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List of Malayalam-language television channels

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Position of Kerala in India

This is a list of satellite television channels in Malayalam language (spoken in the Indian state of Kerala) broadcasting at least throughout Kerala state and in Middle East Countries. Besides these channels, there exist a number of local channels concentrating in a particular area or town in the region.

Government owned channels

General entertainment channels

HD channels

Exploration channel

  • Safari TV - Travel and History channel from Safari Multimedia Pvt.Ltd

Kids channel

  • Kochu Tv - Malayalam kids' channel from Sun Network

Movie channels

Music channels

News channels

Youth entertainment channels

  • Kappa TV - youth entertainment channel from Mathrubhumi

Shopping channel

  • Max Vision - Malayalam shopping channel from Sadhna Media Pvt Ltd
  • Orange TV - Malayalam Shopping Channel from T. Sarkar Pvt. Ltd

Spiritual channels

International channels

These channels mainly for malayali people residing outside India. These channels have permission to Uplink from India, but no downlink permission from india

Defunct channels

  • Indiavision - Malayalam news channel from Indiavision Satellite Communications
  • Yes Indiavision - youth entertainment channel from Indiavision
  • TV New - Malayalam news channel from the Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI)

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