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Some Maltese vegetable dishes

The following is a list of dishes in Maltese cuisine:


  • Żebbuġ Mimli (pitted green olives stuffed with tuna mixture)
  • Fażola bajda bit-tewm u t-tursin (White beans with parsley, garlic and olive oil)
  • Ful bit-tewm
  • Bigilla (mashed "Tic beans "known in Malta as "Ful Ta' Ġirba" (Djerba beans))
  • Galletti (Maltese biscuit)
  • Bebbux (escargot)


Kusksu is traditionally eaten during Lent
  • Brodu (beef or chicken broth)
  • Minestra (Maltese version of minestrone, a thick soup of Italian origin made with vegetables)
  • Kusksu (vegetable soup with small pasta beads called kusksu and fresh broad beans in season)
  • Soppa tal-armla (vegetable soup with fresh cheeselets and beaten eggs)
  • Aljotta (fish soup with plenty of garlic, herbs, and tomatoes)
  • Kawlata (cabbage and pork soup)

Pasta and rice[edit]

A slice of timpana



Grilled Calamari

Eggs and cheeses[edit]

Vegetables and sauces[edit]

Qargħabagħli Mimli (Stuffed marrows)

Savoury pastries[edit]

Spinach and Pea Qassata with salted tuna, anchovies and herbs



Qagħaq tal-ħmira



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