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This is a list of Maryland wildlife management areas. As of 2016, the state of Maryland owned and managed sixty-one wildlife management areas (WMAs) covering 123,530 acres (499.9 km2) of land.[1]


Maryland wildlife management areass are managed by the Wildlife and Heritage Service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Management focuses on developing wildlife habitat and providing publicly accessible space for hunting, fishing and trapping; low-impact non-hunting use is also permitted on many properties.[2][3]

List of Maryland wildlife management areas[edit]

The following table lists all WMAs owned and managed by Maryland as of 2016.[1] It does not include Cooperative Wildlife Management Areas, which are managed by Maryland but owned by various other entities.[4]

WMA name[1] County or counties[1] Region[5] Area[1] Notes[5]
Avondale Carroll Central 177 acres (0.72 km2)
Belle Grove Allegany Western 356 acres (1.44 km2)
Bodkin Island Queen Anne's Eastern 1 acre (0.0040 km2)
Billmeyer Allegany Western 758 acres (3.07 km2)
Bowen Prince George's Southern 313 acres (1.27 km2) Accessible only by boat
Cedar Island Somerset Eastern 3,081 acres (12.47 km2) Accessible only by boat
Cedar Point Charles Southern 1,914 acres (7.75 km2)
Cheltenham Prince George's Southern 10 acres (0.040 km2)
Chicamuxen Charles Southern 382 acres (1.55 km2)
Chicone Creek Dorchester Eastern 234 acres (0.95 km2)
Cunningham Swamp Garrett Western 257 acres (1.04 km2)
Dan's Mountain Allegany Western 9,596 acres (38.83 km2)
Deal Island Somerset Eastern 13,565 acres (54.90 km2)
Devil Island Area Worcester Eastern 47 acres (0.19 km2)
Dierssen Montgomery Central 40 acres (0.16 km2) Designated as a wildlife sanctuary; hunting and trapping not permitted.
E.A. Vaughn Worcester Eastern 2,769 acres (11.21 km2)
Earleville Cecil Central 190 acres (0.77 km2)
Ellis Bay Wicomico Eastern 3,208 acres (12.98 km2)
Fairmount Somerset Eastern 5,224 acres (21.14 km2)
Fishing Bay Dorchester Eastern 30,019 acres (121.48 km2) Located adjacent to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge
Fort Hill Allegany Western 103 acres (0.42 km2)
Globe Com Anne Arundel Southern 207 acres (0.84 km2)
Gravel Hill Swamp Frederick Western 69 acres (0.28 km2)
Grove Farm Cecil Central 745 acres (3.01 km2)
Gwynnbrook Baltimore Central 88 acres (0.36 km2) The oldest WMA in Maryland; established in 1919.
Heater's Island Frederick Western 194 acres (0.79 km2) Located within the Potomac River and accessible only by boat.
Hopkins Branch Harford Central 20 acres (0.081 km2)
Hugg-Thomas Howard, Carroll Central 274 acres (1.11 km2)
Idylwild Caroline Eastern 3,578 acres (14.48 km2)
Indian Springs Washington Western 6,596 acres (26.69 km2)
Islands of the Potomac Allegany, Washington,
Frederick, Montgomery
Central 1,158 acres (4.69 km2) Encompasses thirty islands within the Potomac River.
Isle of Wight Worcester Eastern 224 acres (0.91 km2)
Johnson Wicomico Eastern 153 acres (0.62 km2)
Kent Island Research Center Queen Anne's Eastern 31 acres (0.13 km2)
LeCompte Dorchester Eastern 485 acres (1.96 km2)
Linkwood Dorchester Eastern 313 acres (1.27 km2)
Little Patuxent Oxbow Anne Arundel Southern 50 acres (0.20 km2)
Maryland Marine Properties Somerset Eastern 1,030 acres (4.2 km2)
McIntosh Run St. Mary's Southern 81 acres (0.33 km2)
McKee-Beshers Montgomery Central 1,971 acres (7.98 km2)
Millington Kent Eastern 3,943 acres (15.96 km2)
Mt. Nebo Garrett Western 1,854 acres (7.50 km2)
Myrtle Grove Charles Southern 4,817 acres (19.49 km2)
Nanjemoy Charles Southern 1,830 acres (7.4 km2)
Nanjemoy Creek Charles Southern 233 acres (0.94 km2)
Nanticoke River Wicomico, Dorchester Eastern 2,268 acres (9.18 km2)
Old Bohemia Cecil Central 1,004 acres (4.06 km2)
Parker's Creek Calvert Southern 1,877 acres (7.60 km2)
Pocomoke River Worcester Eastern 1,008 acres (4.08 km2)
Pocomoke Sound Somerset Eastern 922 acres (3.73 km2) Accessible only by boat
Prather's Neck Washington Western 215 acres (0.87 km2)
Ridenour Swamp Frederick Western 82 acres (0.33 km2)
Riverside Charles Southern 676 acres (2.74 km2)
Sideling Hill Allegany, Washington Western 3,466 acres (14.03 km2)
Sinepuxent Bay Worcester Eastern 93 acres (0.38 km2) Accessible only by boat
South Marsh Island Dorchester, Somerset Eastern 2,969 acres (12.02 km2) Accessible only by boat
Strider Montgomery Central 267 acres (1.08 km2)
Tar Bay Dorchester Eastern 12 acres (0.049 km2) Accessible only by boat
Taylor's Island Dorchester Eastern 1,114 acres (4.51 km2)
Warrior Mountain Allegany Western 5,048 acres (20.43 km2)
Wellington Somerset Eastern 428 acres (1.73 km2)
Wetipquin Wicomico Eastern 87 acres (0.35 km2)

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