List of Maratha dynasties and states

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Map of India under the British East India Company, 1857 (Oxford University Press, 1907)
India and Burma in the year 1857: Maratha states occupy regions in central and western India

Partial list of Maratha dynasties and Maratha princely states.

Maratha Kshatriya and Maratha Brahmin dynasties were spread across present Maharashtra and other Indian states. Some of the major dynasties and their respective places of origin were:

Historical Maratha Princely States outside today's Maharashtra[edit]

Ruler/s Area/s ruled outside the present day Maharashtra Present State
Bhonsle Thanjavur State Tamil Nadu
Ghorpade Mudhol State Karnataka
Gaekwad Baroda State Gujarat
Newalkar Jhansi State Uttar Pradesh
Holkars Indore Madhya Pradesh
Puars (or Pawars) Dewas State
Dhar State
Chhatarpur State
Madhya Pradesh
Scindia Gwalior state Madhya Pradesh

Maratha Princely States[edit]

The Marathas ruled much of India in the period immediately preceding the consolidation of British rule in India. The Maratha states came to form the largest bloc of princely states in the British Raj, in terms of territory and population.

Ruins of the Raigad Fort which served as a capital of the Maratha Empire in the 17th century.

The Maratha Salute states, by precedence[edit]

  • Baroda, title Maharaja Gaekwar, Hereditary salute of 21-guns
  • Gwalior, title Maharaja Scindia, Hereditary salute of 21-guns
  • Indore (Holkar State), title Maharaja Holkar, Hereditary salutes of 19-guns (21-guns local)
  • Dewas State Senior, title Maharaja, Hereditary salute of 15-guns
  • Dewas State Junior, title Maharaja, Hereditary salute of 15-guns
  • Dhar State, title Maharaja, Hereditary salute of 15-guns
  • Sangli, title Raja, Hereditary salute of 11-guns
  • Bhor, title Raja, Hereditary salute of 9-guns
  • Savantwadi (Sawantwadi), title Raja, Hereditary salute of 9-guns (11-guns local)
  • Mudhol State, title Raja, Hereditary salute of 9-guns

Non-salute states[edit]

Non-salute Maratha states, alphabetically:

States Annexed by the British under the Doctrine of Lapse[edit]

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