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This is the list of Masterpiece Mystery! episodes in order by season.


In early 2008, Masterpiece Theatre and its affiliated program Mystery! were reformatted as Masterpiece. Masterpiece is aired as three different series. Initially, Masterpiece Classic aired in the winter and early spring, Masterpiece Mystery! in the late spring and summer, and Masterpiece Contemporary in the fall. In later seasons, particularly after an increase in funding for WGBH and Masterpiece,[1] the scheduling became more random. Currently, all three programs air at any time throughout the year, and on nearly half the Sundays, two episodes from two different miniseries will air on the same night.

This lists the titles of the individual miniseries. Some ran for only one episode, many ran for two or more installments. The following lists them according to original season, and then in alphabetical order. Also included are the original UK series and episode numbers for each program, when they differ from the US numbers. The number of the season continues in the sequence set by the predecessor series, Masterpiece Theatre, which ended with Season 37. This is in spite of the fact that the other predecessor series, Mystery!, ended with Season 27. All episodes that air in one calendar year are considered to be in the same season.[2]

For lists of episodes of the other two series, see List of Masterpiece Classic episodes, and List of Masterpiece Contemporary episodes. For older episodes of Mystery!, see List of Mystery episodes.

This list does not include any rebroadcasts of series, including those previously shown on Masterpiece Theatre or Mystery!

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