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This article is about the Maheshwari religion. For information about the Maheshwari people, see Maheshwari.

Maheshwarism is a religion established around 5000 years ago by with the blessing of Mahesh (Shiva) and the goddess Parvati. The ninth day of Shukla Paksha of Jyestha (May–June) is celebrated as Mahesh Navami to commemorate the birth of the Maheshwari community when Mahesh is worshiped.[1][2]

A Maheshwari is a follower of Maheshwarism. "Maheshwari" properly refers to adherents of Maheshwarism as a religion, not an ethnic group. A Maheshwari place of worship is called Mandir (Mahesh Mandir). A Maheshwari believes in Mahesh Pariwar (Shiv Parivar) and gurus[3] and their teachings truth, love and justice. Maheshwarism emphasis community services and helping the needy. The Marwad, Rajasthan region is the historic homeland of the Maheshwaris, although significant communities exist around the world.


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