List of Moderators of the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America

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The office of the Moderator of the General Assembly was the highest elected position in the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (UPCUSA). The Moderator was responsible for presiding over the meeting of the General Assembly, which was held annually between 1958 and 1983. After the meeting, which lasted for about a week, the Moderator served as an ambassador of the denomination throughout the remainder of the term. After completing the term, most former Moderators took on the role of a church statesman.

The chart below shows the Moderators, and the place of meetings, from 1958 when the UPCUSA was formed by the union of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America with the United Presbyterians of North America, until 1983 when the UPCUSA merged with the Presbyterian Church in the United States to form the present day Presbyterian Church (USA).

Moderators of UPCUSA General Assemblies[1][edit]

Number and Year Place of Meeting Moderator
170th GA, 1958 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The Rev. Theophilus M. Taylor
171st GA, 1959 Indianapolis, Indiana The Rev. Arthur L. Miller
172nd GA, 1960 Cleveland, Ohio The Rev. Herman Lee Turner
173rd GA, 1961 Buffalo, New York Elder Paul D. McKelvey
174th GA, 1962 Denver, Colorado The Rev. Marshal L. Scott
175th GA, 1963 Des Moines, Iowa The Rev. Silas G. Kessler
176th GA, 1964 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma The Rev. Edler G. Hawkins
177th GA, 1965 Columbus, Ohio Elder William P. Thompson
178th GA, 1966 Boston, Massachusetts The Rev. Ganse Little
179th GA, 1967 Portland, Oregon The Rev. Eugene Smathers
180th GA, 1968 Minneapolis, Minnesota The Rev. John Coventry Smith
181st GA, 1969 San Antonio, Texas The Rev. George E. Sweazey
182nd GA, 1970 Chicago, Illinois The Rev. William R. Laws, Jr.
183rd GA, 1971 Rochester, New York Elder Lois H. Stair
184th GA, 1972 Denver, Colorado Elder C. Willard Heckel
185th GA, 1973 Omaha, Nebraska The Rev. Clinton M. Marsh
186th GA, 1974 Louisville, Kentucky The Rev. Robert C. Lamar
187th GA, 1975 Cincinnati, Ohio The Rev. William F. Keesecker
188th GA, 1976 Baltimore, Maryland Elder Thelma C. D. Adair
189th GA, 1977 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Rev. John T. Conner
190th GA, 1978 San Diego, California The Rev. William P. Lytle
191st GA, 1979 Kansas City, Missouri The Rev. Howard L. Rice, Jr.
192nd GA, 1980 Detroit, Michigan The Rev. Charles A. Hammond
193rd GA, 1981 Houston, Texas The Rev. Robert M. Davidson
194th GA, 1982 Hartford, Connecticut The Rev. James H. Costen
195th GA, 1983 Atlanta, Georgia The Rev. James H. Costen

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