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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)


MeSH C02 --- virus diseases[edit]

MeSH C02.081 --- arbovirus infections[edit]

MeSH C02.081.030 --- african horse sickness[edit]

MeSH C02.081.125 --- bluetongue[edit]

MeSH C02.081.270 --- dengue fever[edit]

MeSH C02.081.343 --- encephalitis, arbovirus[edit]

MeSH C02.081.355 --- encephalomyelitis, equine[edit]

MeSH C02.081.700 --- phlebotomus fever[edit]

MeSH C02.081.810 --- rift valley fever[edit]

MeSH C02.081.885 --- tick-borne diseases[edit]

MeSH C02.081.980 --- yellow fever[edit]

MeSH C02.109 --- bronchiolitis, viral[edit]

MeSH C02.182 --- central nervous system viral diseases[edit]

MeSH C02.182.500 --- encephalitis[edit]

MeSH C02.182.550 --- meningitis, viral[edit]

MeSH C02.182.600 --- myelitis[edit]

MeSH C02.182.700 --- poliomyelitis[edit]

MeSH C02.182.710 --- pseudorabies[edit]

MeSH C02.256 --- dna virus infections[edit]

MeSH C02.256.076 --- adenoviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.256.142 --- african swine fever[edit]

MeSH C02.256.200 --- circoviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.256.430 --- hepadnaviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.256.466 --- herpesviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.256.650 --- papillomavirus infections[edit]

MeSH C02.256.690 --- papovaviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.256.700 --- parvoviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.256.721 --- polyomavirus infections[edit]

MeSH C02.256.743 --- poxviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.290 --- encephalitis, viral[edit]

MeSH C02.290.310 --- encephalitis, arbovirus[edit]

MeSH C02.290.325 --- encephalitis, herpes simplex[edit]

MeSH C02.290.355 --- encephalitis, varicella zoster[edit]

MeSH C02.290.450 --- encephalomyelitis, equine[edit]

MeSH C02.290.575 --- leukoencephalopathy, progressive multifocal[edit]

MeSH C02.290.700 --- subacute sclerosing panencephalitis[edit]

MeSH C02.325 --- eye infections, viral[edit]

MeSH C02.325.250 --- conjunctivitis, viral[edit]

MeSH C02.325.270 --- cytomegalovirus retinitis[edit]

MeSH C02.325.450 --- herpes zoster ophthalmicus[edit]

MeSH C02.325.465 --- keratitis, herpetic[edit]

MeSH C02.330 --- fatigue syndrome, chronic[edit]

MeSH C02.407 --- hepatitis, viral, animal[edit]

MeSH C02.407.432 --- hepatitis, infectious canine[edit]

MeSH C02.407.810 --- rift valley fever[edit]

MeSH C02.440 --- hepatitis, viral, human[edit]

MeSH C02.440.420 --- hepatitis a[edit]

MeSH C02.440.435 --- hepatitis b[edit]

MeSH C02.440.440 --- hepatitis c[edit]

MeSH C02.440.450 --- hepatitis d[edit]

MeSH C02.440.470 --- hepatitis e[edit]

MeSH C02.587 --- meningitis, viral[edit]

MeSH C02.587.580 --- lymphocytic choriomeningitis[edit]

MeSH C02.587.600 --- meningitis, aseptic[edit]

MeSH C02.597 --- opportunistic infections[edit]

MeSH C02.597.050 --- aids-related opportunistic infections[edit]

MeSH C02.597.880 --- superinfection[edit]

MeSH C02.705 --- pneumonia, viral[edit]

MeSH C02.782 --- rna virus infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.082 --- arenaviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.105 --- astroviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.123 --- birnaviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.147 --- bunyaviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.160 --- caliciviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.310 --- encephalitis, arbovirus[edit]

MeSH C02.782.350 --- flaviviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.417 --- hemorrhagic fevers, viral[edit]

MeSH C02.782.450 --- hepatitis d[edit]

MeSH C02.782.455 --- hepatitis e[edit]

MeSH C02.782.580 --- mononegavirales infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.600 --- nidovirales infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.620 --- orthomyxoviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.687 --- picornaviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.791 --- reoviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.815 --- retroviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.782.930 --- togaviridae infections[edit]

MeSH C02.800 --- sexually transmitted diseases[edit]

MeSH C02.800.801 --- sexually transmitted diseases, viral[edit]

MeSH C02.825 --- skin diseases, viral[edit]

MeSH C02.825.260 --- erythema infectiosum[edit]

MeSH C02.825.290 --- exanthema subitum[edit]

MeSH C02.825.320 --- herpes simplex[edit]

MeSH C02.825.550 --- molluscum contagiosum[edit]

MeSH C02.825.810 --- warts[edit]

MeSH C02.839 --- slow virus diseases[edit]

MeSH C02.839.040 --- acquired immunodeficiency syndrome[edit]

MeSH C02.839.080 --- aids-related complex[edit]

MeSH C02.839.091 --- aleutian mink disease[edit]

MeSH C02.839.375 --- equine infectious anemia[edit]

MeSH C02.839.400 --- feline acquired immunodeficiency syndrome[edit]

MeSH C02.839.550 --- leukoencephalopathy, progressive multifocal[edit]

MeSH C02.839.660 --- pneumonia, progressive interstitial, of sheep[edit]

MeSH C02.839.850 --- simian acquired immunodeficiency syndrome[edit]

MeSH C02.839.862 --- subacute sclerosing panencephalitis[edit]

MeSH C02.839.900 --- visna[edit]

MeSH C02.928 --- tumor virus infections[edit]

MeSH C02.928.120 --- avian leukosis[edit]

MeSH C02.928.313 --- epstein-barr virus infections[edit]

MeSH C02.928.489 --- marek disease[edit]

MeSH C02.928.650 --- murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome[edit]

MeSH C02.928.725 --- papillomavirus infections[edit]

MeSH C02.928.740 --- pulmonary adenomatosis, ovine[edit]

MeSH C02.928.800 --- sarcoma, avian[edit]

MeSH C02.928.914 --- warts[edit]

MeSH C02.937 --- viremia[edit]

MeSH C02.968 --- zoonoses[edit]