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Current Major League Baseball team owners and the principal corporate entities that operate the clubs:


Team Principal owner(s) Operating entities Purchase price Year
Arizona Diamondbacks United States Kendrick, KenKen Kendrick AZPB LP, AZPBI Inc. $130 million 1995
Atlanta Braves United States Liberty Media Atlanta National League Baseball Club Inc. $450 million[a] 2007
Baltimore Orioles United States Angelos, PeterPeter Angelos Baltimore Orioles LP, Baltimore Orioles Inc., Baltimore Baseball Club Inc. $173 million 1993
Boston Red Sox United States Henry, John W.John W. Henry Boston Red Sox Baseball Club LP, Fenway Sports Group LLC $660 million 2002
Chicago Cubs United States Ricketts, Thomas S.Thomas S. Ricketts Chicago National League Ball Club Inc. $845 million 2009
Chicago White Sox United States Reinsdorf, JerryJerry Reinsdorf Chicago White Sox Ltd., Chisox Corp. $20 million 1981
Cincinnati Reds United States Castellini, BobBob Castellini Cincinnati Reds LLC $270 million 2005
Cleveland Indians United States Dolan, LarryLarry Dolan Cleveland Indians Baseball Co. LP $323 million 1999
Colorado Rockies United States Monfort, CharlieCharlie Monfort Colorado Baseball Partnership, Colorado Rockies Baseball Club Ltd. $95 million 1992
Detroit Tigers United States Ilitch, ChristopherChristopher Ilitch Olympia Entertainment, Detroit Tigers Inc. $82 million 1992
Houston Astros United States Crane, JimJim Crane Crane Capital Group, Houston Astros Inc., Houston Astros, LLC $615 million 2011
Kansas City Royals United States Glass, DavidDavid Glass Kansas City Royals Baseball Corp. $96 million 2000
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim United States Moreno, ArturoArturo Moreno Angels Baseball LP, Moreno Baseball LP $184 million 2003
Los Angeles Dodgers United States Walter, MarkMark Walter Guggenheim Baseball Management, Los Angeles Dodgers, Inc. $2 billion 2012
Miami Marlins United States Loria, JeffreyJeffrey Loria Miami Marlins LP, Miami Marlins Inc., Miami Marlins Baseball Ltd. $158 million 2002
Milwaukee Brewers United States Attanasio, MarkMark Attanasio Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, Milwaukee Brewers Holdings LLC $223 million 2005
Minnesota Twins United States Pohlad, JimJim Pohlad Minnesota Twins, MTI Partnership LLP $44 million 1984
New York Mets United States Wilpon, FredFred Wilpon Sterling Doubleday Enterprises LC, Mets Partners Inc. $391 million 2002
New York Yankees United States Steinbrenner, HalHal Steinbrenner Yankee Global Enterprises $8.7 million[1] 1973
Oakland Athletics United States Fisher, John J.John J. Fisher Oakland Athletics Limited Partnership [2] $180 million 2005
Philadelphia Phillies United States Montgomery, DavidDavid Montgomery The Phillies $30 million 1981
Pittsburgh Pirates United States Nutting, RobertRobert Nutting Pittsburgh Associates LP, Pittsburgh Baseball Inc. $92 million 1996
San Diego Padres United States Fowler, RonRon Fowler The Padres Group, Padres LP, Padres Inc. $800 million[c][3] 2012
San Francisco Giants United States Johnson, CharlieCharlie Johnson San Francisco Baseball Associates LP, SF Giants Baseball Club $100 million 1992
Seattle Mariners United States John W. Stanton Baseball Club of Seattle LP, Baseball of Seattle Inc. $106 million 1992
St. Louis Cardinals United States DeWitt, Jr., WilliamWilliam DeWitt, Jr. St. Louis Cardinals LLC, St. Louis National Baseball Club Inc. $150 million[b] 1995
Tampa Bay Rays United States Sternberg, StuartStuart Sternberg Tampa Bay Devil Rays Ltd. $130 million 1995
Texas Rangers United States Davis, RayRay Davis Rangers Baseball Express, Texas Rangers Baseball Club $593 million 2010
Toronto Blue Jays Canada Rogers Communications Rogers Blue Jays Baseball Partnership, Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Ltd $140 million 2000
Washington Nationals United States Enterprises, LernerLerner Enterprises Washington Nationals Baseball Club LLC $450 million 2006


  1. a The Atlanta Braves sale in 2007 to Liberty Media was part of a complex swap of cash, stock, magazine holdings, and the Braves, in which Time Warner sent the Braves, a hobbyist publishing company, and $980 million to Liberty in exchange for approximately 68.5 million shares of Time Warner stock, at the time worth $1.48 billion. It was announced and confirmed that the Braves were given a value of $450 million in the transaction.[4][5]
  2. b The price for the St. Louis Cardinals included Busch Stadium.
  3. c As much as $200 million of the sale price included the team's 20-percent stake in Fox Sports San Diego.[6]

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