List of microscopy visualization systems

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This is a list of software systems that are used for visualizing microscopy data.

For each software system, the table below indicates which type of data can be displayed: EM = Electron microscopy; MG = Molecular graphics; Optical = Optical microscopy.

Name Applications License Supported OS Citation Comments
Amira EM MRI MG Optical commercial 4D cube for life applications
Avizo EM MG Optical MRI commercial Windows, Linux, Mac Avizo website - Avizo official users' forum - Examples of applications (movies) 4D cube for industry applications
MountainsMap Image Optical commercial Windows MountainsMap Image on Digital Surf website includes shaded spots quantification, contour metrology
MountainsMap SEM EM Optical commercial Windows MountainsMap SEM on Digital Surf website includes SEM 3D stereo reconstruction
IMOD EM Optical free and open-source Kremer et al. (1995)
OME EM Optical free and open-source

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