List of Mayors and Lord Mayors of Perth

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Photographs of all mayors and lord mayors start from George Shenton on the staircase of the Perth Town Hall

This is a list of the mayors and lord mayors of the City of Perth, a local government area of Western Australia.


The office of head of the municipality of Perth is defined over three distinct periods:

  • From 1829 to 1838 — controlled by the Governor of Western Australia
  • From 1838 to 1858 — controlled by the Perth Town Trust
  • From 1858 to present — controlled by the Perth City Council, later renamed City of Perth


On 15 June 1837, an Act was proclaimed to ..provide for the management of roads, streets and other internal communications within the settlement of Western Australia.[1] The management and control was vested in a body of trustees consisting of the Justices of the Peace resident in the town; and the proprietors of allotments held in fee simple. The act was repealed in September 1842 and authority was conferred on elected representatives. The first elected Chairman and committee took office on 8 February 1842 and comprised:

  • Walter Boyd Andrews (Chairman)
  • George Leake, James Purkis, Peter Broun, W. H. Drake, Richard Jones (committee members)
  • James Purkis was appointed treasurer

On 23 February 1856 (two years before the dissolution of the Trust), Perth was constituted a city upon the foundation of the Bishopric of Perth through the consecration of the first Anglican Bishop of Perth, Matthew Blagden Hale.

From 1858 to 1880, the President of the Council was styled "Chairman", from 1880 until 1929, the Chairman was termed the "Mayor" and from 1929 the mayor was elevated to the title of "Lord Mayor".

George Shenton (Jr.) in his mayoral robes. Chairman of Perth City Council from 1876-77; and mayor in 1880-84 and 1886-88. He became Sir George Shenton in 1893.[2]

Chairman, Perth Town Trust (1838-1858)[edit]

Officeholder Term
George Leake 1838–1840
Richard Hinds 1841
Walter Boyd Andrews 1842
Thomas Helms 1843–1845
James Purkis 1846–1848
Thomas Helms[3] 1849
Henry Laroche Cole 1853
George Shenton Sr 1854–1855
George Shenton Sr; Sir Luke Leake[4] 1856
George Shenton Sr 1857–1858

Chairman, Perth City Council (1858-1879)[edit]

Officeholder Term
Henry Laroche Cole 1858–1860
Julian Carr 1861–1863
Julian Carr; Alfred Hillman; George Haysom 1864
Julian Carr 1865–1868
Julian Carr; George Glyde 1869
George Glyde 1870–1873
George Randell 1874–1875
George Shenton 1876–1877
Sir Stephen Henry Parker 1877–1879

Mayor, Perth City Council (1880-1929)[edit]

Stephen Henry Parker who had four separate terms of office
Officeholder Term
George Shenton 1880
Stephen Henry Parker; George Shenton 1881
George Shenton 1882–1884
George Randell 1885
George Shenton 1886–1888
Dr Edward Scott 1889–1891
Edward Keane[5] 1891–1892
Sir Stephen Henry Parker 1892
Alexander Forrest[6] 1893–1895
Henry Saunders[7] 1895–1898
Alexander Forrest 1898–1900
William Brookman[8] 1900–1901
Sir Stephen Henry Parker 1901
William Loton 1901–1902
Harry Brown 1902–1905
Sydney Stubbs 1905–1907
Thomas Molloy 1908–1909
Richard Paul Vincent[9] 1909–1911
Thomas Molloy 1911–1912
John Prowse[a] 1913–1914
John Nicholson[a] 1914–1915
Frank Rea 1916–1917
Sir William Lathlain 1918–1923
James Franklin 1923–1929

Lord Mayor, Perth City Council (since 1929)[edit]

Incumbent, Lisa Scaffidi
Officeholder Term
Hon James T Franklin 1929–1930
Hon Sir William Lathlain 1930–1932
Hon James T Franklin 1932–1934
Joseph J. Poynton 1934–1937
Charles Harper 1937–1939
Sir Thomas William Meagher 1940–1945
Sir Joseph Totterdell 1946–1953
James Murray 1953–1955
Sir Harry Howard 1955–1964
Charles J. B. Veryard 1964–1967
Sir Thomas Wardle 1967–1972
Ernest Henry Lee-Steere 1972–1978
Sir Fred Chaney 1978–1982
Mick Michael 1982–1988
Chas Hopkins 1988–1991
Rt Hon Reg Withers 1991–1994
Dr Peter Nattrass 1995–2007
Lisa Scaffidi 2007–present


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