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This is a list of plants in the genus Melaleuca. In 2013, Lyndley Craven published a monograph of the genus with a description of 290 species, including about 40 sometimes known as callistemons.[1] A new species (Melaleuca lophocoracorum) was described in a 2013 paper.[2] Craven's inclusion of callistemons in Melaleuca is not accepted by the National Herbarium of New South Wales or by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne but is accepted by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. For example, Melaleuca brachyandra is recognised in the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families[3] but as Callistemon brachyandrus by the National Herbarium of New South Wales[4] and by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne.[5]

Most melaleucas are endemic to Australia but a few species occur in parts of Malesia and Southeast Asia, and 7 species (marked *) are endemic to New Caledonia.[1]

Melaleuca nervosa


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