List of Mormon Tabernacle Choir organists

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This list of Mormon Tabernacle Choir organists includes those organists who have accompanied the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in its performances and who are responsible for the four organs on Temple Square. They also perform daily 30 minute recitals on the Tabernacle Organ. They also provide the organ performances at General Conference at the Conference Center just across the street from the tabernacle, including those parts of general conference with other choirs besides the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.[1] The choir currently has a staff of five professional organists:

Prior organists include:
Joseph J. Daynes (1867-1900)
Katherine Romney Stewart (1900, as assistant organist [7])
John J. McClellan (1900-1925)
Edward P. Kimball (1905-1937)
Walter J. Poulton (1907-1908)
Tracy Y. Cannon (1909-1930)
Moroni B. Gillespie (1911)
Alexander Schreiner (1924–1977)
Frank W. Asper (1922-1969)
Wade N. Stephens (1933-1944)
Roy M. Darley (1947-1984)
Robert M. Cundick (1965–1991)
John Longhurst (1977–2007)