Missouri State Highway System

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Missouri State Highway System
Interstate 44 markerU.S. Route 61 markerRoute 66 markerRoute A marker
Highway markers Interstate 44, U.S. Route 61, Missouri Route 66 and Supplement Route A
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Interstates: Interstate nn (I‑nn)
US Highways: U.S. Route nn (US nn)
State: Route nn
Supplemental Route: Supp-xx, SSR-xx
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State highways in Missouri were first designated in 1922 and Missouri's system was used (along with Wisconsin's) as a plan for the entire U.S. Highway system which was created in 1926.[citation needed] In Missouri, odd-numbered highways run north-south and even-numbered highways run east-west (with a few exceptions, such as Route 112). Missouri also maintains a secondary set of roads, supplemental routes, which are lettered rather than numbered.

Route 366 in St. Louis

Missouri has also changed highway designations with a US route or an interstate with the same number is designated through the state (MO-40 was redesignated Route 14 to avoid duplicating numbers with US-40 which also passes through the state).

In some states (such as Arkansas), highways are allowed to be discontinuous. Missouri overlaps highways in order to maintain continuity.

The Missouri Department of Transportation routinely uses the term "Route" in reference to the names of the roads. However, Missouri statutes define them as "State Highways". Missourians may use the terms "Route" and "Highway" interchangeably when referring to a state road.

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