List of MorphOS bundled applications

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A number of bundled applications are delivered with the operating system.[1][2]

MorphOS bundled applications[edit]

Title Purpose
Defrag file system defragmentation software
Editor text editor
Elements periodic table of the elements
Flacapella CDDA ripper and encoder
Fragment visualizes memory fragmentation
Grabber screenshot application
HDConfig disk partitioning
Jalapeno optical disc authoring
Jukebox music player
Kryptos disk encryption suite
LCD Monitor Test liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor testing tool
MUIProCalc scientific calculator
Multiview media viewer
MysticView image viewer
OWB web browser
PFSDoctor check and repair tool for Amiga Professional File System
RDesktop Remote Desktop Client
RemoteShell Secure Shell (SSH) client
SCANdal image scanner software
Scribble text editor for developers
SFSDoctor check and repair tool for Amiga Smart File System
ShowGirls image viewer
Sketch raster graphics editor
Snoopium system monitor
Transfer FTP client
TaskManager task manager
VPDF PDF viewer
Zoom screen magnifier
ZVNC Reloaded VNC client


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