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The following is a list of Adobe Systems products integrated from Macromedia .

Integrated to Adobe Systems: Discontinued Macromedia Products:
  • Macromedia Aria
  • Macromedia Action!
  • Macromedia Aftershock
  • Macromedia Backstage (became the basis to Macromedia Dreamweaver)
  • Macromedia Central (replaced by AIR)
  • Macromedia Deck
  • Macromedia Drumbeat (replaced by Dreamweaver UltraDev)
  • Macromedia Extreme 3D
  • Macromedia FlashPaper
  • Macromedia Fontographer (sold to FontLab and became Fontographer)
  • Macromedia Generator
  • Macromedia HomeSite
  • Macromedia Kawa
  • Macromedia KeyGrip/Macromedia Final Cut (sold to Apple and became Final Cut Pro)
  • Macromedia Likeminds
  • Macromodel
  • Macromedia MediaMaker
  • Macromedia RoboInfo
  • Macromedia Shockmachine
  • Macromedia Sitespring
  • Macromedia SoundEdit 16
  • Macromedia Spectra
  • Macromedia Web Publishing System
  • Macromedia xRes

For a list of current product line of Adobe products is List of Adobe software