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This is a list of Macquarie University people.

Academia and science[edit]

Name Macquarie University qualifications or faculty role Notability Notes
Ronald Aitchison Professor Australian physicist
Leanne Armand Australian marine scientist
Gordon Aylward Professor Australian chemist
Dana Bergstrom BSc, MSc, PhD Australian Antarctic researcher, author [1]
Pete Bethune MBA New Zealand conservationist [2]
Jeffrey Braithwaite DPhil and Professor Australian academic at Macquarie University [3][2]
Barry Brook BSc (Hons) and DPhil Australian climate scientist and academic at the University of Tasmania [2]
Vic Dudman Professor Australian logician [2]
Ghassan Hage BA (Hons) and DPhil Australian anthropologist and academic at the University of Melbourne [2]
Marcia Langton AM DPhil Australian indigenous rights activist and academic at the University of New South Wales [4]
Lyndall Ryan DPhil Australian academic and historian at Newcastle University [2]
Ian Ramsay BA and LLB (Hons) Australian legal scholar and academic at the University of Melbourne [2][5]
George Williams AO BEcon and LLB (Hons) Australian human rights activist, legal scholar and academic at the University of New South Wales [2][6]
Anne Castles DPhil and Professor Australian cognitive scientist and academic at Macquarie University [2]
Frank Duarte BA (Hons) and DPhil American physicist [2]
Steve Donnellan DPhil Australian biologist [7][2]
Cathy Foley BSc (Hons), DipEd, DPhil Australian scientist and chief at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation [2]
Alex Haslam DPhil British psychologist and academic at the University of Queensland [8]
Pat Michie DPhil Australian neuroscientist/psychologist and academic at Newcastle University [2]
Frances Separovic BA (Hons) Australian biophysical chemist and academic at the University of Melbourne [2][9]
Marc Wilkins BSc (Hons) and DPhil Australian geneticist and academic at the University of New South Wales [2]
Igor Shparlinski (de) Professor Russian-Australian mathematician
John Clive Ward Professor British-Australian physicist [10]
Peter Mason Professor British-Australian physicist [11]
Don Aitkin AO Professor Australian political scientist [12]
John Alroy American paleobiologist
Francis Andersen Australian bibilical scholar
Bill Thompson Professor Canadian cognitive scientist
Neil Trudinger Professor Australian mathematician and academic at the Australian National University [13][14]
Roberta McRae OAM LLB Australian former politician and legal academic
Joseph Paul Forgas AM BA (Hons) Australian psychologist [2]
Peter Goodall Dean of Humanities at Macquarie University Australian writer and academic at the University of Southern Queensland
Anthony Dosseto French geochemist and academic at the University of Wollongong
Kathryn Selby AM Musician-in-Residence at Macquarie University Australian classical pianist
Munjed Al Muderis Associate Professor Iraqi Australian surgeon
Hamidullah Amin Afghan academic and the chancellor of Kabul University
Andrew Parker DPhil Australian zoologist [2]
Donald Adamson Australian biologist [15][2]
Lyndley Craven MSc Australian botanist [2]
Larry Marshall BSc (Hons) Australian venture capitalist, physicist, CEO of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation [2][16]
Alan Mackay-Sim PhD Australian biomedical scientist, 2017 Australian of the Year
Andrew Pitman Australian-British atmospheric scientist.
Gregory Retallack BSc Australian-American paleontologist, geologist, University of Oregon faculty, Fellow of the Geological Society of America


Name Macquarie University qualifications or faculty role Notability Notes
Rodney Adler Australian businessman and former HIH director [2]
Matt Barrie MAppFin Australian businessman [2]
Stephen Ting BEcon Hong Kong businessman and CEO of Next Media [2]
Greg Coffey BEcon Australian hedge fund manager [2]
David Leckie Australian businessman and former CEO of Seven West Media [2]
Catherine Livingstone AO BA (Hons) Australian businesswoman and President of the Business Council of Australia, the Chairwoman of Telstra and a Director of Macquarie Group and WorleyParsons [2]
Peter Bush BA Australian businessman, Chairman of Pacific Brands and Nine Entertainment Co. and a director of Insurance Australia Group, former CEO of McDonald's Australia [2]
David Murray MBA Australian businessman, former CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Chairman of the Australian Government Future Fund Board of Guardians [2]
Napoleon Perdis Australian makeup artist and businessman [2]
Iggy Pintado Australian writer and businessman [2]
Talal Yassine OAM Australian banker and adjunct professor at the University of Western Sydney [2]

Government and politics[edit]



Name Macquarie University qualifications or faculty role Notability Notes
Maliina Abelsen MPol, AppSocRes Greenlandic politician, Finance minister of Greenland [2]
Patricia Holmes Australian diplomat, Australia's Ambassador to Argentina [2]
Martin Indyk American academic and former diplomat, United States Ambassador to Israel
Freddie Pitcher Nauruan politician, former President of Nauru
David Stuart Australian diplomat, Australia's Ambassador to Austria [2]



Name Macquarie University qualifications or faculty role Notability Notes
Rosemary Blight Australian film producer [2]
Murray Cook Australian musician, founding member of The Wiggles [2]
Anthony Field Australian musician, founding member of The Wiggles [2]
Greg Page Australian musician, founding member of The Wiggles [2]
Adam Hills Australian comedian [2]
Linda Klarfeld Czech Australian sculptor [2]
Chris Lilley BA Australian comedian [2]
Jennifer Maiden Australian poet [2]
Nevill Drury MA (Hons) Australian writer [2]


Name Macquarie University qualifications or faculty role Notability Notes
Margaret Pomeranz Australian film critic [2]
Rachael Carpani Australian film actress, television actress [2]
Sophie Falkiner Australian television presenter [2]
Yalda Hakim Australian television presenter and news presenter [2]






Order Chancellor ! Years Notes
1 Sir Garfield Barwick AK, GCMG, QC 1967 – 1978 [12]
2 Percy Partridge AC 1978 – 1984 [12]
3 Michael Kirby AC, CMG 1984 – 1993 [22][12]
4 Tim Besley CBE 1994 – 2001 [12]
5 Maurice Newman AC 2002 – 2008 [23][12][24]
6 Michael Egan AO 2008 – present [12]

Deputy Chancellor[edit]

Order Name Title Years Notes
1 John Lincoln AM Deputy Chancellor 1976 – 2000 [12]
Emeritus Deputy Chancellor 2000 – 2011


Order Chancellor Years Notes
1 Alexander Mitchell 1965 – 1975
2 Edwin Webb 1976 – 1986
3 Dianne Yerbury AO 1987 – 2006 [12]
4 Steven Schwartz AM 2006 – 2012 [12]
5 S Bruce Dowton 2012 – present [25][26]

Other faculty[edit]

Notable past and current faculty members include:


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