Mayor-President of Ceuta

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Mayor-President of Ceuta
Flag Ceuta.svg
Flag of Ceuta
Juan Jesús Vivas en la Convención Nacional del Partido Popular (enero de 2011).jpg
Juan Jesús Vivas

since 7 February 2001
Inaugural holder Basilio Fernández López
Formation 19 June 1995

The Mayor-President of the Autonomous City of Ceuta (Spanish: Presidente de la Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta) or simply the President of Ceuta, is the head of government of the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

The current and fourth Mayor-President of Ceuta is Juan Jesús Vivas of the People's Party, who has held the office since 7 February 2001. Prior to June 1995, when the enclave's Statute of Autonomy was passed, the city was part of Cádiz province.

List of Mayor-Presidents of Ceuta[edit]

For a list of leaders in the period prior to Ceuta becoming an autonomous community (before 1995), see: List of governors of Ceuta

# Name
Term of office Political Party
1 Basilio Fernández López 19 June 1995 24 July 1996 Progress and Future of Ceuta
2 Jesús Cayetano Fortes Ramos 24 July 1996 26 August 1999 People's Party
3 Antonio Sampietro
(born in 1953)
26 August 1999 7 February 2001 Independent Liberal Group
4 Juan Jesús Vivas
(born in 1953)
7 February 2001 Incumbent People's Party



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