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This List of Mazda platforms describes following automobile platforms which have been used by Mazda since the 1980s.

Naming scheme[edit]

The company's platforms form the fifth and sixth characters of the VIN on post-1981 vehicles. The first character is a letter representing the platform family, while the second is a sequential letter for the revision of the platform. For example, the Mazda N platform used by the Mazda Miata started at NA and was updated in 1998 to NB. The 2006 and newer MX-5s are designated NC.

Mazda generally starts car platforms at the letter "A", but van and truck variants often get different names, usually starting at "V".

Note: The US-built Mazda6 and Tribute do not use the Mazda platform code in the VIN; in its place is an AutoAlliance code. Instead of the platform code letter, position four in the VIN specifies the vehicle's safety systems, and position five specifies the marque, due to being built in a multi-brand facility.

Old VINs[edit]

Prior to 1981, Mazda used a different VIN format and platform naming scheme. The platforms were given two characters, and the model a third, based on their names.

The following pre-1981 platforms are known:

The next digit of the VIN specified the engine:

Mazda platforms[edit]