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Detroit House of Corrections in the late 1800s

This is a list of current and former state prisons and minimum security prison camps in Michigan. It does not include federal prisons or county jails located in that State. All facilities not otherwise indicated are facilities for men.

Michigan State Prison (also called The Jackson Prison) was the first state prison, built in 1842. A larger prison building was built in 1926 and used until 2007. It was reorganized into separate prisons in 1988. The Detroit House of Corrections, built in 1861, was owned and run by the city of Detroit but originally accepted prisoners from throughout the state including women. The Detroit House of Corrections was transferred to the state in 1986, renamed to Western Wayne Correctional Facility, and became a women's facility for the rest of its tenure. It eventually closed in December 2004 and all inmates and staff were transferred to the Huron Valley Complex in Ypsilanti. The closure of the facility saved the state an estimated $23 million per year. The Michigan Asylum for Insane Criminals was built in Ionia in 1885 and treated prisoners and non-prisoners until 1972. It was renamed the Ionia State Hospital and is currently Riverside Correctional Facility. The Marquette Branch Prison was built in 1889 for Upper Peninsula prisoners and the original building is still in use.

In operation[edit]

As of January 2014, these facilities are open and in operation.[1]

Facility Code Location Notes
Alger Correctional Facility LMF Munising
Baraga Correctional Facility AMF Baraga
Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility IBC Ionia Residential reentry in-reach facility
Carson City Correctional Facility DRF Carson City
Central Michigan Correctional Facility STF St. Louis Mid-Michigan Correctional Facility and Pine River Correctional Facility consolidated October 17, 2010 and now called Central Michigan
Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center RGC Jackson
Chippewa Correctional Facility URF Kincheloe
Cooper Street Correctional Facility JCS Jackson Residential reentry in-reach facility
Detroit Detention Center DDC Detroit Central lockup for Detroit
Detroit Reentry Center DRC Detroit Residential reentry in-reach facility, formerly Ryan Correctional Facility
Earnest C. Brooks Correctional Facility LRF Muskegon Heights
G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility JCF Jackson
Gus Harrison Correctional Facility ARF Adrian
Ionia Correctional Facility ICF Ionia
Kinross Correctional Facility KCF Kincheloe Originally known as Hiawatha Correctional Facility (HTF). Closed on August 8, 2009.[2] Reopened and renamed in October 2015 after closure of original Kinross Correctional Facility.[3]
Lakeland Correctional Facility LCF Coldwater
Macomb Correctional Facility MRF New Haven Residential reentry in-reach facility
Marquette Branch Prison MBP Marquette
Michigan Reformatory RMI Ionia County
Muskegon Correctional Facility MCF Muskegon Closed in 2009[2] and reopened October 2012
Newberry Correctional Facility NCF Newberry
Oaks Correctional Facility ECF Eastlake
Ojibway Correctional Facility OCF Marenisco
Parnall Correctional Facility SMT Jackson Residential reentry in-reach facility
Pugsley Correctional Facility MPF Fife Lake Residential reentry in-reach facility
Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility MTU Ionia
Saginaw Correctional Facility SRF Freeland Residential reentry in-reach facility
Special Alternative Incarceration Facility SAI Chelsea Residential reentry in-reach facility
St. Louis Correctional Facility SLF St. Louis
Thumb Correctional Facility TCF Lapeer
West Shoreline Correctional Facility MTF Muskegon Heights Residential reentry in-reach facility
Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility WHV Ypsilanti Facility for females
Woodland Center Correctional Facility WCC Whitmore Lake Mental health facility


As of January 2014, these facilities are currently closed, or have been consolidated into other facilities.


Facility Code Location Status Date closed Notes
Boyer Road Correctional Facility OTF Carson City Consolidated with Carson City Correctional Facility 2009 August 9 [1]
Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center Annex RGC Jackson 2007 November 2
Detroit House of Corrections Wayne County Closed. Converted to female facility, name changed to Western Wayne Correctional Facility, closed for good in 2004. 1986 Initially opened in 1861
Deerfield Correctional Facility ITF Ionia Closed 2009 March 21
Florence Crane Correctional Facility ACF Coldwater Closed 2011 June 1 [1]
Huron Valley Center HVC Ypsilanti Closed 2004 December Psychiatric hospital
Huron Valley Men's Complex HVM Ypsilanti Closed to allow Robert Scott Correctional Facility to be consolidated with Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility 2009
Mid-Michigan Correctional Facility St. Louis Consolidated with Pine River Correctional Facility and now called Central Michigan Correctional Facility 2010 October 17 [1]
Michigan State Prison Jackson Split into multiple units 1988 Built 1842
Michigan Youth Correctional Facility YCF Baldwin Closed 2005 October 1
Mound Correctional Facility NRF Detroit Closed - now the Detroit Detention Center 2012 January 8 [1][4]
Parr Highway Correctional Facility ATF Adrian Consolidated with Gus Harrison Correctional Facility 2009 August 9 [1]
Pine River Correctional Facility St. Louis Consolidated with Mid-Michigan Correctional Facility and now called Central Michigan Correctional Facility 2010 October 17 [1]
Riverside Correctional Facility RCF Ionia Closed 2007 November 3 Mental health facility
Robert Scott Correctional Facility SCF Plymouth Closed 2009 May Facility for females
Southern Michigan Correctional Facility JMF Jackson Closed 2007 November 17
Standish Maximum Correctional Facility SMF Standish Closed 2009 October 31 [2]
State Prison of Southern Michigan SMI Jackson County Closed 2002 January 4 Formerly Michigan State Prison
Straits Correctional Facility KTF Kincheloe Consolidated with Chippewa Correctional Facility 2009 August 9 [1]
Western Wayne Correctional Facility WCF Plymouth Closed 2004 December 20 Facility for females[5]

Minimum Security Prison Camps[edit]

The minimum security prison camp program was ended in 2009 with the closures of Camp Cusino, Camp Kitwen, Camp Lehman, Camp Ottawa, and Camp White Lake.[2]

Facility Code Location Status Date closed Notes
Camp Branch CDW Coldwater Closed 2009 February 21
Camp Brighton CBI Pinckney Closed 2007 March 24 Facility for females
Camp Cassidy Lake Chelsea Consolidated with Special Alternative Incarceration Facility Residential reentry in-reach facility
Camp Cusino CCU Shingleton Closed 2009 July 26 [2]
Camp Kitwen CKT Painesdale Closed 2009 July 26 [2]
Camp Koehler CKO Kincheloe Closed 2005 June 19
Camp Lehman CLE Grayling Closed 2009 October 31 [2]
Camp Manistique CMQ Manistique Closed 2007 October 20
Camp Ottawa COT Iron River Closed 2009 July 26 [2]
Camp Pellston CPL Emmet County Closed 2001 December 31
Camp Sauble CSA Free Soil Closed 2005 May 8
Camp Tuscola CTU Caro Closed 2005 June 2 Now a Residential reentry in-reach center
Camp Valley CVH Ypsilanti Closed 2009 February 2 Facility for females
Camp Waterloo Waterloo State Recreation Area Closed 2001 February 2 Facility for females; former CCC camp, WWII German POW camp
Camp White Lake CWL White Lake Township Closed 2009 September 19 Facility for females[2]

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