregation via (discontinued) built-in RSS support

Office and productivity[edit]

Operating systems[edit]

  • Darwin – the BSD-licensed core of macOS
  • macOS – originally named "Mac OS X" until 2012 and then "OS X" until 2016
  • macOS Server – the server computing variant of macOS

Outliners and mind-mapping[edit]

Peer-to-peer file sharing[edit]


Text editors[edit]


  • Activity Monitor – default system monitor for hardware and software
  • AppZapper – uninstaller (shareware)
  • Automator – built-in, utility to automate repetitive tasks
  • Butler – free, launcher and utility to automate repetitive tasks
  • CandyBar – system customization software (commercial)
  • CDFinder – disk cataloging software (commercial)
  • DaisyDisk – disk visualization tool
  • Dashboard – built-in macOS widgets
  • Grab (software) – built-in macOS screenshot utility
  • Growl – global notifications system, free
  • iSync – syncing software, bundled with Mac OS X up to 10.6
  • LaunchBar – provides instant access to local data, search engines and more by entering abbreviations of search item names, commercial
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing – proprietary, typing tutor
  • OnyX – a freeware system maintenance and optimization tool for macOS
  • Path Finder – replacement for Apple's Finder
  • Quicksilver – a framework for accessing and manipulating many forms of data
  • SheepShaver – PowerPC emulator, allows, among other things, running Mac OS 9 on Intel Macs
  • Sherlock – file searching (version 2), web services (version 3)
  • Stickies – put Post-It Note-like notes on the desktop
  • System Settings – default Mac system option application
  • UUTool – uuencoded/uudecode and other transcoding
  • Xsan – storage network utility
  • Yahoo! Widget EngineJavaScript-based widget system

Anti-malware software[edit]

macOS includes the built-in XProtect antimalware as part of GateKeeper. The software listed in this section is antivirus software and malware removal software.

Archiving, backup, restore, recovery[edit]

This section lists software for file archiving, backup and restore, data compression and data recovery.

Discontinued archiving apps[edit]

Disc burning apps[edit]

Discontinued disc burning apps[edit]


Virtualization, emulation, dual-booting[edit]

Web browsers[edit]

Web design and content management[edit]

Weblog clients[edit]

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