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This is a list of Members of Parliament in Kent, covering each of the seats in the English county, except Kent (to 1832), East Kent (1832–1885), West Kent (1832–1885), and Mid Kent (1868–1885).


Ashford constituency

The Ashford constituency was created in 1885.

Election Member Party
1885 William Pomfret Pomfret Conservative
1892 Laurence Hardy Conservative
1918 Samuel Strang Steel Coalition Conservative
1929 Rev. Roderick Kedward Liberal
1931 Michael Knatchbull Conservative
1933 by-election Patrick Spens Conservative
1943 by-election Edward Percy Smith Conservative
1950 Bill Deedes Conservative
1974 Keith Speed Conservative
1997 Damian Green Conservative


The Canterbury constituency was created in 1295.

MPs 1660–1880[edit]

Year First member Second member
1660 Sir Anthony Aucher Heneage Finch,later Earl of Nottingham
1661 Francis Lovelace Sir Edward Master
1664 Thomas Hardres
Feb 1679 Edward Hales William Jacob
Aug 1679 Sir Thomas Hardres
1681 Lewis Watson Vincent Denne
1685 Sir William Honywood, 2nd Baronet Henry Lee
1695 George Sayer
1698 Henry Lee
1705 John Hardres
1708 Edward Watson Sir Thomas D'Aeth, 1st Baronet
1710 John Hardres Henry Lee
1715 Sir Thomas Hales, 2nd Baronet
1722 Samuel Milles
1727 Sir William Hardres, 4th Baronet
1734 Thomas May
1735 Sir Thomas Hales, 2nd Baronet
1741 Thomas Watson Thomas Best
1746 Sir Thomas Hales, 2nd Baronet
1747 Matthew Robinson-Morris
1754 Sir James Creed
1761 Richard Milles Thomas Best
1768 William Lynch
1774 Sir William Mayne,later Baron Newhaven
1780 George Gipps Charles Robinson
1790 Sir John Honywood, 4th Baronet
1796 John Baker Samuel Elias Sawbridge
Election declared void 2 Mar 1797
Mar 1797 John Baker Samuel Elias Sawbridge
May 1797 Sir John Honywood George Gipps
1800 George Watson
1802 John Baker
1806 James Simmons
Feb 1807 Samuel Elias Sawbridge
May 1807 Edward Taylor
1812 Stephen Rumbold Lushington
1818 Edward Bligh, Baron Clifton
1830 Richard Watson George Cowper, Viscount Fordwich
Jan 1835 Lord Albert Denison Conyngham Frederick Villiers
Mar 1835 Stephen Rumbold Lushington
1837 James Bradshaw
1841 George Smythe
1847 Lord Albert Denison Conyngham
1850 Frederick Romilly
1852 Henry Plumptre Gipps Henry Butler-Johnstone
Constituency representation suspended (1853)
1854 Charles Manners Lushington Sir William Meredyth Somerville
1857 Henry Butler-Johnstone
1862 Henry Alexander Munro Butler-Johnstone, Conservative
1865 John Walter Huddleston, Conservative
1868 Theodore Henry Brinckman, Liberal
1874 Lewis Ashurst Majendie, Conservative
1878 Alfred Erskine Gathorne-Hardy, Conservative
1879 Robert Peter Laurie, Conservative
Constituency representation suspended (1880)

MPs since 1885[edit]

Canterbury constituency
  • Constituency representation restored and reduced to one (1885)
Election Member Party
1885 John Henniker Heaton Conservative
December 1910 Francis Bennett-Goldney Conservative
1918 by-election George Knox Anderson Conservative
1918 Ronald McNeill Conservative
1927 by-election William Wayland Conservative
1945 John Baker White Conservative
1953 by-election Leslie Thomas Conservative
1966 David Crouch Conservative
1987 Julian Brazier Conservative
Chatham and Aylesford constituency

Chatham and Aylesford[edit]

The Chatham and Aylesford constituency was created in 1997

Election Member Party
1997 Jonathan Shaw Labour
2010 Tracey Crouch Conservative


The Dartford constituency was created in 1885

MPs 1885–1945[edit]

Election Member Party
1885 Sir William Hart Dyke Conservative
1906 James Rowlands Liberal
1910 William Foot Mitchell Conservative
1910 James Rowlands Liberal
1920 John Edmund Mills Labour
1922 George William Symonds Jarrett Constitutionalist
1923 John Edmund Mills Labour
1924 Angus McDonnell Conservative
1929 John Edmund Mills Labour
1931 Frank Edward Clarke Conservative
1938 Jennie Adamson Labour

MPs since 1945[edit]

Dartford Constituency

The constituency was split in 1945, with half becoming the new Bexley seat

Election Member Party
1945 Norman Dodds Labour Co-operative
1955 Sydney Irving Labour Co-operative
1970 Peter Trew Conservative
1974 Sydney Irving Labour Co-operative
1979 Bob Dunn Conservative
1997 Howard Stoate Labour


Dover Constituency
Election Member Party
1945 John Thomas Labour
1950 John Arbuthnot Conservative
1964 David Ennals Labour
1970 Peter Rees Conservative
1987 David Shaw Conservative
1997 Gwyn Prosser Labour
2010 Charlie Elphicke Conservative
Faversham and Mid Kent constituency

Faversham and Mid Kent[edit]

The Faversham and Mid Kent constituency was created in 1997

Election Member Party
1997 Andrew Rowe Conservative
2001 Hugh Robertson Conservative

Folkestone and Hythe[edit]

Folkestone and Hythe constituency

The Folkestone and Hythe constituency was created in 1950

Election Member Party
1950 Harry Ripley Mackeson Conservative
1959 Sir Albert Costain Conservative
1983 Michael Howard Conservative
2010 Damian Collins Conservative


Gillingham constituency

The Gillingham constituency was created in 1918

Election Member Party
1918 Constituency created
1918 Sir Gerald Fitzroy Hohler Conservative
1929 Sir Robert Vaughan Gower Conservative
1945 Joseph Binns Labour
1950 Sir Frederick Burden Conservative
1983 James Couchman Conservative
1997 Paul Clark Labour
2010 Constituency abolished: see extended constituency of Gillingham and Rainham.


Gravesham constituency

The Gravesham constituency was created in 1983

Election Member Party
1983 Timothy Brinton Conservative
1987 Jacques Arnold Conservative
1997 Chris Pond Labour
2005 Adam Holloway Conservative

Maidstone and The Weald[edit]

The Maidstone and The Weald constituency, originally named "Maidstone", was created in 1560. Up until 1885 it elected two MPs. In 1997 the name was changed to "Maidstone and The Weald".

MPs 1660–1885[edit]

Year First member Second member
1660, April Thomas Twisden Robert Barnham
1660, August Sir Edward Hales
1661 Sir Edmund Pierce
1668 Thomas Harlackenden
1679, February Sir John Tufton Sir John Darell
1679, August Thomas Fane
1685, March Archibald Clinkard
1685, November Edwin Wyatt
1689 Sir Thomas Taylor Caleb Banks
1690 Thomas Rider
1695 Sir John Banks, 1st Baronet
1696 Thomas Rider
1698 Sir Robert Marsham Thomas Bliss
1702 Sir Thomas Roberts
1704 Heneage Finch Thomas Bliss
1705 Sir Thomas Colepeper
1708 Sir Robert Marsham
1713 Sir Samuel Ongley
1715 Sir Thomas Colepeper
1716 Sir Barnham Rider
1722 John Finch
1723 Sir Barnham Rider
1727 Thomas Hope
1734 William Horsemonden-Turner
1740 Robert Fairfax
1741 Lord Guernsey John Bligh
1747 William Horsemonden-Turner Robert Fairfax
1753 Gabriel Hanger
1754 Lord Guernsey
1757 Savile Finch
1761 Rose Fuller William Northey
1768 Charles Marsham Robert Gregory
1774 Sir Horatio Mann Lord Guernsey
1777 Charles Finch
1780 Clement Taylor
1784 Gerard Edwards
1788 Sir Matthew Bloxham
1796 Oliver de Lancey
1802 John Hodsdon Durand
1806 George Simson George Longman
1812 Samuel Egerton Brydges
1818 Abraham Wildey Robarts George Longman
1820 John Wells
1830 Henry Winchester
1831 Charles James Barnett
1835 Wyndham Lewis
1837 Benjamin Disraeli
1838 John Minet Fector
1841 Alexander Beresford-Hope George Dodd
1852 James Whatman
1853 William Lee
1857 Alexander Beresford-Hope Edward Scott
1859 William Lee Charles Buxton
1865 James Whatman
1870 Sir John Lubbock
1874 Sir Sydney Waterlow
1880 Alexander Henry Ross John Freke-Aylmer
1885 Reduced to one member

MPs 1885–present[edit]

Maidstone and The Weald constituency
Election Member Party
1885 Alexander Henry Ross
1888 by-election Fiennes Cornwallis Conservative
1895 Sir Frederick Hunt
1898 by-election Fiennes Cornwallis Conservative
1900 John Barker Liberal
1901 by-election Sir Francis Evans
1906 Viscount Castlereagh
1915 by-election Carlyon Bellairs Conservative
1931 Sir Alfred Charles Bossom Conservative
1959 John Wells Conservative
1987 Ann Widdecombe Conservative
2010 Helen Grant Conservative


The Medway constituency was created in 1885

Medway constituency
Election Member Party
1885 John Stewart Gathorne-Hardy Conservative
1892 Charles Warde Conservative

The constituency was abolished in 1918 and recreated in 1983

Election Member Party
1983 Dame Peggy Fenner Conservative
1997 Bob Marshall-Andrews Labour
2010 Constituency abolished: see Rochester and Strood
North Thanet constituency

North Thanet[edit]

The North Thanet constituency was created in 1983

Election Member Party
1983 Roger Gale Conservative


Sevenoaks constituency

The Sevenoaks constituency was created in 1885

Election Member Party
1885 Charles William Mills Conservative
1892 Henry William Forster Conservative
1918 Sir Thomas Jewell Bennett Coalition Conservative
1923 Ronald Samuel Ainslie Williams Liberal
1924 Herbert Walter Styles Conservative
1929 Sir Edward Hilton Young Conservative
1935 Charles Ponsonby Conservative
1950 Sir John Rodgers Conservative
1979 Mark Wolfson Conservative
1997 Michael Fallon Conservative
Sittingbourne and Sheppey constituency

Sittingbourne and Sheppey[edit]

The Sittingbourne and Sheppey constituency was created in 1997

Election Member Party
1997 Derek Wyatt Labour
2010 Gordon Henderson Conservative

South Thanet[edit]

South Thanet constituency

The South Thanet constituency was created in 1983

Election Member Party
1983 Jonathan Aitken Conservative
1997 Stephen Ladyman Labour
2010 Laura Sandys Conservative

Tonbridge and Malling[edit]

Tonbridge and Malling constituency

The Tonbridge and Malling constituency was created in 1974

Election Member Party
Feb. 1974 Sir John Stanley Conservative

Tunbridge Wells[edit]

Tunbridge Wells constituency

The Tunbridge Wells constituency was created in 1974

Election Member Party
Feb. 1974 Patrick Mayhew Conservative
1997 Archie Norman Conservative
2005 Greg Clark Conservative

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