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Not to be confused with List of Mad TV episodes.
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This is a list of the episodes of MAD, an animated sketch comedy television series inspired by MAD Magazine that aired on Cartoon Network.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 September 6, 2010 (2010-09-06) June 20, 2011 (2011-06-20)
2 26 August 22, 2011 (2011-08-22) April 23, 2012 (2012-04-23)
3 26 May 28, 2012 (2012-05-28) March 4, 2013 (2013-03-04)
4 25 April 1, 2013 (2013-04-01) December 2, 2013 (2013-12-02)


Season 1 (2010–2011)[edit]

No. in
season [1]
Title [2] Original air date [3] U.S. viewers
1 1 "Avaturd / CSiCarly" September 6, 2010 (2010-09-06) 1.951[4]

Jake Smelly is sent by the military to infiltrate a tribe of Na'vi and their sacred tree for the precious mineral, Stupidnamium.

During an investigation of a dead man at a T.G.I.X's, Miami's C.S.I. division recruit Carly, Sam, and Freddie as backup to help them solve the case.

Other Sketches: Houston, We Have a Poo-Poo, The Bieber Bowl, Tree Gets a New Carving, Rejected Transformers, Rapunzel's Armpit Hair, Zombi: Fawn of the Dead, Celebrity Birthdays, Family Game Night: Ponzi-poly, Where's Lady Gaga?, Pumpkin Gets Cosmetic Surgery, Spy vs. Spy, and Super Villains for Your Health
2 2 "TransBOREmores / Star Wars: the Groan Wars" September 13, 2010 (2010-09-13) 1.758[5]

The TransBOREmores search for The Rock of No-Talent-Tron... and take advantage of Sam by making him pay for their exotic vacation.

The Galactic Republic tries to stop the evil Count Poo-Poo.

Other sketches: See Saw Fail, ePhonie cRap, Inflate-a-Clown at a Water Fountain, Ask the Celebrity, MAD News, Doggie Air, How I Met My Brother, Jargle Germ Audition, The Wolver|||Clean, De-Friended on Spacenook, The Zit, Spy vs. Spy, and Batman Sleeps In.
3 3 "2012 Dalmatians / Grey's in Anime" September 20, 2010 (2010-09-20) 1.512[6]

Dalmatians of all sizes are behind the rampant disasters said to happen in the year 2012 as predicted by the Mayan calendar.

The doctors of Grace Hospital rush to save a dying man – while the dying patient sees his operation as a mash-up of Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, and Voltron.

Other sketches: Gingerbread Serial Killer Caught, Gross and Beyond Gross, Cat Constantly Licks Herself, The Lesser Known Effects of Global Warming, Slasher Air, Keeping up with the Carcrashians, Astronaut Brawl!, UP Balloon System, Elephant at the Car Dealer, Spy vs. Spy, Robot Father Gets More Oil On Father's Day, Juicy Jr.'s Triple Pounder, Castaway Plucks Flower from his Island, MAD's Guide to Celebrity Siblings, and "Fixing" a Sandwich
4 4 "Star Blecch / uGlee" September 27, 2010 (2010-09-27) 1.769[7]

The Star Blecch crew tries to stop Captain Zero from destroying Schlock's home world by ripping off the plot to Star Wars.

Due to budget cuts at school and Sue Sylvester's cheerleaders, The Gleeks must prove that they can bring in the crowds by admitting that their show premise is no different than the premises for High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Victorious, Jonas, and Fame (both the 1980s version and the 2009 remake).

Other sketches: Mouse Forgets to Buy Cheese, Aberzombie & Stitch, Bobbing For Apples, Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters, You've Got Ninjas, Gossip Hurl, Tinker Bell's Operation, Beauty Tips with Megan Fox, Marker Phone Call, Spy vs. Spy, and No, It's Not/Snot!
5 5 "WALL·E·NATOR / Extreme Renovation: House Edition" October 4, 2010 (2010-10-04) 1.948[8]

WALL·E·NATOR tries to prevent the world from being covered in trash by going back in time and taking down MAD Magazine, "the world's biggest producer of trash."

Ty Pennington and the Extreme Renovation crew tries to change Superman's Fortress of Solitude so he can have a social life.

Other sketches: Which Isn't Like the Others?, Where Happy Charms Brown Parts Come From, Nix Kid Pix Awards Goes Terribly Wrong, MAD's Guide to Phobias, The Morning Feeding, The Spatula, The Killer is in This Room, Spy vs. Spy, Where's Lady Gaga?, Toad's Car Gets "Toad" (Towed), Build-a-Bieber, and Yell Ape to Request Stop
6 6 "Pirates of the Neverland: At Wit's End / Batman Family Feud" October 11, 2010 (2010-10-11) 1.837[9]

Jack Sparrow tries to help Captain Hook defeat Peter Pan by teaching him his method of pirating.

The Batman family tries to get on the Family Feud to capture the Riddler who is somewhere in the TV studio.

Other sketches: Top 5 Things Katy Perry Kissed, But Didn't Like, Fart Car, Toys "4" Brats, Lobsters in the Tank, Dinosaurs with Corrected Bird Sound Effects, Tree for Sale, Frog the Bounty Hunter, Dogaphone!, Exceptions to I before E except after C, MAD News, Spy vs. Spy, Old Man Puts His Body Away, Celebrities Without Their Makeup, and Defusing Dynamite with Snot
7 7 "Cliffordfield / Big Time Rushmore" October 18, 2010 (2010-10-18) 1.923[10]

Clifford the Big Red Dog attacks New York City during Zack and Cody's apartment party.

Gustavo Rocque recruits George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln as singers for his new boy band to take on King George and the Red Coats at the Battle of the Bands.

Other sketches: Vampire Werewolves, Throw Active, Sports O'Clock, In a Fancy Restaurant, The Amazing Spiderbaby, Frankenstein's Monster Hides in the Lynch Mob, Learn to Read, Rejected Pokémon, Spy vs. Spy, Goomba Murder (two-part sketch), and High School Yearbook Upgrades
8 8 "Fantastic Megan Fox / MAD vs. Wild" October 25, 2010 (2010-10-25) 2.403[11]

A literally depicted Megan Fox steals Kristen Stewart's hair, Scarlett Johansson's eyes, and Angelina Jolie's lips in her quest to become the next big movie starlet.

Bear Grylls shows viewers how to survive in the wild with disastrous results.

Other sketches: Dora the Explorer in The Road to Recovery, Who Wore it Better?, Klaus' Shöe Garden, Stargazing Couple Identify Orion, Superheroes: They're Just Like Us!, the Umpire Diaries, Cow Comedian, Man's Fly is Down, Spy vs. Spy, Deep Breath Out the Wrong End, Kanye West's Monthly To-Do List, Alien Invader Gets Ridiculed, MAD Security Cam, NetTricks, and Tightrope Academy Graduation
9 9 "I Love You, Iron Man / Ben 10 Franklin" November 1, 2010 (2010-11-01) 2.116[12]

Iron Man goes in search of a guy friend through various other superheroes.

Benjamin Franklin obtains a strange device that gives him the power to transform into aliens.

Other sketches: MAD News, MAD's Guide to Video Game Cheats, the Taylor Swiffer, This Day in History, Man Paints Insult on His Wife's Rear, the Asker, the Salivation Army, A Look Inside Lil' Wayne's Mouth, Spy vs. Spy, Angry Barber Overdoes Customer's Request, and Doggie Tweets
10 10 "Class of the Titans / Zeke and Lex Luthor" November 8, 2010 (2010-11-08) 2.115[13]

Foul-mouthed transfer student Curseus enrolls in a mortal high school and takes on the gods in a football game.

Zeke is forced to team up with Lex Luthor for a skateboarding competition.

Other sketches: MAD News, Styrofoam Cup Call, Cloudy with a Chance of Flavor Breakfast Cereal, Bigfoot Cracks the Liberty Bell, Ask the Celebrity, MADinization, Girl Breaks Up with Gingerbread Man, Man Time Travels Back to the Greatest Moment in his Life, Rejected Girl Pout Cookies, Waterproof Laptop, Spy vs. Spy, Ladybugs in a Bathroom Line, the Transformin' Grill, and Orlando Becomes Zorro
11 11 "S'UP / Mouse M.D." November 15, 2010 (2010-11-15) 1.949[14]

When Carl Fredricksen takes his house to the sky, he winds up meeting the obnoxious cast from MTV's Jersey Shore.

Dr. Mouse tries to solve three medical cases involving Cookie Monster, Bob the Builder, and Miley Cyrus.

Other sketches: MAD News, Bad Idea, Vampire Helper, Alligator Shops for Shoes, Where is Kristen Stewart Wishing She'd Rather Be?, Strong Guy Poses for a Cutout Photo, The Chirps, MAD Security Cam, Spy vs. Spy, Super Villains For Your Safety, Shax Body Spray, and Genie Bottle Drink
12 12 "Da Grinchy Code / Duck" November 22, 2010 (2010-11-22) 1.843[15]

Robert Langdon (or as he's called here, "A man who looks just like Tom Hanks with bad hair"), Nicolas Cage (as Benjamin Gates), and Indiana Jones are brought in to figure out who stole Christmas in the town of Whoville.

A duck given top-secret info by mistake goes undercover to infiltrate a crime ring.

Other sketches: MAD News, Snowman's Missing Nose, the Narnia Lunchbox, Rejected Superheroes, Santa's Bill, Celebrities Without Their Makeup: Christmas Edition, Judge Mantis, The Big Bad Wolf Gets Mobbed by Team Jacob Groupies, Spy vs. Spy, and Ice Freezee Machine Malfunctions
13 13 "Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney / Malcolm in the Middle Earth" February 7, 2011 (2011-02-07) N/A

After his breakups with Knives and Flowers, Snott Pilgrim begins dating Snow, but to prove his love, Snott must defeat her seven evil dwarfs.

Malcolm competes in the upcoming science fair with Pevensie kids while Reese and Dewey (who suspiciously looks like Gollum) fight over possession of the one ring.

Other sketches: MAD News, Dog Digs Up Corpse's Shin, K-Stew's Beef Stew, Superman at the Dry Cleaners, A Look Inside Zach Galifianakis's Bellybutton, Everything is Better with Ninjas!, Monster Plays with his Chemistry Set, Bionic Bach, Papers Meets the Scissors Gang in the Alleyway, Spy vs. Spy, Lightning McQueen gets Compacted, Villain Hand Sanitizer, and Escargot!
14 14 "Pokémon Park / WWER" February 14, 2011 (2011-02-14) 1.863[16]

A new park for cute Pokémon is unveiled, but things go wrong when some of the Pokémon evolve into their fierce final forms and attack the staff.

Superstar doctors and surgeons compete for hospital procedures on another broadcast of the WWER.

Other sketches: MAD News, Mailman vs. Dog (three-part sketch), Slop n' Shop, Jack Climbs the Jolly Green Giant's Beanstalk, Candy Hearts You Don't Want to Get, Boy Jumps on his Bed, The Thingy, Fire Extinguisher Begs to be Freed, Spy vs. Spy, Fish Burglars Find Fake Treasure, Donkey Strong, Tightrope Walking, and Cupid Shoots Maid Marion with Robin Hood's Arrow
15 15 "So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon How to Dance / Yo Gagga Gagga!" February 21, 2011 (2011-02-21) 1.737[17]

Hiccup and Toothless appear on the next dance competition to prove that a dragon can be trained to dance, but the show comes to a halt when Red Death crashes the competition for being voted off.

Lady Gaga's dolls Taylor Swift, T-Pain, Miley Cyrus, and Triple H become fed-up with her eccentric ways and break free. Gaga grows into a giant monster that attacks the city. This turns out to be a monster movie DJ Lance Rock watches, believing this would never happen to him, but he is proven wrong when his dolls rope him.

Other sketches: MAD News, Pizza Chef Tosses Tomatoes, the Itsy Bitsy Super Spider, the World's First TXT MSG, Ask the Celebrity, Sculptor Finally Gets his Sculpture Right, The Man Who Forgot His Hand is a Bomb, This Day in History, Alligator Bungee Jumping, Spy vs. Spy, Rebus Sentences, P.E.D.A.L., and Chimp Goes Ape at a Restaurant
16 16 "The Straight A-Team / Gaming's Next Top Princess" February 28, 2011 (2011-02-28) 2.040[18]

The Straight A Team comes in to tutor young Alan in all his failing subjects. But when Alan sticks with Phineas and Ferb as his science partners, it becomes a competition to see who has the best project.

The competition is down to three contestants, Peach, Zelda, and Samus as they compete for the grand prize – the title of gaming's nexttop princess.

Other sketches: MAD News, The Legend of Clay Aiken, ¡AyCarly!, Pay Day, Ironman's Irontone, Celebrities Without Their Makeup, Rooster Crow Ringtone, MAD's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, Differences Between your Mom and your Dad, MAD Security Cam, A Look Inside Taylor Lautner's Thoughts,Spy vs. Spy, and Two Glasses of Water
17 17 "The Buzz Identity / Two and a Half-Man" March 7, 2011 (2011-03-07) 2.119[19]

After being stripped of memory from higher ups, Buzz Lightyear must recover his identity.

Alan has to deal with his hedonistic brother Charlie and his half-centaur son Jake, after Jake tramples Alan and throws a party.

Other sketches: MAD News, Mousetrap Safety Instructions, the Heli-Chopper, Now Serving Number 2, Dear Reaper, Arrow on the Man's Head, the Fast and the Curious, Thor plays Bop-a-Rodent, Spy vs. Spy, and Club Moon
18 18 "Are You Karate Kidding Me? / The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air" March 14, 2011 (2011-03-14) 1.926[20]

After being assaulted by Po, Dre Parker must train under Mr. Han to compete against Po in the next fighting tournament.

After defying orders from the South African government to be relocated to district 10, an alien prawn named Will is forced to move in with his rich relatives in Bel-Air.

Other sketches: MAD News, Bad Idea, LeBrowny paper towels, Chair Taken Out of Wrestling Ring On A Stretcher, Rejected Audition Tapes, MAD's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, TMNTMZTV, Rooster Wakeup, Middle-earth Fantasy Football, Spy vs. Spy, B.O.B.'s Monster Hold Hair Gel, and Rep. Department Job Interview
19 19 "HOPS / Naru210" April 25, 2011 (2011-04-25) 1.631[21]

When E.B. runs away to Hollywood to start a band, the Hops are brought in to retrieve him so he can be appointed the role of the new Easter bunny.

Naruto is transferred to East Beverly High by the Third Hokage in order to be more mature. However, Naruto adjusts instantly and competes for title of prom king in hopes that it will lead him one step closer to becoming Hokage.

Other sketches: MAD News, Butterfly Sleeping Bag, the Reading Womb, Warning: Thin Ice, Ask the Celebrity, Flattened Man, SoulTron, Something Wrong in Deep Space, Spy vs. Spy, Cullen Clear, and Keebler Elf Strike
20 20 "Ko-Bee Movie / Law & Ogre" May 9, 2011 (2011-05-09) 1.887[22]

Ko-bee, a bee basketball star, decides to take his skills to the human world, but his dream is soon shot down upon discovering that there's another famous basketball star named Kobe. After a pep talk from Leigh Anne Tuohy, Ko-bee challenges Kobe to a game of 1 on 1 to decide who will be the superstar Kobe.

When Papa Bear is found as a murder victim in his apartment, Shrek takes the case from under the NYPD and apprehends Grumpy Bear. However, Grumpy Bear is revealed to be innocent when Yogi Bear reveals he was the culprit.

Other sketches: MAD News, Smart Car and Dumb Car, the Underwaker, MADucation 101: Chemistry, Home School Musical, Dummy reads Dummies for Dummies, Accidentally Inventing Electricity, Spy vs. Spy, Prison Execution Prevented by Fart, Villain's Wearhouse, and Execution Waiting Line
21 21 "Pooh Grit / Not a Fan a Montana" May 16, 2011 (2011-05-16) 2.276[23]

When Christopher Robin's father is bounced by Tigger, he hires Pooh to apprehend him. However, things turn sour when Jeff Bridges confronts Pooh for stealing his identity, who in turn is confronted by another Jeff Bridges and his younger self. It then becomes a competition as to who will take the glory.

When Disney star Miley Cyrus starts losing her fans to Justin Bieber, she begins to sabotage him in many styles, including Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner-style, and learns a strange truth about her friends, her father, and her fame.

Other sketches: MAD News, Balloon Animal Comes to Life, Big League Pika Chew, Circus Acts We'd Like to See, Cobrah, She's Definitely Had Work Done, Spy vs. Spy, Bob and Manny Car Crash, the Farto Tuner, and Fish Catches Fisherman
22 22 "The Social Netjerk / Smallville: Turn Off the Clark" May 23, 2011 (2011-05-23) 1.861[24]

When Mark Zuckerberg (as played by Jesse Eisenberg) is dumped by his girlfriend, he decides to create a social website with his friend Eduardo Saverin. Soon the site becomes a huge hit, and it isn't long before Zuckerberg is being sued by Saverin, the Winklevoss twins, Sean Parker, the real Mark Zuckerberg, and Michael Cera.

When the final season of Smallville is finished, Clark is approached by Julie Taymor and Bono to continue the series as a musical called Smallville: Turn Off the Clark.

Other sketches: MAD News, Silver Rejects the Lone Ranger, MAD Immunity Idol, Duel at One and not Zero, Jersey Thor, MAD Security Cam, Clown Choking, Spy vs. Spy, Airbender Technical Institute, and Snakes Play Sssscraddle
23 23 "TwiGH School Musical / Avenger Time" May 30, 2011 (2011-05-30) 2.127[25]

When transfers from East High School arrive at Forks High School, things become difficult for Bella, the Cullen family, and Jacob who find their upbeat attitude and constant singing annoying.

After retrieving the cosmic cube from the Red Skull the Avengers are inadvertently transported to the Land of Ooo.

Other sketches: MAD News, Ex-car-libur, ...for Demis book series, Deer Charades, MADucation 101: History, Meep My Dad Says, Fish Market, Go Fish with Bakugan, Spy vs. Spy, Sonic the Hedgehog Brand Sneakers, and Too Much Gum
24 24 "ArTHOR / The Big Fang Theory" June 6, 2011 (2011-06-06) 2.246[26]

Odin becomes fed up with his son ArTHOR's spoiled tendencies, excommunicates him out of Asgard until he can prove himself responsible enough wield his powers. Once on Earth, he meets a chameleon named Rango and a mortal girl named Jane.

Nerdy roommates Edward and Jacob begin fighting over their new neighbor Bella.

Other sketches: MAD News, Beachball Freezes During Game, Hulked on Phonics, Behind the Teacher's Back (three-part sketch), Rejected Video Games, Yu-Gi-Bear!, Hand Infiltrates Sock Puppet Lair, Spy vs. Spy, Recycled Bottle into a Unicycle, and Alvin and the Monks
25 25 "Ribbitless / The Clawfice" June 13, 2011 (2011-06-13) 2.153[27]

When Kermit ingests a butterfly, he mutates into an anamorphic form with heightened intelligence. He quickly learns various talents overnight, and begins living a hedonistic lifestyle among other humans and befriends a pig named Piggy and a bear named Fozzie, who also heightened traits like Kermit. However, Kermit still desires exploit his abilities even more. With Fozzie and Piggy's help, he auditions for American Idol, but is rejected on the grounds that the show discriminates animals. Kermit decides to revive The Muppet Show in retaliation and have Limitless star Bradley Cooper as its first guest star.

The Scranton branch of the Dunder Miffin paper company receives several new employees from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters led by Wolverine.

Other sketches: MAD News, Wrecking Water Balloon, Gorilla Positioning System, A Look Inside Robert Pattinson's Hair, Seattle: Los Angeles, Ming Ming at the Spewwing Bee, MAD Security Cam, Spy vs. Spy, Gross and Beyond Gross, High School Musical Song Collection Volume 44 Book 12, and Mount Katchaneyefull Erupts
26 26 "Force Code / Flammable" June 20, 2011 (2011-06-20) 1.804[28]

Colter Stevens is sent mentally back in time several times to try and prevent the destruction of the death star. After failing each time he decides to hide out on Alderaan only for him to be caught in its inevitable explosion. Finally in frustration, he asks how the process works, resulting in his mind exploding.

Katy Putty's new song "Flammable" gives hope to clay, paper, and wool characters who feel rejected by society – but all of them burst into flames due to fireworks they release.

Other sketches: MAD News, Popcorn Rescues Corn Kernels, What's in a Name?, GleeVR, Davy Jones' One Foot Locker, Animal vs. Appliance, Duck Duck Zeus, Movie Titles in Japan, U2PS World Tour!!!!!, This Day in History, Spy vs. Spy, the Early Bird Catches the Ant, Superhero 6 Motel, and DaVinci Paints the Mona Lisa

Season 2 (2011–2012)[edit]

No. in
season [29]
Title [30] Original air date  U.S. viewers
27 1 "RiOa / Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine" August 22, 2011 (2011-08-22) 2.331[31]

While walking along the beach, Blu happens to sees a green light streak by and goes to investigate. There, he interrupts Abin Sur's demise, takes the lantern ring from Hal Jordan, and teleports to planet Oa. However the guardians immediately reject Blu on the grounds that the Lantern Corp. doesn't accept birds. In retaliation, Blu breaks the Lantern Corps vending machine of rings and instructs the rings to search out other fictional flightless birds and make them Green Lanterns. Together they rescue Jewel from Nigel and Marcel.

Sir Topham Hatt gives Thomas a tuneup, but before he can reinstall the brakes, Thomas begins to roll away and is about to hit a nearby town. So Hatt enlists help from Frank Barnes. First Barnes orders Harold to shoot at Thomas, but when Hatt tells Barnes that Thomas is carrying pillows, soft cheeses, and a nuclear bomb, Barnes uses Percy to guide him to Thomas before Harold accidentally blows up the nuclear bomb while shooting at him. When Barnes finds out the town Thomas was about to hit was Strawberry Shortcake's town, he lets Thomas run over it.

Other sketches: MAD News, Sentenced... to Dance, Jedi Negotiator, Where's Simon and Theodore?, Punching Bag Champ, Hole in the Great Wall, Tomato's friend changes, Spy vs. Spy, the Sleepy Cloud, and Evil Medieval Comes Home
28 2 "Super 80's / Captain America's Got Talent" August 29, 2011 (2011-08-29) 1.940[32]

While filming Super 8, the cast gets an unpleasant surprise when a train full of memorabilia from the 1980s (including Rubik's Cubes, M.C. Hammer, and Madonna) crashes, flooding the town they are filming in with a deadly 1980s pop culture invasion. Eventually, J.J. Abrams concludes that the 1980s intentions are rather genuine, as are really trying to build a spaceship to return to where they came from – which turns out to be Steven Spielberg, who ordered the 1980s to come to save his career and make a sequel to *batteries not included. However Abrams wants to make the film, too, and jumps a pickup truck into Spielberg's house in retaliation.

When S.H.I.E.L.D. begins looking for recruits to form the Avengers, Captain America offers to join. However, the recruiters don't believe he's qualified to join on the technicality that he doesn't have super powers. So he puts together a talent show, with Piers Morgan as judge, to show off his skills. At first the recruiters aren't impressed with Captain America's acts, until he sings "I Dreamed a Dream". Once made a member, he immediately quits and reveals that he is in reality James Franco, and his ambition for membership was to add another achievement to his growing resume. When the real Captain America is found tied up under the table, Iron Man calls up Spider-Man telling him that the position in the Avengers is open.

Other sketches: MAD News, Mr. Peanut Meets his Fate, Celebrity Masks, MAD's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, Pinocchio 2: Boy, Oh Boy, Real Life is Hard, Spy vs. Spy, a Buzz in my Ear, the Car Alarm Clock, and Tiny Windshield Wipers
29 3 "Kung Fu Blander / Destroy Bob the Builder Destroy" September 5, 2011 (2011-09-05) 2.396[33]

The Soothsayer tells Po of an ancient prophecy of an evil peacock with a powerful weapon would try and destroy all kung fu, and that a black and white force can only stop him. Suddenly, Lord Shen appears and uses his weapon of angry birds on Po and the Furious Five. When the five is each taken out, Po concludes that he is the prophesied black and white force. However, he too is overcome by Lord Shen's attacks and begins searching for other black and white things to use (including Looney Tunes character Pepé Le Pew, the penguins from the movie adaptation of Mr. Popper's Penguins starring Jim Carrey, and Reshiram and Zekrom from Pokémon Black and White). When they each fail, Po declares that the prophecy was wrong. But the soothsayer reveals that the prophecy was written in an issue of Mad, that the black and white force is none other than the black and white spies.

After finishing a job, Bob and his team of construction equipment are abruptly greeted by Andrew W.K. and his Destroy Build Destroy team. The team breaks the construction equipment and rebuilds them as watermelon launchers. Bob then fights back by having the equipment form Buildtron and attacks Andrew W.K..

Other sketches: MAD News, Another Pencil Sharpened, Red Skull, the Greatest Thing Ever!, Han Solo and Gretel, Cow Needs a Refill, Spy vs. Spy, Microphone Collection at Press Conference, QuickerSand, and Hot Dog with Everything

Guest star: Andrew W.K.
30 4 "Pirates of the Pair of Tweens / Konan the Kardashian" September 12, 2011 (2011-09-12) 1.787[34]

After finding the fountain of youth, Angelica and Blackbeard drink its waters in the hopes of living forever. However, the waters work too well and the pair are regressed into their tweens, much to Jack Sparrow's dismay, as he is now forced to take care of them. He reluctantly takes them to the mall, where they do nothing but shop and play without end. Eventually, Jack has enough and turns to Willy Wonka for help. Wonka has a formula made, disguised as frozen yogurt, which Jack gives to the kids. Unfortunately, the formula causes the kids to turn into anamorphic blueberries that swell up and explode. Wonka explains that there was a mix-up from his new workers, the Alfa-Alfas.

In his quest to seek revenge against Khalar Zym, Conan learns through Wikipedia that his path will intertwine with a powerful girl. To Conan's shock, this girl is none other than Kim Kardashian, who immediately declares him her new fiancée. Now Conan is faced with the objective of meeting her family. Through these meetings he finds Khalar, who has been working as Kris Jenner's assistant. A battle ensues throughout the streets of L.A., before it reaches its end at Mann's Chinese Theatre, where Conan defeats Khalar by using Edward Asner's walk of fame star. In recognition of this feat, Conan is made honorary governor of California. However, Conan rejects the offer, feeling his place is beside Kim Kardashian.

Other sketches: MAD News, Fishtronaut gets Eaten, Transformal Wear, Baby Bird Feeding Protest, the Curious Case of Benjamin Batman, Spy vs. Spy, the Do-Over Button, and Robot Robbers
31 5 "Fast Hive / Minute to Flynn It" September 19, 2011 (2011-09-19) 1.823[35]

When Winnie the Pooh's attempt to steal some honey from some bees fails, he turns to Dom Toretto for help. Seeing the problem, Dom devises a complicated plan using a ramp and a couple of custom street cars. However, the plan works too well and everybody leaves the story entirely and land in other books, whose inhabitants graciously shares their honey. As for Dom, he ends up in the movie novelization of Cars.

Sam Flynn visits his father in the Tron arcade game where he is greeted by his father's clone, Clu. Clu challenges Sam to prove that he is the superior player on the grid with various mediocre challenges. In the final challenge, to see who could balance an egg on a light cycle the longest, Sam questions why his father would design a game so dumb. While out in the real world, Kevin Flynn is discussing with Guy Fieri about how the game will make a great TV show.

Other sketches: MAD News, Mailbox Revenge, Celebrities Without Their Makeup, Maximum Security Diary Vault, MAD Security Cam, America's Got Talons, Spy vs. Spy, Shazamwich!, and Where'd All My Skin Go?
32 6 "Cowboys & Alien Force / ThunderLOLcats" September 26, 2011 (2011-09-26) 1.224[36]

Jake Lonergan awakens to find a strange device attached to his wrist and memory gone. A passerby informs him that the device is the Omnitrix which belonged to Ben Tennyson before Jake knocked him unconscious. Jake then kills the passerby, changes the story title, and heads for the nearest town, where Woodrow Dolarhyde and several men ambush Jake. Ella Swenson informs everybody that something is coming, as another bracelet on Jake's arm is glowing. Suddenly the town is attacked by a hoard of flying ponies and a mothership that also capture the townsfolk. Without thinking, Jake takes out one of the ponies with the one of the bracelets. He then discovers that also has silly bandz on his wrist, which blast Ella into dust. She reassembles herself and explains that she is not human and chose a human form so Jake would love her. When the two kiss, she changes into her true form – a pony. She states that her real name is Applejack and that her people are also looking for the kidnappers. So Jake and Applejack head for the mothership and learn that the real culprit is actually Jon Favreau. Favreau explains that he has been kidnapping writers to write the perfect script to finish Cowboys & Aliens. Jake states that mashing up two genres like cowboys and aliens isn't a difficult feat, as MAD does it all the time. This prompts Favreau to kidnap Alfred Neuman who writes the story as Cowboys & Alfreds.

For centuries prophecy has told that a hero would rise and protect the ThunderCats from a great evil. However, Lion-LOL is far too obsessed with the Internet, much to the chagrin of the other ThunderCats who believe that the Internet is just a myth. Suddenly, the dogmen begin attacking the city of Thundera. Lion-LOL insists that the dogmen have harnessed the power of the Internet and through trolling, Troll-Ra (disguised as Panthro) knocks out Claudus and blasts Lion-LOL. Lion-LOL finds himself inside the Internet where he learns that only way to defeat Troll-Ra is with "even stupider memes". When Lion-LOL comes to, he takes the Sword of Omens and attacks as a Nyan Cat.

Other sketches: MAD News, Out of Order, 9-Voltron Battery, Mount Rushmore's Backside, What Would Boba Fett Do?, Imaginary Friends: Where Are They Now?, Spy vs. Spy, Superkhakis, and Wolves PSA
33 7 "TransBOREmores 3: Dark of the Blue Moon / The Walking Fred" October 3, 2011 (2011-10-03) 1.435[37]

When the Decepticons use a pillar to open a portal to Cybertron, they send some Smurfs over to Sam in Chicago while the Decepticons arrive in New York with Patrick. Sam makes arrangements with Patrick to meet up so they can send both visitors back to points of origin. In the meantime, Patrick takes the Decepticons on a tour of the city and sees some Broadway shows, while Sam has to put up with Optimus and the Smurfs' annoying tendencies throughout the long drive. Sam finally meets up with Patrick, but the pillar was left in Youngstown, Ohio with Brainy. Patrick takes the Mjolnir and sends everybody back, with the exception of Optimus who left to play on a walking piano with Tom Hanks.

While on a camping trip, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are attacked a bitten by a viral Fred Figglehorn, causing them to take on his characteristics. Soon most of Hollywood is taken over by Fred zombies. This is something that is pointed out by Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts' agent after the failure of Hanks' film Larry Crowne. Both Hanks and Roberts are forced to run when Fred zombies begin attacking their agent's office. The two celebrities take refuge in a sporting goods store with Bruce Willis but the three are eventually bitten by the zombies. They then go on to produce the fourth installment to the Ocean's series, Ocean's Fourteen.

Other sketches: MAD News, Christopher Coolumbus, Angry Bird Management, Singing Knight-gram, Theme Park Rides We'd Love to See, Project Runway, Spy vs. Spy, Magic Gel, and the Floor is Lava
34 8 "X Games: First Class / Criminal Minecraft" October 17, 2011 (2011-10-17) 1.212[38]

In their quest to recruit new students to save the world, Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr inadvertently acquires Shaun White, Ryan Sheckler, and Ashley Fiolek. Together, Xavier and Lehnsherr train the recruits and sends them off to fight Sebastian Shaw, his organization the Hellfire Club, and "anyone he knows within six degrees of him", only to be killed and Xavier to take their place in the X Games.

When several murders occur within the world of Minecraft, Morgan and Rossi are sent to investigate. It is learned that the culprit is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, who has been killing Minecraft patrons as he feels that Minecraft is more of a waste of time than Facebook.

Other sketches: MAD News, Death's TV Night Gets Cancelled, Kirby's Star Tours, Balloon Salesman Pop, Sassie, Spy vs. Spy, Hamster Gym, MAD Security Cam, Gandalf's 3 Ring Binder, and Hide and Seek
35 9 "Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas / How I Met Your Mummy" October 24, 2011 (2011-10-24) 1.472[39]

After starring on so many kitchen reality shows, Gordon Ramsay becomes bored with repetitive grind and longs for something new. He suddenly falls through a trap door and lands in Halloween Town just as the patrons are in the middle of a cook-off. He begins to berate their progress and orders each one to start over, much to the horror of the monster chefs. The Mayor informs Jack Skellington of Ramsay's arrival, stating that Ramsay is more horrifying than Skellington, as Ramsay is brutally honest to everyone. Seeing that he has been bested, Skellington asks Ramsay for advice to deal with his work related doldrums. Ramsay helps Skellington by making him a television executive in the place.

Ted, a werewolf, begins to recall to his children the day he met their mummy mother. However each event he chronicles an encounter with another random girl mummy. Much to the chagrin for his children. Then their Mummy enters and tells them that the real they met was at the vet due to Ted scratching his rear on the carpet.

Other sketches: MAD News, Dog Costume Party, Dear Reaper, Scream 90X, the Scooby-Doo Gang ruins Halloween, VeggieTales from the Crypt, Spy vs. Spy, Lloyd's Barbershop Scams a Werewolf, and Bacon and Eggs with a Side of Ghost
36 10 "Dances with Wolverine: A Footloose Parody / Tater Tots & Tiaras" November 7, 2011 (2011-11-07) 1.788[40]

Wolverine discovers dancing just as it has been outlawed by the government. When he is commended for his "berserker dance rage" performance by the voices in his head, he speaks before the committee to have the law repealed.

Mrs. Potato Head chronicles her spoiled overachieving daughter Savannah's participation in a toddler pageant and rivalry against Kit Kittredge and her daughter Kitty. However, when they win, Mrs. Potato Head steals the trophy, with Savannah threatening to kill her.

Other sketches: MAD News, Human Torch Grills Steak, SpongeWow! Infomercial, Bad Idea, Celebrity Superpowers, Furniture Shopping Disaster, America's Next Top Surgeon, Spy vs. Spy, and Toy Car Wreck
37 11 "Demise of the Planet of the Apes / The Celebrity Ape-rentice" November 14, 2011 (2011-11-14) 1.848[41]

After rejecting the living conditions of his house, Will Rodman sends the super intelligent chimpanzee Caesar to live at a local habitat with several other intelligent primates under the care of Kevin James. James explains that his reason for taking the job was to get acting advice in the same manner as he got from his role in the film Zookeeper. The apes are hesitant until James offers to help them take over the planet by civilizing them. Through James the apes learn to build an army of some of the most powerful apes while they suggest to James that he teams up with Hollywood's most powerful ape. Next, they are taught not to throw their feces, while the apes insist that it's still okay to slap Ben Stiller. Then the apes are taught that humans are easily distracted through dopey humor. They should take over a television network to perform stupid acts while sending out subliminal messages. The apes' final step to James is to never make a sequel to Zookeeper. Many years later, after the apes' conquest is complete, James, with Oscar in hand, and Sandler come across the remains of the Statue of Liberty, which James is happy to find as he now doesn't have to walk as far up to the top of the statue.

After passing several aptitude examinations, Caesar, Donkey Kong, and Mojo Jojo are brought before Donald Chimp to compete for a position in his global conglomerate that will take over the world. After having his talents overlooked twice and given a job that he can't perform, Donkey Kong questions Chimp's logic, which causes him to be fired. In retaliation, Donkey Kong calls his brother King Kong, who kidnaps Chimp and takes him up to the top floor of Chimp Tower and meets his end when several of Chimp's biplanes shoot at him, leading him to fall to his death.

Other sketches: MAD News, Monkey Wheel of Fortune (three-part sketch), Ape Sheriff (two-part sketch) , Adhesive Ape, Celebrities Without Their Ape-Up, and Spy vs. Spy
38 12 "Moneyball Z / Green Care Bear" November 21, 2011 (2011-11-21) 1.999[42]

Needing new talent for the Oakland A's, Billy Beane drafts Son Goku, Son Goten, Vegeta, Trunks, and Piccolo. During practice, the rookies excel in both infield and outfield. However, during the big game, Goku uses the spirit bat, powers up to Super Saiyan 3, and after a long ki build bunts the ball allowing to take first base. Vegeta then takes the spirit bat attempting to do better.

While out in the desert one night, Hal Jordan happens upon a dying Good Luck Bear who appoints him to take his place as the next green care bear. In Care-A-Lot, Hal is trained by Grumpy Bear to take on Funshine Bear who has become corrupted.

Other sketches: MAD News, TEAMWORK!, Barry Kirschbaum: Ghost Attorney, Hydrant Attacks Rodolfo, the Greatest Thing Ever, Watching the Tide Roll Out, Optimus Prime Suspect, Turkey Cooking Instructions, Spy vs. Spy, Papa Smurf's Pizza, and Scary Buzz Kill Ride
39 13 "Spy vs. Spy Kids / The Superhero Millionaire Matchmaker" November 28, 2011 (2011-11-28) 1.917[43]

Marissa is asked to come out of retirement as a spy by Danger D'Amo as Black Spy and White Spy have put aside their differences and joined forces. So she and her two stepchildren, Rebecca and Cecil, prepare to fight the spies, but the spies infiltrate their headquarters and kill Marissa as she tries to save the children. The twins soon put aside their differences and take on the spies. Once captured, they discover that the fake Black Spy and White Spy are in reality Danger D'Amo and his twin brother Timekeeper. The twins are then greeted by their father and the original spy kids, Carmen and Juni Cortez. However, the two turn out to be the real Black Spy and White Spy in disguise, but before they can escape they are defeated by Marissa, disguised as the twins' father, who is really Grey Spy.

Patti Stanger attempts to match up both Batman and Iron Man with an eligible bachelorette. However, their self-centered and super-heroic tendencies turn away from every girl they are paired off with. Especially Iron Man, who is unknowingly paired with Catwoman (who robs him of everything).

Other sketches: MAD News, Tummy Duck, Nancy Ortega's School of Dance and Martial Arts, Beware of Frog, Abs-Duction, MAD Security Cam, Arcade Kid, Spy vs. Spy, Mickey Mouse Mouse Exterminator Service, and Shark in the Ball Pit
40 14 "Captain American't / My Supernatural Sweet 16" December 5, 2011 (2011-12-05) 2.017[44]

Scrawny weakling Steve Rogers is transformed into a buff super soldier to entertain the troops at the USO show. When Bucky Barnes is kidnapped by the Red Skull, Steve takes on certain death to save him. Once rescued, Both Steve and Bucky go after the Red Skull, but Bucky loses his life in the process of landing on the escape plane. Once inside the cockpit, Steve smashes the tesseract, which causes the Red Skull to disappear in a flash of light. Since the plane has explosives and no place to land, Steve has no choice but to crash the plane to the Arctic for seventy years. Once there, Steve decides to pass the time by watching King Kong on DVD. When the day finally arrives, he is thawed partially by Scrat. Steve shrugs it off on the notion that the Avengers will find him. However, Lady Gaga is chosen as the first Avenger.

Sam and Dean receive a mission to exorcise a demon from a young girl. They happen upon rich girl Ashlyn, who is in preparation for her sweet sixteen party. Ashlyn shows all the signs of a demonic possession victim, but on the day of the party as they try to exorcise her they learn she is not the possessed girl in their mission log. The girl in question is in reality the girl living next door and Ashlyn is merely a spoiled brat. So Sam and Dean exorcise the demon from the girl, causing Ashlyn to have a double sweet sixteen party with the demon, much to the dismay of everybody else, including Satan.

Other sketches: MAD News, Stork Drops his Laundry, Ghost Rider's Training Wheels, Tomato / Tomahto, How I Left Your Brother (At a Highway Rest Stop), Cheese at the End of the Maze?, Spy vs. Spy, Clifford's Notes, and the Tin Man Steals a Heart
41 15 "FROST / Undercover Claus" December 12, 2011 (2011-12-12) N/A

On a Christmas vacation, Woody and the gang end up on the island of misfit toys after they fall out of their plane. There they are greeted by King Moonracer and the other misfit toys who invite them to stay. Soon they find a mysterious door to a room with an old Commodore 64 and countdown clock. In song, the misfit toys explain that the clock counts down to either to Christmas or the end of the world and that they've never experienced Christmas as they reset the counter on December 24. Knowing what will happen, Woody suggests that the misfits allow the counter to reach the 25. They follow Woody's advice and when day arrives, Santa appears, offering to give the toys to new homes. Suddenly, Yukon Cornelius appears with a large snow monster called a Bumble, who insists that the creature is harmless, but it eats Santa anyway and Cornelius resets the counter to the date of the creature's next bowel movement.

Santa decides to go undercover as one of the elves to see how hard their jobs are. Unfortunately, Santa proves to be very bad at the tasks given to him and ends up burning down the factory prompting him to have the elves go and buy gift cards in bulk.

Other sketches: MAD News, Time Machines Are Not Toys (two-part sketch), Tree Bazooka 9000, Rejected Reindeer, MAD Security Cam, Snowman vs. Wild, Spy vs. Spy, and Merry Christmas, Charlie Sheen!
42 16 "Twilight: Staking Dawn / Cookie Blue" January 23, 2012 (2012-01-23) 1.688[45]

Edward and Bella's wedding ceremony is interrupted by Buffy Summers, who begins killing all vampires in attendance. Edward and Bella flee with Buffy in hot pursuit before trapping them on a cliff. Before Buffy can kill them, Bella asks why she wants to kill her, since Edward never made her into a vampire as Bella asked. Buffy states that her reason is that she sees Bella as a pathetic female protagonist. Bella replies that there is someone far worse than she is, prompting the girls to lynch Whitney Cummings. Now with Whitney's main star out of commission, the director has both Buffy and the now pregnant Bella to star in a replacement sitcom, Two and a Half Women.

Cookie Monster is recruited to the Toronto police department. His first assignment is a bakery robbery. He then begins to look in a street called Crime Alley for suspects, and finds a guy hiding in a trash can whom he thinks is a Canadian equivalent of Oscar the Grouch and try force-feeding the man garbage, thus forcing the guy to confess to the robbery.

Other sketches: MAD News, Bad Idea (two in the episode), PokéHarmony, Cat Gets the Cuckoo Bird, MAD Security Cam, Promise Me You'll Shave that Mustache, the Land After the Land Before Time, the Reason Why the Chicken Crossed the Road, Spy vs. Spy, and the Greatest Thing Ever!
43 17 "WWe Bought a ZOO / 2 Broke Powerpuff Girls" January 30, 2012 (2012-01-30) 1.903[46]

Benjamin Mee buys a local zoo for his family, but the zoo is immediately seized by wrestlers from the WWE. They begin to train the animals to be wrestlers for an upcoming wrestling match. However, the match proves to be more successful than the human version, causing the human wrestlers to become unemployed.

Following the permanent hiatus of The Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles and Buttercup attempt to make it on their own by getting a job at Him's dinner, but their inability to properly wait on customers cause them to get fired. They then attempt at pan handling, but fail to make rent, forcing them to be evicted from their apartment by Mojo Jojo. With nowhere else to turn, the girls return to their successful sister Blossom and admit that she was the backbone of the team. They end up getting hired at Blossom's own diner.

Other sketches: MAD News, Death Fools Victim, Final Brantasy, Psych Psych Out, Rejected Smurfs, Spy vs. Spy, ThunderPants, and Snowman Drinks Coffee
44 18 "DolPhineas and Ferb Tale / VICTORious" February 6, 2012 (2012-02-06) 2.392[47]

When Sawyer Nelson finds Winter the tailless dolphin stranded on the beach, Phineas and Ferb offer to help build a suitable prosthetic for the dolphin. Their first few attempts backfire until they build a helmet that increases her brain activity. To test her ability, they enter her in a half machine competition against Hiccup and Toothless, and Cyborg. Winter proves to a formidable opponent, taking out Hiccup and Toothless. But before she can beat Cyborg, Morgan Freeman appears, informing that despite winning, the important thing is that everybody learns when messing with balance of nature use robot parts. He then reveals that he now has rocket feet like Cyborg's.

The students of the Hollywood Arts High School prepare for a yodeling mime competition, but their newest classmate, Dr. Doom, prepares to win the competition by cheating. Doom has Robbie Shapiro enhance his armor, but during his performance, the armor overload causing Doom to be disqualified. However, as a consolation Robbie reveals to Doom that he is in reality Andy Samberg and introduces him to Justin Timberlake. The three then take a road trip to Disneyland.

Other sketches: MAD News, Clown Dinner, DVR2D2, Polka Goat at the Meeting, Man finds Dog in the Snow, Doughboy Poking Support Group, Spy vs. Spy, What's Wrong with This Picture?, and Magician Misfires his Rabbit Trick
45 19 "My Little War Horse / The Tonight Show with Jay Lion-O" February 13, 2012 (2012-02-13) 1.983[48]

During the Great War, Captain Nicholls offers to buy Albert Narracott a horse for the cavalry. But rather than buying his colt Joey, he takes Narracott's other horse Pinkie Pie, much to everybody's surprise. Soon Pinkie Pie is put through basic training, and then is set out on the front line to fight the opposing unicorns led by Twilight Sparkle, who prove to be a formidable army. Meanwhile, Narracott decides to go after Pinkie Pie and braves the English Channel to get to her. When he reaches to the other side, Narracott realizes that he is unprepared. So he calls for help from Tintin. They then take the Unicorn ship and head out to the battlefield just as both factions come to terms.

Tonight, ThunderCat Jay Lion-O welcomes guest Ryan Gosling (who is starring in "Crazy Stupid LOLCats" with Cheetara) and a musical performance by Mumm-Ra & Sons. Also Jay humiliates people with "simple questions" in his "Catwalking" segment.

Other sketches: MAD News, People Door, Magic Magic Marker, Super Saiyan Scarecrow, Office Yak, Teen Titanic, Spy vs. Spy, Goalies Save the Day!, and Shooting Star
46 20 "Al Pacino and the Chipmunks / That's What Super Friends Are For" February 27, 2012 (2012-02-27) 1.787[49]

When Dave takes the chipmunks on a cruise, the chipmunks become marooned on a deserted island with Al Pacino following the ship crashing into an iceberg. Pacino came to the island to prepare for a role in Godfather Island, but develops amnesia. So he decides to make the best of it and offers to join the chipmunks in their next album. During a terrible rehearsal, Dave (who had been stranded on a deserted island with Robert De Niro) appears after finding a flyer for their island concert, which Pacino had sent to everybody in the music industry. As a result of these flyers, a boat with various Hollywood moguls arrives, but they are mostly killed by Pacino's cheetah upon arrival. However, Pacino merely shrugs this, stating to Dave and the chipmunks that they only needed their boat.

When the lesser known Super Friends feel rejected by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, Plastic Man and Black Lightning lead them into expressing the feelings of not living up to their team name through a show tune routine. Upon hearing this, Superman suggests that the team be renamed to the Justice League and Batman orders the team to get him a soda.

Other sketches: MAD News, Bad Idea, Green Goblin Green Beans, Suicide Victim Visited By Death, Taylor Lautner's Deleted Twilight Shirtless Scenes, Man Sees "the Alps" Through Binoculars, I Hate My Teenage Otter, MAD Security Cam, Spy vs. Spy, Multipurpose Copier, and Eat-Ohs
47 21 "Real Veal / Celebrity Wife Swamp" March 5, 2012 (2012-03-05) 1.794[50]

Charlie Kenton tries to reclaim his former boxing glory by coaching a robot to fight. But when his son Max points out the superior moves of a cow, Charlie integrates the cow into the robot and dubs creation Real Veal. In time, Real Veal climbs the boxing ranks reaching the title match against Bumblebee. As a tactic, Charlie instructs Real Veal to follow Charlie's every move, which causes Real Veal to lose to Bumblebee anyway. Unfortunately for the Kentons, the fights have put Charlie in debt. So they decide to live off of Real Veal's remains for the next several months.

Couples Bradgelina and Shrek and Fiona decide to exchange families for the show Celebrity Wife Swamp since their careers have slowed down. At first things are okay between the new couplings, until Pitt feels his ego being bruised by Shrek and Jolie. Pitt decides to terminate his contract. But the contract holder Rumpelstiltskin states that the contract is forever binding. Hearing this, Pitt begs for his old wife back, only he gets instead his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Seeing this, Pitt then decides that he's better off with Fiona.

Other sketches: MAD News, What Makes Mexican Jumping Beans Jump, People Who Wait 'Til the Last Minute today on Ellen (two-part sketch), Elephant Forgets His ATM Password, Scooby Snacks Fiscal Report, Spy vs. Spy, Superwatch, and Push Your Luck
48 22 "Garfield of Dreams / I Hate My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" March 26, 2012 (2012-03-26) 1.583[51]

While at his country home one night, Seth MacFarlane is greeted out of the neighboring cornfield by several comic strip characters asking him to help them find a new audience, as they have become forgotten and MacFarlane has the ability to make "anything" enjoyable. Quickly MacFarlane goes and invites several Hollywood moguls over to his home for a business dinner where the moguls decide to reinvent the comic characters' personas with mash-up sequels of a few existing movies. However, the comic characters revolt at the sight of the trailers as they merely wanted to be rediscovered. Suddenly, MacFarlane wakes up revealing that the events were merely a dream, and the animator comes to the conclusion that it's best to focus on the present rather than the past, then proceeds to create a new show that is identical to his previous work.

Annie Watson decides to go on a date with Shredder, much to her mutant turtle sons' disapproval. Believing that the date is a part of an evil plan to kill their family, the Turtles follow Watson hoping to stop Shredder before he can do harm to Watson. Only when each time Shredder appears to attempt an attack, the Turtles fail to save her, and Shredder only proving to be a well behaved. Until the end of the date, when Shredder reveals that not only was his plan to settle down with Watson, but to also destroy the Turtles home with a techno-drone.

Other sketches: MAD News, Bobo Marries his Balloon, What's Wrong with This Picture?, the Left Hand of Doom, Dr. Glass Johnson Makes the Score, Duck Takes a Bath with his Rubber Boy, Stapler at the Dentist, Lancing with the Stars, Robots of Humanco, Thor Hammers Bolts with the Mjollnir, Spy vs. Spy, and Wizard or Crazy Person
49 23 "The Adventures of TaunTaun / Everybody Loves Rayman" April 2, 2012 (2012-04-02) 2.030[52]

While on a trip a TaunTaun buys a model star destroyer in a bottle. When he gets it home, he accidentally breaks the bottle and finds a document title "secret plans" with the model. Before he can read it, he is ambushed by a wampa. When the TaunTaun comes to, he finds himself inside the holding cell of AT-AT Walker and overhears a message to Darth Vader regarding the plans. The TaunTaun secretly takes back and prepares to leave when Luke Skywalker appears from under the walker's floor and rescues the TaunTaun just as he destroys it. They are then greeted by Boba Fett who want the map and Skywalker mounts the TaunTaun and flees. After someways the TaunTaun collapses along with Skywalker. Skywalker receives a message from Obi-Wan Kenobi's ghost. Kenobi is interrupted by a break in the ice that reveals an actual submerged star destroyer. Skywalker recalls a legend involving his father and the star destroyer, and is shot down into a sarlacc pit. Skywalker then wakes up revealing that it was all a dream and wonders what induced it as Han Solo instructs him to get inside his dead tauntaun's body.

After rescuing Betilla the Fairy from Mister Dark, Rayman invites his parents over to stay while their house is fumigated for Raving Rabbids, much to Betilla's chagrin. During breakfast, they berate the meal she has fixed despite the fact that it was magically created from nothing. Betilla forces Rayman to ask his parents to leave, and flies away when they make him feel guilty for asking. Rayman talk to Globox who brought over some of their parents' stuff, which turns out to be more rabbids. Rayman then beats up the rabbids for stealing his franchise and wrecking his house.

Other sketches: MAD News, Labra-door, Koopa Soup, Water Cooler Talk!, Ask the Celebrity, Employees Must Wash Hands Before Work, Sick Buttowski, Giant Monsters Eat a City, Lightbulb Gets and loses an Idea, Spy vs. Spy, Garfield No Monday Calendar, and "Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane"?
50 24 "Potions 11 / Moves Like Jabba" April 9, 2012 (2012-04-09) 1.920[53]

Harry Potter learns that his franchise is finished, meaning that there will be no more fictional wizards in pop culture for the first time in ten years. Fortunately, Potter knows that Professor Dumbledore has a special wand that can grant immortality in a vault at the Exmagicor Hotel and Casino. So he gathers a team composed of himself and ten other fictional wizards to secretly infiltrate the casino and steal the wand. Once the inside, the wizards are met with various obstacles. Each wizard leaves but Ron, Hermione, and Harry until they reach the ninth floor. There they are greeted by Dumbledore, who informs them that the wand is in reality a simple remote control. With it their franchises will live on forever in reruns. This causes Gandalf, who was crushed by a statue, to come back to life as Gandalf the Glitter, a stage performer at the Exmagicor.

When a disguised Lando Calrissian goes in search of Jabba the Hutt, he runs into a large Gammorean entry guard. Calrissian explains that he is looking for a job and asks how the guard how he got his job. The guard decides to tell his story through song, explaining that he has moves like Jabba. The song ends when the guard is devoured by the rancor, opening a position, and Calrissian, unfazed, applies anyway.

Other sketches: MAD News, Evil Medieval Doesn't have Correct Change, Attorney with a Booger (three-part sketch), Elderly and Disabled People Cross the Street, Parent Trainer, MAD Security Cam, Spy vs. Spy, and McSpidee's

Guest star: Billy Dee Williams
51 25 "Addition Impossible / New Gill" April 16, 2012 (2012-04-16) 1.920[54]

After Benji Dunn breaks Ethan Hunt out of a Russian prison, Hunt gather a team including Ghost Rider to stop a nuclear strategist; Kurt Hendricks from selling nuclear launch codes. Hendricks is to meet the buyer on the top floor of the tallest building. The team's mission is to infiltrate Hendricks before the exchange is made. The first attempt to stop Hendricks fails due to Hunt's slow thinking, causing a change of plan with Hunt to go undercover as the buyer. Seeing that Hunt is alone causes Hendricks to panic until Ghost Rider shows up disguised as the buyer's assistant. Hendricks sees through the disguise as Ghost Rider's flames are clearly visible, and soon flees. Hunt chases Hendricks into the parking garage where Hunt meets Lightning McQueen. Hunt takes McQueen and drives into Hendricks and takes the launch codes back at the expense of McQueen who is badly injured and on fire. Ghost Rider's bike insures McQueen that's he'll get used to it.

When Ariel is dumped by Prince Eric for Ursula, she moves in with three guys who, like Prince Eric, find her tendencies really annoying. So they help her find a new boyfriend. First they pair her with Marlin, but he has too many family issues. Next they have her date SpongeBob SquarePants, but she finds out he is way more chipper than she expected. Ariel finally goes on a date with Aquaman and finds that they have everything in common, but before she can do anything about it, he is caught by the cast of Deadliest Catch. Seeing she will never find happiness, Ariel begins to sing, much to the annoyance of her roommates, who begin using hamburgers as earplugs as Scuttle states that he heard that they are great for blocking sound.

Other sketches: MAD News, Women Saves Herself from a Train, Satel-Night-Light, Superheroes: They're Just Like Us, LIFE: the Ride, My Little PWNY, Babies Are Monsters... But Nobody Notices, Spy vs. Spy, and Professor X Boards His Plane
52 26 "iChronicle / Hulk Smash" April 23, 2012 (2012-04-23) 1.632[55]

While filming another episode of iCarly, Spencer takes the gang to a hole where they find a crystal that give Sam and Freddie super powers. Carly insists that she too has super powers and improved acting skills, but Sam and Freddie are not convinced. So she sets out to prove it by reporting the weather on a public access show. Convinced that Carly's acting is improved, Sam suggests that she shouldn't be held down by a public access. This prompts Carly to try to place an antenna at the top of the Space Needle. Sam and Freddie try to reason with Carly, but Carly refuses as she is tired of being made fun of. Sam and Freddie attack Carly, and Sam defeats Carly by dropping a Nickelodeon blimp on her. However, at the wreckage Carly is shown alive and well stating that this was proof of her acting ability.

After the Hulk auditions for the Avengers, he reverts to Bruce Banner. Banner makes the best of this and decides to apply in the hopes that they might need another scientist. Iron Man considers Banner based on his inexperience, and is left with the problem of choosing whom to make the official member. Seeing this a problem, both personae begin to sing a Broadway-style duet explaining how they feel in regards. Eventually Iron Man decides to let the Hulk in anyway since they discover that the Hulk and Banner are one and the same. He also informs about bad news, as Banner and Hulk both paid to see John Carter.

Other sketches: MAD News, "Superman is Awesome!" Monument, Miley Storage, Couple Packs Up at the Beach, Extinction, Extremely Far and Incredibly Blurry, Bike Airbag, Spy vs. Spy, CM Punk Beds, and Computer Crash

Season 3 (2012–13)[edit]

No. in
season [56]
Title [57] Original air date [58] U.S. viewers
53 1 "The Iron Giant Lady / Raising a New Hope" May 28, 2012 (2012-05-28) 1.445[59]

On her road to become Britain's prime minister, Margaret Thatcher encounters several problems, as she is a giant iron gynoid with a loud voice and limited vocabulary. So she decides to take elocution lessons, and eventually learns some words that help win the election. Soon, under Thatcher's administration, she manages to literally squash the debt ceiling, make an impact on education, and returned England currency to the rock standard. Thus inspiring other gynoids throughout the world seek positions of power. It is then revealed that Thatcher has been telling this story to the audience of the Robot Grammys where she is presenting the award who's nominees are all various gynoid versions of Adele.

After Anakin Skywalker's defeat on Mustafar, Obi-Wan Kenobi sends Anakin's newborn son Luke to live with Owen Lars. But Luke proves to be too much of a handful for him, and Owen finally decides to send Luke to live with the Tusken Raiders.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Genie Lamp Used on Noisy Wanderer, the Visibility Cloak, MAD News, Alien Father Uses his Fart Gun, Audience Frenzy, Nessie, Super Duper Cutz Grand Opening, Spy vs. Spy, Parallel Lumberjack Crushing, Edna the Kangaroo Forgot her Pouch, and Horse and Cowboy Enter Saloon
54 2 "Yawn Carter / Franklin & Crash" June 4, 2012 (2012-06-04) 1.992[60]

After receiving a device from Abin Sur, John Carter teleports to Mars. There he meets Marvin the Martian who dubs him "Yawn Carter" for his long winded boring back story. Marvin asks Carter for his help to fight their civil war, but Carter is reluctant since he would rather search for gold. Marvin's dog K-9 grabs Carter and takes him to their village. Seeing that he has survived the trip, it is declared that Carter has super powers that can be useful in the war. While there Carter is greeted by the princess Dejah Thoris, who informs him that she has been betrothed to J'onn J'onzz a man she does not love. J'onzz has Carter arrested for fraternizing with Thoris. As punishment, Carter is pitted to a fight to the death with ravenous Bruno Mars. Carter manages to kill Mars, escape to the arena, and crash the wedding. However, Carter learns that the entire events were just an elaborate plan for Thoris to get an engagement ring. As Carter declares his feelings and gives her a diamond ring, Thoris teleports Carter back to Earth.

Trial lawyer, Jared Franklin is paired with Crash Bandicoot. Together the two must defend the Prince of the Cosmos who has been accused of property damage from creating large katamaris. At the trial, prosecutor Sonic the Hedgehog presents compelling video evidence showing the Prince in the process of creating various katamaris. Finally, the Prince calls upon his father, the King, who explains that the Prince's activities were to help repopulate the cosmos with new stars, as the King accidentally did away with all the old stars. As he speaks, the King takes the entire courthouse and hurls it into space to make it the final star in an Alfred E. Neuman constellation.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Burglar Disguised as a Raccoon, Sports Drink Drinks, RPG Nerd Has to Get a Life, Alfred E. Neuman for President Celebrity Endorsement, the Woman in Back, Spy vs. Spy, and Toughest Miniature Golf Hole
55 3 "Battleship vs. Titanic / Jurassic Parks and Recreation" June 11, 2012 (2012-06-11) 2.351[61]

Thanks to 3-D technology, the RMS Titanic is able avoid the iceberg only to encounter with a hostile alien battleship. Rose and Jack are greeted by Adm. Shane who briefs them on the threat and attempts to prepare for battle. Since the Titanic is a luxury cruise ship they decide to use the women and children as ammunition by catapulting them, but their firing range is too short. So Jack decides to draw sketches of everybody, allowing the aliens to take over the ship's rear. Adm. Shane decides to active the ship's emergency separation mechanism to save the rest, only to cause the inevitable sinking. Later, Jack and Rose are left to drift clinging to a piece of wood. Rose states to the wood she will never let go, and the wood knocks Jack aside. Lt. Hopper surfaces begging to be saved so he can star in John Carter: The Gods of Mars. In the present, an elderly Rose recounts the story to her children explaining how she met their father - one of the aliens.

Leslie Knope unveils Pawnee Park's newest project to include a new dinosaur zoological park to compete with rival Eagleton where she had received the dinosaurs from Terra Nova. However, when Andy decides to save money by not putting locks on all the cages, all the dinosaurs run amok over the park. With most of the staff devoured by the carnivores, Knope hold a meeting to address the issue. Only for the meeting to be crashed by a velociraptor who sets his sights on Knope. Before he can attack, he is devoured by a Tyrannosaurus carrying director Ron Swanson.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Bad Idea, Swisster, Waiting for the Cool Bus, Alfred E. Neuman Presidential Campaign Ad, Fat Man Buys a Magic Carpet, Sheriff Robo Boba Lobo, Spy vs. Spy, "Hey, whatever happened to that kid from that TV show I kinda remember from when I was a kid"?, and Literal Food Fight
56 4 "Betty White & the Huntsman / Ancient Greek MythBusters" June 18, 2012 (2012-06-18) 1.937[62]

Queen Ravenna is shocked when her magic mirror informs her that Betty White is fairer than she and orders Eric the Huntsman to retrieve her heart. Eric goes to Betty White's office but chooses not to kill her since he enjoys Hot in Cleveland. Instead, he decides to train her to fight the Queen in battle. However, when they return to face Ravenna, they are greeted by Queen Clementianna from Mirror Mirror. Betty White laments over the idea the two Snow White films were released in the same year and regards the 1937 Disney film as the superior adaptation.

On the previous episode of MythBusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage managed to prove that time travel exists and have now found themselves trapped in ancient Greece. So they decide to do a special Greek episode and bust Greek mythology. However, their experiments create disastrous results that involve the Titans getting free. Fortunately Grant appears in a time machine to take the duo home. Perseus, however, takes the time machine instead and heads to the year 2015 where he lives it up hoverboarding until he is hit by a hovercar.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Crocodile wins Animal Actor Award, Awake 'n Shake, Employees Must Wash Hands and Feet Before Returning to Work, R2-PO, Alfred E. Neuman Presidential Campaign Ad, 20/80, Spy vs. Spy, and Man Falls Down from the Ceiling
57 5 "I Am Lorax / Modern Family Circus" June 25, 2012 (2012-06-25) 1.783[63]

Learning that the state of his hometown Thneed-Ville is really a rundown zombie wasteland, Ted Wiggins seeks help of the Willsler to find a permanent solution and a tree to impress the local girl Audrey. The Willsler explains that he was forewarned of the dangers by the Lorax and two other incarnations of Danny DeVito, of the town's destruction. Just then the zombified Lorax and several forest animals appear to attack both the Willsler and Wiggins. However, Wiggins comes to the realization that since the story is an animated feature, that everything can simply be redrawn back to normal. Thus prompting a large artist's hand to appear and redraw the world and everyone in it. Yet, Wiggins still need a tree, so the Willsler simply gives Wiggins his daughter Willow.

The Prichett/Dunphy family decide to pay the Keane family a visit. Things start out fine until Bil pulls Jay aside to warn him of the danger of their son, Jeffy, who has been forcing the rest of the Keane family to retell the same jokes for over four decades for his own amusement. Unfortunately Jeffy had been listening the whole time and not only punishes the rest of his family but also traps the Prichett/Dunphy family inside the funnies.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Darth Maul's Sporksaber, Flunco! Products, Alfred E. Neuman for President Ad, Alien Shark Week, Fart or Chair, Mimes, Spy vs. Spy, Devil is Banished After Hearing Good Manners, and That's How Science Works!
58 6 "This Means War Machine / iCharlie" July 23, 2012 (2012-07-23) 1.920[64]

Iron Man and War Machine realize they're dating the same woman: Pepper Potts!

After Lucy van Pelt's video of Charlie Brown missing the football goes viral, he looks at one of the comments which says "he's cute". Smitten by her comment, Charlie continues getting himself into dangerous stunts and his hits keep rising. However, during one live show, Charlie is heard berating the crew which ultimately ruins his popularity. The girl who said he was cute posted he's a blockhead.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Mailman Eating Door Monster, Oompa Loompa & Golden, Horses: Swiping Kids Since 1873, James Bond's Latest Mission, Two Guys on a Railroad Car, Rejected Playground Equipment, Cheaters Week on The Price Is Right, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman for President Celebrity Endorsement, and Congratulating the Graduating Class of Quadrant 13
59 7 "The Mixed Martial Artist / Aquaman vs. Wild" July 30, 2012 (2012-07-30) 1.650[65]

A silent movie star is kicked to the curb for America's new favorite form of entertainment: mixed martial arts!

When Bear Grylls is poisoned by a nightshift toad, Aquaman fills in and faces off against the desert. However, he can't find fish to eat or a large water source. When he finally reaches a source of water, he encounters a man who needs his help fighting the aliens from Battleship. Aquaman decides to return to the desert.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Robots Disguised as a Scientist, Hobbittrails, Alfred E. Neuman for President: Rejected Mascots, Man at the Eye Doctor sees an F-14, King Tuttowski, Spy vs. Spy, Running Out of Gas, and Yo-yo Master Scams People
60 8 "The Blunder Games / The Poop-seidon Adventure" August 6, 2012 (2012-08-06) 1.896[66]

The tributes from District 12 battle the tributes from District Hogwarts and District Twilight.

It's a MAD classic as a famous boat flips its lid.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Fisherman Can't Hurt a Talking Fish, "Deviled Eggs", Sea-Gorillas, Lassie pushes Ruth Martin down a well, Answers to Your Homework, Egyptians Build Food Pyramid, Alfred E. Neuman for President: Campaign Promises, The Quick way Out, What to Expect When You're Expecto Patronum, Spy vs. Spy, and Left Field confuses team strategy
61 9 "The Average-ers / The Legend of Dora" September 13, 2012 (2012-09-13) 1.228[67]

Nick Fury needs to save the world with whatever heroes don't have their own movies to make. However, the gathered heroes find themselves dealing with both evil and a disgruntled Hulk, the latter over his lack of airtime. (Note: Hulk later barges into other sketches.)

Dora the Explorer is the newest Avatar revealed, and Hulk crashes the sketch for additional airtime.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Bank Robin, Tasmanian Devil Duster, Lizard gets a new tail for his birthday, Alfred E. Neuman for President: Rejected Campaign Slogans, Crash Cab, Everything is Better with Ninjas!, Spy vs. Spy, and the Perfect Solution for Dry Skin

Note: Tasmanian Devil Duster, Animated Marginals, and Legend of Dora were interrupted by Hulk.
62 10 "Men in Black to the Future / Pokémon of Interest" September 20, 2012 (2012-09-20) 1.324[68]

Agent J bounces through time looking for his partner. His trip through time takes him into different movies that Tommy Lee Jones was in.

John Reese uses his Special Forces skills to track down a Psyduck.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Follow Your Nose, CelebMD, Alarm Clock's Revenge, ADrake, MAD Misunderstandings - A Night by the Fire, Alfred E. Neuman for President Suggested Running Mates, Squid Gets a Surprise Party, Superman's Curl, Spy vs. Spy, and Dinner Time for the Bears
63 11 "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Icarus / The Adjustment Burro" September 27, 2012 (2012-09-27) 1.509[69]

Pit, the hero of Kid Icarus, gets picked on by the popular video game characters as he tries to win their respect, along with his BFF, Kirby.

Falling in love with Twilight Sparkle and finding true happiness, Eeyore learns that his life is planned out for him. But what if he decides to change that plan?

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Paper Cut, Rental Floss, Cavemen: Gosh, They Were Dumb, Concise Age, Alfred E. Neuman for President: Hide and Seek, Never Trust a Tree, Spy vs. Spy, Father & Son Ninjas, Downsides of Being a Fairytale Princess, Batmobile Crashes Into Batcave, and Lab Rats
64 12 "Taking Nemo / Once Upon a Toon" October 4, 2012 (2012-10-04) 1.423[70]

Nemo gets taken so his dad calls up Liam Neeson to save him. To get clues on Nemo's whereabouts via beating up anyone in his way, Neeson proceeds with harassing Bruce and the sharks, Ariel and Flounder, and SpongeBob before the crazy actor is captured by John Lasseter. Though he intends to stop the director's diabolical plan to make a profit from Nemo, Neeson is bought with a 3D movie deal.

The residents of a seaside town are actually characters from shows of Cartoon Network's past that were transported to the 'real world' town by an evil force. However, Henry Swan gathers the characters consisting of Johnny Bravo, Dexter, Samurai Jack, Cow and Chicken, and others to stand up to this evil while tearing down the fourth wall. They soon discover that Dexter's sister Dee Dee is behind this threat so that she can have new shows on Cartoon Network like MAD. It turns out to be a nightmare experienced by Johnny Bravo until he notices Alfred E. Neuman, dressed as Elvis Presley, sitting in a chair next to him.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Caveman Invents Fire, Dark Knight Bread Riser, Extinction, the Adventures of Iron Man, Knight at the Airport, Spy vs. Spy, Alfred E. Neuman for President: Alfred E. Neuman Was There, and Fish Staring Contest
65 13 "Outtagascar / F·I·E·N·D·S" October 11, 2012 (2012-10-11) 1.656[71]

The cast of Madagascar wind up on a train filled with characters whose movies are clearly out of gas. They put on a circus to show how cool they are, only to accidentally burn down the big top, and the characters end up in prison until 2047.

Six evil villains (Baroness, Mystique, Lord Voldemort, Maleficent, Dr. Victor von Doom, and Megatron) try to make their way in New York City.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Ball Returner has a Pitching Machine's Motor, Deltoids, Flies Take Over the World, Body of Pwoof, Spy vs. Spy, and Where's the Fire?
66 14 "The Amazing Spider-Minaj / Go, Dragon Ball, Go!" October 18, 2012 (2012-10-18) 1.495[72]

Peter Parker (or better known as "Spider-Man") is not the only web head in town, Nicki Minaj is.

Diego searches for seven Dragon Balls so he could save all the animals that need help.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Old Lady Crosses the Street, Pikmin Pest B Gone, University of Walking, Alfred E. Neuman for President: News from the Campaign Trail, Meme Wolf, Spy vs. Spy, Things That Would Be Better if They Bounced, and Alpha Man
67 15 "FrankenWinnie / ParaMorgan" October 25, 2012 (2012-10-25) 1.579[73]

When Winnie the Pooh tears apart, Christopher Robin is determined... to bring him back to life! However Pooh goes on a rampage due to honey replacing A.A. Milne's brain, which Pooh was supposed to have. Christopher Robin eventually calms him down by giving him his own pants, which Piglet thought he needed.

Norman Babcock is a weird little boy who hears the voice of... Morgan Freeman! He teams up with the other ghosts to stop celebrities from taking over voice-over jobs, due to Johnny Blaze telling him about what was happening.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Zombies Try to Eat the Scarecrow's Brain, the Grim Sleeper, Bane: Friend of Children, Enemy to Bats, the Legend of Snoopy Hollow, Avengers' Halloween Party, Spy vs. Spy, and a Nightmare brought to you by MAD

Guest star: Rico Rodriguez
68 16 "Dark Knight at the Museum / Lemming Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Video Game Deaths" November 1, 2012 (2012-11-01) 1.619[74]

Batman investigates a crime at the Museum of Television to stop the Riddler.

Three orphaned Lemmings go on the run from an evil guardian known as... Wario! They eventually escape, but more bad things happen to them. Lemming is then confronted by the three, and Sunny blows him up.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Apple Trees Rise Up and Enslave the Humans, the Fairly OddParental Controls, Electric Eels Forgot to Pay the Electric Bill, Guy Pearce Gets Punched in the Face, Shirt Cannon 3000 and Shirt Squirt, Alfred E. Neuman for President: More Campaign Promises, Spy vs. Spy, and Every Last Drop of Gas
69 17 "Total Recall Me Baby / The Asgardigans" November 8, 2012 (2012-11-08) 1.730[75]

Jessica Biel (in the style of Carly Rae Jepsen) explains the plot of Total Recall... through song!

Thor teams up with The Backyardigans in order to hunt down Loki. The five teach him the power of imagination to use along the way.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Dumb Dog Dream, Election Results, Wonder Woman Bread, Trick Acorn, Who Wore it Better?, Terry Covington, M.D., Spy vs. Spy, Election Results Corrected, and Banana Slip
70 18 "The Bourne Leg-a-Turkey / PilGrimm" November 15, 2012 (2012-11-15) 1.452[76]

Aaron Giblet, a turkey secret agent is on the run from the people who created him.

Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin hunt down the most terrifying creature of all, preferably known as... the Turducken!

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, History: It's All Hazy Anyway!, Leaf Pile Eats Girl, Jokahontas Live! at the Punchline Emporium (two-part sketch), Bad Idea, A Lesson in How to Draw a Turkey, Bartholomew's Buckle Barn, Festive Ways to Improve Thanksgiving, and Spy vs. Spy
71 19 "Here Comes the Doom / Brain Purge" November 29, 2012 (2012-11-29) 1.029[77]

Doctor Doom turns to MMA fighting to raise money for his school so he can get the budget raised to win the art contest. Doom loses the match, but wins 1,000 more dollars than the winner for some odd reason.

Agent J tries to get the contestants of Brain Surge to forget everything they know.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Pied Piper's Wrong Pipe, Koopa Troopa, Gutsman, & Kracko, Barbershop Cat-tet, MAD Ask the Celebrity, Tom and Jury, Spy vs. Spy, and Bad Idea
72 20 "Fantastic Four Christmases / Red & White Collar" December 6, 2012 (2012-12-06) 0.976[78]

Can the Fantastic Four stop fighting the villains and enjoy Christmas together?

Santa Claus teams up with the FBI to solve a case of breaking and entering, which was committed by his own elves.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Frosty's North Pole Diet, "This Christmas Eve, Think Before You Choose", Scroog'd, Spy vs. Spy, and Frosty the Snowman Steals Hat and Mom's Car
73 21 "Hip Hop Hobbit / The Monday Project" January 21, 2013 (2013-01-21) 1.641[79]

Bilbo Baggins embarks on an old-school quest of rhyming and break dancing.

Garfield vows to get his life together.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Is Santa Coming or Not?, Why Kristen Stewart Never Laughs... or Smiles, MAD Security Cam, the Perks of Being a Cauliflower, Spy vs. Spy, Tinky Turner's Self Elf Book, and Ant Funeral

Guest star: Biz Markie
74 22 "The Perks of Being a Wallcrawler / Regular Shogun Warriors" January 28, 2013 (2013-01-28) 1.796[80]

Spider-Man teaches a shy high school student how to be a wallcrawler.

Without the threat of Godzilla, the Mighty Shogun Warriors spend the day like... any other regular day.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Dragon Visits the Doctor, Pirate Pete's Plank Pavilion, Baby Architect, the Land Before Adventure Time, Lone Ranger works alone, Other Old Timey Hawkeye Weapons, Spy vs. Spy, and Stupid Sun Always Letting Them Down
75 23 "Twilight: Breaking Down / GOllum ON" February 4, 2013 (2013-02-04) 1.574[81]

Bella and Edward have one last challenge to overcome: finding a babysitter!

Gollum joins a support group to help him get over the loss of his ring.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Dragon Breath, Aquapella, MAD Security Cam, Nyefall, Spy vs. Spy, and Not Kathy Hernandez
76 24 "Life of Rhyme / Here Comes Yogi Boo Boo" February 18, 2013 (2013-02-18) 1.638[82]

It's a classic tale of a boy named Piscine Molitor trapped on a boat with the Cat in the Hat.

Two bears named Yogi and Boo-Boo Bear act gross and dumb, with Ranger Smith lamenting over the lack of sophistication in entertainment in America.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Popeye and Bluto's Dinner Mix-Up, Lipstuck, "Did Anybody Get Mom a Card?", Spy vs. Spy, MAD's Guide to Picking Up Girls, and Whack-a-Sole-Survivor
77 25 "Reply All / Randy Savage: 9th Grade Wrestler" February 25, 2013 (2013-02-25) 1.909[83]

When an embarrassing video of Raoul Silva is accidentally sent to all the spies in the world, it's up to James Bond to stop Silva from taking the spies out.

A 9th grader known as Randy Cunningham dons the beard of a legendary wrestler from 1980s to fight the forces of evil.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Book Rapport, Chunky Mouthwash, Scenes We'd Like to See: The Avengers, Sink Hole in Carrot Garden, Dragon Ball TMZ, Lumberjack tries to kill a spider, Spy vs. Spy, and Astrology: It's All Made Up Anyway
78 26 "George Washington: Cherry Tree Chopper / Star Wars Earned Stripes" March 4, 2013 (2013-03-04) 1.689[84]

The completely true tale of George Washington's war against the cherry trees is finally told!

Do these C-list celebrities have what it takes to become A-list Storm Troopers?

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Never Bring a Swordfish to a Gunfish Fight, Shellmet, Holidays We'd Like to See, Bakin', Spy vs. Spy, and Robin Hood Goes to Prison

Season 4 (2013)[edit]

No. in
Title Original air date U.S. viewers
79 1 "Linkong / Rainbow Dash & Bernstein" April 1, 2013 (2013-04-01) 1.524[85]

It's a classic tale of America's greatest giant ape president.

Wyatt Bernstein builds a new bestie: Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Fortune Yeller, Truth Paste, I Never Get a Baby!, Rejected Merry Go Round Characters, Keeping Up with the Carebearshians, Spy vs. Spy, and Ice Diver in Winter Olympics

Guest star: Gilbert Gottfried
80 2 "Pokémonsters, Inc. / Bane & Kate" April 8, 2013 (2013-04-08) 1.688[86]

Mike and Sulley must stop Ash Ketchum from catching all of the monsters in Monstropolis.

Bane sets out to sabotage his sister's date with Bruce Wayne.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Bob the Clown Barber, the Gollum Go-Thin Diet, MAD Security Cam, Treasure's Meaningless, Unlimited Breadstick, M&MA Championship, Awkward Moments Never in Danger of Becoming Extinct, Spy vs. Spy, Lean John Silver, and Half a Tooth
81 3 "Wreck It Gandalph / The Big Bird Theory" April 15, 2013 (2013-04-15) 1.775[87]

Gandalf the Grey is sick of being a wizard when hearing he'll be in three Hobbit films, so he escapes to other movies.

Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper are tired of their show and teleport to Sesame Street, and meet Big Bird.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Undercover Wolf at the Shear Delite Salon, Training Car, Other Guardians Ruining Rise of the Guardians, Nickita Minaj, Pinball Goes to Work, Spy vs. Spy, and Wall Scientists
82 4 "Les the Miz / The Lex Factor" April 22, 2013 (2013-04-22) 1.411[88]

It's a musical wrestling spectacular in the past when John Cena tries to get back his championship title!

Lex Luthor holds a reality show for villains in order to find out who he will use to fight Superman.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Expecting 15-Minute Delays on Playground Slide, Irish Scream Shampoo, MAD Security Cam, the Less You Know, Cop Chef, Spy vs. Spy, Real Life Heroes, and Pillow Fight
83 5 "Papa / 1600 Finn" May 13, 2013 (2013-05-13) 1.431[89]

A family is haunted by a small, blue menace known as Papa Smurf.

Finn the Human moves into the White House with his dad, President Dale Gilcrest.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Spin the Wheel & Win the Cash Before Time Runs Out & Also Maybe Win Prizes!, Snoozeum, Bald Eagle's Wig, Snake Dates his Tail, the Amazing Man-Spider, MADitorial, Feline Instincts, Spy vs. Spy, and Island in Heaven

Guest star: Stan Lee
84 6 "G.I. E.I. Joe / Dog with a Captain's Log" May 20, 2013 (2013-05-20) 1.508[90]

The G.I. Joe team recruits help from General Joe Colton (a.k.a. Old MacDonald) and his farm.

The U.S.S. Starship Enterprise gets a new crew member: Stan the Dog from Disney's Dog with a Blog.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, What Do Trees Want to Be When They Grow Up?, Zombeach, After-work Activities, How Hot is the Sun?, SpongeBorg SquarePants, Great Moments in Redundancy, Spy vs. Spy, Life: It's All About the Presentation, and Couple Sat in Front Of
85 7 ""S" Cape from Planet Earth / The X-Mentalist" May 27, 2013 (2013-05-27) 1.512[91]

Scorch Supernova tries to save Superman, who denies he needs help. It had turned out Lex Luthor had planted Kryptonite inside Scorch's pocket. Lena tells the two she assisted Luthor because he'd tell her how Lost ends.

The X-Men give up being superheroes and become police officers, in order to hunt down the mysterious Red John, who is really Magneto in disguise.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Feeding the Ducks (three-part sketch), Hairgoat, MADitorial, Tube Feud, Sole Survivor Dream, and Spy vs. Spy
86 8 "POblivion / Umbrellamentary" June 17, 2013 (2013-06-17) 1.456[92]

Jack Harper believes he is the last man alive until encountering a talking panda named Po.

When Sherlock Holmes goes missing, Mary Poppins investigates the mystery, but is she going to be much help?

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Jimmy Was He, That's Why Dogs Shouldn't Drive, MAD News, Gatored Community, Angelina Jolie Hairstyle, Another Reason Dogs Shouldn't Drive, Middle-aged Wolf, MADitorial, Just a Reminder That Dogs Shouldn't Drive, Spy vs. Spy, and Cave Fireman
87 9 "Jaws the Great and Powerful / Old Spock's Off Their Spockers" June 24, 2013 (2013-06-24) 1.854[93]

When a bunch of balloons carry a ship and a ferocious shark along with it to the Land of Oz... things get really, really weird.

Old Spock spends his free time pranking his younger self and the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise crew.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Golf! If Only It Were Like That, the Everyone's Pole: the Firefighter's Pole for Everyone, Ostriches at Work, MADitorial, Psyduck, Running Shoe Test for 50 Years, Spy vs. Spy, and Owls: Don't Be Fooled by their Wisdom
88 10 "Jacks the Giant Slayers / The Most Beautiful Voice" July 1, 2013 (2013-07-01) 1.975[94]

When the famous Jack gets crushed by giants, the kingdom has to call in whatever other Jacks are left.

Prince Eric holds a singing competition to learn the identity of his true love.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, A Jury of Fears, Crate & Arrow, Know the Difference, Gandalf the Grey's Anatomy, Walkie-Talkie in a Toy Boat, Spy vs. Spy, and Dog vs. Man
89 11 "The Great Batsby / Big Time Gold Rush" July 29, 2013 (2013-07-29) 1.235[95]

A charming narrator named Nick talks about his time with an eccentric man in the 1920s... Batman!

Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell are sent out to mine for gold.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Butter Hose, Bungee Bunk, Anime Character or Christina Ricci, Out the Window News (two-part sketch), the Fresh Beasts Band, the Sacred Hammer, Spy vs. Spy, and Money Diapers
90 12 "First White House Down / McDuck Dynasty" August 5, 2013 (2013-08-05) 2.130[96]

It's a MAD sequel as George Washington once again picks up his axe to fight the dreaded cherry trees!

Scrooge McDuck tries to get his three grandnephews: Huey, Dewey, and Louie to become part of his duck call business

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, the Rockets!, Automobile Correct, Awkward Moments, MAD's Guide to the Royal Family, Alyson Gator: Girl Crocodile, Reality TV: Ruining Our Judicial System, Spy vs. Spy, and How to Tie Your Shoes
91 13 "After Bert / Downton Shaggy" August 12, 2013 (2013-08-12) 1.574[97]

The danger is real as Will Smith crash lands onto a planet filled with a bunch of monsters and Muppets!

Downton Abbey gets a new footman with a big appetite, Shaggy Rogers.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Ice Cream Truck (two-part sketch), the Gargamelt Sandwich, What Not to Werewolf, Test Your Strength!, and Spy vs. Spy
92 14 "Lone Rango / Doctor Who's Line is it Anyway?" September 2, 2013 (2013-09-02) 1.624[98]

The Lone Ranger recruits a chameleon named Rango to track down Butch because Tonto is too annoying.

The Daleks force the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors to face their greatest challenge yet: competing in improv games against Wayne Brady.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Johnny Briefcase, the Invisibility Shop, What If They Had Cell Phones?: Movie Edition, Boomerang Bouquet, Deadliest Catchy Tune, Spy vs. Spy, and Quilty as Charged
93 15 "Iron Bland 3 / Monsters Community" September 9, 2013 (2013-09-09) 1.307[99]

Iron Man battles the Mandarin and no, he doesn't call the Avengers, so who cares?

Mike and Sulley are going back to college. Greendale Community College, that is!

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Sparkler System, the Disposable Car, Old Gift Certificate to the Video Game Store, Crash, Spy vs. Spy, and the Less You Know
94 16 "Star Blecch Into Dumbness / Stark Tank" September 16, 2013 (2013-09-16) 1.370[100]

The crew of the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise dumbly go where many other movies have gone before.

Iron Man and other wealthy superheroes offer to fund the endeavors of others, if the pitch is right.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, You Fell Asleep While Skiing, Can You Guess What Just Broke?, MAD Security Cam, the Water Bunkbed, Happily Ever After Earth, Scarf Snake, Spy vs. Spy, and Golden Parking Ticket
95 17 "The Flash & the Furious / Saved by Adele" September 23, 2013 (2013-09-23) 1.421[101]

The crew of the Fast and the Furious gets assistance from the fastest man alive, but is he the most furious?

A dated high school sitcom gets singing lessons by Adele.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Growing a Bone Tree, Yawn Mower, Octopus Woman Strangling a Castaway, Ask a Wizard with Harry Potter, MacKeral's, 60 Minotaur, Ducks: All They Really Need is Money, Spy vs. Spy, and Penguin Denied Access to the Waddle Room
96 18 "Lukewarm Bodies / Does Someone Have to GOa?" September 30, 2013 (2013-09-30) 1.190[102]

Can a lovesick zombie overcome his craving for brains and overcome how lazy zombie movies have gotten?

The Green Lanterns are asked which of their teammates should be fired.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Fred's Diner, Flop-Flips, Over-Reactor's Hall of Fame, Hands Free Detective, Spy vs. Spy, and Popular Style: the Mohawk, Unpopular Style: the Real Hawk
97 19 "Pacific Ring / Horton Hears a Whodunnit!" October 7, 2013 (2013-10-07) TBA

Giant monsters can only be defeated by one thing: giant robot wrestlers!

A group of strangers are asked to solve a murder by Horton the Elephant in a tuxedo.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Dads: On Top of Things Since 2004, Travelociraptor, Dwarf Mix-Up, Snoring Strips, Little House Down, Nurse of the Year, Spy vs. Spy, and Two Birds with One Stone
98 20 "World War ZZZ / SHAZAM! & Cat" October 14, 2013 (2013-10-14) 1.259[103]

Brad Pitt must save the world from zombies before everyone falls asleep because this movie is boring.

Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine have a new child to babysit who is actually Captain Marvel!

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Can a Horse Fly a Helicopter?, Pacific Rooms, MAD Security Cam, Man of Surreal, Hobbit Shadow, Spy vs. Spy, and Frozen Computer
99 21 "Doraline / Monster Mashville" October 21, 2013 (2013-10-21) 1.080[104]

Dora the Explorer travels to the "other world" and gets more than she bargained for.

Two monster songstresses duke it out to see who can write the best Halloween parody song ever!

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Werewolf Shake, Halloweendex, Hollywood Scares, Spy vs. Spy, and Old Man Welker pretending to be Scooby-Doo
100 22 "MAD's 100th Episode Special" November 11, 2013 (2013-11-11) TBA

It's MAD's double-sized 100th episode spectacular!

This anniversary half-hour episode of MAD contains three MAD parodies:

  1. MAD of Steel: Superman must defeat General Zod where no Superman movie, television show, or comic has gone before. Their fight rages on until Barack Obama arrives and tells them to take their fight into space to evade further damages to Earth.
  2. Sanjay and Krang: Sanjay Patel befriends the evil Krang that keeps telling Sanjay to help him destroy the Ninja Turtles.
  3. Worst Show Ever: One Direction comes up with a song about MAD being the worst show on television ever.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, "MAD's 100th Episode Stolen!", Number 100 Carved Out of Marble, Dog Fools His Owner, More Flunco! Products, Who Cut the Cheese?, Nose-Digging for Gold, MAD's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, Humpty Dumpty's Below-Average Fall, Clown at Inferior Rent-A-Car, Cavemen Office, World War DBZ, Hole in the Shape of the Number 100, Try Hitting the Return Button, MAD News, Alfred E. Neuman Popping Out of the Cake, Alligator Eats a Princess, In MADmoriam, Good Ideas, Inc. Closed Forever, Beached Whales, MAD Security Cam, Superheroes: They're Just Like Us, Spy vs. Spy, Number 100 Reflection, and Kaputnik Park

Guest stars: "Weird Al" Yankovic and Henry Winkler

101 23 "Dullverine / Under the Dumb" November 18, 2013 (2013-11-18) TBA

Wolverine from the X-Men goes all the way to Japan to avoid being in another boring Wolverine movie, but honestly, it doesn't work.

A small town of Chester's Mill, Maine is trapped under a stupid dome!

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, It's Raining Bears and Tigers!, After Earth Aftershave, Nothing Happens, Less Impressive Super Hero Lairs, Jokey the Eighth Dwarf, Hood-ini the Hipster Magician, Spy vs. Spy, and Kid in a Candy Store

Guest star: Keone Young
102 24 "Still Hungry Games / Agents of S.M.U.R.F." November 25, 2013 (2013-11-25) 1.314[105]

The fans demand yet another Hunger Games, and so there is one.

Top secret agents are sent by Gargamel to capture the Smurfs.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Professor Late for the Train, Arrowbics, Firefighters of the Wild, Deads, and Spy vs. Spy
103 25 "Alfred's Game / We Are X-Men" December 2, 2013 (2013-12-02) 1.182[106]

In the biggest episode of MAD yet, the Earth's only hope is none other than Alfred E. Neuman, so we're doomed.

The X-Men sadly get over their failed relationships.

Other sketches: MADvent Calendar, Fish Playing Charades, the White House Down Comforter, Caveman Though Glass Could Put Out Fire, Is This a Show?, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner Both Get Arrested, GargaMelrose Place, Tooth Fairies of the Old West, Spy vs. Spy, Ineffective Tactics for Faking That You're Sick, and Red-Headed Tree.


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