List of Miller Research Fellows

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List of Miller Research Fellows:

This list is incomplete: Only those in mathematics are included so far. There are Miller Fellows in all basic sciences, for example also in Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry. There is a complete list at the Miller Institute web page.


Name Time PhD Current affiliation
Adams, Jeffrey 1983–1985 Yale University, 1981 University of Maryland
Anderson, Greg 1984–1986 Princeton University, 1980 University of Minnesota
Bakalov, Bojko 2000–2003 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000 North Carolina State University
Bourlioux, Anne 1991–1993 Princeton University, 1990 Université de Montréal
Browder, Andrew 1963–1965 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1961 Brown University
Brumfiel, Gregory 1968–1970 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1967 Stanford University
Buzzard, Kevin 1995–1997 University of Cambridge, 1995 Imperial College London
Chen, Szu-Yu Sophie 2006–2008 Princeton University, 2006 Institute for Advanced Study
Cole, Brian 1972–1974 Yale University, 1968 Brown University
Crainic, Marius 2001–2002 Utrecht University, 2000 Utrecht University
D'Andrea, Carlos 2002–2005 University of Buenos Aires, 2001 University of Barcelona
Dolgopyat, Dmitry 1997–1999 Princeton University, 1997 University of Maryland
Douglas, Christopher 2007–2010 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005 University of Oxford
Dumitriu, Ioana 2003–2006 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003 University of Washington
Enflo, Per 1971–1973 Stockholm University, 1970 Kent State University
Engström, Alexander 2009–2012 Royal Institute of Technology, 2009 Aalto University, Finland
Fattal, Raanan 2005–2008 Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2005 Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Fujita, Takao 1979–1981 Tokyo Institute of Technology
Goldfeld, Morris Dorian 1969–1971 Columbia University, 1969 Columbia University
Griffiths, Phillip 1962–1964 Princeton University, 1962 Institute for Advanced Study
Gromoll, Detlef* 1966–1968 University of Bonn, 1962 Stony Brook University
Hamenstädt, Ursula 1986–1988 University of Bonn, 1986 University of Bonn
Harrison, Jenny 1977–1979 University of Warwick, 1975 University of California, Berkeley
Hausel, Tamas 1999–2002 University of Cambridge, 1998 University of Oxford
Heluani, Reimundo 2006–2009 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006 IMPA
Izumi, Masaki 1994–1996 Kyoto University
Johansson, August 2010–2013 Umeå University, 2010 University of California, Berkeley
Kallman, Robert 1970–1972 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969 University of North Texas
Kamber, Franz 1965–1967 University of Zurich, 1965 University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Kapouleas, Nicolaos 1988–1991 UC Berkeley, 1988 Brown University
Kawahigashi, Yasuyuki 1991–1992 University of California, Los Angeles, 1989 University of Tokyo
Kawai, Takahiro 1974–1976 Kyoto University
Kawamata, Yujiro 1981–1983 University of Tokyo, 1980 University of Tokyo
Ketonen, Jussi 1972–1974 University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1971 Stanford University
Klainerman, Sergiu 1978–1980 New York University, 1978 Princeton University
Lackenby, Marc 1997–1998 University of Cambridge, 1997 University of Oxford
Langlands, Robert 1964–1965 Yale University, 1960 Institute for Advanced Study
Lind, Douglas 1973–1975 Stanford University, 1973 University of Washington
Lucks, Julius 2007–2010 Harvard University, 2007 Cornell University
Mantovan, Elena 2002–2005 Harvard University, 2002 Caltech
Matsen, Frederick 2007–2010 Harvard University, 2005 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Meier, Michael 1982–1984 University of Bonn, 1978
Merel, Loïc 1995–1997 Paris VI University, 1993 Paris Diderot University
Morrison, Scott 2009–2012 University of California, Berkeley, 2007 University of California, Berkeley
Mossel, Elchanan 2002–2003 Hebrew University, 2000 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nekovar, Jan 1991–1993 Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 1991 Paris VI University
Ocneanu, Adrian 1983–1985 University of Warwick, 1983 Pennsylvania State University
Paneitz, Stephen* 1980–1982 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980
Perelman, Grigori 1993–1995 Saint Petersburg State University, 1990
Postnikov, Alexander 1999–2001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Radulescu, Florin 1992–1994 University of California, Los Angeles, 1991 University of Iowa
Roper, Marcus 2008–2011 Harvard University, 2007 University of California, Los Angeles
Rosso, Marc 1990–1992 Paris VII, 1990 École Normale Supérieure
Rudolph, Daniel* 1976–1978 Stanford University, 1975 University of Maryland
Saito, Shuji 1986–1988 University of Tokyo, 1986 University of Tokyo
Sanyal, Raman 2008–2011 Berlin Institute of Technology, 2008 Freie Universitat Berlin
Savin, Ovidiu 2003–2006 University of Texas at Austin, 2003 Columbia University
Scott, Dana 1960–1962 Princeton University, 1958 Carnegie Mellon University
Shearer, James 1981–1983 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980 IBM Research
Stanley, Richard 1971–1973 Harvard University, 1971 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sullivan, Dennis 1967–1968 Princeton University, 1966 City University of New York
Teichner, Peter 1996–1997 University of Mainz, 1992 University of California, Berkeley
Todorcevic, Stevo 1983–1985 University of Belgrade, 1979 University of Toronto
Tsunoda, Shuichiro[permanent dead link] 1985–1987 Osaka University, 1985 Nara Women's University
Vojta, Paul 1987–1989 Harvard University, 1983 University of California, Berkeley
Wassermann, Antony 1986–1988 University of Pennsylvania, 1981 University of Cambridge