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Restaurant Interior with decorative lighting.
An example of the interior of a Michelin guide restaurant

There are currently 9 restaurants in Scotland with a Michelin star rating, a rating system used by the Michelin Guide to grade restaurants on their quality. 8 restaurants in Scotland currently hold one Michelin star, and 1 holds 2 stars. The list of restaurants is updated once every year. A restaurant with 1 Michelin Star has very good cooking in its category.[1] A restaurant with 2 Michelin Stars has excellent cooking which is worth a detour.[1] And a restaurant with 3 Michelin Stars has exceptional cuisine, worthy of a special journey.[1]

The acquisition or loss of a star can have dramatic effects on the success of an establishment. The Michelin guide also review hotels, guest houses, and pubs. The Michelin starred restaurants in Scotland is a part of the Great Britain and Ireland guide.[2]

List of Michelin starred restaurants in Scotland[edit]

Restaurant Head chef Location No of stars Reference
21212 Paul Kitching Edinburgh 1 Michelin star [3]
Braidwoods Keith and Nicola Braidwood Dalry 1 Michelin star [4]
The Cellar Billy Boyter Anstruther 1 Michelin star [5]
The Kitchin Tom Kitchin Edinburgh 1 Michelin star [6]
Loch Bay Michael Smith Isle of Skye 1 Michelin star [7]
Number One Brian Grigor Edinburgh 1 Michelin star [8]
Peat Inn Geoffrey Smeddle near Cupar 1 Michelin star [9]
Restaurant Martin Wishart Martin Wishart Edinburgh 1 Michelin star [10]
Restaurant Andrew Fairlie Stephen McLaughlin Auchterader 2 Michelin stars [11]

Details of individual restaurants[edit]


This restaurant serves a menu focusing on a contemporary French cooking style. The menu doesn't have more than three choices for each individual course.

The menu is changed weekly. 21212 also has a wine list that claims it "suits every palate".[3]

The Michelin guide described the restaurant in their guide as: "Stunningly refurbished Georgian townhouse designed by William Playfair. The glass-fronted kitchen is the focal point of the stylish, high-ceilinged dining room. Cooking is skilful, innovative and features quirky combinations; '21212' reflects the number of dishes per course at lunch - at dinner it's '31313'.[12]


An example of French Haute cuisine.

Braidwoods is run by a husband and wife Keith and Nicola Braidwood. Both are chefs of the restaurant.[4]

The restaurant began 22 years ago, and prides itself on its devotion to the finest ingredients, which are sourced locally, and a respect for the traditions of haute-cuisine.

The Michelin guide described the restaurant in their guide as: "An old crofter's cottage hidden away in the countryside; it's cosy and charming, with just a handful of tables in each of its two rooms. Concise menus offer confident, classical cooking using good quality seasonal ingredients and dishes have clearly defined flavours."[13]

Loch Bay[edit]

The restaurant opened in March 2016 and is owned by Chef Michael Smith and his wife Laurence. Billed as a "Contemporary Scottish restaurant with classic French influences on the Isle of Skye", the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in the 2018 guide.

The Michelin guide wrote: "This pretty little crofter's cottage sits in an idyllic hamlet and is a pleasingly simple place with a wood-burning stove and Harris Tweed covered chairs. The experienced chef skilfully prepares intensely flavoured Scottish dishes with French overtones; opt for the well-judged Loch Bay Seafood tasting menu."[14]

Number One[edit]

This restaurant is based in The Balmoral hotel. It has had its Michelin star for 14 years.[when?] The restaurant was refurbished in January 2015.

The restaurant serves Fish & Seafood, with alternative Vegetarian and Vegan dishes.[15]

The Michelin guide summaries the restaurant in their guide as: "A stylish, long-standing restaurant with a chic cocktail bar, set in the basement of a grand hotel. Richly upholstered banquettes and red lacquered walls give it a plush, luxurious feel. Cooking is modern and intricate and prime Scottish ingredients are key."[16]

Peat Inn[edit]

The restaurant serves French, Portuguese, and Russian cuisine.

It is based in the village of Peat Inn near Cupar and dates back to the 1700s. It has also gained the AA wine list of the year for Scotland in previous years.[17]

The Michelin guide described the restaurant in their guide: "Whitewashed former pub; now a contemporary restaurant run by a charming team. The smart lounge still has its original log fireplace; ask for a table overlooking the floodlit gardens. Accomplished, classical cooking has subtle modern touches and local ingredients are to the fore."[18]

Restaurant Martin Wishart[edit]

The restaurant serves French cuisine. It opened in 1999 and continues to bring French cuisine to Edinburgh.

The menu changes regularly to suit the best of seasonal produce.[19]

The Michelin guide described the restaurant in their guide as: "This elegant, modern restaurant is becoming something of an Edinburgh institution. Choose between three 6 course menus - Classic, Seafood and Vegetarian - and a concise à la carte. Top ingredients are used in well-judged, flavourful combinations; dishes are classically based but have elaborate, original touches."[20]

The Cellar[edit]

The Cellar serves Scottish food.

The restaurant gets all of its food locally, including beers, gins, whisky, and wines.[5]

The Michelin guide described the restaurant in their guide as: "Previously a smokehouse and a cooperage - now an iconic restaurant with exposed beams, stone walls and a cosy, characterful feel; pleasingly run by a local lad. Delicious, deftly prepared dishes are light, well-balanced and have subtle modern influences."[21]

The Kitchin[edit]

The Kitchin serves French cuisine influenced by modern Britain. It selects only the highest quality ingredients from Scotland. The restaurants head chef Tom Kitchin, believes in the philosophy of 'From Nature to Plate'. All butchering and filleting is done in-house.[6]

The Michelin guide described the restaurant in their guide as: "Set in a smart, converted whisky warehouse. 'From nature to plate' is the eponymous chef-owner's motto and the use of natural features like bark wall coverings, alongside the more traditional Harris tweed, reflect his passion for using the freshest and best quality Scottish ingredients. Refined, generously proportioned classic French dishes are packed with vivid flavours."[22]

Restaurant Andrew Fairlie[edit]

The restaurant serves French and Scottish cuisine. It is the only two Michelin-starred restaurant in Scotland.

The restaurant is based in the Gleneagles Hotel.[11]

The Michelin guide described the restaurant as: "An elegant restaurant hung with portraits of its famous chef. The à la carte focuses on refined French classics, with home-smoked lobster a signature dish, while the 8 course dégustation menu showcases their top picks 'en miniature'. Much of the produce is from their walled garden. Accomplished, carefully balanced cooking is coupled with professional, good-humored service." [23]

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