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This page lists the variation in Mexican unemployment statistics by state. As of the second semester[clarification needed] of 2015, the national unemployment rate is 4.3%. The state with the lowest reported unemployment rate is Guerrero at 2%. The state with the highest unemployment rate is Tabasco at 6%.[1]

Mexican states[edit]

Name Flag 2015 Second Trimester[clarification needed]
Aguascalientes Flag of Aguascalientes.svg 4.5
Baja California Flag of Baja California.svg 4.8
Baja California Sur Flag of Baja California Sur.svg 4.3
Campeche Flag of Campeche.svg 2.5
Chiapas Flag of Chiapas.svg 3.3
Chihuahua Flag of Chihuahua.svg 4.0
Coahuila Flag of Coahuila.svg 5.3
Colima Flag of Colima.svg 4.5
Ciudad de México Flag of Mexico City, Mexico.svg 5.4
Durango Flag of Durango.svg 4.8
Guanajuato Flag of Guanajuato.svg 4.4
Guerrero Flag of Guerrero.svg 2.0
Hidalgo Flag of Hidalgo.svg 4.0
Jalisco Flag of Jalisco.svg 5.3
México Flag of Mexico (state).png 5.6
Michoacán Flag of Michoacan.svg 2.8
Morelos Flag of Morelos.svg 3.2
Nayarit Flag of Nayarit.svg 5.6
Nuevo León Flag of Nuevo Leon.svg 4.9
Oaxaca Flag of Oaxaca.svg 2.4
Puebla Flag of Puebla.svg 3.2
Querétaro Flag of Queretaro.svg 5.0
Quintana Roo Flag of Quintana Roo.svg 3.7
San Luis Potosí Flag of San Luis Potosi.svg 2.9
Sinaloa Flag of Sinaloa.svg 4.3
Sonora Flag of Sonora.svg 4.9
Tabasco Flag of Tabasco.svg 6.0
Tamaulipas Flag of Tamaulipas.svg 4.7
Tlaxcala Flag of Tlaxcala.svg 4.5
Veracruz Flag of Veracruz.svg 3.6
Yucatán Flag of Yucatan.svg 2.3
Zacatecas Flag of Zacatecas.svg 2.8

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