List of Masses by Joseph Haydn

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Masses composed by Joseph Haydn are listed below. Masses are sorted using chronological indices given by New Grove. The Hoboken catalogue had also placed the masses in presumed chronological order, but further research has undermined that sequence.[1]

Masses nos. 9–14 form a group: each was composed by Haydn for the Esterházy family, to celebrate the name day (12 September) of Princess Maria Hermenegild, the wife of Prince Nikolaus II and a friend of the composer.[2] The composition of these masses was Haydn's principal duty to his old employers at this time of his career.

The Heiligmesse in B-flat major, composed for the Capuchin friar Bernard of Offida, is thought to have been performed at the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary on September 11, 1796.[clarification needed That feast is on 12 September] Then there was the Paukenmesse in C major which was first performed on December 26, 1797. Thirdly, the Missa in Angustiis in D minor was performed on September 23, 1798. Fourthly, the Theresienmesse in B-flat major is from 1799, and was written for Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily. Fifth, the Schöpfungsmesse in B-flat major was performed on September 13, 1801, and features melodies from the Creation, especially in the "Gloria". Sixth, the Harmoniemesse in B-flat major was performed on September 8, 1802, and is almost certainly his last major work.[3]

The Harmoniemesse 1802 was Haydn's last major work. He shortly afterward sank into debilitating illness and was unable to compose further.


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