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The following is a list of episodes of the Travel Channel television program Man v. Food, whose host is Adam Richman.

Season 1: 2008–2009[edit]

Episode Number Location Original Airdate Challenge Winner Challenge
1 Amarillo, Texas December 3, 2008 Man "Big Texan Challenge", a 4.5 pound (2 kg) steak
2 Memphis, Tennessee December 3, 2008 Food "Sasquatch Burger", a 7.5 pound hamburger (later renamed "The Kookamonga")
3 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania December 10, 2008 Man Atomic Hot Wings Challenge
4 Columbus, Ohio December 10, 2008 Man 2½ pound Dagwood Sandwich and a pound of French fries
5 Austin, Texas December 17, 2008 Food Eight Don Juan El Taco Grande breakfast tacos
6 Chicago, Illinois December 24, 2008 Man Three overstuffed sandwiches
7 Atlanta, Georgia January 7, 2009 Food "Carnivore Challenge", an 11-pound pizza (done with a partner)
8 Boston, Massachusetts January 14, 2009 Food 12-pound Eagle Challenge Burger
9 New York, New York January 21, 2009 Man Spicy Phaal ("the hottest curry in the world")
10 New Orleans, Louisiana January 28, 2009 Man 15 dozen oysters
11 Portland, Oregon February 4, 2009 Man "Great Balls of Fire Challenge", five habanero chile cheese fritters
12 Seattle, Washington February 11, 2009 Food "Southwestern Exposure", a twelve-egg omelette
13 Los Angeles, California February 18, 2009 Man "Special No. 2", a hot ramen soup featuring 10 kinds of chilies
14 St. Louis, Missouri February 25, 2009 Food 5 24-oz. Milkshakes (Broken into 15 8-oz. glasses)
15 San Jose, California March 4, 2009 Man "Hellfire Hot Wing Challenge", 12 hot wings in habanero chili sauce
16 Denver, Colorado March 11, 2009 Food "7-pound monster breakfast burrito"
17 North Carolina Triangle March 18, 2009 Man 17 hot dogs topped with mustard and chili
18 Minneapolis, Minnesota March 25, 2009 Man "Meterbratwurst" (one-meter German Bratwurst) and sides

Season 2: 2009[edit]

Episode Number Location Original Airdate Challenge Winner Challenge
19 San Antonio, Texas August 5, 2009 Man Four Horsemen (spicy burger with four peppers, including the ghost chile)
20 Las Vegas, Nevada August 12, 2009 Food 6-pound "Big Badass Burrito"
21 Charleston, South Carolina August 19, 2009 Man Spicy tuna sushi
22 San Francisco, California August 26, 2009 Man The Kitchen Sink (2 gallons of ice cream)
23 Durham, North Carolina September 2, 2009 Food* The Doughman (food & sport triathlon)
24 Honolulu, Hawaii September 9, 2009 Food Mac Daddy Pancake Challenge
25 Sarasota, Florida September 16, 2009 Food Fire in Your Hole wings (spicy chicken wings made with ghost chile extract)
26 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania September 23, 2009 Man 5-pound "Ultimate Cheesesteak"
27 Baseball episode
(Sauget, Illinois
Charleston, South Carolina
Comstock Park, Michigan)
September 30, 2009 Man Fifth Third Burger
28 Springfield, Illinois October 7, 2009 Man Firebrand chili
29 Boise, Idaho October 14, 2009 Man The "Johnny B. Goode": burger topped with hot dog, pastrami & chili, plus chili cheese fries & milkshake
30 Washington, DC October 21, 2009 Man Colossal Challenge (6-pound milkshake & 1.5-pound sandwich)
31 Baltimore, Maryland October 28, 2009 Food Great Steak Challenge (five cuts of steak, totalling 74 ounces)
32 Detroit, Michigan November 4, 2009 Food Absolutely Ridiculous Burger (190-lb. burger, with a 40-person team)
33 Brooklyn, New York November 11, 2009 Man Suicide Six Wings Challenge (spicy wings)
34 Anchorage, Alaska November 18, 2009 Man Kodiak Arrest Challenge (Alaskan King crab, reindeer sausage, salmon cakes, plus sides)
35 Little Rock, Arkansas November 25, 2009 Man Shut-Up Juice Challenge (spicy pulled pork sandwich)
36 Tucson, Arizona December 2, 2009 Man O.M.G. Burger: 12 patties topped with 12 slices of cheese
37 New Brunswick, New Jersey December 9, 2009 Food Fat Sandwich Challenge (five stuffed sandwiches)
38 Hartford, Connecticut December 16, 2009 Man 10-lb stuffed pizza (with a partner)
  • *Food did not beat Man outright, as the Doughman was a triathlon and not an eating challenge. However, since Man (Adam's team) did not win (finishing 19th), it is technically a win for Food.

Man v. Food Live[edit]

Location Original Airdate Challenge Winner Challenge
Miami, Florida February 3, 2010 Man Don Shula's 48-oz. Steak Challenge (porterhouse)

Season 3: 2010[edit]

Episode Number Location Original Airdate Challenge Winner Challenge
39 San Diego, California June 16, 2010 Man Broken Yolk Iron Man Challenge (12-egg omelette)
40 Boulder, Colorado June 16, 2010 Food West End Wing King Challenge (50 wings)
41 Cleveland, Ohio June 23, 2010 Man Melt Challenge (4-pound grilled cheese sandwich)
42 Richmond, Virginia June 30, 2010 Man Stupid Wings Challenge (8 hot wings with pure capsaicin extract)
43 Salt Lake City, Utah July 7, 2010 Man Hell Fire Challenge (spicy tuna rolls)
44 Phoenix, Arizona July 14, 2010 Food Ultimate Slider Challenge (12 beef brisket-potato pancake sliders)
45 Puerto Rico July 21, 2010 Food Vaca Acosta Challenge (8-pound sirloin steak platter)
46 Long Island, New York: (Massapequa Park, Bellmore, Islip) July 28, 2010 Man Davy Jones Locker Challenge (7 pounds of seafood and sides)
47 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma August 4, 2010 Man Top Cat Challenge (fried catfish)
48 Kansas City, Missouri August 11, 2010 Food Ultimate Destroyer Challenge (5-pound smoked meat hoagie & 1.5 pounds of fries)
49 Indianapolis, Indiana August 18, 2010 Food Big Ugly Burger Challenge (four 1.5 pound burgers)
50 Jersey Shore: (Seaside Park,
Point Pleasant Beach, Beach Haven)
August 25, 2010 Man Ludicrous Wings Challenge
51 Syracuse, New York September 1, 2010 Man Frittata Challenge
52 Portland, Maine September 8, 2010 Man Manimal Challenge (Ochoburger, hot dogs, fries, soda, & shake)
53 Niagara Falls September 15, 2010 Food Italian Challenge (10-course meal)
54 Butte, Montana September 22, 2010 Man Jumboli Challenge (5-pound stromboli)
55 Sacramento, California September 29, 2010 Food Knucklehead Challenge (5-pound chili dog platter)
56 Des Moines, Iowa October 6, 2010 Food Adam Emmenecker sandwich
57 Knoxville, Tennessee October 13, 2010 Man El Gigante Comida Challenge (4-pound burrito, side, dessert)
58 Ann Arbor, Michigan October 20, 2010 Man Mount Nachismo Challenge (5 pounds of loaded nachos)

Season 4: Man v. Food Nation (2011)[edit]

Main article: Man v. Food Nation
Episode Number Location Original Airdate Challenger(s) Challenge Winner Challenge
59 New Haven, Connecticut June 1, 2011 Ric Best (AKA "King Hungry VIII") Food Caseus Cheese Truck Challenge (10 grilled cheese sandwiches with topping)
60 Tampa, Florida June 1, 2011 Jerry Sags (one-half of the Nasty Boys) Man Davy Jones Challenge (10 habanero-capsaicin chicken wings)
61 Nashville, Tennessee June 8, 2011 LoCash Cowboys Food Big Roost Challenge (platter featuring 72-ounce steak, baked potato, side salad and Texas toast)
62 Tulsa, Oklahoma June 15, 2011 Kyle Younger Man Incinerator Challenge (pizza topped with jalapeños, habaneros, wasabi, Sriracha & ghost chili)
63 Albuquerque, New Mexico June 22, 2011 Travis Albreski, Travis Briscoe, Travis Christy Food Travis on a Silver Platter Challenge (8-pound beef-and-bean burrito smothered with chili sauce and fries)
64 Mobile, Alabama June 29, 2011 "Big Joe" Evans Food Wintzell's Oyster House Challenge (422 Alabama oysters in under one hour)
65 Florida Keys July 6, 2011 Cassie Glenn Food* Conch Fritter eating contest (with 10 contestants)
66 Gulf Coast
(Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Gulf Shores, Alabama
Panama City Beach, Florida)
July 13, 2011 A.J. Fratto (Blue Angels crew chief) Food Muffaletta Challenge (6-pound ham, salami and cheese sandwich with sides)
67 Portsmouth, New Hampshire July 20, 2011 Paul "Chappy" Chapman Man Slapshot Challenge (15 sliders, fries and milkshake)
68 Louisville, Kentucky July 27, 2011 "Burrito Joe" Nikolai Food Comfy Cow Challenge (15-scoop ice cream sundae with toppings)
69 Milwaukee, Wisconsin August 3, 2011 Jeremy Wheeler Man Unforgiven Challenge (burger loaded with extras, plus fries & 6 ghost chili wings)
70 Providence, Rhode Island August 10, 2011 Connor McQuade Food Olneyville New York System Hot Wiener Challenge (15 hot dogs in 45 minutes)
71 Dallas, Texas August 17, 2011 Pete MacGillis (AKA "Food Avenger") Man Super Phở Challenge (5-pound bowl of Vietnamese soup)
72 Route 66
(St. Louis, Missouri
Barstow, California
Tulsa, Oklahoma)
August 24, 2011 Manny Groll Man Puffy Taco Challenge (23 puffy tacos in 90 minutes)
73 Harlem, New York City September 7, 2011 Harlem Globetrotters
(Bull Bullard, Hammer Harrison, "Slick" Willie Shaw)
Man Squealer Challenge (2-pound pulled pork po' boy with spicy barbecue sauce)
74 Pacific Coast Highway, California
(Malibu, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo)
September 14, 2011 Naader Reda Man Brahma Bull Challenge (4-pound tri-tip steak sandwich)
75 Street Eats special
(Tampa, New York City, Los Angeles)
September 28, 2011 Sydney "Big Dawg" Colston Food White Rabbit Burrito Challenge (6-pound Filipino burrito)
76 St. Paul, Minnesota October 5, 2011 Jon Wolf Man Lucy Challenge (two spicy Juicy Lucy burgers, plus two pounds of fries)
77 Cincinnati, Ohio October 12, 2011 Adam Turer Food 110 Reuben Challenge (5.5-pound Reuben sandwich with 30-minute time limit)
78 Rochester, New York October 19, 2011 Joey Logano Food Atomic Bomb Challenge (double bacon cheeseburger with pulled pork and meaty hot sauce, plus fries topped with more meaty hot sauce)
79 Omaha, Nebraska October 26, 2011 Matt Price Food Pig Wing Challenge (5 pounds of pork wings, plus 3 pounds of corn nuggets)
80 Green Bay, Wisconsin November 2, 2011 Zach Woolever & Harrison Bowden Food Gravedigger Challenge (93-ounce burger named in honor of former Packers nose tackle Gilbert Brown; two-man challenge)
81 Savannah, Georgia November 9, 2011 Jamal & Jamil Williams Man** Voodoo Juice Challenge (1-pound pulled pork sandwich topped with "Voodoo Juice", a spicy ghost chili sauce)
82 Feast Special
(Plymouth, Massachusetts
Oahu, Hawaii
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Ayden, North Carolina
Scottsdale, Arizona)
November 16, 2011 Members of Scottsdale Police & Fire Departments Man Leg of the Beast Feast (17-pound feast of roast pork and sides)
83 Oahu, Hawaii November 30, 2011 Lauren Takao Food Moose Omelette Challenge (5-pound, 12-egg omelet served over meat, vegetables and potatoes)
84 Charlotte, North Carolina April 11, 2012 John Allerd Food Big Eats Challenge (5-pound plate of pulled pork sliders and fries, to be consumed within 45 minutes)
85 Jackson, Mississippi April 11, 2012 Garrett Willingham Food Whammy Challenge (triple-stacked burger with fries and root beer float)
  • *This was a head-to-head contest rather than a challenge, but since Cassie Glenn did not win the contest (eating 26 fritters, whereas the winner ate 42), it is technically a win for Food.
  • **Jamil was unable to finish his challenge, but Jamal finished his, and this counted as a win.