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The Maphrian was the second highest prelate within the Syriac Orthodox Church and was head of the Maphrianate of the East. The following is a list of primates who have held that office.

Maphrians of the East (628-1533)[edit]

Tagrit (628-1089)[edit]

Mosul (1089-1112)[edit]

Tagrit (1112-1156)[edit]

Mosul (1156-1533)[edit]

Maphrians of Mosul (1533-1860)[edit]

In 1533, the title was changed to the Maphrian of Mosul to distinguish it from the Maphrian of Tur Abdin. Also, the name Baselios was added, in a similar fashion to the patriarchal name Ignatius.

Mosul (1533-1860)[edit]


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